Night Note

The Shamaniac Movement

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Amsterdam's The Shamaniac Movement let you reach altered states of consciousness with their specific shaman technique, using their „Outerlands“ EP, released on Emerald & Doreen in April 2017. Kiki Toao and Rombout Wagenaar deliver a magically transcendental four-piece EP that is the soundtrack to making contact with the spirit world and channeling these energies onto the dancefloor! The hypnotic opener „Outerlands“ with its drone guitars, mesmerizing bassline and tribal drums (kind of Rebolledo-sytle) initialise the trance state, „The Chaperone“ is the next step of the ritual with its dubbed out aboriginal didgeridoo sounds, followed by the breakbeat-driven and percussion-led „Ambrosia“ during which the Shamaniac Movement start their communication with the spirit realms to obtain solutions for the dancefloor community....which they are given...they channel it with „Foxglove“, inducing ecstasy on the dancefloor with cosmically driven basslines – and the balance and wholeness are restored! An amazing EP for everybody who likes to expand his consciousness.

Raven Sigh

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Aïsha Devi - Adera [Aïsha Devi]
Huck Farper - Hybrid Domain [Variance]
Duo Alias - Future Tense [Variance]
Peter van Hoesen - Duet Dub [Dekmantel]
Paula Temple - Colonized (Perc Bubble Mix) [R & S]
Skirt ​- ​Tumulto​ (​Shifted Remix Part Two​) [Semantica]
Xosar - Prophylaxis [Opal]
Threatening Developments - Stråling [Raven Sigh]
Rrose - Drowned By Sight [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Dr Strange - Wake [AudioVoid]
Frank Borjak - Rakka [Kallkällan]
Arrhythmia - Dark Doom My Dear [Kallkällan]

Gore Bunny


Cenk Akyol

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An hour long mid tempo hardcore tracks from the mid 90s which are mostly hip hop influenced productions came out from Berlin, Paris, Osaka, Rotterdam, Australia, New York, Vienna, UK.

Westberlin Maskulin
G.T.I. 05
Yam Yam
Mc Droks & Dj Tails
Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee
Pure vs G.T.I.
Ferry Salee - Thunderdome IV EP
Omar Santana




Dope Hex

MF Machinist

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Tinged with acid, some lo-fi and a bit of techno.


Vertical67 - Distortion
Umwelt - Reflections On A Strange Existence
Sigma Algebra - Funaphy
The Maghreban - Dynamite!
Chino - Shifter
Betonkust & Palmbomen II - Boven De Wet
Cosimo Damiano - Sky Never Answers
Lake People - Pull Off
Layup - Connected
Textasy - Illusions of the Mind
J. Mono - Redd
CRC - Disposal Robot 139
London Modular Alliance - Fallow
Tryphème - Away From Prying Eyes
RX-101 - Tunnel
Kuno - Stochastics
No Moon - Pretty Fly For A Lo Fi
Josh Larue - Cronaxia
Mike Ash - Output
Plant43 - Grid Connection


from soundcloud:

01. Gizmo - Kristalized
02. Wavelan - Over Phase
03. Trax-X - Substance
04. Nye? - Power Of Yoga
05. The Speed Freak - We Shoot To Kill
06. Wendy Milan - Gabberdisco
07. DJ Pagan - Fear Is Born
08. ID
09. Creepozoids - Bring The Noize (Remix # 69)
10. Hyperact - Technotrance v's M.C. XXX (G.T. Sampler Mix)
11. DJ Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck (Original Mix)
12. Matrix + Wargroover - Don't Come No Ruffa
13. DJ Fistfuck - Pussy Poison
14. Haze 1 - Barrier
15. Lock Jaw - 4 Da Underground
16. Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With A Ruffneck
17. Trancehistory - Doo Dey (DJ Dione Remix)
18. The Prophet - Dominatin' (Original Mix)
19. Chosen Few - The Break

The Mover

Temporal Transmission

Timeshift Bologna

Monkey Warhol

Monkey Warhol - Heartbreaker (8 Ravens - Czech Republic)

Monkey Warhol - Import/Export (SSN Technologies - London, UK)


The Brvtalist

The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from 88UW. A truly hypnotic journey through the outer realms of techno, electro, experimental and of course acid. For more please visit:


*cover image of painting by Unlimited Whatever

Track list:
01. E-wok - You’ll Be Back Soon
02. E-wok - Internal Reflection Part 2
03. HEISA - Primal
04. Hoax23 - Colliding Oceans
05. Van Der Wiese - System Error
06. Dari23 - Primal Instincts
07. Snoof, Wante - Phoneutria
08. *SOUR* - Analog Process
09. Van Der Wiese - Interstellar Overdrive
10. Drone - Land Of Miracles
11. Timballmastaz - Final Confession
12. MF Machinist - Propylhexedrine
13. Acidolido - Aokigahara
14. Collision - Disclosure
15. Ito - Intergalactique
16. eMel feat. B-Art2 - Bass Meditation

The Undead Sacrifice

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Thanks for your support!
1. Uri - Nacrophelia
2. Mindfaker & KCMA - Get Back
3. Animal Intelligence - Now You Know
4. SpeedFolter - Distort The Ho
5. CYP450 - Near Death Experience
6. Terrorbunny - Back To The Gabba (Dedicated to Maria R,)
7. DJ Kobe Meets Hyperactive-D - You Can't Stop
8. Hellcreator - Cold Blood Killer
9. Low Entropy - Arkanoid Remix
10. Rotjeknor-Core - Stop Killing The Dead
11. DJ Kobe vs HCM - You Are Go To Hell
12. Noisekick - Crapfire


from soundcloud:

Did an B2B PCP style mix with dj Da Virus last friday (31-03-'17) at club Borderline.
Sorting out my PCP related stuff a week earlyer resolted in this mix.

Enjoy, Like and share it!!!!


01.­ T-Bone Castro - Ace In The Hole (T-Bone's Radical Dub)
02.­ T-Bone Castro - Wize Guyz Are Freakin' Lower (X-Rated Remake By Castro/­Space)
03.­ T-Bone Castro - Hilltop Hustler (I'm The 1 &­ Only)
04.­ T-Bone Castro - Urban Partyzan (Hot From Havana)
05.­ Atom Heart - White House (Step Into Da Core Remix)
06.­ Insider - True
07.­ Nasty Django - C'Mon (Get Wet Wit T-Bone-Mix)
08.­ Nasty Django - Another Asskicka (System 2)
09.­ Miro - It's Like XTC
10.­ Rave Creator - Immortal
11.­ E-Man - Satellitez
12.­ Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder
13.­ Alien Christ - Of Suns And Moons (Phase 4)
14.­ E-Man - E-Machine
15.­ E-Man - Bass Machine
16.­ Test - Overdub
17.­ Nasty Django - Ey Fukkas!­ (Special Censored Version)
18.­ Nasty Django - Just Anotha Asskick
19.­ Nasty Django - Mo District (Nuthing But A Bonebreaka)
20.­ Miro - Shining
21.­ E-Man - E-Shifter
22.­ Rave Creator - Me - The Master
23.­ Rave Creator - E-Razor
24.­ Vitali - Robber Dance
25.­ Nasty Django &­ DJ Cirillo - Deal Wit' Beats
26.­ Marshall Masters - E-Ternal
27.­ Rave Creator - Thru Eternal Fog
28.­ T-Bone Castro - I Want Cha
29.­ Nasty Django - Ey Loco!­ (Kinky Muthaship)
30.­ Planet Phuture - Suburban Survival System
31.­ Steve Shit - I Say Shit
32.­ Pilldriver - Apocalyse Never
33.­ Evidence - Arctic Rider
34.­ Rave Creator - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix)
35.­ Mescalinum United - The 2nd Coming
36.­ Rave Creator - Wake Up
37.­ Pilldriver - Impossible X-T-C
38.­ Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (Darrien Kelly's '98 Re-Take)
39.­ Steve Shit - Commonya'll (Move Ya' Bodies)
40.­ The Mover &­ Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear
41.­ Marshall Masters Feat.­ The Ultimate MC - Hustler For Life (Featuring Nasty Django Live At Club X)
42.­ Steve Shit - Havin' Sex
43.­ Miro - Purple Moon
44.­ Rave Creator - Into Sound
45.­ Steve Shit - Pimps &­ Ho's
46.­ Lunatic Asylum - Chaos Effect
47.­ Nasty Django - King Of FFM (Godfather Mix)
48.­ Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka

Inge K

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Black Swords – The Arc light murders
Black Swords - Death by wire
Savage Cult - Path to obscurity
Kirlian Camera - News - Room 506 edit
Masha Ma De File
Phase fatale - Trust
Ancient Methods + Black Egg - Ohne hande
Phase fatale - Surrender
Adam X
Codex Empire - Three points of light
Ontal – PI 02
Headless Horseman - Seclusion
Death tree - Delusions
Orphx remix – PI 02
Codex Empire - cutpurse
Blush Response - Medusa
Dronelock + Ontal - Phronesis
Verset Zero - Sacrificium

War Is Inevitable

from soundcloud:

Tracklist :

01. Cypher - Frozen Boom Erection
02. Papers 004 - B1
03. J.Rex - Vacuum
04. Ghost In The Machine - Beacon
05. Stranger - Play Some Rave For Me
06. Minimum Syndicat - Hypothermia
07. Ghost In The Machine - Ramkraak
08. 3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte - Der Klang Der Familie (Perc & Truss Edit)
09. Cleric - 2nd Limit
10. J.Rex - Deserve To Die
11. Thomas P. Heckmann - Speak Silent To Me (VSK Remix)
12. Ghost In The Machine - The Day After Yesterday
13. Dax J - Angel Dust
14. David Meiser - Distress
15. Steve Stoll - Observer (Remake)
16. Rude Awakening - My Sound So Sick
17. Peaky Pounder - Tumma
18. Gelstat - Game Over
19. Manu Le Malin - Ghost Train (Vitalic Remix)
20. Kad - Dark Sky
21. Ghost In The Machine - Dream Grill
22. AFX - P-String
23. Paul Birken - Speaker Freakin’ (Birken Remix)
24. Choose - Nervous System


from soundcloud:

Tracklist :

1. Nyctophilia - ID
2. Nyctophilia - Decease of Doom (DoomcoreRecords)
3. Natrion - Rip and Tear (Traumatic)
4. Nyctophilia - Sweet Nightmare (DoomcoreRecords)
5. Shatterling - Lantern Light (Traumatic)
6. Nyctophilia - X-termination (GIFRecords)
7. Nyctophilia - ID
8. Nyctophilia - Capt.13 Nyctophilia (GIFRecords)
9. Nyctophilia - ID
10. XKRi - Megacyb (GonzoRecords)
11. CRPTC - Submarine Warfare (Traumatic)
12. AnTraxid - Der Zweiffer (FifthEra Rmx) (Traumatic)
13. Cubic Nomad - Eternal Believer (Dark.Descent.)
14. XKRi - ID
15. Moleculez - Saw (EBE)
16. XKRi - Sinister Preacher (GIFRecords)


Over Dreams

from soundcloud:

TRANSFIGURE // HIDEAWAY…13/?ref=settings


from soundcloud:

Out NOW - Dylab - Yamaha Acid [FNOOB DiGiTAL 003]
Dark but hypnotic acid sounds combine to pack a real techno punch with this solid 5 track EP from Dylab on FNOOB DiGiTAL . With a mix of stomping beats each track is sure to rock dance floors across the globe !

Twisted Vintage


from soundcloud:

This old-skool electronic masterpiece brings you back to the roots of Italien movie-scores with heavy analogue sounds. Parklake’s mastermind Thomas Mattern dived deep into 70ties Italo-Horror genre and created a phat-bass score that you will definitely love. Thief explores analogue electronique as well as works with classic string sounds and guitars in a cinematic way.

The director decided to create the score in advance to the movie, in order to trigger the actors. “Creating the Thief score was, as if I was moving back in time and being filtered through an emotional swirl while hearing an ancient language littered with myths from the past.”

Listen in, if these names resonate with your emotions: Lucio Fulci, Fabio Frezzi, Dario Argento and John Carpenter. If not, listen listen to it with good headphones and experience something timeless.

Nic Hodges

Something Spæcial

Drvg Cvltvre



from soundcloud:

Playlist :
K_SpEcIaL - Burn kiddy burn (Critical Hit records - 121db)
K_SpEcIaL - Wake the Dragon (Critical Hit records - 120db)
Awesome Express - Pre-cum (Critical Hit records - 121db)
Joshua - Yogg's revenge (Critical Hit records - 121db)
Joshua - Darkness & Blackness (Critical Hit records - 121db)
Nightvision & D'Spyre - Punishement beyond death (K7-2)
Sei2ure - Destroy (PRSPCTXTRM08)
Meccanotwins - Intro-mission (TRSE15)
Kerrynoizer - Fist (1SEKT 001)
DJ Wicked - Time In Uprising (MC 000 LTD)
Joff Roach - Chemical (MT096)
Massdriver - Repeater (RTR04)
Negative Burn - Gates of Hell (DE2048)
Phönky - Go! Go! Go! (Craps04)
DJ Hidden - Manjii Clan (VPR003)
Laurent Hô - Look for Markine (RKG005ep)
Heist - Corridors (Neuroviolence Remix By System Exclusive) (Praxis11)
Manuel E.S. & DJ Fly - WHAT'CHA'WANT (DBOY069)
Death Factory - 667 Fuckin' Kill you (ISE004)
Napalm - Operation Logic Bomb (NAPALM01)
Stikytox ?– Black Alliance With Apocalypse (REV002)
Hellfish ?– Untitled (STROID2)
Manu Le Malin - An Old Dream (ZMH 9601 EP)
Pressurehead - Darkest Days (SURG003)
Hellfish - The Terrorizer (Deathchant07)
Struktur - Untitled (Critical Hit records - 121db)
TLMS - Power Corrupts (Détourné Par Sucre Rose) (Critical Hit records - 121db)


Cenk Akyol

from soundcloud:

After two days of Sónar Istanbul, today we woke up to a gloomy weather so I decided to make one sick, trippy selection remembering moments and scenes that we've witnessed.

Stupendously strange music with dense layering of samples and textures by; Raison D'Etre, Prince Charming, Techno Animal, Candie Hank, The Third Eye Foundation and more...

You can dl, listen and share at 256 kbps.


Collin Strange

from soundcloud:

Recorded live on the air broadcast from 96(?) or so from Steal This Radio, a pirate radio station run out of a long gone squat on the lower east side of Manhattan. I vaguely remember climbing a ladder thru a hole in the wall to get into the room and not much else. The sound quality is kind of rough, it was taped off the radio and found in a box of old shit the other day. I had no idea this still existed, but here you go... as oldschool as it gets.

Decoder 303


Drvg Cvltvre

from soundcloud:

The 038th of weekly Mix show of Suburban Avenue
This show with guest: DRVG CVLTVRE

Since 2009, Vincent Koreman a.k.a. Drvg Cvltvre has been working on his own blend of dystopian acid, no wave and experimental house. Koreman is a highly productive producer, offering many of his new tracks for free download on his soundcloud page before they get released by labels. Respected in the international underground for his groundbreaking work in experimental techno as RA-X in the 90's on labels like Bunker and KK Records, Koreman comes from a DIY punk background, opting for hard work rather than hollow pose.

Drvg Cvltvre is closely affilated with the The Hague Westcoast electro scene (Bunker Records, IF, Rude 66, Viewlexx) and runs is own New York Haunted label which specialises in experimental techno from young producers around the world. DC’s style is very much influenced by no wave, old school acid and proto techno. His current release, the album ‘Into The Endless Night’ on Pinkman records is getting great reviews and is being played by international dj’s like Ron Morelli, Perc, Truss, Tommy Four Seven, John Talabot, The Hacker and many many others.

Drvg Cvltvre's tracks take the speed down a notch to emphasis on the heavy-ness of sound and using the space left between the pounding kicks to build melancholic melodies that seem to grow out of orevaporate into thin air. A blend of dark techno, acid and deep house with lots of experiment, influenced in equal parts by Suicide, Sun Ra and Terrence Dixon.


01. Drvg Cvltvre - Brother Woke (NYH100)
02. Drvg Cvltvre - One Obsession (DETH comp)
03. Drvg Cvltvre - Every Dictatorship Has One Obsession (NYH100)
04. Drvg Cvltvre - Weight Of Your Conscience (NYH100)
05. Drvg Cvltvre - At The Mercy Of Scientists (NYH111)
06. Drvg Cvltvre - Persuasion Politics (NYH111)
07. Drvg Cvltvre - Busy Dying (NYH100)
08. Drvg Cvltvre - Brotherhood Of Lost Causes (Tripalium)
09. Drvg Cvltvre - Hardcore Redux 7
10. Drvg Cvltvre - Amnesiac Avenue (NYH100)
11. Drvg Cvltvre - Scare Your Children (Tripalium)
12. Drvg Cvltvre - Inshallah (NYH100)
13. Drvg Cvltvre - The Sword Or The Key (NYH111)
14. Drvg Cvltvre - Bunkerpunch (Power Vacuum)
15. Drvg Cvltvre - Hardcore Redux 2
16. Drvg Cvltvre - Hardcore Redux 6
17. Drvg Cvltvre - The Anvil And The Hammer (Fog Mountain)
Next Suburban Mix by HEMKA will be out on the 29th of March

For all news, follow Suburban Avenue on

Resident Advisor:

DJ Mindflash

from soundcloud:

Tracklist Forgotten Tunes 043

1. Sub-Surreal - Forbidden Dreams (Timesless Records 008) 1994
2. Hairesis - Heresy (Oscillator OS./050) 1995
3. Synapsys - Irian (no Vinyl-played from Hypnotrance 5)
4. Syndustry - Benkur (Aquatic Plant 009) 1996
5. Resistance D. - Unknown (Trance Express Europe CD)
6. Strange Attractor - Dyjedit (Synthesis Production Syn01) 1993
7. Phreaky - Paranormal Acitivity (Pure Goa A Psychededlic Trip) 1996
8. Soluna - Dancing Spirit (Fairy Tale Mix) (Pure Goa - A Psychedelic Trip) 1996
9. Mike Matthews - Saturday (Sunday Mix) (no Release,played from Ravermeister 7)
10. Le Sky - Wisdom of Silence (Dome Records) 1994
11. Pablo Gargano - Trance in Saigon (Eve Records 9) 1996
12. Gary D. & DJ High-Ko - D-Trance (DJs Present PIASD 2006) 1996
13. Q-Art - Athmotech (Dome Records) 1994
14. ask if you like to know ;-)



from soundcloud:

Alex Pelly (live video) + Nemeton (DJ Set) on Dublab February 25, 2017…llyvision-02-25-17/

Soriah with Sidereal Oscillations - Katabatik 2009 Live at AMF 13 (excerpt)
Cindytalk - Sea of Lost Hopes - The Labyrinth of the Straight Line - Editions Mego
Ancient Methods - Remember Me - The First Siren - Perspehonic Sirens 01
POLAR - Thick Bass - Magnetic Schedule
POLAR - Large Plates Over Thin Lines - CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - Chariots of Pumpkins - Halloween III: Season Of The Witch - MCA
Uncanny Valley - End Game - Speaking In Prosthetic Tongues - Night People
Nuit Hadit - Incantation - Katabatik Kollection Summer 2010 - Katabatik
Time Release - Doctor's Orders Vox Eq Change
Tzusing - I Do Not Own This Song - To Andreas Gehm - Midnight Shift
R.M.S. - The Owls Are Not What They Seam - Katabatik Kollektion Spring 2011 - Katabatik
I-F - Shadow of a Clown - Chinese Revenge - Eclectic 01
Obsidian Blade - B41 - Katabatik Kollektion 6 - Katabatik
Ancient Methods - Now Come Closer - The First Siren - Perspehonic Sirens 01
Scalameriya & VSK - Cydonia - Haka - Perc Trax Limited
Dimentia - Gush - Broadcast Frequency
EDMX - Threshold - Mind Mechanixx - Power Vacuum
Pan Sonic - Part 3 - Atomin Paluu - Blast First Petite
Red Cellar - Red Cellar
I Hate Models - Don’t Be Afraid of the Light - 500 Lesbians in Irak - Toxic Waste Buried
Morah - You Say No - Anarchy EP - Berceuse Heroique
BAD TIMING - Windlowless - NEOMANIA - Darkmatter Soundsystem DMDIGI08
Ontal - PI02.1 - PI02 - Pi Electronics
+ 1 more hour of tunes

Colin H

from soundcloud:

1. Ghost In The Machine - Dream Grill
2. 14anger & Dep Affect - On The Edge Of Epiphany
3. Manufactura feat. Esa - Your Demise
4. YBrid - Naevus
5. Synaptic Memories - Do You See An Alternative
6. Danilo Incorvaia - The Theory Of Involution
7. Ghost In The Machine - Reverse Cowbell
8. 14anger & Dep Affect - Blank & Feverish
9. Yari Greco - State Of Suspense
10. Colin H - Advance
11. Dolby B & Electrorites - Project 5
12. Ybrid - Mystica
13. Hidden Rooms - Black
14. Electrorites - Framework 002
15. Manuel Orf - Project Nineteen
16. Ghost In The Machine - Like A Version
17. My Initials - As Far As You Go
18. The Outside Agency - Incurable




from soundcloud:

In search of buttons.......

1.Bullschnitzel (Cardini's Highway To Schnitzel Remix) by The Mansisters
2 Have a cup of tea by Holger Zilske
3 I Love The Way You Hold My Hips (Rex Axes Remix) by The Mansisters
4 Cycle (Zombies In Miami Mix) by Coma
5 no end (manfredas remix) by Jaakko eino Kalevi
6 Idle Eyes (Clara 3000 Remix) by C.A.R.
7 Goodbye Fantasy (Moscoman Remix) by Bot'Ox
8 Goblin (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) by Margot
9 Spiraculum (Remain Remix) by Demian
10 J1M1 (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by Atari Teenage Riot

David Meiser

from soundcloud:

Special blue colored vinyl edition published by Physical Records (FR) as part of the HS series (HS002).
Get the vinyl here:…ecords-hs-02/…e-line/642514-01/

Digital coming in the next months.


EXE Project

from soundcloud:

EXE - Transmission - 004 - Ruckuz - (11/16)
Presenting the Alternative History Of Drum & Bass.

We're joined for the fourth installment of the EXE Transmission podcast by teacher, writer, DJ and contributor to the OnehouroneDJ Magazine Ruckuz. where he'll be taking us through his very own alternative history of Drum & Bass. With tracks that were instrumental in inspiring the Drum & Bass you hear today but you may never have heard.

We talk Old Record stores, Dogs on Acid and music factoids. Enjoy.

Christoph Fringelli and DJ Pure - Darkstar (Subversion)
Future Forces - Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix)
Ram Trilogy - Terminal 2 (Ram Record)
Source Direct & Instrumental - Yo Bitch (Demonic Recordings)
Technical Itch - Analysis (Moving Shadow)
Black Sun Empire & Concord Dawn - The Sun (BSE)
Nosia - Seven(Wipeout Pulse OST) -(Division)
Raiden - Ratchet (Offkey)
Eye-D Kid Entropy - 640K- Hidden Remix (Soothsayer)
Concord Dawn - Morning Light (Timeless)

Inge K

from soundcloud:

orphx - walk into the broken night
grebenstein - strong proud and superiour
c-kay - 9-rpl
mas - exorde
ssss - tomorrows ashes
talker - meniscus feat kerridge
verset zero - vir sanctus sacrificium
verset zero - immundus
second tension - esoteric flame
restive plaggona - complex interplay
headless horsemen - raven
hkktpr - vergebung
talker - phalanx
monolith - crashed
modeo - lechen reflexions
headless horseman - haunted
hkkptr - verleugnung
kareem - surgos
shifted 0 arrangements in monochrome
headless horseman - road to be trayed
paragon - moan of the unhalloween
mas - radio persona
orphan swords - andrealphus
kareem - black september
restive plaggona - cyntic zero
kerridge - ncv
mas - partition
perkz - error beauty
weedjz- a little atomic bomb
gaja - adam selence
quel bel italo
pierce molten - dog rode
savage cult - kohlat syakhi
savage cult - face orion


from soundcloud:

Various Artists: 15 Year Anniversary Compilation (DMDIGI007)

Darkmatter Soundsystem celebrates 15 years of pushing extreme electronics and splintered beats in the Los Angeles underground and worldwide with a free compilation of music from DM crew members including Abnormalities, Baseck, Fiend, Minion, Pink Abduction Ray, Poxxe, Sonic Death Rabbit, Standox, Wet Mango, and WMX.

Various Artists: 15 Year Anniversary Compilation (DMDIGI007)
Abnormalities: Analog Error
Baseck: Uninhabited
Fiend: Destructive
Minion: End of the World Acid Rave
Pink Abduction Ray: Now Get Cracking
Pink Abduction Ray: Black Hole Induced Vacation
Poxxe: Black Ice
Sonic Death Rabbit: Dead Rabbit Lullabye
Standox: Inseminate Devastate
Wet Mango: Impending Booty of Doom
Wet Mango: Retrospect Part 1

Released by:
Darkmatter Soundsystem
Album release date:
15 June 2016

Bisturi Hzd

from soundcloud:

A tribute to one of my favourite producer and artist in the acid hardcore underground scene,Lasse Steen aka Dj Choose, aka Senical, aka many other names :) i've almost all his records,so i decide today to record a mix only with his vinyls. Our Perdition


from soundcloud:


Somatic Responses


from soundcloud:

1.2.3 FUCK YOU ! by DrMacabre + Remixes By The Horrorist , Mental Fear Productions / + Darkside Hellfire .....coming march / april 2017 to Limited 12"


from soundcloud:

01. Xqruciator - TBA
02. Xqruciator - Hellfire
03. Kaycie - Baseline junkie (Xqruciator RemX)
04. Xqruciator - QlassX
05. Rottencore - Ouwestijl is botergeil (Xqruciator RemX)
06. Xqruciator - 1400 days of terror
07. Xqruciator - Leroy Jenkins
08. Xqruciator - Push the tempo

Symbolic Death

from soundcloud:

01 - Dr Macabre - You Must Die (Loud As Fuck!) [Haunted House Records]
02 - Ghost in the Machine - The Whore on Drugs [Genosha Basic]
03 - Dave Delta - 1986 [Hard Electronic]
04 - My Initials - Rhetorical Reply [ScanDark Recordings]
05 - AnTraxid - The Rorschach Diaries [Traumatic]
06 - Defiler - Perpetual Motion [Dark. Descent.]
07 - Low Entropy - Der Fetisch (Succubus Helna Remix) [Antistatic]
08 - Sucre Rose - La fille du boucher [Doom Nation]
09 - 14anger & Dep Affect - Transcendence On Demand (Plukkk Remix) [Tripalium Records]
10 - Darkside - Konsumed With Hatred [Hellfire Records]
11 - Corner - Rour [Traumatic]
12 - Hypoxic - At Midnight [Traumatic]
13 - MataVerve - Spectra (The Dark Robot remix) [Filatures records]
14 - Nekrokick - Nothing to Believe [Antistatic]
15 - Stormtrooper - Boss Drum [Industrial Strength Records]
16 - Silent Humanity - Blood Rain [Traumatic]
17 - Ghost in the Machine - Reverse Cowbell [Genosha Basic]
18 - Electronic Mind Expansion - The Brain In A Jar [Spirit Of Progress]
19 - Succubus Helna - Signs of Apocalypse [Antistatic]
20 - Fifth Era - Untitled[Antistatic]
21 - Cyrilien & Joshua - Yoggs-revenge (Voix céleste doom remix) [Doom Nation]
22 - Doom-Hk - Execution [Hellfire Records]
23 - Xaero & Mel Agony - Lies And Fables [Traumatic]
24 - RagnaRok - MK Ultra [Traumatic]
25 - Mindustries - Death Rattle [The Third Movement]
26 - Dj-Darkside - Destroyer Of Worlds [AcidCore Records]
27 - Desolation - Space Atmosfear [Antistatic]
28 - Fiend - Agony, Evil, Darkness [Agnost1k]
29 - The Wazted Mindz - Our Definition Of House [Traumatic]
30 - Cyrilien - Fracture atmosphéric Final [Doom Nation]
31 - The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Warlord [Monsters Of Doomcore]
32 - Low Entropy - I Took The Entire Arm Off [Doom Nation]
33 - Sidephex - Natrium [Dark. Descent.]
34 - Dark Frequencer - Ghost Walk [Antistatic]
35 - Synaptic Memories - Inhuman Dislocation [Noisj]
36 - Noize Suppressor - Loose My Mind [Noize Records]
37 - DJ Paul & The Stunned Guys - Thrillseeka (Marc Acardipane Remix) [Traxtorm Records]
38 - Somniac One - Estranged [Love Hz]
39 - Kader & Stinger - Dark Souls [Industrial Strength Records]
40 - Manu Le Malin - Da Groovy Shit
41 - Mindustries - The Perfect Machine [The Third Movement]
42 - Al Ferox - Dead Zone [Scream recordings]
43 - Corner - Unknown Places[Traumatic]
44 - The Outside Agency & Tapage - Industrial Cooking Spray (Igneon System Remix)[Genosha]
45 - Catscan - The Agency [The Third Movement]


from soundcloud:

Avaruusveli (aka Teknoaidi) @ Speedcore Worldwide Podcast 098

01. HFK, Middle M - Redondance Cyclic
02. Icoste - Noise Reducer
03. Atomhead - Missions
04. Neokoros - Overkraft
05. ejt3X - 0L5nEysL3S1oN5
06. Dark Frequencer - The Telepathist
07. Sadistic - Primer Time Travel
08. Stagediver - Hard Hour
09. Rude Repeen & Neanderthal Von Core - Astenika
10. Marteau - Pastiskore
11. Hypon De Venin - CB Level 28
12. Marteau - Tbruri Gadi Etah Vla
13. Neuromancer - chiping-NUKIK
14. Luthor - L'Eternel Malefik
15. IND - Le Reveil Du Golem
16. Neurocore - Souvenirs Du Futur
17. Rübezahl & Del_F64.0 - Icedesert Of The Dreaming Dromedaries
18. Valovoima - Speedcore 2006-2010 - 10
19. Ohmega Sir - Arrival
20. DarkFreak - Connected ID
21. Valovoima - Speedcore 2006-2010 - 08
22. Somniac One - Chimerical
23. The M.S.P. - Time Traveller
24. Hiiden Virren Vinguttajat - 12th Strand Activation
25. Neurocore - Falling Apart (This One Is For Darryn)
26. Gridbug - Return to Stream

Cat.No: (SCWWP098)
Artist: Avaruusveli (aka Teknoaidi)
Titel: Speedcore Worldwide Podcast 098
Playtime: 63:10 Min.
Format: 1xMP3 (+ Bonus Items)
Released: 18.02.2017

Weblinks Avaruusveli (aka Teknoaidi) & Speedcore Worldwide

Avaruusveli (aka Teknoaidi):

Speedcore Worldwide:
contact | e-mail:

Monkey Warhol


Monkey Warhol is an eccentric electronic musician from Minnesota who creates everything from techno to pop to metal to indie rock. Monkey's latest release, EP4, is his own unique version of "pop" music.

Shit B


from soundcloud:

Newflesh & Rave Or Die's Umwelt.



01. Analogue Bipolar Boy : Into Darkness Theme - New Flesh
02. PILAR : So Be It - New York Haunted
03. Black Spider Clan : Bediler Drang - Daft
04. Crotaphytus : Titanus Saurus Rex - Solar One Music
05. Quince : Propheet - SoHaSo
06. Expropriation : Poza Putana - Vanila
07. Mchy i Porosty : Czarna Plaza - Brutazz
08. G String : Crystal Daze - Pinkman
09. Svreca : Instituto Para El Futuro - Recalim Your City
10. Ekman : B1 - Bedouin
11. Conforce : Oasis - Deep Sound Channel
12. Solid Blake : Burns - Brokntoys
13. Fleck e.s.c : Dimmer Set Up - Mechatronica
14. Transparent Sound : No Call From New York - Electrix
15. Lake Haze : Poseidon's Dream - Creme Org
16. Interstellar Funk : Caves of Steel (Convextion Remix) - Berceuse Heroique
17. Plant43 : Cirriform Surface - Shipwrec
18. N-TER : Pannonian Sea - Crobot Music
19. Jeremiah R : Syncronization of the Soul - Bakk
20. DJ Overdose : Brain Compartments - Hypress
21. East 4 : Cyborg Hunting - Fu Me
22. MNLTH : Zirbeterai - Organic Analogue
23. Analogue Bipolar Boy : MDMA - New Flesh
24. Artificiero : Masa Negra - Disco Atonicos
25. PEEV : Medea -NOSR
26. Sentence : Accretion - BL_K Noise
27. Vlaysin : Rising Anger (Ayarcana Remix) - Omen
28. Minimum Syndicat : Rukus - AOC
29. Lucindo : Molto Desolato - Overdraw
30. Collin Strange : Private Room - Lies
31. Sunil Sharpe : Loose (Burn Down) - Rave Or Die
32. Smackos : 1-1-17 Light In A Room - NightWind

DJ Fishead

Sunil Sharpe & Umwelt

from soundcloud:

For its seventh release, Rave Or Die proudly welcomes Irish superstar Sunil Sharpe. Hailing from Dublin, this producer and DJ has gain within a few years a solid reputation of merciless techno purveyor in Europe with uncompromising re-leases on structures such like On The Hoof, Sheworks, Black Sun Records, Trensmat, Mord, Inner Surface Music, Komisch, Bastardo Electrico, and many more.
Half of the Tinfoil duo along with DeFekt offers to the French Rave label a great slab of bastard-heavy material in his typical signature: hard and fast "Loose (Burn Down)" supported by metallic sorities and ruff modulations over a pounding bass line in a pure, raw style .
On the flipside, ROD mastermind Umwelt (Boidae, Shipwrec, New Flesh Records) serves up another milestone of a cabalistic anthem dedicated to industrial ware-houses: mechanic "Slave To The Rave" signs an ode to the dancefloor thanks to its implacable and hammering beat. Harder, faster, higher seems to be the motto of Rave Or Die seventh chapter! Rush on it.

Alec Empire


from soundcloud:

Acid - Industrial - Techno Mix (Vinyl & Timecode)


01 Ghost In The Machine - Tank Station
02 Automat - Jail'Houz Mood
03 Akinse - Just Grand
04 Jacidorex - Evolved
05 Minimum Syndicat - Control
06 Ghost In The Machine - Material Grill
07 Matt Whitehead - A Is For Acid (MPIA3 Defintion)
08 I Hate Models - Daydream
09 TWAN - Viral
10 RVDE - CNCB (Original Mix)
11 Ghost In The Machine - The Day After Yesterday
12 J-Rex - Deserve To Die
13 B R 1 0 0 2 - Misantropia
14 David Meiser - Rise Of The Machines
15 Ghost In The Machine - Dream Grill

Dark Science Electro

from soundcloud:

Episode 298 of @darkscienceelectro

Plant43 - Wire Wound
Lithium Flux - Module04
Morphology - Frozen State
Anthony Rother - God Of The Gods
Illektrolab - Dreaming Electric
B12 - Conektion
Conforce - Oasis
Wellenhafen - M-Short
DVS NME - Singularity
AS1 - Man Made
The Exaltics - Negative Agency
Koova - The Red Planet
Zwischenwelt - Cryptic Dimension
N-Ter - Pannonian Sea


from soundcloud:

00:00 01. Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess- Great Mission (House; Hard Trance)
03:38 02. Ultra-Sonic - Party People In The House (12' Mix) (Hard Trance; Happy Hardcore)
05:28 03. DJ Thoka - You Make Me Feel So Goood! (Chill 'N' Force Remix) (Hard Trance)
08:30 04. Abet - The Sweetest Song (Hard Trance)
12:24 05. Apple Juice - Raving Together notcompressed (Original Mix) (Hardcore; Hard Trance)
16:05 06. Sequential One - Hands Up (Hard Trance)
19:57 07. DJ Timo Maas - The Final XS (Rave Version) (Hard Trance) [Clear CD Version]
24:38 08. Raver's Nature - Take Off! (Hard Trance; Happy Hardcore)
27:16 09. DJ Jo - Space Harmony (Gary D. Remix) (Hard Trance)
32:17 10. Code-18 - Overflow (Hardtrance Mix) (Hard Trance)
35:25 11. Nutron Intelligence - Incredible High (Hard Trance)
37:54 12. Raver's Nature - Stop Scratchin' (Hard Trance)
40:39 13. Shahin & Simon - Do The Right Thing (Scooter Radio Remix) (Happy Hardcore; Hard Trance; House) [CUT]
41:56 14. DJ X-Tacy - Vision Of Reality (Trance)
44:20 15. Northern Light - Take Me Higher (Original Mix) (Hard Trance)
47:51 16. Nautilus - Chorus Reverse (Hard Trance)
49:40 17. Penalty Phase - Lightning Seeds Of Life (Hard Trance)
53:21 18. Cyril's Magic Journey - Power Of Love (Hard Trance)
56:39 19. RMB - Our Trip To Moruroa (Hard Trance)


Only Best, Rare and Quality electronic dance music from all times. Neowavemusic
Roots Of Trance - anthology of Trance music from his early years, my work after listening to tens of thousands of records.


Inge K

from soundcloud:

this mix i made for Stamboom, its a non commercial sharing site. tracklist:
Roly Porter - Sint Laurenskerk
Consulate - Nieuw Maas terreur
Perc - Slowly exploding [Ancient Methods]
Ascion - Cybbar
Bombardier - Rise of the machines
Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual [Voidloss]
Vincenzo Pizzi - Cherry -[Giorgio gigli]
Ontal - Discipline
Fausten - Punishment - [Oyaars]
Grebenstein - Acting within your terms
Impulse controls - Devour
Jk Flesh - Posthuman
Kareem - Hacks 5
Danilo Incorvaia - State of [Mas remix]
Matt TdK - 4 track
Monolith - Crashed
O/H remix Work Terminal
Orphan Swords - Caim
IFormat - Cast002

DJ Scud

from soundcloud:

Schisms and camps were forming and from the Hardcore Techno POV, Jungle and breakbeats were contested entities. Was "Da Base II Dark"? The more cutting edge DJs and producers were mixing it up though and breaking down the structures; hints of "Breakcore" were emerging from the 4/4 stomp and the Reese beast was unleashed. Also arguably the year of the French Underground explosion? (Explore Toi, Epiteth, Gangstar Toons Industry, Network 23 releases galore, Teknivals etc)

01 Lorenz Attractor: Complexity Crisis (Praxis 13)
02 Manga Corps: War Dancer (IST 14)
03 Alec Empire: Sieg Über Die Mayday-HJ (Mille Plateaux)
04 Cylob: Metel (Rephlex 15)
05 Cylob: Skraip (Rephlex 15)
06 Patric C & DJ Moonraker: Untitled (Napalm 6)
07 Kinesthesia: Meltdown Man (Rephlex 14)
08 Choose: Slowgan (Drop Bass Network 21)
09 Somatic Responses: Cyclotron ( SSS 02)
10 Pilldriver: Pitch-Hiker (Lost 9)
11 Laura Grabb: W1-W5 (IST 12)
12 DJ Pure & Ec8oR: Violent Shit (Loop 04)
13 Monoloop: Kills Again (Fischkopf 06)
14 Asylum: Da Base II Dark (Metalheadz)
15 A.D.C: Multinoise (X-Forces 01)
16 DJ Trace: The Mutant Remix - Rollers Instinct (SOUR)
17 Curley & R-Zac: Untitled B1 (Network 23 06)
18 Heist: Corridors (Neuroviolence Remix) (Praxis 11)
19 P.Server: Plunger (Fischkopf 07)
20 Somatic Responses: Macroshack (SSS 02)
21 DJ Yubba: Acousta (Praxis 12)
22 C-Tank: Breakcore (Overdrive)
23 Ingler: Erratum (Epiteth 02)
24 Gangstar Toons Industry: Untitled B1 (GTI 05)
25 The Speed Freak: I'm The Butcher (Drop Bass Network 29)
26 Jack Lucifer: I Am Living Death (Kotzaak 04)

Over Dreams

Drvg Culture

from soundcloud:


3Phase - Klang Der Familie (F.U.S.E. Remix) (Tresor)
Burma Camp - Without Reason (Clan Destine)
Ben Long - Sub Orbital (Green Fetish)
Drvg Cvltvre - Brotherhood Of Lost Causes (forthcoming)
(Sb)[51] - 12 'o Clock (New York Haunted)
Clouds - Ultras In Africa (Opal Tapes)
Annannan - Untitled (LL.M)
Drum Machine - Jungel (Lower Parts)
A001 - Isoptero (Mord)
Tunnel One - Rough Gehm (Andreas Gehm Tribute)
Detention - Cursing Doesn't Hurt You (New York Haunted)
Florian Munkt - Note 1.1.1. (Dylab Remix) (New York Haunted)
KTRM & TWAN - Dodge (Badmouth)
Luciano Lamanna & Sirio Grimaldi - Neo Genesi (Love Blast)
Primitivo - Afilando El Silex (New York Haunted)
Myztical - Substance D (Downfall Theory)
Beukhoven Sloopwerken - Raw Medicine (Andreas Gehm Tribute)
Dez Williams - Acidbanger (Killekill)
Xntrick - Tereke (Unreleased)
Iformat - Seen By The Eyes Of Others (Local Sound Network)
Dave Tarrida - Hunter (Tripalium)
Drvg Cvltvre - Torn Apart By Teeth Or Bullets (New York Haunted)


Cenk Akyol

from soundcloud:

Carefully picked my personal favorite deeper classics and newer darker tunes and blend them within an hour long recording to create the hot, humid and bleak atmosphere!

SKEL 012 1994
DJX0010 1993
SBR14 1994
BCBABY 2 1995
DR002 1995
Capital Noise 1995
White Breaks 7 1997
DBM021 2009
ACPR022 2013
Splash - Babylon rmx 1995
Bizzy B ‎– Science EP 2005
DRPLP001 2008


from bandcamp:

Sangre was born as a coping method in 2003 for the death of my grandfather which led to "En Memoria" in 2005 on Restroom Records (vinyl) and D-Trash Records (digital). After the first release, 2 additional tracks were created but never released. At this time, Acid Enema also lay dormant. On January 18th, 2009, Abhorrent's older brother lost his battle with mental illness. With no other outlet for this pain, 5 additional tracks were created from 2009 to 2011 but lay unreleased and uncompleted until Abhorrent felt he was able to go back to these difficult memories in late 2016. Sangre will cease to exist after "I.XVIII.MMIX" and "Before I depart: The Complete Sangre Compendium" (limited 2 CD box set including both releases with alternate tracks and other unreleased rarities) are released on 01/18/2017.

DJ Rave-M


from soundcloud:

No Borders No Nations

1. D.Å.R.F.D.H.S - Smärta & Lidande
2. Deadhead - Frozen Trees
3. Ancient Methods - Dammerung Der Parhelia (Ancient Methods Interpretation)
4. Motormännen - Expansionen
5. Ruptur3 - 28064212
6. Maxida Märak - Äter upp Dig
7. Hidden Rooms - Dark Essence
8. Panic Scenery - Blood-Starved Beast
9. Blasted - Symbiosis
10. Cosmic TRG - In Your Body
11. Moondog - Brutopia
12. Human Resource - Dominator (25 Years of Domination Remix by Cubic Nomad)
13. White Water Black Sheep - Idling No
14. Viral Conspiracy Records - Marsh of the Dead
15. Ghost in the Machine - The Day After Yesterday
16. LNA - Pestilence
17. The Peoples Republic of Europe - Psydoom
18. 18. EDMX - Cerebrus // Dye Witness - Only If I Had One More (Kenny Crampbell mashup)
19. The Fallen - Faith in God
20. LNA - Veils
21. Roffe Ruff - Sällskapsspelet

Somatic Responses


from soundcloud:

For the first Messe Noire Podcast , we are happy to present you Bleim01 with this one hour set .
Bleim01 is an industrial techno music project born in 2014 from an idea of Bleim, dj / producer / sound engineer from italian illegal party scene. He was born in Milan and produces electronic music since 2009.
The sound of Bleim01 is rough, acid, dark, inspired by warehouse parties and underground industrial hardcore scene. He loves to old school industrial, old school frenchcore and other distorted genres with high bpm.
Actually he administrate, with Est#6, the Estinto Rec, a new vinyl and digital industrial techno label, and Musa recording, an under construction label for other underground music projects.

Labels: Estinto Records, Konkrezept, Raven Sigh, Wrongnotes




from soundcloud:


DyLab is an English born but Melbourne based acid music producer who has a passion for analogue music boxes, and sounds that come out of them. Over the years he has crafted a solid body of music, releasing tunes on New York Haunted, Trax, Clash & Splash, HypnoHouse, Enigmatic Output, Clan Destine, Balkan Recordings, Gigabeat Records, Avioground Records, Devilbeat, Swishcotheque, Acid All Stars, Handmade Acid, BWLR and Council House records.

His great love for old analogue machines truly shines through his productions and at the core of his music is the sound of the eternal Roland TB303. He skilfully combines his love for old machines with the adaptability of current music production software which creates a fusion of both authenticity and innovative sounds. DyLab is always looking for different ways to bring the acid sound of the TB303 into his music, and his productions vary from classic acid house sound of the late 80’s, the acid tech sound of the 90’s to more modern bass heavy tunes.


KONTRAST is a collective of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. We want to build something new, colourful and unforgettable and to explore how sounds, shapes and visual imprints together can create something bigger than ourselves, and a different state of mind. The seventh series of the KONTRAST mini-mix series will run from January 4th to 25th, and there will be an exclusive podcast from each artist with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #7:

#7.1 - January 4 - DYLAB (@dylabs)
#7.2 -January 11 - LUCIFER (@lucifia_angebarnett)
#7.3 -January 18 - DAVE STUART (@dave-stuart)
#7.4 -January 25 - GROOV MEKANIK (@groovmekanik)