Kenny Campbell

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Found this old mix on my hard drive.

As it says, it's just hardcore. No uptempo, mainstream, frenchcore or any other core. Mon the 90's!

I think I've got the tracklist right, had a quick listen to get it. A few of these were used in my Extreme is Everything set a few months back

01 DJ Freak - I Will Fight - Industrial Strength
02 Spike - Translator - Crapshoot Hardcore
03 Leathernecks - At War (Rmx) - Kotzaak Unltd.
04 Disciples of Annihilation - Total Annihilation - Industrial Strength
05 Phönki - Rainbow MF - Crapshoot
06 DOA - DJ Ass Fucker - Industrial Strength Limited
07 SUICIDE SQUAD - Ruined - Industrial Strength
08 Overcast - Attack - Bloody Fist
09 Rage Reset - Motherfuck - Bloody Fist
10 NUKOM - Countdown - Bastard Loud
11 DJ Narotic Vs U.V.C. - Step Into The Pit - Industrial Strength Limited
12 Doormouse - BEER Theme - Distort
13 F.U.H.D. - They Shall - Crapshoot Hardcore
14 Disciples of Annihilation - NYC Speedcore - Industrial Strength
15 INDUSTRIAL TERROR SQUAD - Harder, Faster, Rougher & Tougher - Industrial Strength
16 Syndicate - Muthafucker - Bloody Fist
17 DJ FREAK - Kuntface - Boneheadz
18 Shit Spitter - God Won't Save You - Crapshoot
19 DJ FREAK - Dis Reaction - Boneheadz
20 Embolism - Harsh Laxative - Bloody Fist
21 INDUSTRIAL TERROR SQUAD - Bum Da Fukka - Industrial Strength
22 F.U.H.D. - Error - Industrial Strength
23 F.U.H.D. - I Learned To Believe - Industrial Strength

DJ Scud

"Cells repeat the process of degeneration and regeneration…
All things change in a dynamic environment"
(Ghost in the Shell)

Bloody hell, I tinkered endlessly with this mix - mainly because it's getting harder and harder to be subjective (as I got more involved in my own productions and label that year) but there're quite a few interesting notes to be made.

Influential labels like PCP were starting to fade. Dance Ecstasy, who in their heyday back in '95 put out a staggering 20 or so releases that year, slowed down to only 6 in '97 (and then one final 12" in '98). Lost/Cold Rush put out their last release (included here) and Kotzaak only two. SNS also put out their last 12" (not sure if that 7" two years later really counts? hmmm) and even the momentum of Nu Black/No U-Turn/Techstep seemed to falter? as Ed Rush defected, hooked up with Optical, switched up his sound to 'nuerofunk' and went down the wormhole before the year was out (their first 12" coming out on Planet V). But Panacea was waiting in the wings and 'Shrillstep' was already mashing it down on the Hekate sound system; that and broken beat industrial/techno was the name of the game that year (with impressive runs of releases on the likes of Laurent Ho's Uncivilized World label etc).

CF in his Praxis Newsletter 12 (Aug 1997) talked about a "new era of nuclear fission of previously seperate or even opposed 'genres'…the impure…combining elements [to make] something heterogenous and new, an attack on the petrified and poor values of the past."
It certainly felt like that at the time!

I'll stick my hand up and admit my most glaring omission: French speedcore (but no need to mention DHR heh). I didn't collect so much of it at the time - it wasn't really my cup-of-tea anyway, but there was big momentum and development there in '97 - Dead End etc, new labels like Widerstand and old hands like Fischkopf holding it down, with Hangars Liquides just about to burst onto the scene the following year.

Not sure it'll be feasible to do a '98 mix? The diaspora is possibly too great by then and tastes too diffuse? Any suggestions/lists let me know and maybe we can blather about it like true trainspotters. Enjoy!

pHon: Fireworks (Ript Skin)
Slab: Anoint Me With The Black Sperm Of Beleth (Loop)
Demoiselle Douce Innocence: Untitled (Anticore)
The Overlord: Master of the Universe (Future World)
Vomit: Srik'nen (Re-load)
D'Arcangelo: Kelotrene (Zero Tolerance)
Laurent Ho: Maidman (Uncivilized World)
Vomit: Narcol (Re-load)
Somatic Responses: Passage (UFO)
Lory D: Fludoiski (Sounds Never Seen)
pHon: Thrash The Rat (Ript Skin)
Somatic Responses: SIckwave (UFO)
Laura Grabb: Fixture Jig (Audio Illusion)
Tilt: Hell-E-Copter (Lost)
Dillinja: Violent Killa (Valve)
Base Force One: Welcome To Violence (Praxis)
Codename John: The Warning (Metalheadz)
DJ Scud: MTV Generation (Ambush)
Panacea: Tron (Position Chrome)
Ed Rush & Nico: Technology (No U-Turn)
Panacea: Stormbringer (Postiton Chrome)
Trace & Nico: Cells (No U-Turn)
Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure: Dark Star (Subversion)
Dylan: Witchcraft (Droppin' Science)
Society of Unknowns: Live @ The Invisible College (Praxis)
Society of Unknowns: Transversal (Praxis)
DJ Scud: Mash The Place Up (Ambush)
Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure: A.C. (Subversion)
Mescalinum United: Symphonies of Steel Part 3 (PCP)

Tunes omitted:
(couldn't fit them convincigly in the mix/or don't have them anymore)

FIfth Era: Zombie Raver (Bald Not Bald You Know Bald Mix)
Amputate 01 & 02
A.D.C: The Contact EP (Uncivilized World 03)
Give Up (Ambush 03)


from soundcloud:


Pure has been producing radical electronic music since 1991.
As a vinyl-only DJ he draws on 25+ years of experience combining dark and broken techno with rough electro, rave, dirty acid and industrial.
His latest releases are on Ophism (as Pure), aufnahme+wiedergabe (as Current
909) and Editions Mego (as Bolder).
He has over 30 physical and digital releases on labels such as Editions Mego (as
Pure, Bolder, and Ilsa Gold), on Hinterzimmer (with his electronic and
percussion duo PRSZR), on Cronica, Praxis, Staalplaat, Drop Bass Network and others.
Pure´s other projects include the Heart Chamber Orchestra, an award-winning
audio-visual realtime composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of
the musicians create a score in real time.

Artists in alphabetical order: Arrivers, Ascetic/Phase Fatale, AutoDeFe/Orphx,
Cassegrain/The Mover, Ekman/Breaker 1 2, Final Exposure, Frozen, Helena Hauff,
Pure, Stallion, Suburban Knight, Sunil Sharpe, The Mover, Tzusing, T-Bone
Castro, Umwelt, Underground Resistance

Hardcore Techno And Anarchist Theory

My new E-book is finished.

In this book I try to draw a connection between the musical genre of Hardcore Techno and the political philosophy of Anarchism, aswell as dealing with general topics of art theory, cultural resistance, subcultures and other societal and philosophical topics.

"sure, the anarchy and rebellion, the anarchies and rebellions you read about might have all failed, or found a bad end. but *your* anarchy does not have to fail. forgot what you read. it is dead. it is text. it is of no meaning. *your* rebellion does not have to fail. your anarchy and rebellion is still possible, it is alive, it is living, inside yourself and everywhere. and this way, you can end up with something good."

Table Of Contents

01. Preface
02. Why I Left The Breakcore Scene In 2001
03. Why I Left Breakcore - Addendum 2
04. We Need A Revolution
05. Merging Techno And Hardcore With Social, Cultural And "Political" Thoughts
06. Artists, Outcasts and Society
07. The Illusion Of The Internet
08. Hardcore Techno, What Was After That, And How Nihilism Got Old
09. Revolution Is In The Air
10. Revolution Of The Mind
11. Sonic Threads
12. The Key
13. Anarchy and Extacy
14. Revolution Or Interest
15. Music Is Dead - Long Live Music!
16. How To Create New Forms Of Music
17. The Closedness Of Possibilities
18. Revolution and Reaction
19. How Critical Debate Is Prevented
20. Techno - Needs More Synthetics
21. Art And Utopia
22. Our Current Crisis Of Culture

(also available as PDF)



from soundcloud:

BIO /-
Pure has been making uncompromising electronic music since 1991 moving back and forth between danceable and purely listening music. As a vinyl-only DJ, he draws on 25+ years of experience playing a doomy, noisy, broken mix of techno, electro, acid, rave and industrial. His latest releases are on Ophism (as Pure) and aufnahme+wiedergabe (as Current 909). He has over 30 physical and digital releases on labels such as Editions Mego (as Pure, Bolder, and Ilsa Gold), on Hinterzimmer (with his electronic and
percussion duo PRSZR), on Crónica, Praxis, Staalplaat, Drop Bass Network and others. Amongst other projects of Pure is the Heart Chamber Orchestra; an award-winning audio-visual real-time composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of the musicians create a score in real-time. Pure’s current solo live sets mix distorted broken beats with mixer feedbacks, modular synths and computer.




01. Natural Born Deejays - Countdown
02. T.M.F. - FX Transmission
03. Turbulence - Whurlstorm & The 45 King - The 900 Number (YZ Acappella Vocal)
04. Minimum Syndicat - 1991
05. The Sound Of Rotterdam - Crucify Him (Destroy Him)
06. Techno Trash - Noise!!
07. Moka DJ - Poison Blood (Other Version)
08. Nasty Django - Ey Dude (Totally Fucked Up Mix)
09. Subtopia - Untitled
10. The Vision - A-472.0
11. Walker - Shark V
12. Macromind - Venom
13. Magicians Inc. - Godz Kaos (Ambient Mix)
14. Two Thumbs - Format One
15. Titanium Steel Screws - Untitled
16. Sperminator - Uptempo (Slow Down Mix)
17. Dextro NRG - Morella
18. Trax-X - Gravity
19. Circuit Breaker - Trac-K
20. System D - Trancefusion
21. The Subject vs. Jeff Mills - Dark Matter
22. The Daedalus Project - Extatic Trance (Original)
23. B-Beep - Take You For A Ride (Do It Now Mix)
24. Dominium - Logical Suicide (Bam - Bam Mix)
25. The Kosmik Kommando - TARDIS
26. Desiderius And James Daltan - Tranquilizer O.D.
27. Out Of Order - Tears


DJ Promo

from soundcloud:

Live vinyl set by Promo direct from his studio. Thunderdome Heart mix Part IX.

1)The Horrorist - One Night in NYC
2)Razzle Dazzle Trax - Rattlebrain (Dj Isaac’s Overdrive Remix)
3)G-Town Madness - Gansgta Trippin’
4)Don Diablo - Out There
5)BuzzFuzz - Jealousy is a motherf#cker (Promo Remix)
6)Hardcore Brothers - Back to da past
7)Digital Boy - OK Allright!
8)Dj Mon-E &The Revenger - Demons
9)Manuel E.S. - Old Soul
10)Waxweazle - Hardcore Power (Promo Remix)
11)Operation 2 - Licence To Ill
12)System 3 - Like A Shot
13)Neophyte - Real Hardcore
14)Dj Paul vs Panic - Hate!
15)Darrien Kelly & The Unknown MC - The People Want More
16)Too Fast For Mellow - Let there be house
17)Rob & Mc Joe - The Beat is Flown
18)Genaside - Fuck You
19)General Noise - Pump This Groove
20)Gizmo - The Guestlist
21)The Stunned Guys - M.F.M.F
22)Chosen Few - O Chosen
23)Predator - Mind OF A Lunatic
24)Fargetta - Midnight (Stunned Guys Remix)
25)Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow
26)Stunned Guys & Paul Elstak - Confusion
27)Dj Isaac - Dirty Bitch
28)XXX1003 - MJ’s Childsplay
29)Club X - The Fly Is Dead (Waxweazle Remix)
30)M.C. Rage - Fuck The Macarena (F**ck Macarena Mix)
31)Dj Sim - My Territory
32)Dj Paul & Teenage Warning - Brohym (Original Mix)
33)De Klootzakken - Father Dimitri (250 BPM meet kunnuh!)

The Horrorist

This month we reach the third birthday show. And it's a special one.

I'm joined by one of my heroes, The Horrorist. I've been a fan of Oliver under all his guises, from Temper Tantrum, Koenig Cylinders, DX-13, Dj Cybersnuff, DJ Skinhead. I could go on. His music was a huge influence on me. He embodied hardcore at that time. Uncompromising, but retaining cheek and humour.

Through The Horrorist I really discovered the darker side of techno. Until then I was hardcore, and only hardcore. But the new guise and Things to Come records took hardcore, slowed it down and made it different. I was hooked again.

I could write all day about how good he is, but if you're reading this then you know that already.

This set is an education.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello my name is Oliver and I'm going to tell you a story...

P·A·L - Gelöbnis
Violet Poison - Syd
DJ Hell - Car Car Car (Fango Needs a New Car Remix)
Huren, Unhuman, Matter, Celldod, Scarpa and more... - Mind&Flesh - How the Heart Turned to Dust
Various Artists - a1 Kontravoid - So It Seems
Alessandro Adriani - The Man With The Deadly Dreams
Detriti Records - God of all Flesh
Johnny Island - Sunwave (Original Mix)
Terence Fixmer - Force (Original Mix)
Planetary Assault Systems - Hama Static (Original Mix)
Funk D'Void - Bad Coffee (Gary Beck Remix)
Cristian Varela, Tomy DeClerque - Wisdom (Original Mix)
MATRiXXMAN - Mainframe 2.0 (Original Mix)
Nocturnal Emissions - Song in my Heart
Huren, Unhuman, Matter, Celldod, Scarpa and more... - 89st & Petra Flurr - Monotone Agression Zone
Silent Servant - Autosuggestion
Alejandro Paz - Lavapiés (Original Mix)
DKA Records - Celldöd - Hemliga Rum


from soundcloud:

01. The Prophet - Dominatin' (Original Mix)
02. Jean Sibart & Joël Trambel - Right Is Wrong
03. Dr. Mindfuck - Beine (Remix)
04. D & F - Hard Attack
05. Creepozoids - One More Time
06. Dance Overdose - Wake Up To The Overdose (The Marc Smith Notorious Mix)
07. Mutoïd - Fuckin' Mind
08. The Prophet - Controllin' The Universe (Original Mix)
09. Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly - Schoom!
10. Lock Jaw - Ruff 'N Ruggin'
11. Duo Pennotti - Addicted II Raves
12. The Scotchman - Happy Vibes
13. Northern Boys - Feel Da Passion (Dutch DJ Squad Remix)
14. The Prophet - The Sound He Makes
15. DJ Maxx Featuring DJ Giangy Featuring DJ Buby - Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix)
16. DJ Ricci & MC Hair - 200% Acidiferus
17. Dano - Let The Drumcomputer Roll
18. Tintin - Nothing Too Fhear
19. Dano - I'm Gonna Get You
20. 50% Of The Dreamteam - The Thundertheme (Original Mix)
21. Critical Mass - Antichrist
22. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Drop The Pressure (Original Mix)
23. DJ Gizmo & DJ Norman - Now You See Him, Now You Don't (The Houseviking Remix)
24. Tellurian - Squash The Floor
25. Dr. Phil Omanski - Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix)
26. Creasemaster & Slamdog - Face Down
27. Too Small - U Gotta Give It Babe (Jawshabby Mix)
28. Lords Of The Underworld - Mind Explosion
29. Recharge - Motherfucking Music
30. Dominion - Natural Born Killer (Killer Mix)
31. Too Hostile - Make 'M Clap (Remixed By DJ Paul)
32. Cellblock X - House Of Spoo (Remix)
33. Lenny Dee And The Hardcore Warriors - Funky Twisted
34. Guitar Rob - Into My Brain (Original)
35. General Noise - Hey Mr. DJ
36. James Daltan - Wanna Get High?
37. Ralphie Dee Meets The Kool Killers - God Complex (Ralphie Dee Mix)
38. Ralphie Dee Meets The Kool Killers - Beyond Perversion
39. Roughron - The Blaster
40. Psylocke - 2 Thy Soul
41. Turbolenza - I Am The Creator (Future Mix)
42. Wayward - Adrenaline Rush
43. Superior Feat. Lay-On & DJ Jordens - Watch This
44. Scott Brown's Annihilator - Out Of Focus
45. Lords Of The Underworld - Fuckin' Them Beats (Simtec Power Mix)
46. E-Rick & Tactic - Rocked Da House
47. The Force Creators - Wheep & Howell
48. DJ Promo - Cold As Stone
49. DJ The Viper - Voodoo Magic
50. DJ Fuckface - Mind-X-Pander
51. Altar Of Sacrifice - Pumpin' Body
52. Promo - Feel The Thunder
53. Naughty Boys - Hardcore Bee (Flying Terror Mix)
54. Arjuna - No Enemies
55. DJ Sim - Behind The Mask
56. Omar Santana - Bone Bastik
57. The Illegal Alien - Your Secret Fantasy

This special Thunderdome dedication set was broadcasted live on Gabber.FM on 10.8.2017.

Iteration Corporation

Raven Sigh

Kuvera B.

from soundcloud:

This weeks podcast is brought to you by Kuvera B, dropping a selection which skillfully interlaces gritty textures, moody soundscapes and contemporary modern pieces. Instead of a further bio, we were more curious to know what exactly was in his mind while making this piece:

"The idea was to make a (short) dark story you can listen and/or dance to. At a low tempo, with different colours, vocal tracks and more industrial, and violent sounds.
I'm obsessed with "darkness", this grey zone where sadness meets anger, pain, melancholia, and love. At the same time I tried to make something eclectic, since I like selections with surprises. Mixed up rather than straight lines which sound the same from the beginning to the end."

Kuvera B _ Insomnia
Drvg Cvltvre & Kuvera B _ Basic Channel (Low Entropy Remix)
Arnaud Rebotini _ Personal Dictator
Dave Clarke ft. Chicks On Speed _ What Was Her Name
Terrorfakt _ No Mercy
Fifth Era _ Let The Day Perish
Aphasia _ Collect Your Fucking Head
Michael Padgett _ Critical Krush (Ruff v3)
These Hidden Hands ft. Lucrecia Dalt _ Variant
14 Anger _ Daybreak In Hades
Ophidian _ thilynn
The Mover _ Over Land & Sea
Apparat ft. Soap&Skin _ Goodbye
Fifth Era _ Shadows Of 65000 Years


DJ Rave-M


DJ Ruffneck

from soundcloud:

A special early hardcore signature mix i made for my 10 years of Cyndium events set with Leviathan & Arjuna which was broadcasted on national radio.

Tracklist :

01 : Syphax - At war
02 : Wedlock - Destiny of love
03 : Comababy - Rave racer
04 : Tellurian - Bloody fucking hardcore
05 : Myrmidon - No choice
06 : Freax - Behold my soul
07: Juggernaut - Don't fuck with a ruffneck
08 : Tellurian - I won't stop rockin'
09 : Myztic - Dangerous battle
10 : Phoenix - Dominate
11 : Bioforge - No 1 escapes us
12 : Cybernators - Funky tales
13 : Tellurian - Guyver
14 : Leviathan - We will tear your soul apart


Christoph De Babalon

Huck Farper

from soundcloud:

Joining Pitch Dark for PDR003 is Canada's Huck Farper.

For those who don't know, Huck is a very prolific producer in his own right and through collaborations. Most notably with Bone Skippers, alongside one of the Pitch Dark label heads, Kenny Campbell.

He also runs Raven Sigh. A label and podcast series with a regular and quite devastating output.

For this release he delivers 4 tracks of no holds barred techno.

Just Say Nah sets the tone. Pounding kick drums and heavily distorted percussion are the order of the day for 5 minutes of relentless hammering.

Prosperity is a little more dance floor focussed, crisp percussion sits on top of a heavy kick drum, distorted bleeps fills the space around, with dark and twisted stabs sit alongside menacing growls.

Puncture continues the theme from Prosperity, with more more bleeps breaking through the low level pounding kick drum.

Finally, Sour Toe Cocktail is straight up Huck Farper. Irregular kick patterns, machine noise and twisted vocal samples hiding in the bleak, industrial darkness.

This release is not to be taken lightly.

Early support from Perc, Lenny Dee, DVNT, Dep Affect, MSQ, Fracture 4 and more

Inge K

from soundcloud:

IN:TNSTY PODCAST | Episode 25 Inge K.

Regular sessions with Teeno and his special guests, this time it will be Inge K. from Schiedam, Netherlands.


Inge Konings


Art Style: Techno
Web >>
Youtube >>
Soundcloud >> @art-style-techno


Youtube >>
Soundcloud >> @intnsty

Carved out by SSSS
Mass#4 by ANFS
Mate choice by Killawat
Confirmatio org. by Melania
Phase gills by Arad
Widow's peak by Headless horseman
Perversas by Eomac
Sparks [In dead it ends remix] by Ghost actor
PIO2.2 by Ontal
Bendover org. by Rendered
The myth of combat by SSSS
Swallow the screw feat. Azar Swan by Ancient methods
Voyager by SOS Gunver Ryberg
Girlscoutinacoma by Rendered
Krystal by The 29 nov. films
There is no us by SSSS
Confarmatio Katran rmix Melania
AVM_Aztex on 20yearsZhark tape
Bayley tower new mix by JK Flesh

Leap Into The Void

Mantis Radio 240 + New York Trax

from soundcloud:

New York Trax drop a 4 decade all-NYC artist Mantis Radio session. Plus we've music by Mark Fell, Minor Science, Paleman, Khost, Phon.o, Huck Farper, CW/A, Bleaching Agent, Ghost In The Machine, Alex Coulton, Grey Branches, Merovee, Huron and more.

Guest @newyorktrax

Mark Fell - Part 1 The Occultation of 3C 273 [Editions Mego]
The Science - The Sea And I [Methlab Recordings]
CW/A - ContainmentGrid [Parachute]
Merovee - Drone Desolation Field [Less Is Techno]
Huron - Ghost In The Mirror [Mindtrick Records]
Petridisch - The Unknown Rabbit [I Heart Noise]
Vortm - War God [Metaphor]
Grey Branches - Split Limb [Inner Surface Music]
Formshirt - How Much Can You Take [Bass Agenda]
Alex Coulton - Ground Zero [Tempa]
Minor Science - Underripe [Whities]
Bleaching Agent - Operai [Power Vacuum]
Paleman - Built From Papyrus [Paleman]
Ghost In The Machine - Hold My Drink [Perc Trax]
Huck Farper - Sour Toe Cocktail [Pitch Dark Recordings]
Gundam - Light Yo Ass Up [Gundam]
9nine - TsuzukuTsuzuku (Prettybwoy remix) [Prettybwoy]
Phon.o - U8 Phunk [Tectonic]
Khost - Coven (Adrian Stainburner remix) [Cold Spring]

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash [Transmat] 1990
Looney Tunes (Lenny Dee & Frankie Bones) - Inject The Beat [Nu Groove] 1990
Backroom Productions - Definition of a Track [New York Underground Records] 1989
Mundo Muzique - Acid Pandemonium [R&S Records] 1991
The Original Creators - Flashback 86 [Strictly Rhythm] 1994
Arrivers - Baptism of Fire [Things to Come] 1995
Wavelan - It Will Stand [Industrial Strength Records] 1994
Prozac - Leverkusen Cream [Disko B] 1996
Prototype 909 - The Kids Don't Care [Schmer] 1996
Richard Hinge - Mechanic Rhythm [Disko B] 1999
400 PPM - Sintered Bauxite [Avian] 2017
Person of Interest - Call This Number [L.I.E.S] 2014
Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1) [Fifth Wall] 2014
Boris Brenecki - The Oven [New York Trax] 2016
Steve Stoll - She Rises Up [New York Trax] 2017
Antenes - Fire Rises [L.I.E.S] 2015
Bookworms - Control That [L.I.E.S] 2015
Enrique - K-Town [Bank Records] 2016
Disciples of Annihilation - NYC Speedcore [MOSH] 1997



from soundcloud:

01 - The Deadkirks ?- Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (Deep Mix)
02 - DJ Delirium - The Party Starter
03 - Bass X - Cyclotron
04 - Brothers In Crime - Out Of Sight
05 - Paradox - Ruffa
06 - Nosferatu - The Future
07 - The Darkcreator - Don't Fuck
08 - DJ Dano & Z'EV - Big Time Nose
09 - Dark Syndicate - The Unknown...
10 - DJ Dano & Z'EV - The Bottom Line
11 - Scott Brown - Dark Kingdom
12 - Myrmidon - Answer Me
13 - G-Town Madness - Eternal Energy Flow
14 - DJ Dano - Bust This Groove (Jordens Mix)
15 - Masters Of Da Hardcore - Basicly The Same Sex
16 - Tripax - Rumble Fuckers
17 - The Speedfreak - Freak Tonight
18 - DJ Psykopunk - My Religion
19 - DJ Raveric ?- I Will Not Stop
20 - Brian Acardy - Ya Gangsta Music
21 - Necromancers - It's Living Inside Of Me
22 - DJ Dano - Fukem All
23 - USD - Intoxicate
24 - Spoetnik - Mokum Madness
25 - DJ Wicked Throw The Jams
26 - Spoetnik - The Hard Way
27 - Sigma 909 - Right Now

Michael Speers

from soundcloud:

guest mix for mobbs' nts show 04.05.17

Peter Ablinger - Deus Cantando (God Singing)
Anne Gillis - untitled
Nzumbe - Serpientes y Escaleras
Vindicatrix x New Noveta - L'Horloge
Flora Yin-Wong - Dispel (Michael Speers edit)
Angelo Harmsworth - Fever II
FIFA World Cup 2014 Final Emotions
Harley Gaber - The Winds Rise In The North Pt.1
Jacques Beloeil - The Bath of Stars
Walter Marchetti - Per la sette dell'orecchio
Lugh - untitled
Acolytes - mxe666
Meshuggah - Bleed
Xao - Kepteflikqua
Michael Speers - broken+glass.jpg_format=1500w
Bazer - No Escape
HVAD - Angst
Moro - Arrepientanse
Moor Mother - KBGK
Maria W Horn - Unit IV
Olan Monk - Tomb
Kevin Drumm - Hitting the Pavement
M.E.S.H. - The Black Pill
Flora Yin-Wong - Lugere

Drop Bass Network

from soundcloud:


PLAYLIST - 24th June 2017

DELTA 9 – Buried Alive
DJ SLIP AND RKATEK - JFK’s Final Thoughts
JON FRANK - The Pitch of Madness
WOODY McBRIDE - Ace Frehley
NICK EAST - Increased Outline
ADAM X – Desolation
FREDDIE FRESH – Blissfinxter
CHOOSE - Thermal Blower
LAURA GRABB - Sempty Print
CENTRIFIC – Itchy Hawtins
MARK VERBOS - All This for Acid
PAUL BIRKEN - Mucho Macho
BEVERLY HILLS 808303 - No Marriage Until Sex
DJ PURE – Speed is My Dope
DJ REPETE - Softy Mother Fucker
BOMBARDIER - Schizophrenia


Cenk Akyol

I made this mix upon our flight to Stockholm, choosing aerial ambient tracks thinking they'll suit well while staring through the window seat. The sky was clear except few darker clouds through the end of mix.

Inspired School Of Astral Music
Marco Zaffarano
Andy Stott
ADSX, Sense & Dr Walker
Peter Davison
Aphex Twin
Stephan Mathieu & France Jobin
Move D
Alva Noto
Alec Empire
Move D
Autumn Of Communion

Phobos Records

Time Travel

Analog Density

JP Soul

Emerald and Doreen presents When the World Gets You Down by San Francisco artist JP Soul. Most known for his productions on his label Roam Recordings, his collaborations with 40 Thieves, Anthony Mansfield, and Jeniluv (as JP & Vulinej), JP Soul has started to venture out this year delivering two EPs for Emerald and Doreen, an EP for Nein, as well as contributions to Logical and La Dame Noir.

Though generally a cheery guy in When the World Gets You Down the artist reflects on the current state of world affairs characterised in the title track with gritty distorted melodies over a driving acid line. The Grind continues this mood with its heavy hitting mid-tempo drive.

Accompanying the two originals is a spectacular guitar laden remix by the impeccable Curses who keeps true to the original while infusing his characteristically tight production and lush soundscape. Up and comers The Shamanic Movement take on The Grind and deliver a darker remix perfect for late night dirty warehouse parties or even dirtier after parties.

Cover art by Mari Stauffer Howard.



Lucky Lotus mix

Yoko Kanno - Inner Universe(Hyphen Booleg) [can download from soundcloud]
Hyphen - Laser Fusion Reactor(2017 Edit) (L.F.R. 2017) [maybe has be released sometime]
Kokomochi feat.薛南 - AWAKE(Hyphen Remix) [can download from soundcloud]
Hyphen - Hell & Heaven [has been released by FtureProof]
Hyphen - Chemical Infusion [has been released by Solidbox]
Endemic - Xen(Hyphen's Unofficial Bootie) [never release even if any.]
Hyphen - S.O.P.H.I.A. [probably has be released this year]
Hyphen - Large-scale Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Telescope (L.C.G.T.) [i have no idea]
Le Dos-on - Rising Sun [has been released by Steambox]
Le Dos-on - K.A.M.U.I. [has been released by Steambox]
Exemia - Aeroduel(Hyphen Remix) [has been released by Exemia's Bandcamp]
Le Dos-on - Moon Night [can download from soundcloud]
Le Dos-on - Shoebill [has been released by Splash Energy]
Hyphen - フリーフォーム神社 [can download from soundcloud]
Hyphen - Tragick Hero [has been released by Lucky Lotus]
Hyphen - Aqua Regia [i have no idea]
Le Dos-on - Sola [has been released by Solidbox]

Total 17 tracks
Total 14 pianos


Wermut - Ether (2010)
Reue Um Reue Tonträger, RUR015
Limited edition of 310 handnumbered copies

01. (00:00:00) Cosmic Egg
02. (00:22:27) Desert Eye
03. (00:43:54) Cycles
04. (01:02:38) Ether

Laszlo P.S.: Voice, Synthesizer, Electric Guitar, Harmonium, Melodica, Electronic Drums, Effects
Sofia E.R.: Voice, Synthesizer, Flute, Harmonium
Léo: Cello, Trumpet, Accordion, Mandolin, Charango, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Effects, Sounds (Field Recordings)
Falko Grau: Drums (on "Cosmic Egg")
Die Bekannten Post-Industriellen Urpferde: Additional Vocals (on "Desert Eye")
Occitan prayer on "Ether" said by Julien Mercadier

All music by Wermut
Lyrics on "Cosmic Egg" and "Desert Eye" by Sofia E.R.
Recorded between 2006 and 2010 at the Coeur Du Monde studios (Herzogtum Lauenburg), Paradies studios (Neukölln) and the Throw The First Stone studios (Hamburg)

Video by TZii

Band photo by Bálegyr

"Le travail a esté nôtre, le profit en soit à l'auditeur, et à Dieu seul la gloire."

On "Ether" permanent WERMUT members Laszlo P.S. and Sofia E.R. teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Léo from Niedowierzanie (who also has already released a beautiful self-titled album on Reue um Reue in 2008, RUR009) and drummer Falko Grau. Their now fifth album took four years in the making, and it was worth the efforts for the evolution and quality of group. “Ether” is nothing but a hauntingly beautiful album in every aspect, mainly aural, of course, but also visually, not only the artwork is meant, if you allow, food for your inner eye. Four tracks, each around 20 minutes long, touching the genres ranging from Berlin Electronica, Krautrock, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, to Cosmic Space Music or whatever you wanna call it. But in the end, this is very organic, melancholic and interesting music using quite a variety of electronic, electric and acoustic instruments. Berlin-school-like sequences with subtle acoustic drums meet psycheledic guitars and melancholic accordeon or harmonium. Then also subtle floating drones and harmonies and male/female vocals all to form, as the group puts it, their metaphysical Post-Kraut-Rock. WERMUT may become a group filling the gap as left behind when Coil ceased to exist, already “Ether” loved by anyone calling themselves a Coil fan, and thus the edition of only 310 copies and thus the sales numbers should be much higher. This is honest quality music and one the highlights of 2010. Go for it while you can, and dare to really listen and you will find it’s only pure joy."
(M. P. Schaffer, AnnaLogue)

About My Disappearance From The Hardcore Scene In 2004

why did i disappear from the hardcore scene in 2004? the main thing that happened was this: after the experimental hardcore scene broke down somewhere around the year 2000, i fell into a deep void. the thing that i spent most of my energy on for years didn't exist anymore. to escape this hole, i tried various things. eventually i got stuck with spirituality and esotericism. it filled the void for a while. i got deeper and deeper into it, occultism, satanism, trying to invoke demons, that kinda business. the end of this development was that i ended up being in contact with a very extreme "christian" sect / cult. that experience nearly killed me, for real (i'm not kidding. i was moving towards death). in the end my family intervened to safe me. i don't know what would've happened otherwise.
i'm still not fully recovered from this experience. but i'm doing my best, and hope one day this is all behind me. -Low Entropy

Les Yeux Orange


Pure Vs Omniscience

After releasing on bass drop networks, Atmosfear , Loop, Sub / Version in the early 90s, and more recently on Mego, Staalplaat, Crónica and Praxis, Pure is returning in to the techno scene with a 5 tracks EP.
The tracks were recorded in 1995 2 of them together with Omniscience no joke at all... pure analog, acid, authentic,live recorded underground Devil Hardcore/techno.


Xerxes The Great

Boneless One

from soundcloud:

Type-303 / Boneless One split 7-inch vinyl single. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered. Pressed on black and light blue vinyl. Underground, no frills analog acid for the headstrong! Record is packed in transparent PVC sleeve with art cover (in assorted colours) and generic white innerbag. Art and layout by Boneless One.
SIDE A: Type-303 - Jytäcid (3:48)
SIDE B: Boneless One - Houz Basics 5 (4:16)

Send a message for ordering details. Available while supplies last!
Record ships from Finland.

℗ 2017 Type-303 / Boneless One


The Polygirl

from soundcloud:

The POLYGIRL - Bella Acido / Italien Old-New-School Acid Mix
LOWFREQ 77 - Cloudy think (Analogic Density - ANLD 001 / 2014)
LEO ANIBALDI - Darkness (ACV 1030 / 1993)
XEROSOREX - Metasphere (Analogic Density - ANLD 002 / 2015)
TRAUMA - XXX (Djax-Up-Beats 178 / 1993)
*SOUR* - Arachnophobia (Makes me Dizzy 05 / 2015)
LEO ANIBALDI - Possesion (ACV 1014 / 1992)
XEROSOREX - Gears of Acid (Analogic Density - ANLD 002 / 2015)
*SOUR* - Ice Storm (Obs.Cur - HS 07 / 2016)
RAZOR HEED - Storming The City (Hot Trax - HT 2923 / 1993)
LABAROME T.M.I. - Damaged Data (Analogic Density - ANLD 003 / 2015)
TRAUMA - Trauma - (Djax-Up-Beats 178 - 1993)
*SOUR* - Crashin' echo (Analogic Density ANLD 002 / 2015
PASSERANI and MONTEDURO - Dreaming Detroit (Generator - GEN 005 / 1993)

All Rights Reserved by the Artists and Labels !
Mixed by The POLYGIRL in 4.2017

The Space Where She Was


Helena Hauff vs Umwelt

from soundcloud:…7-lyon-france…0526-lyon-france

Source :…elt-nuits-sonores

Helena Hauff et Umwelt se connaissent bien. La hambourgeoise est en effet l’une des signatures du label Rave or Die dont le fondateur n’est autre que… Umwelt. Il faut dire que les deux producteurs ont tout pour s’entendre. Ils partagent en effet un goût prononcé pour une techno brute, sombre et glaciale.

Autre point commun, Helena Hauff et Umwelt sont chacun à la tête d’un ou plusieurs labels : Return to Disorder pour elle, New Flesh, Shelter, Fundata et donc Rave or Die pour lui. Une manière pour ces deux jusqu’au-boutistes d’éviter les concessions, d’évoluer au rythme de leurs envies dans les méandres de l’underground. Entre noirceur et complicité, ce versus franco-allemand s’annonce donc sous les meilleurs auspices !

Links :
Helena Hauff :
Umwelt : @umwelt-music
Nuits Sonores :

Tracklist (in construction) :
00. Wata Igarashi - Void [Semantica Records]
01. Devilfish - Live 1999 (Side A) [Bush]
02. Privacy - Apex Predator [Lobster Theremin]
03. Transparent Sound - No Call From New York (Original Acid Mix) [Electrix Recordings]
04. Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (Anthony Rother 1999 Remix) [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
05. ID
06. Bytecon - Robots Ready For Mars [Satamile Records NYC]
07. ID
08. BS-1 - The Only Exit [Marguerita Recordings]
09. ID
10. Larry McCormick - Escape [Datapunk]
11. The Dexorcist - 3rd Wave Axion [Control Tower]
12. Adam Beyer - Remainings III (DK Remix 1) [Drumcode]
13. Thomas P. Heckmann - Himmel & Hoelle [Trope Recordings]
14. ID
15. Sem - Hybrid [Electron Industries]
16. ID
17. The Advent - Only Power [Electrix Recordings]
18. Umwelt - Days Of Dissent [Boidae]
19. w1b0 - Utopia Planitia [Bass Agenda Recordings]
20. Umwelt - Hooverrun [Rave Or Die]
21. Tuning Circuits - No Compassion (No Compassion Version) [Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics]
22. ID
23. EDMX - What The ... [Shipwrec]
24. Umwelt - Slave To The Rave [Rave Or Die]
25. Da GobliNN - Da Magik (D'Marc Cantu Rework) [Land of Dance Records]
26. ID
27. ID
28. ID
29. Mescalinum United ‎– We Have Arrived 2002 (Remixed By Miro) [Acardipane Records]
30. Unit Moebius - Penetrator [Bunker]
31. ID
32. Cassegrain - Trappist (The Mover Remix) [Arcing Seas]
33. ID
34. dynArec - Double Postpone [Solar One Music]
35. ID
36. Redshift - Glide [Surface Effect]
37. Fallen Angel - The Walls Are Alive [Rave Frontier]
38. Space Trax - Deduction [Stealth Records]
39. Hyde - Dominator [Monotone]

Carbonates On Mars

Tweaker Ray

from soundcloud:

This is a single from TweakerRay's brand new Album "RETURN"
And you can download this TRACK here or at: for FREE

RETURN is TweakerRay's 2nd Album. Next to the relases of the 3 EP's of "Escaping Reality" and "The Collector Chapter 02" , TweakerRay continues to evolve his electronic music with different influences. This album is inspired by retrowave but it stands on its own. We can only guess that "the scene" would not describe the sound of this album as typical retrowave.

It was a long struggle to complete the tracks and most of them went through many itarations. There should be a favorite for everyone.
The intro "Droniverse I" might be different to things TweakerRay has done before, but if you might like to let this sink into your ears, you will understand the wide spectrum which this album has to offer.

This is not your typical retrowave... Enoy the ride.

I hope you can spot the inspirations...

Thanks for listening and thanks for your support !!!

Extreme Is Everything

Rave Or Die

from soundcloud:

French imprint Rave Or Die inaugurates its first compilation release since its inception back in . Featuring four uncompromising anthems from heavyweight producers The Mover, The Hacker, Minimum Syndicat and the label owner Umwelt, in this collectible 2x10" breaks the boundaries between 90's Rave and Doom styles sets and offers an ex-plosive limited edition. Bangers and Dj tools for connoisseurs only!
Within five years, Rave Or Die has made a solid reputation of Rave music purveyor thanks to a recognizable artistic line, a brilliant catalog of producers and a proper format (10inch only!). With releases from the like of Sunil Sharpe, Minimum Syndicat, Chris Moss Acid, Voiron, Drvg Cvltvre, and of course ROD mastermind Umwelt, ROD sets the standard of future classics. Since 2012, the French label redefines a musical genre born three decades ago. Who said the 90's were behind us?


from bandcamp:

We are happy to present Meta-Morph with his first album on Doomcore Records. This is an example of what we call "Klimper Doom", Doomcore with melodies inspired by chimes, music boxes, carneval and chiptunes. The influences Meta-Morph draws on his tracks ranges from Death Metal, Pink Floyd, other Psychedelic Rock and Protopunk to 80s fantasy anime.
Find some spoken work Doomcore here; the lyrics are drawn from the farthest and deepest parts of the human soul, so enjoy and take care.
As a bonus, find also instrumental mixes of these tracks to be used in sets.

Kenny Campbell

from soundcloud:

Just realised I never shared this.

My mix from this years Fnoob technothon

01 Kenny Campbell - Descending to Madness - Unreleased
02 Obsoleet - Parataxic (Original Mix) - Maladaptive Patterns
03 Ayarcana - You Are Not Perfect - Black Carpet
04 Mumdance & Logos - Move Your Body (Perc & Truss Remix) - Tectonic
05 Verset Zero - Turbatus (Original Mix) - Tripalium Records
06 Drvg Cvltvre - Don't Give A Fuck (Original Mix) - Tripalium Rave Series
07 Lado - Black (Al Ferox Remix) - Green Fetish Records
08 Eloim - Everything Is Drone (Original mix) - Secret Keywords
09 Martyn Hare - Dreamtime (Bone Skippers Remix) - Green Fetish Records
10 Syrette - Kamigata - Taro Records
11 Kenny Campbell - Your Face in a Grinder - Unreleased
12 WarinD - 4 Brothers - WarinD Records
13 Martyn Hare - Pied Piper Of Hell (Original Mix) - Green Fetish Records
14 Kenny Campbell - Untitled
15 Alberich - Gold - Hospital Productions