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The second Spitzer Records' digital release is a 3-part mini-album from our compatriot @gronnymusic.

This is the journey of consciousness moving through time in the universe. The sound that can reveal the sensory perception of the world and help to find your own way in the immense ocean of life.


Artwork by @kirillmatveev
Mastering by Alexander Bukin

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DJ Darkside

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On this first Xmassy transmission of the year the mighty RIOT Radio Show is being taken over by Hellfire Records boss DJ Darkside for two full hours of DOOOOOOM.

One hour DJing and one hour completely raw and live machines to rape your souls. NOTHING but doom hardcore techno comin' at ya.

STAY XMASSY DOOM TUNED .................... :-)

Track List:

DJ Darkside - Ready To Face Death
DJ Darkside - The Last Supper
DJ Darkside - One By One
DJ Darkside - Aggressive Soldiers
DJ Darkside - Satan Our Lord And Master
DJ Darkside - Konsumed With Hatred
Mental Fear Productions – 5th Circle (DJ Darkside Remix)
DJ Darkside - Anti God
DJ Darkside - The Drunken Witch
DJ Darkside - World Of Shit
DJ Darkside - Invisible
DJ Darkside - The Filth
DJ Darkside - Cold And Calculating