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This is the mixed version. The 20 tracks are available separately in Free Download during the world disorder here :

01.T.W.O.T.W (unreleased)
02.The Invisible Enemy (Linda records)
03.Conquest Of Darkness (Newflesh)
04.Planet Of Desolation (Phormix)
05.Hysterisis (Repitch)
06.Blind Submission (DLBM)
07.Vent Solaire (Edit Version - Unreleased)
08.Across The Abyss (Falling Ethics)
09.Room 1 ( Newflesh)
10.Dominator (Unrelased)
11.Outside Me (Shipwerk)
12.Endless Blackness (Voitax)
13.Beyond Existence (Shipwrec)
14.Ruthless Order (Rave Or Die)
15.Destruction Liberatrice (Return To Disorder)
16.Density#1 (Modal Analysis)
17.Remember the Future (Unreleased)
18.Theory Of Alienation (Acid Avengers)
19.Journey To The End Of Time
20.Future Darkness (Live Version)


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Kamikaze is Japanese DJ/Producer who started in 2015.
He moved to Tokyo for gabber dj in 2017, and he launched his only early gabber party "Ga66a6oom" in 2018.
Kamikaze has played at many hardcore events such as the biggest japanese hardcore party "HARDGATE". And he spreads gabber vibes to japanese hardcore heads. He has best gabber vibes in Japan.

Wedlock - I'm the fuck you man
Predator - Out of Control
Lockjaw - Reactor
DJ Chosen Few feat Da Menace - I Refuze 2 looze
Ectomorph - Totally Computerized
Painbringer - Inner War
G Force - Come Down
Dariien Kelly & the Stunned Guys - Party Rico!
Lenz vs Pauly - Happy Bastard
Tellurian - Get Raw
Da Predator - Elementz of Danger
Promo - Ya Gangsta Music
Predator vs Wedlock - Roots and Culture
Zelator - Center of the Earth
Da Grimreaper - We Control Da Sound (X press Yourself)
Prophet & Omar Santana - Power Pill
Trypticon - Tryp To The Sub
Painbringer - Hardcore Future
Dj Buzz Master & The Hellscreamers - Go to next stage
Insane - I Effect
Knightvision - Knight of vision
Wedlock - Ganjaman
Arjuna - I would like buy a humburger
Scott Brown - Rock with the sound
Arjuna - You are a sucker
Omar santana - Necronomicon(Omar's remix)
Rodox Trading - Encounters
Lenny Dee & Dark Raver - Toda Rhythm
DJ Arjuna & The CTRL - The Bigger They Come
Cromtown DJ's - Electricity From Beyond The Matrix
Peckerhead - Taking it back
Ravemasters - Basslam!

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Decade 1990-2000 warm-up mix made by DJ Painbringer..

The best Early Hardcore Of The Decade 1990-2000
25-10-2014 Hemkade 48, Zaandam


01. Painbringer - Final Annihilation
02. DJ Delirium & Da Grimp Reaper - Da Gangsta Sound
03. Lockjaw - The Point
04. DJ Arjuna - Get A Grip
05. Skorpus Ravers vs. Cyntex - Freestyle
06. Painbringer - True (Grimlock Remix)
07. Omar Santana - Brain Damage
08. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Brain Confusion
09. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix)
10. DJ Hooligan - I'm The One
11. James Daltan - Have A Nice One (Drugs!)
12. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Cyanide Remix)
13. Rob Gee, Repete & MC Romeo - Riot In N.Y. (Mental Lownoise RMX 1)
14. Rave A Graphixx - There Is No Other (Mix II)
15. T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Achtung! (Rob Gee Remix)
16. Predator - Art Attack
17. Painbringer - So Damn Evil
18. Psylocke - Bow To Me
19. The CyberDemon - Split Second
20. Mental Hardcore Associates - Let's Get Wappie
21. Vitamin - Alice In Donderland (Liza N Eliaz Mix)


Political Noize






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This week’s TANK mix comes from London producer and Xquisite Nihil collective member @oxhy, known for his collaborations with Elysia Crampton and Yves Tumor and his tightly wound tapestries of ecstatic, spiralling sound. Oxhy’s mix, titled “want pollination”, consists of tracks from him and his brother recovered from a corrupted hardrive, file names scrambled so as to produce a fragmented archive of uncertain authorship.


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Hard times ask for hard sound. Therefore, for our 25th Discast we’ve invited the NY-based DJ and producer Kilbourne to record an hour of her industrial violence to blow the walls out of your lock down bunker. Kilbourne’s singular interpretation of hardcore draws from her background in industrial and club music. Her DJ sets showcase an unrelenting drive and spontaneous selection that is destined to devastate.

Kilbourne - Tinsel Teeth
Mouse - Untitled
Kilbourne - Great Legs
YBRID - Eleutheria
Starving Insect - Church of Dementia
Slave To Society - The Demon
14Anger & Dep Affect - Portable Persecution (Fifth Era Remix)
Somniac One - Siberian Tigon
Xiorro - Grain
Kilbourne - Society Scandal
Plexøs - Traumatic
Mai_Rem - It’s All The Same Once Yer Dead
Somatic Responses - Vacant
Slave To Society - Godeater
DJ Madness - Bring The Beat Back



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