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Mix i made with tracks from Honzo, Monic, Luke Creed, Ancient Methods, Ontal, Orphan Swords, Rebekkah, Matt TDK, Cacophoneuses, Othk, Anne Clark, Sawf, Mael, Sirio Gry J.
Dick Trick
Honzo - Moral Masochism Shadows remix
Empyrean - Thoughts
Monic - Textures Osirus Killawat
Luke Creed
Mael - Torabh
Law 2
Ancient Methods - Ecstinctio
Bone Skippers - Rewind the Mage Sirio Gry J rmix
Ontal - Seven Sorrows
Anne Clark remix
MattTDK - Something for the weekend
Orphan Swords - NRC- Ike-Yard
Sawf - Menete
Rebekkah - Orbital
Othk - Tsar Bomba
Law 3
Masked Ball [ eyes wide shut soundtrack remix]
Cacophoneuses - Never

Psycore Lea

DJ Mindflash

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Tracklist of Episode No. 39 of my show "Forgotten Tunes" - Played VINYL ONLY :

1. LDC - Die Ankunft (Dance Pool 657516-6) (1991)
2. LDC - Wir schicken dich ins All (Dance Pool 657516-6) (1991)
3. Degeneration - Una musica senza Ritmo (Natura Mix) (RTD 176.1608.0) (1993)
3. Cosmic Enterprises - Tao Nonstop (WL 102) (1991)
4. Arena Trex - Violet Vacuum (Vision Soundcarriers) (1993)
5. General Base - Mein Gott es ist voller Sterne (RTD 176.1176.0 ) (1991)
6. Voov - Its anything you want it to be and its a gas (MFS 7016-0) (1992)
7. Madhava - Amber (Sunrise Mix) (Elusive Rec. 002) (1991)
8. Subway Link - Minds Eye (ME Records 014-5) (1995)
9. Virtual Symmetry - See You (Eye Q. Records) (1994)
10. Bambara Vibes - Persian Poem (Fati Acid Mix) (XS 008) (1996)
11. Hale Bob - Andromeda (Future 009-12) (1997)
12. Terry Bones - Dreaming (DJ Kalpa Airplay Mix) (Kingsize 011) (1998)
13. Influid III - We are always behind you (Influid Recordings 023-12) (1994)
14. Amorph - Navigator (House of Usher Mix) (Formaldehyd 025) (1995)

Dr. Cyrillotekk GABBERNETZ


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It’s been awhile. Jeroen was our first foreign guest over here in Prague. We still have unforgettable memories like it was last week. So that's a big honour to look back via current podcast by one-and-only head honcho of Créme Organization/R-Zone/Jericho One, DJ TLR. Turn up the volume, this is serious bizz.


Outerspace Podcast

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Outerspace Podcast #008, made bij Kraakgraag

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1. Bjarki - Revolution (Original Mix)
2. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Seduct Seduct (Original Mix)
3. Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation) (Phase Nocturnal Mix)
4. Jeff Rushin - Tusk (Original Mix)
5. Rebekah - Synchronicity (Original Mix)
6. Manse - Sky Remit (Original Mix)
7. Bjarki - Polygon Pink Toast (Original Mix)
8. Alessan Main - Negative (Original Mix)
9. Unknown Artist - Rejection Cell (Self Master)
10. Technetium - Holzig (Ben Sims Mustard Remix)
11. Remco Beekwilder - Capital (Original Mix)
12. C Mantle - Kindly Ones 1 (Barry Leach Remix)
13. Darmec - Quasar (Dario Sorano Remix)
14. Gilmer Galibard - Brain Poacher (Original Mix)
15. DNS002 - Club MCM (Kid Mistik Remix)
16. TWR72 - Reflect (Developer Remix)

Ove Tyron

Fucked Up

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We have the honour to broadcast the new release of Kobayashi recordings, owned by Al Ferox official, This Is Acid ... Nothing Else 2. There also will be a re-run of the show on sunday morning (local time) on april the 3th

Get yourself tuned in for a whole evening worth of blistering 303 and kickdrums

Your guides

* Al Ferox official

* DJ Ze MigL

* coexsystems

* Mantrum

* Audio Resistance

* Collin Strange




There is also a radio chatgroup where you can interact with the artists and listeners;


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Shipwrec rolls out its new remix series with a serious slab of electro red meat. The main course is served by a machine music master, Umwelt. And what else would the serving be but the rawest of electro, coarsened by surging acid and slicing snares. Accompanying the original are a triumvirate of talent. Ekman is first, ratcheting up those sticky 303 lines whilst adding his own mischief and menace for a mind-bending mix.  The Exaltics stokes the furnaces. Brimstone and bile are churned before subtle layers give some resemblance of relief. Eomac arrives to bring some cooling to the flames. A brittle and brilliant remake is delivered, the Irishman dissolving genres to create an enigmatic end to a fiery EP.

Release date vinyl: 25th of April 2016

Artwork by Mehdi Rouchiche
Distributed by Clone Distribution


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WΛVES #88 a été diffusée le 28 février 2016 sur ( à Bruxelles. Au programme, lWINTER IS COMING 2016 de Fernando Wax, avec certaines nouveautés de cet hiver.

Broadcast on February 28th, 2016 at 20:00 on Radio Vibration ( in Brussels , Belgium. 'Special Novelties of this winter' presented by Fernando Wax. Facebook page: