Kuvera B.

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This weeks podcast is brought to you by Kuvera B, dropping a selection which skillfully interlaces gritty textures, moody soundscapes and contemporary modern pieces. Instead of a further bio, we were more curious to know what exactly was in his mind while making this piece:

"The idea was to make a (short) dark story you can listen and/or dance to. At a low tempo, with different colours, vocal tracks and more industrial, and violent sounds.
I'm obsessed with "darkness", this grey zone where sadness meets anger, pain, melancholia, and love. At the same time I tried to make something eclectic, since I like selections with surprises. Mixed up rather than straight lines which sound the same from the beginning to the end."

Kuvera B _ Insomnia
Drvg Cvltvre & Kuvera B _ Basic Channel (Low Entropy Remix)
Arnaud Rebotini _ Personal Dictator
Dave Clarke ft. Chicks On Speed _ What Was Her Name
Terrorfakt _ No Mercy
Fifth Era _ Let The Day Perish
Aphasia _ Collect Your Fucking Head
Michael Padgett _ Critical Krush (Ruff v3)
These Hidden Hands ft. Lucrecia Dalt _ Variant
14 Anger _ Daybreak In Hades
Ophidian _ thilynn
The Mover _ Over Land & Sea
Apparat ft. Soap&Skin _ Goodbye
Fifth Era _ Shadows Of 65000 Years


DJ Rave-M


DJ Ruffneck

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A special early hardcore signature mix i made for my 10 years of Cyndium events set with Leviathan & Arjuna which was broadcasted on national radio.

Tracklist :

01 : Syphax - At war
02 : Wedlock - Destiny of love
03 : Comababy - Rave racer
04 : Tellurian - Bloody fucking hardcore
05 : Myrmidon - No choice
06 : Freax - Behold my soul
07: Juggernaut - Don't fuck with a ruffneck
08 : Tellurian - I won't stop rockin'
09 : Myztic - Dangerous battle
10 : Phoenix - Dominate
11 : Bioforge - No 1 escapes us
12 : Cybernators - Funky tales
13 : Tellurian - Guyver
14 : Leviathan - We will tear your soul apart


Christoph De Babalon

Huck Farper

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Joining Pitch Dark for PDR003 is Canada's Huck Farper.

For those who don't know, Huck is a very prolific producer in his own right and through collaborations. Most notably with Bone Skippers, alongside one of the Pitch Dark label heads, Kenny Campbell.

He also runs Raven Sigh. A label and podcast series with a regular and quite devastating output.

For this release he delivers 4 tracks of no holds barred techno.

Just Say Nah sets the tone. Pounding kick drums and heavily distorted percussion are the order of the day for 5 minutes of relentless hammering.

Prosperity is a little more dance floor focussed, crisp percussion sits on top of a heavy kick drum, distorted bleeps fills the space around, with dark and twisted stabs sit alongside menacing growls.

Puncture continues the theme from Prosperity, with more more bleeps breaking through the low level pounding kick drum.

Finally, Sour Toe Cocktail is straight up Huck Farper. Irregular kick patterns, machine noise and twisted vocal samples hiding in the bleak, industrial darkness.

This release is not to be taken lightly.

Early support from Perc, Lenny Dee, DVNT, Dep Affect, MSQ, Fracture 4 and more

Inge K

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IN:TNSTY PODCAST | Episode 25 Inge K.

Regular sessions with Teeno and his special guests, this time it will be Inge K. from Schiedam, Netherlands.


Inge Konings


Art Style: Techno
Web >> artstyletechno.hu/
Youtube >> www.youtube.com/ArtStyleTechno
Soundcloud >> @art-style-techno


Youtube >> www.youtube.com/channel/UCwmUDmI89MQ54McaY85WE2g
Soundcloud >> @intnsty

Carved out by SSSS
Mass#4 by ANFS
Mate choice by Killawat
Confirmatio org. by Melania
Phase gills by Arad
Widow's peak by Headless horseman
Perversas by Eomac
Sparks [In dead it ends remix] by Ghost actor
PIO2.2 by Ontal
Bendover org. by Rendered
The myth of combat by SSSS
Swallow the screw feat. Azar Swan by Ancient methods
Voyager by SOS Gunver Ryberg
Girlscoutinacoma by Rendered
Krystal by The 29 nov. films
There is no us by SSSS
Confarmatio Katran rmix Melania
AVM_Aztex on 20yearsZhark tape
Bayley tower new mix by JK Flesh

Leap Into The Void

Mantis Radio 240 + New York Trax

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New York Trax drop a 4 decade all-NYC artist Mantis Radio session. Plus we've music by Mark Fell, Minor Science, Paleman, Khost, Phon.o, Huck Farper, CW/A, Bleaching Agent, Ghost In The Machine, Alex Coulton, Grey Branches, Merovee, Huron and more.

Guest @newyorktrax
iTunes tinyurl.com/mantisradioitunes
Podcast feeds.feedburner.com/MANTIS

Mark Fell - Part 1 The Occultation of 3C 273 [Editions Mego]
The Science - The Sea And I [Methlab Recordings]
CW/A - ContainmentGrid [Parachute]
Merovee - Drone Desolation Field [Less Is Techno]
Huron - Ghost In The Mirror [Mindtrick Records]
Petridisch - The Unknown Rabbit [I Heart Noise]
Vortm - War God [Metaphor]
Grey Branches - Split Limb [Inner Surface Music]
Formshirt - How Much Can You Take [Bass Agenda]
Alex Coulton - Ground Zero [Tempa]
Minor Science - Underripe [Whities]
Bleaching Agent - Operai [Power Vacuum]
Paleman - Built From Papyrus [Paleman]
Ghost In The Machine - Hold My Drink [Perc Trax]
Huck Farper - Sour Toe Cocktail [Pitch Dark Recordings]
Gundam - Light Yo Ass Up [Gundam]
9nine - TsuzukuTsuzuku (Prettybwoy remix) [Prettybwoy]
Phon.o - U8 Phunk [Tectonic]
Khost - Coven (Adrian Stainburner remix) [Cold Spring]

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash [Transmat] 1990
Looney Tunes (Lenny Dee & Frankie Bones) - Inject The Beat [Nu Groove] 1990
Backroom Productions - Definition of a Track [New York Underground Records] 1989
Mundo Muzique - Acid Pandemonium [R&S Records] 1991
The Original Creators - Flashback 86 [Strictly Rhythm] 1994
Arrivers - Baptism of Fire [Things to Come] 1995
Wavelan - It Will Stand [Industrial Strength Records] 1994
Prozac - Leverkusen Cream [Disko B] 1996
Prototype 909 - The Kids Don't Care [Schmer] 1996
Richard Hinge - Mechanic Rhythm [Disko B] 1999
400 PPM - Sintered Bauxite [Avian] 2017
Person of Interest - Call This Number [L.I.E.S] 2014
Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1) [Fifth Wall] 2014
Boris Brenecki - The Oven [New York Trax] 2016
Steve Stoll - She Rises Up [New York Trax] 2017
Antenes - Fire Rises [L.I.E.S] 2015
Bookworms - Control That [L.I.E.S] 2015
Enrique - K-Town [Bank Records] 2016
Disciples of Annihilation - NYC Speedcore [MOSH] 1997



from soundcloud:

01 - The Deadkirks ?- Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (Deep Mix)
02 - DJ Delirium - The Party Starter
03 - Bass X - Cyclotron
04 - Brothers In Crime - Out Of Sight
05 - Paradox - Ruffa
06 - Nosferatu - The Future
07 - The Darkcreator - Don't Fuck
08 - DJ Dano & Z'EV - Big Time Nose
09 - Dark Syndicate - The Unknown...
10 - DJ Dano & Z'EV - The Bottom Line
11 - Scott Brown - Dark Kingdom
12 - Myrmidon - Answer Me
13 - G-Town Madness - Eternal Energy Flow
14 - DJ Dano - Bust This Groove (Jordens Mix)
15 - Masters Of Da Hardcore - Basicly The Same Sex
16 - Tripax - Rumble Fuckers
17 - The Speedfreak - Freak Tonight
18 - DJ Psykopunk - My Religion
19 - DJ Raveric ?- I Will Not Stop
20 - Brian Acardy - Ya Gangsta Music
21 - Necromancers - It's Living Inside Of Me
22 - DJ Dano - Fukem All
23 - USD - Intoxicate
24 - Spoetnik - Mokum Madness
25 - DJ Wicked Throw The Jams
26 - Spoetnik - The Hard Way
27 - Sigma 909 - Right Now

Michael Speers

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guest mix for mobbs' nts show 04.05.17

Peter Ablinger - Deus Cantando (God Singing)
Anne Gillis - untitled
Nzumbe - Serpientes y Escaleras
Vindicatrix x New Noveta - L'Horloge
Flora Yin-Wong - Dispel (Michael Speers edit)
Angelo Harmsworth - Fever II
FIFA World Cup 2014 Final Emotions
Harley Gaber - The Winds Rise In The North Pt.1
Jacques Beloeil - The Bath of Stars
Walter Marchetti - Per la sette dell'orecchio
Lugh - untitled
Acolytes - mxe666
Meshuggah - Bleed
Xao - Kepteflikqua
Michael Speers - broken+glass.jpg_format=1500w
Bazer - No Escape
HVAD - Angst
Moro - Arrepientanse
Moor Mother - KBGK
Maria W Horn - Unit IV
Olan Monk - Tomb
Kevin Drumm - Hitting the Pavement
M.E.S.H. - The Black Pill
Flora Yin-Wong - Lugere

Drop Bass Network

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PLAYLIST - 24th June 2017

DELTA 9 – Buried Alive
DJ SLIP AND RKATEK - JFK’s Final Thoughts
JON FRANK - The Pitch of Madness
WOODY McBRIDE - Ace Frehley
NICK EAST - Increased Outline
ADAM X – Desolation
FREDDIE FRESH – Blissfinxter
CHOOSE - Thermal Blower
LAURA GRABB - Sempty Print
CENTRIFIC – Itchy Hawtins
MARK VERBOS - All This for Acid
PAUL BIRKEN - Mucho Macho
BEVERLY HILLS 808303 - No Marriage Until Sex
DJ PURE – Speed is My Dope
DJ REPETE - Softy Mother Fucker
BOMBARDIER - Schizophrenia