Wermut - Ether (2010)
Reue Um Reue Tonträger, RUR015
Limited edition of 310 handnumbered copies

01. (00:00:00) Cosmic Egg
02. (00:22:27) Desert Eye
03. (00:43:54) Cycles
04. (01:02:38) Ether

Laszlo P.S.: Voice, Synthesizer, Electric Guitar, Harmonium, Melodica, Electronic Drums, Effects
Sofia E.R.: Voice, Synthesizer, Flute, Harmonium
Léo: Cello, Trumpet, Accordion, Mandolin, Charango, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Effects, Sounds (Field Recordings)
Falko Grau: Drums (on "Cosmic Egg")
Die Bekannten Post-Industriellen Urpferde: Additional Vocals (on "Desert Eye")
Occitan prayer on "Ether" said by Julien Mercadier

All music by Wermut
Lyrics on "Cosmic Egg" and "Desert Eye" by Sofia E.R.
Recorded between 2006 and 2010 at the Coeur Du Monde studios (Herzogtum Lauenburg), Paradies studios (Neukölln) and the Throw The First Stone studios (Hamburg)

Video by TZii

Band photo by Bálegyr

"Le travail a esté nôtre, le profit en soit à l'auditeur, et à Dieu seul la gloire."


On "Ether" permanent WERMUT members Laszlo P.S. and Sofia E.R. teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Léo from Niedowierzanie (who also has already released a beautiful self-titled album on Reue um Reue in 2008, RUR009) and drummer Falko Grau. Their now fifth album took four years in the making, and it was worth the efforts for the evolution and quality of group. “Ether” is nothing but a hauntingly beautiful album in every aspect, mainly aural, of course, but also visually, not only the artwork is meant, if you allow, food for your inner eye. Four tracks, each around 20 minutes long, touching the genres ranging from Berlin Electronica, Krautrock, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, to Cosmic Space Music or whatever you wanna call it. But in the end, this is very organic, melancholic and interesting music using quite a variety of electronic, electric and acoustic instruments. Berlin-school-like sequences with subtle acoustic drums meet psycheledic guitars and melancholic accordeon or harmonium. Then also subtle floating drones and harmonies and male/female vocals all to form, as the group puts it, their metaphysical Post-Kraut-Rock. WERMUT may become a group filling the gap as left behind when Coil ceased to exist, already “Ether” loved by anyone calling themselves a Coil fan, and thus the edition of only 310 copies and thus the sales numbers should be much higher. This is honest quality music and one the highlights of 2010. Go for it while you can, and dare to really listen and you will find it’s only pure joy."
(M. P. Schaffer, AnnaLogue)

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