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Algo - Acouasm E.P.

The tenth release on features four new tracks of
noise-based dark electronica from label owner Algo. The E.P. was produced
with the aid of an amplifier circuit housed inside an old cigar box. Sounds
were created using resonant-spring contact microphones and circuit-bending
body contacts to create piercing feedback loops, analog glitches and
temporal sub-harmonics.

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Algo combines dark textures with electronic beats. They range from short
musical sketches to long evolving algorithmic compositions. He started
Algorhythms netlabel in 2004 as a platform for his experimental
compositions. He has released tracks on Algorhythms, 64 Bar Music, and
Ninja Tune.


Mentaaalf - Ding Dong Clach


Rabbitsquirrel - A well intentioned attempt on your life


Nathy - Negative (Extrait 2)

Brain Impact

Brain Impact - At Stille Stoat Ton Gaat Ni Vorut (Livejam)


Ogrvně - Layer Noodles For "Neuron Tides"


eMeL - Sunday Morning Madness


Hopper Live - Channeling

PCP - More Than Hardcore, Motherfuckers

PCP now is mostly known - and in fact, well known, with a huge fanbase - for it's hardcore, gabber and hardtechno productions. which is great - but also a shame - since there is so much more. even to add PCP's important role in doomcore (well, in fact, they created it!) and dark techno would not do the label justice, as there is a lot more to discover.
while PCP apparently was well received in the beginning of the techno scene in the 1990s, soon other producers and labels took over in germany... westbam, marusha, low spirit, you know the story. even worse, even the hardcore scene was on the verge of "forgetting" PCP, as miro noted in an interview from that era. this was the mid-90s then. but out of these ashes PCP, marc and miro rose like a phoenix. with a new label (but still encomparating the PCP classics into their live acts), acardipane records, and plenty of bookings at the big dutch parties, the "gabber" crowd was throughly reminded of the vital role PCP played in the creation of hardcore, and the status of the label soon rose to legendary. while this was what PCP and its members thoroughly deserved, it also created negative fact that PCP and acardipane were now, by many people, almost 100% identified with "Hardcore" and "Gabber". true, PCP probably supplied more perfect productions and all-time classics in the field of hardcore than anyone else - slaves to the rave, stereo murder, 6 million ways to die, and so on - but as hinted above, the backcatalogue went far beyond there.
there is hardly a style and field of electronic music that has not been touched, and soundwise conquered by the PCP masters yet. they only did not do a accoustic guitar creation yet. you can find house tunes in early PCP and Dance Ecstasy releases. electro (in the old meaning of the word) on narcotic networks. even dark ambient, krautrock and psychedelic music. electronic and techno music in any form and shapes. notable are the ambient workouts of "shakira"'s 1987 metamorphosis or the jupiter pulse. the liquified drum'n'bass classic combination of "beethoven's greatest works", found on dance ecstasy. the rap(!) of the factory of freebase by FBI. the finishing thesis on minimalism via the mover's ruff traxx remix of the meltdown. the departure of all genre-bounds on, again the mover's, last breath of the homelands.
there is too much to explore to fit it into this specific text.
it is a huge shame that the "hardcore" legacy now to large part blocks the public access to the consciousness to most people around the globe for these sounds.
it is hoped that these sound treasures are discovered and noticed by more and more people. it is collection of gems that wait to be found by cunning explorers and that wait to be appraised by people.

PCP - When The Phuture Was Born

"Phuture" is a concept central to PCP. it is referenced in tracks, record titles, project names, on backcover info and so on. and indeed, while PCP is known for great techno or hardcore, even more so it is futuristic music - or rather, phuturistic music.
the tracks by PCP evoke many a great imaginery before one's eye - the comet swarm rising. the purple moon. the blue sun. of suns and moons.
it was something that always stood out for me with PCP - even before i went fully in love with the label. the sound of PCP always sounded so much futuristic, modern, scifi, alien, outer space. 'music for huge-space arenas', as cold rush records said? rather music for huge space-arenas!
the cyborg unknown, the phuture project, the planet phuture, the dance ecstasy from 3001. PCP is so much riddled with alien, future, exotic references, tricks and hints.
i rarely had this "phuture" feel with any other artists - early Juan Atkins or Somatic Responses can maybe compare, and it is something verily unique with PCP, which makes it special, and i guess is also hugely for the large and dedicated fanbase PCP has now.
PCP is a lot like the best of science fiction movies, novels, art, comics turned music - but not only that, but also intensified, concentrated, enlarged. it feels as if you would really travel around space when you listen to PCP. a darkened room, or even better, a party situation, augments this experience even more, of course.
also noteworthy is that PCP supplies various types of Phuture. from the near-future suburban battles of the cyborgs unknown, to the interstellar travel to the coloured moons, to the esoteric aliens of the outer systems, to the computerised mind of the 303 nation technoville.

it is home to mystery what enabled marc and the others to create this extraordinary phuture vibe. a love for scifi movies? comics? substances? an attitude? regardless of this, they definately suceeded with their task

when enjoying regular scifi stuff, there is always a kind of detachment, that is not there with PCP. it brings the phuture home.

this focus on its own "scifi" earned PCP a special place in the history of electronic music - or rather, put it on a level of its own - maybe a planet of its own.

PCP Reference Guide

PCP Reference Guide

references to books, drugs, concepts and other things in the works of PCP by title, artist name or other.


PCP - 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine). the actual term for the drug "angel's dust". one of the most extreme drugs known to man. users regularly go completely mental when using it. causes hallucinations, voices to be heard and other insane things. linked to outburst of extreme violence. many people consider it to be the most dangerous drug.

Dance Ecstasy 2001 - ecstasy is a happiness inducing drug associated with "rave culture".

Narcotic Network Recording - narcotic networks are the drug traffiking networks by the drug syndicates.

Interzone - a concept by William Burroughs. also mentioned in the movie "Naked Lunch" about his life and works.

Adrenachrome - drug described in the movie "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas".

Future World - name of a famous 70s science fiction movie. sequel to "Westworld".

Gold Digger Records - a gold digger is a girl that dates men for money, i.e. to have the chance to marry a rich man and be well off.


Cold Rush City Cru - possible reference to the rap group "Kold Krush Kru".

Dusty Angel - another reference for angel's dust, or PCP.

H flash - the high of a heroin user. (h is a term for heroin)

Mescalinum United: a psychoactive drug. mescaline.

Freebase Factory - freebase is a drug related to crack cocaine.

Free Base International - see above

French Connection - famous drug trafficing network. also name of two well known crime movies of the 70s.

Roy Batty (alias of Michael Hoppe, part of "Turbulence" and "Smash?") = Character from movie "Blade Runner".

Leathernecks - slang for US Marine Soldiers, or generally, tough guys (with "necks of leather", so to say)

Records and Tracks:

Killing Zoo - reference to the 1993 movie "Killing Zoe". samples from the movie are also used in 3 of the 4 tracks on this record.

Lightbringer - term used for "Lucifer". also used for Venus, the morning star, which "brings light" in the morning, which also has been called "Lucifer" in past times.

Subtopia - name for the underworld.

Louder than a bomb - reference to the public enemy EP of the same name.

Last Exit Interzone - possible reference to novel "Last Exit Brooklyn" by Hubert Selby Jr.. see also interzone.

The Art Of Shredding - reference to "The Art Of Stalking" by Suburban Knight.

The Eagle Has Landed - general term for signifying relevant events. has been used during the transmission of the first moon landing.

Yamantaka - ancient buddhist practice. also called "the terminator of death".

The Last Judgement - biblical term for the "judgement day". armageddon.

Skulls And Crossbones - traditional symbol used by the pirates

Leathernecks - "At War" ("Low Spirit, suck my cock"): Reference to German techno label "Low Spirit". [Also see:]

The Mover - Frontal Sickness 2 (1992) - track "Body Snatchers" = Reference to the horror movie(s) "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956, 1978) or "Body Snatchers" (1993). 

Leathernecks - "Speedfuck" ("Speedfreak, you're so fuckin' slow"): Reference to German hardcore techno act "The Speed Freak" (Martin Damm). 

"Friends of Alex": Possibly a reference to Alex Christiansen from U96; also contains a musical reference to Ramon Zenker from Interactive. [See:] 

Digital Dictators - "Where the Rhythm Counts (Das Werk der Kraft)" (from FFM Trax Vol. 1, 1990) = Both linguistic and musical reference to German music group "Kraftwerk" (samples from "Musique Non Stop" and "Nummern"). 

Trip Commando - House Music's Not Dead (JVA Mix) (from FFM Trax Vol. 2, 1991) - "JVA" = abbreviation for "Justizvollzugsanstalt", the German word for "prison". 

Konstablerwache = public square and metro station in Frankfurt am Main; famous for drug dealing activites. 

Ace the Space - "9 is a Classic" & "9 mm Remixes" = Common gun calibre (9×19mm Parabellum). 


2001 - one of the two dates that PCP continually references. the meaning of it is unknown.

2017 - the other date, that is even more referenced. again, the meaning is unknown.

FFM = abbreviation for Frankfurt am Main.

thanks to user inspector.godot for added information.

if you have more info, found an error or a correction, or generally have additional information, feel free to contact me:
the reference guide is expected to grow a lot over time.

The A.M. Experiment

The A.M. Experiment - Blur The Traces Of Your Existence


Apetactics - Pacid featuring Pacman

Disorder And Order

Disorder And Order - Breakage 2.0

David Meiser

David Meiser will play at Tresor in Berlin on the 2nd of April. Check him out, he is making some very good Dark Techno.
This is one of his older sets:

Krt 963

Krt 963 - Symphonies From The Edge


Separator - Mafia - Oman III - Hc2