DJ Casketcrusher

from soundcloud:
Special label mix to one of my favorite labels Very Hard Unresistable!
Mixed with the black gold aka vinyls!

01. Baba Nation - Kopere
02. Da Beatblower - Cotton Trax
03. Miss Groovy - Jungle Sickness
04. Baba Nation - My Honbrã
05. Koll Killers - Back Watcher
06. Naughty Boys - 1 2 3 Fuck
07. Koll Killers - Amerikaaaaaah!
08. Ralphie Dee Meets The Kool Killers - God Complex (Kool Killers Remix)
09. Naughty Boys - Innocent Amusement (Have Fun Mix)
10. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - Fuckin' Sweat
11. Wasting Program - Bring That Shit Back
12. Miss Groovy - Shake It (Stunned Guys Mix)
13. Wasting Program - Jazz Sacrilege
14. Ralphie Dee Meets The Kool Killers - Beyond Perversion
15. Miss Groovy - Naked Aggression
16. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - Cold's Getting Bigger
17. Wasting Program - You Have Nothing Left But Destruction
18. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - We Are The Dynacore


from soundcloud:

01.Terrorbunny - Hakke MF
02.M1dlet - Fuck them with Hardcore(Rottencore Remix)
03.Immutek - Taste my Acid
04.Larsson - Terrorize the City
05.Xqruciator - Bam Bam
06.Rottencore - Early in the Morning
07.Not a DJ - Nebula
08.Darius G - Midnight Madness
09.Hellcreator & Acidious - Return to Terror City
10.M1dlet - Take yo ass Home (Rottencore Remix)
11.The Destroyer - Drax Dungeon (Speedfolter Remix)
12.Tha Basthard - Make you Pay
13.HCM - Sirens Song
14.Zabba - Dobra (DJ Kobe Remix)
15.DJ Freak - Future of the Species
16.Arcid - The Living Dead
17.X-Cell 02 & Industrial Darkness - Apetite for Destruction
18.HCM - Body movin in a Wooden Box
19.The Destroyer & Speedfolter - No Headz
20.Schallfolter - Alcoterror
21.Industrial Terror Squad - Shut em Down
22.Damage Analyse - Vengeance
23.Outfluent - Light Disposal
24.Paranoic - Fit in your own Stiffness

Collin Strange

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SUMMA CUM LAUDE is pleased to announce the new release from cult Seattle based underground techno producer Collin Strange - Acid Non Musica.
Collin Strange has a long and storied history in the New York City underground music scene of the nineties. From owning a record shop in the East Village, to working at the largest Record distributors, Dj'ing anywhere from the dirtiest lower east side squats to the famed Limelight, from playing in hardcore punk and noise bands, to producing music alone, Strange was around at one of the most vibrant (and transitional) times in New York history.
Following on the success of his highly regarded releases for L.I.E.S., Strange delivers four tracks unrelenting industrial acid. Creepy and unnerving, the tracks are built on a simple formula of pummeling 909 kicks, distorted 303's, and walls of noise. Grim, cold, hopeless acid with no funk, no soul, just pure unchecked aggression for only the hardest dj's.
Drawing upon equal parts 80's industrial noise, 90's hard acid techno, and contemporary hardcore punk, Strange's latest release Acid Non Musica makes the current crop of 'dark' techno artists look pale in comparison.

Speedcore Worldwide

From Bandcamp:

Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel Proudly Presents
(SWAN-110) V.A. - X-tremecore (Warriors Of The Underground)

- - > [Tracklist]:

01. Human End feat. Lysergide & The Speedcore Worldwide Hollywood Choir - Warriors Of The Underground
02. Watome - Extreme Routine
03. Ainox - Karne (Flesh)
04. Occulkot - Satan Is God Too
05. Lord Of Speed - Speedcore Is Harder (Dan De Rest)
06. Nekrosystem feat. DJ Devastation - Undead Speedcore
07. Pressterror - Scream Games
08. Passenger Of Shit - Nail My Dick To Your Face (Kreislaufstörung Remix)
09. Dexcore - Motherland
10. El Krawallo - SCWW Family
11. Nekrosystem vs. Lysergide - In The Game Of Life
12. The Mother Fucker - This Is Speedcore Worldwide!
13. Low Entropy - Blackened Speedcore
14. Jensen - You Will Never Walk Alone
15. Lysergide - Eat The Rude
16. Loffciamcore - King Of The Dead
17. Imil - Inevitable
18. Dr. Hasenstein - Verwunschen
19. Gabberdoom - Manifeste Commercial Hoax
20. Terrorwasbeer - The Frozen Sword
21. BoudBlotz' - La Délicatesse D'un Kick
22. Lord Nazgul - Realm Of Darkness
23. DJ Devastation - Meine Furcht
24. HCM - Ultra Violence (Epic Aggressive Remix)
25. Nibolal - Straßennarben
26. Niemahnt - Русская Мощь
27. Virtue - This Is (Ode To SCWW)
28. DJ Kobe feat. HCM - Circus Is Not Here
29. Permadeath - El Kostroso
30. Noizefucker - Misc Loop
31. DJ Freak - Make Some Noize
32. Crashwerk - Fashit
33. Icoste - Riots ...
34. H8!Machine - Murdering Cunts
35. Sucre Rose - Boucherie Des Temps Modernes (Schallfolter Remix)
36. Oximor - Force Tranquille 002
37. Sadistic - The Outside World
38. Industrial Darkness - Wanna See Your Future
39. Dublin Terror Squad - Darkside (The Liberties)
40. TrK - Destruct
41. X-Cell 02 - Noize Massacre
42. Darkside9878 & Tha Basthard feat. Pardonax - Inflateable Jesus
43. Mortified Rage - The Angels Trumpets
44. Phantom Kommando Alpha - Killing In The Name Of Democracy
45. Industrial Darkness - Little Psychopath
46. Rott in pieceS - I Will Kill Him As Many Times As It Takes (SPEED VIP)
47. Dm.Stage - This Is The Classic
48. Dzkyin - Rock Yourself To Your Baby
49. Xasverion - FENNatic
50. Gabbro - Hardcore Chamber


- - > [Infos]:

- Cat.No.: (SWAN-110)
- Typ: Digital Audio Compilation
- Titel: X-tremecore (Warriors Of The Underground)
- Artist: Various Artists
- Genre: Electronic
- Style: Hardcore, Terror, Speedcore, Flashcore
- Label: Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel
- Release Date: 10.07.2018
- Files: 50 x Audio (Various Formats Available)
- Bonus Items: 3 x Visual / 2 x Text
- Download: Free / Unlimited


- - > [Credits]:

- Produced By: Various Artists
- Compiled By: The Speedcore Worldwide Crew
- Mastered By: Jens Kroenert (aka Jensen / Human End)
- Artwork By: Mattia Travaglini Artworks
- Released By: Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel


- - > [Copyright]:

Licensed By Creative Commons | 2018
Attribution: Non-Commercial & Share Alike


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- Speedcore Worldwide:
contact | e-mail:

- Mattia Travaglini Artworks:


- - > [Label Infos]:

speedcore worldwide audio netlabel is an
official part of the non commercial underground
music organisation "Speedcore Worldwide"
founded in 2012 by thorsten kuznik to support
and connect the extreme core & noise scene!

- [Founder & Owner]: Thorsten Kuznik
- [Co-Owner]: Philip Heitmann (Pigeon Cadaver)
- [Member]: Sergey Morozov (Schallfolter)
- [Member]: Lars Poulussen (Pardonax)
- [Member]: Mattia Travaglini (Artwork Design)


- - > [Contact]:

Information & Contact | E-Mail:
Social Network |

Current 909

from soundcloud:

The Brvtalist is pleased to present a live set from Current 909. Recorded on March 2nd, 2018 at the Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 7 year anniversary party at Arena Club, this offering expertly showcases the project's sinister sound of industrial experimentations. For more visit:



Drvg Cvltvre



From Soundcloud:


A1. Mnemonic
A2. Passage Souterrain
B1. Effective Side Information
B2. Videomensch
B3. Systematic

Amidst the chameleon-like output of his many monikers such as Ontal and Figure/Ground, Brooklyn-based Brenecki releases as his own name for the second time in 10 years. Mutated funk techno under skilled hands, out to thrash pits across 5 tracks reneging against modern technology manipulation.

Written and produced by Boris Brenecki in Brooklyn
Artwork by TZU TING WANG

Veröffentlicht von:
Midnight Shift
Veröffentlichungsdatum der EP:
28 Mai 2018

Cenk Akyol

Just before another long-distance flight, I recorded hour-long (dark) electro tracks from both today and the past, which I believe sincerely produced.

Carsten Jost - [Dial CD 39]
Anthony Rother - [Kanzleramt 1]
VC-118A ‎– Vaxna
Arcanoid - Theory And Practice Of Domination Vol I.
Umwelt - [BOIDAE 001]
214 - [Frustrated Funk 031]
[Leisure System012] A Side
The Bitniks - Bitnik
From Within 3 (Namlook & Hawtin)- [Fax +49-69/450464]
The Exaltics - [Abstract Acid002]
Ø - [Sähkö-023]

You can download, listen and share @ 320 kbps

Disembodied Imagination


Tripped & 909 Junkies

I Hate Models & Umwelt

from soundcloud:

Vinyl & Digital
Mastering by Mathis Kolkoz
Artwork by Nexus 6

Rave Or Die celebrates its tenth outputs to date since 2012 with a 100% fren-chie split release! DJ & producer I Hate Models (Artscore, VOITAX, Monnom Black) invests A side with irresistible “Requiem Of Desolation”, a blessing dancefloor mash up of untouchable Acid Trance flights and old school sorori-ties . Very different from what we used to hear from this infamous and long time Techno activist. This is what we call “Modern Rave”.
On the flipside, ROD mastermind Umwelt unleashes Bass and acidic tones on killing “Requiem Of Haunted Warehouse”. Haunting horrific melodies enhan-ced by hammering kicks turn the track into a monster dancefloor track.
Warning Rave Anthem

Lunatic Asylum

DJ Rave-M

Acid Enema

Cenk Akyol

from soundcloud:

Statik Sundays are all about the sharing and passing on of feelings and emotions from another place. It touches on sadness, joy and gratitude.

Steven Rutter
Move D - [Fax +49-69/450464]
Arto Lindsay
Silver Sound
[F Communications ‎071CD]
Hobo Cubes - Mirror & Gate Vol. II
Haruomi Hosono Presents Making Of Non-Standard Music
[Karaoke Kalk CD 2]
µ-Ziq ‎– Royal Astronomy
Andrès Garcia Featuring Atom™, Los Updates & John Keys ‎– Ballad EP
[Ninja Tune CD91]
Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe [Clone#27]
Jeff Özdemir [Karaoke Kalk 99]

Lunatic Asylum

The Horrorist



from soundcloud:

PatrickG88's mix at the February 2018 edition of Natrion's Horrorshow.

Soundcloud: @patrick88
The Black Box:

01. Kristoffer Oustad - Row Me Over [Malignant Records]
02. Of Earth And Sun - Veil Of Illumination [Malignant Records]
03. ∆TILLL∆ - Acreção [Bisnaga Records]
04. Monomor✞e - D3▲D ◍F NIGH✞ [Monomorte Self-Released]
05. Eomac - Spectre [Killekill]
06. Dark Frequencer - Stazja 2015 [Antistatic]
07. Dark Frequencer - Ghost Train [Dark Industry]
08. ▲NGST - ▲NGST V [Orange Socks]
09. Libido Formandi - Vis (HyDrone Remix) [Hands Productions]
10. Ausdärmen - すす (Smut) [Ausdärmen Self-Released]
11. Deathstalker - Non-Existence [Flesh Engines]
12. Utamoh Thumo - S V M D [BPM Front Netlabel]
13. Succubus Helna - Uchronie [Placenta-Pills]
14. Kramerr - I Lose My Mind [Doomcore Records]
15. Climax Denial - Fingering Dead Ashes As Evidence [Malignant Records]

Current 909

from soundcloud:

To understand the project behind C909 :
When the concept for Current 909 was born around 1995 with the idea to combine sounds from movies, new wave, and industrial music from the 80s with techno and electro of the 90s which was still pretty obscure. While partly ahead of its time there were others with similar ideas combining the sobriety, melancholy and darkness of the former decade with the ecstasy of the current one. This mix brings some of these related tracks which were scattered over various artists and labels. Still too scarce to already form a sub-genre with its own name they seem like forerunners to some music of nowadays that operates in between dark electronic listening and dance music.

Artists in order of appearance:
Coil, Heinrich at Hart, Autechre, Neuroviolence, Current 909, Torsion,
Disintegrator, X-101, Re-Pitcher, Arrivers, Countdown FFM, Underground Resistance, Subtopia, Suburban Hell, Ilsa Gold, I-f, D’Arcangelo, Throbbing Gristle, PCP’s Phuture Project, Christoph De Babalon, Kraftwerk, Frozen, Spek, Marco Passarani

Johann Van der Smuut


Inge K

from soundcloud:

Eomac - Prayer
3.14 - Isihia
Submechanical - Pressure Jezgro 003
Mas - Convuquon
Restive Plaggona - Beautifull hands around my neck
ANFS - Olatatzi
Size pier - Os hyïode Rupture
The Panacea - Walter
3.14 - Heera
Fret - Lift Method
Submechanical - Wave after Jezgro 003
Mas - Ils revienant
Restive Plaggona - Vultures than worms
Halv Dröm - Spirabillis VIII
Tommy 47 - The trust
Diavisa - Neckbrace
Human Diversity - Edema intravenose
Submechanical - Wave [Huren rmix] Jezgro 004
AnD - Artificial intelligence
3.14 - Anger opression
Fret - B14
Bleaching Agent
MSQ - unreleased
3PI - Shar
Codex Empire - Select observations
Eomac - Entrance
Submechanical - Pressure [Profiligate rmix]Jezgro 004
AnD - Disturbed reality
Mas - Il est temps