Christoph de Babalon & Moopie

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Exquisite Angst.

Krzysztof Penderecki - Lux Aeterna (Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1987)
Bushkiller - Doom is Dark (Danger, 1994)
Uncle 22 - 6 Million Ways to Die (DJ Hype Mix)(RAM, 1993)
Readykill - The Evilution (Buback, 1994)
Spiritual Combat - Rat Trap (R & S, 1992)
Coil - Original Chaostrophy (Threshold House, 1992)
Killa Instinct - Sweet Scent of Redrum (Move, 1995)
Project Æ - Whales Alive (Planet Core Productions, 1991)
Aphex Twin - 4 (Warp, 1996)
Hardnoise - Untitled (Instrumental) (Music Of Life, 1990)
Unknown Artist ‎– Untitled (Countdown Part V) (Countdown FFM, 1992)
Steve Shit - Turn Me On (White Breaks Frankfurt, 1997)
Beethoven - Greatest Works Part 1 (Classic Planet Core Drum & Bass Version) (White Breaks Frankfurt, 1996)
Demon Boyz - Junglist (Tribal Bass, 1992)
The Possessed - Black Blood (Planet Core Productions, 1992)
William S. Burroughs - Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt (Island, 1990)
Tackle - Grondman (A Colourful Storm, 2017)
Overcast - Cycle Recycled (Edit)(Bloody Fist, 2004)
Universal Indicator - Untitled (Rephlex, 1995)
Strider. B. - Untitled (Rephlex, 1993)
Imp Electronics For Defence - Side B (Excerpt) (Bunker, 1994)
Techno Animal - The Dream Forger (Pathological, 1991)
Scheich In China - Untitled (V I S, 2016)
Mescalinum United - Lost Zones (Thanks Bayu) (Planet Core Productions, 1989)
Final - Fall (Sentrax, 1993)


Inge K

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Sanguis Atratas -Verset Zero
Lacero - Verset Zero
Beyondersay - Ike Yard
Sister M - Ike Yard
Moan At M20 - Ryuji Takeuchi
Bdnx_002 1 m
This is all we've got - Melania
B2_N-S master
Aether - Rac
No Tears- Lower tar
Island - Singularity recordings
Kounoupi - ANFS
Anger - VPR
Prelude - Allogenic
Deconvolution - Architect
Linnaea - Pariah
What if earth moves - Foql
Pylon - Broken englisch club
We roll deep - 16 KIK
Baiser Mortel - Second Spectre
Pinelli - Restive Plaggona
Shar - 3-PI
Amroth - Scorn
LT94 - Scorn
Mistaken for a piece of thyroid - Operant
Eraser - Rendered
B3_SC-164_11-99 - Ship045
Interrupt - Singularity Recordings
Dreaming while the city's burn - Makaton
Death by water - ABSL
By mouth - Draag
Genosha basic - Ghost in the machine
Most basic resolution - the panacea
Slamming - Rendered
summoning the black tongue


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I'm joined this month by Nomad, the man behind RIOT Radio Records. If you don't know about the label and show then get it checked out, you won't be disappointed.

The Chicken Farmer – Black Earth
Floorkiller Project – The Fallen
Fifth Era – Make The Party Dark
Mescalinum United – Jupiter Union
Double Face – Having Sex 3
Floorkiller Project – Nosferatu
Acrosome – Wake Up America
Stormtrooper – Unbehagen
D-Passion – Twist Your Brain
Koenig Cylinders – Carousel
Planet Phuture 2017
Aphex Twin – Quoth
Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived 2003 (Remixed By The Horrorist)
Superpower – S.T.R.O.B.E.
Planet Phuture – Suburban Survival System
Justin Berkovi – Forget Your Reflection
Justin Berkovi – In Chains
Cold Dust – Nervehammer (Michael Forshaw Mix)
Cristian Vogel - Subversion


Cenk Akyol

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It's been six years since I made an Acid mix. I couldn't miss the opportunity to do a new one for the love of TB-303, in its 30th anniversary.

Scan X - La Collection Chapter 1
Bryan Zentz - Mind EXpansions
Anders Ilar & John H ‎– Astronom Sessions Vol. 1
Deepside EP [FNAC]
esp - [Synewave 09]
Donato Dozzy - [Tresor 303]
Steve Stoll - De Niro Is Concerned
Further Individual Control - [Acid Assault 03]
Ilsa Gold - Winterreise

Download, listen & share at 320 kbps.


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01. Ancient Methods : In Silence - Ancient Methods
02. Terence Fixmer : Expedition - Ostgut Ton
03. Beta Evers : Predictions" - Disco Atonicos
04. Acid Vatican : Repent Motherfucker - Aufnahme Wiedergabe ‎
05. Crvel: Veo II - Falling Ethics
06. Blac Kolor : Sacred - Aufnahme Wiedergabe ‎
07. Mariel Ito : Kepler - R&S
08. Rx Mode : Degraded ( W1b0's Violation in G Minor)- Bass Agenda
09. Delta Funktionen : Alternate Reality - Earwiggle
10. Cron : Squelch - Musique Pour La Danse
11. Franck KArtell : Whispers From Space - Blind Allies
12. Tensal : Intermoxture - Kynant
13. Donor : Lesser Forms - Sublunar
14. Carrier : Foreshadow - T47
15. T15DM : Enter Malum -Subapical
16. Architect - Deconvolution (Doggy Style) - Hymen
17. Architect - Deconvolution (Orphx Remix) - Hymen
18. 13000 AU From Our Sun - Electrix
19. The Advent & Zein : Eye's Of Envy - Monotone
20. Versalife : Infinite Velocities - Cultivated Electronics
21. Lewski : Artificial Beings - Patron
22. Mr Velcro Fastener : A Monster In Two Worlds(Silicon Scally Rmx) - Electrix
23. Tensal : Belga (Umwelt rmx) - Soma
24. Dez William : Hexciya - Bedouin
25. Jackal and Hyde - Bad Robot (Code Rising Remix) - Dominance Electricity
26. Tainted Cell : Planeta Cero
27. Ersatz Olfolks : Stella - Mechatronica
28. 11xxx27 : The power of eternity (UVB rmx) - Infidel Bodies
29. Jk Flesh : Different Species - Electric Deluxe
30. Warin D : I'mSo Sick (Max Durante rmx)
31. Umwelt : De-Extinction - Earwiggle
32. Dima : Just Like In 1998 - Citizen Records
33. Remco Beekwilder : Eerie - Emerald
34. Neil Landstrumm : I Want No MoreMoaning - Riot
35. Esker : Destruction Time Again - Voitax
36. Beat Movement : Entrainment - Love Blast
37. VC118A : Machinarium - Cultivated Electronics
38. Plant 43 : Cloud Iridescence - Shipwrec

DarkShark Industries

DJ Renzz

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a mix from the legandary pcp tracks...

ravecreator /a new mind
ravecreator/ me the master
ravecreator/ bleepblaster
marshall masters /dont touch that stereo
marshall masters /master anthem
marshall masters/ return to zero
miro/ shining
marshall masters/ world evacuator
e-man/ e-shifter
miro and max e crew /cutmasters ( miro's metal ware remix)
e-man /bassmachine
ravecreator & the mover/atmosfear
tshabos/gib mir die bass
pilldriver/apocalypse never
tilt!/sound,state of emergency
inferno brothers/slaves to the rave
nasty django/hardcore muthafucka

Broken Birthday

E 605

Black Death

The Oscilloscope

Velvet Condom

Safe Hex




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My guest this month is Edinburgh's Proton. I'm saying no more. Just listen. This is unbelievable stuff.

Syrius 23 – 777
C tank – Spirit of Kaos
Syrius 23 – hYebET
Killing Rate – Into the valley of darkness
C tank – First Fright Remix
Unkore – Genosha 1a
Napalm 8 – 3A
Fishkopf – Eradicator A1
E De Cologne – No Dolphins Allowed
Napalm 8 – B1
DJ Freak – Industry
Laurent Ho – ETT
Hellfish – First Wave
Laurent Ho – Uretan

Kenny Campbell

from soundcloud:

As it's October, it was time for the Hardcore Halloween show. All 90's stuff, from early Industrial Strength to gabber.

01. Influid Ii - The Destroyer - Influence Recordings
02. Laura Grabb - Dark Space - Industrial Strength Records
03. Dx 13 - Electro Comp - Industrial Strength Records
04. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker - Cold Rush Records
05. Program 1 - Worlds Hardest M.F. Rmx - PCP
06. Traffik - Dark Aura - Crapshoot
07. DJ Freak - New York M-F - Hard of Hearing
08. Liza N'Eliaz - Let The Bassdrum Go - Atom Records
09. Delta 9 - Cyborgasm - Level 42
10. Tellurian - Guyver (Original Mix) - Mokum
11. Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With A Ruffneck - Ruffneck Alliance
12. Bodylotion - Fuck Martina - Terror Traxx
13. Ilsa Gold - 4 Blonde Nuns (Chicago Remix) - Mainframe
14. Lownoise + Theo - The Ultimate Sex Track - Master Maximum
15. Thomas E - From The Mind Of Ruben Hamshore - Hard Stuff Records
16. CEASEFIRE - Who's Afraid Of Noise - Mokum
17. LEVIATHAN - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart - Cenobite
18. De Klootzakken - Dominee Dimitri - Klote Records

Rave Or Die

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For its eleventh split EP since, Rave Or Die imprint welcomes a wellknown artist from the UK scene. Techno producer Kieran Whitefield aka Ansome (Perc Trax, South London Analogue Material, THEM), signs a remarkable debut on the French label with uncompromising “Vakuum”, a straight to the dance floor face melter with a perfect balance between frenetic rhythms, energizing pressure and paranoiac modulations. On the flipside, Rave Or Die label owner Umwelt (New Flesh Records, Shipwrec, Soma) grabs with the full frequency of sound available to serve up a unique and personal take on industrial techno. A complex and brutal piece of acid a la Roland Casper, “Affres” reveals all the mastery and genius of our producer in this brainwashing and drama exercise of high level!

Rage Reset

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PLAYLIST - 8th September 2018
Special Guest: Hedonist

RAGE RESET - Unknown Structure
RAGE RESET - No Compromise To (Remix)
STATIC TREMOR - Resistance
RAGE RESET - Feel This
RAGE RESET - Subconscious
STATIC TREMOR - Critical Frequency
STATIC TREMOR - Conviction
DJ TRON - Kill Them All
NOIZE GENERATOR - Fuckin Hardkor
DJ TRON - Kill You
NOIZE GENERATOR - Harder Than This
SENICAL - Wanna Beat My Lover
NOIZE CREATOR - Caged Fury (Remix)
SENICAL - Machine Error Ramazotti
X - What Do You Like?
X - Love & Hate
HEDONIST - For the Kill

Quick chat with Otto from Rage Reset - 9/9/18.

1. For those people not familiar with Rage Reset, when were you active?
We were active from around '94 to '98.

2. What equipment did you use?
Protracker on the Amiga and some kind of effects machine to fill the sound a little.

3. How did you get in touch with the other artists who appeared on Rage Records/UHF?
It was a very small scene so we kinda knew a few people through our distributor Soundbase. We contacted them or them us or maybe through our fanzine Crossbones.

4. There was talk you playing over in Europe recently. Is this something that might happen in the future?
Yeah I think it'll still happen actually. We might play a gig in Melbourne in December and then do a little tour in Europe sometime next year.

5. What are some memorable parties you've played and why?
We played Odyssey in Switzerland in '97 - that was the biggest we played at with 14000 people. I like big parties, although not necessarily conducive to the sound we were playing (since it was a small scene). Our gigs for Bloody Fist in Newcastle - raw, rough and small - same as small gigs in Germany with Lenny Dee, at Fishkopf in Hamburg or at the Bunker in Berlin.

6. What music do you listen to currently? Is there any current electronic music which you rate?
Hmm, I kinda listen to a bit of everything these days, but not really. I'm not a 'fan' of anything, like back then. I still like fat heavy beats, but it can be anywhere. In regard to electronic, I don't know any DJs or artists or labels or music 'style names' or anything, but if I like it I like it - could be just hard techno, even psytrance or house or whatever, although I don't necessarily go look for it. Could be some hip hop or commercial music even. I still like hardcore too and I listen to the old stuff sometimes, but I've probably calmed down a bit in regard to the speed.

7. Otto, you've done some hip hop/battle DJing in the past, is this something you're still involved in? What hip hop DJs influenced or inspired you?
No I'm not involved anymore. I kinda always still want to have a go just for myself but haven't done it for ages. Although I'd seen some DMC stuff previously, what inspired me was seeing Mark N play an old school hip hop set - never seen anything like it, was awesome.

8. Is there any unreleased Rage Reset material which might be released at some point?
Yes there's some unreleased stuff for sure. If it will or even can be released is a different story. Some labels have asked us for some tracks actually, but it was all done on equipment that doesn't really exist anymore so I'm not sure if we can access it or if Peter is ever going to a get off his arse to look for the stuff in his old boxes somewhere. There's a good chance we'll write some new stuff though, maybe also remix some old...
(Questions by Hedonist)


Resilient Morbidity

From Soundcloud:

RM06 AnTraxid & Bazer - Schwarzes Hochland Ep ( Resilient Morbidity 06 )

It's that time again. RM releases the 6th release. This time, there will be a collab of AnTraxid and Bazer. There are also 6 tracks to hear on this EP. A solo track by Antraxid. 2 AnTraxid Remixes by Bazer tracks. 2 solo tracks by Bazer. 1 Bazer remix of an AnTraxid track. Thanks for listening and support!

Chaos Vector


From Soundcloud:

Let's welcome a resident artist from our colleagues of the Belgium based doomcore/slowcore record label called "Traumatic".
His distinctive style takes you to new levels of darkness with slow , melodic crunchiness ranging from 120 to 140 BPM.
This doomcore maniac has multiple bone crushing album and EP releases on the finest underground labels like Traumatic ,Antistatic , Night Terror Recordings , Doomcore Records.
Now it's time to give this dude a platform on our CORECAST series and spread his demonic tunes around the globe !

This months CORECAST delivered to you by one of Germany's darkest ...

AnTraxid !!

AnTraxid Soundcloud : @antraxid
AnTraxid Mixcloud :
AnTraxic Web :

Traumatic Facebook :
Traumatic Web :

CORE Facebook :
CORE Soundcloud : @core_official
CORE Partyflock :
CORE instagram :
CORE Web :


01. AnTraxid - Bestrafen
02. Hatedriven aka DR.PAUL - March Of Bloodlust
03. AnTraxid - Metamorphose
04. Desolation - Nous Sommes Legion
05. Xaero - Exploid
06. Desolation - Hammer Dammage (Hatedriven Rmx)
07. Desolation - Speaking To Whales (Xaero Rmx)
08. AnTraxid - Something Wicked
09. AnTraxid - Charlie´s Wize
10. Fifth Era - Support Your Local Doomkommando (Division NR Rmx)
11. AnTraxid - Rise Of Dhjin
12. Doom Hk - Doomed Man (AnTraxid Rmx)
13. AnTraxid - Forever

DJ Casketcrusher

from soundcloud:
Special label mix to one of my favorite labels Very Hard Unresistable!
Mixed with the black gold aka vinyls!

01. Baba Nation - Kopere
02. Da Beatblower - Cotton Trax
03. Miss Groovy - Jungle Sickness
04. Baba Nation - My Honbrã
05. Koll Killers - Back Watcher
06. Naughty Boys - 1 2 3 Fuck
07. Koll Killers - Amerikaaaaaah!
08. Ralphie Dee Meets The Kool Killers - God Complex (Kool Killers Remix)
09. Naughty Boys - Innocent Amusement (Have Fun Mix)
10. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - Fuckin' Sweat
11. Wasting Program - Bring That Shit Back
12. Miss Groovy - Shake It (Stunned Guys Mix)
13. Wasting Program - Jazz Sacrilege
14. Ralphie Dee Meets The Kool Killers - Beyond Perversion
15. Miss Groovy - Naked Aggression
16. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - Cold's Getting Bigger
17. Wasting Program - You Have Nothing Left But Destruction
18. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - We Are The Dynacore


from soundcloud:

01.Terrorbunny - Hakke MF
02.M1dlet - Fuck them with Hardcore(Rottencore Remix)
03.Immutek - Taste my Acid
04.Larsson - Terrorize the City
05.Xqruciator - Bam Bam
06.Rottencore - Early in the Morning
07.Not a DJ - Nebula
08.Darius G - Midnight Madness
09.Hellcreator & Acidious - Return to Terror City
10.M1dlet - Take yo ass Home (Rottencore Remix)
11.The Destroyer - Drax Dungeon (Speedfolter Remix)
12.Tha Basthard - Make you Pay
13.HCM - Sirens Song
14.Zabba - Dobra (DJ Kobe Remix)
15.DJ Freak - Future of the Species
16.Arcid - The Living Dead
17.X-Cell 02 & Industrial Darkness - Apetite for Destruction
18.HCM - Body movin in a Wooden Box
19.The Destroyer & Speedfolter - No Headz
20.Schallfolter - Alcoterror
21.Industrial Terror Squad - Shut em Down
22.Damage Analyse - Vengeance
23.Outfluent - Light Disposal
24.Paranoic - Fit in your own Stiffness

Collin Strange

from soundcloud:



SUMMA CUM LAUDE is pleased to announce the new release from cult Seattle based underground techno producer Collin Strange - Acid Non Musica.
Collin Strange has a long and storied history in the New York City underground music scene of the nineties. From owning a record shop in the East Village, to working at the largest Record distributors, Dj'ing anywhere from the dirtiest lower east side squats to the famed Limelight, from playing in hardcore punk and noise bands, to producing music alone, Strange was around at one of the most vibrant (and transitional) times in New York history.
Following on the success of his highly regarded releases for L.I.E.S., Strange delivers four tracks unrelenting industrial acid. Creepy and unnerving, the tracks are built on a simple formula of pummeling 909 kicks, distorted 303's, and walls of noise. Grim, cold, hopeless acid with no funk, no soul, just pure unchecked aggression for only the hardest dj's.
Drawing upon equal parts 80's industrial noise, 90's hard acid techno, and contemporary hardcore punk, Strange's latest release Acid Non Musica makes the current crop of 'dark' techno artists look pale in comparison.

Speedcore Worldwide

From Bandcamp:

Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel Proudly Presents
(SWAN-110) V.A. - X-tremecore (Warriors Of The Underground)

- - > [Tracklist]:

01. Human End feat. Lysergide & The Speedcore Worldwide Hollywood Choir - Warriors Of The Underground
02. Watome - Extreme Routine
03. Ainox - Karne (Flesh)
04. Occulkot - Satan Is God Too
05. Lord Of Speed - Speedcore Is Harder (Dan De Rest)
06. Nekrosystem feat. DJ Devastation - Undead Speedcore
07. Pressterror - Scream Games
08. Passenger Of Shit - Nail My Dick To Your Face (Kreislaufstörung Remix)
09. Dexcore - Motherland
10. El Krawallo - SCWW Family
11. Nekrosystem vs. Lysergide - In The Game Of Life
12. The Mother Fucker - This Is Speedcore Worldwide!
13. Low Entropy - Blackened Speedcore
14. Jensen - You Will Never Walk Alone
15. Lysergide - Eat The Rude
16. Loffciamcore - King Of The Dead
17. Imil - Inevitable
18. Dr. Hasenstein - Verwunschen
19. Gabberdoom - Manifeste Commercial Hoax
20. Terrorwasbeer - The Frozen Sword
21. BoudBlotz' - La Délicatesse D'un Kick
22. Lord Nazgul - Realm Of Darkness
23. DJ Devastation - Meine Furcht
24. HCM - Ultra Violence (Epic Aggressive Remix)
25. Nibolal - Straßennarben
26. Niemahnt - Русская Мощь
27. Virtue - This Is (Ode To SCWW)
28. DJ Kobe feat. HCM - Circus Is Not Here
29. Permadeath - El Kostroso
30. Noizefucker - Misc Loop
31. DJ Freak - Make Some Noize
32. Crashwerk - Fashit
33. Icoste - Riots ...
34. H8!Machine - Murdering Cunts
35. Sucre Rose - Boucherie Des Temps Modernes (Schallfolter Remix)
36. Oximor - Force Tranquille 002
37. Sadistic - The Outside World
38. Industrial Darkness - Wanna See Your Future
39. Dublin Terror Squad - Darkside (The Liberties)
40. TrK - Destruct
41. X-Cell 02 - Noize Massacre
42. Darkside9878 & Tha Basthard feat. Pardonax - Inflateable Jesus
43. Mortified Rage - The Angels Trumpets
44. Phantom Kommando Alpha - Killing In The Name Of Democracy
45. Industrial Darkness - Little Psychopath
46. Rott in pieceS - I Will Kill Him As Many Times As It Takes (SPEED VIP)
47. Dm.Stage - This Is The Classic
48. Dzkyin - Rock Yourself To Your Baby
49. Xasverion - FENNatic
50. Gabbro - Hardcore Chamber


- - > [Infos]:

- Cat.No.: (SWAN-110)
- Typ: Digital Audio Compilation
- Titel: X-tremecore (Warriors Of The Underground)
- Artist: Various Artists
- Genre: Electronic
- Style: Hardcore, Terror, Speedcore, Flashcore
- Label: Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel
- Release Date: 10.07.2018
- Files: 50 x Audio (Various Formats Available)
- Bonus Items: 3 x Visual / 2 x Text
- Download: Free / Unlimited


- - > [Credits]:

- Produced By: Various Artists
- Compiled By: The Speedcore Worldwide Crew
- Mastered By: Jens Kroenert (aka Jensen / Human End)
- Artwork By: Mattia Travaglini Artworks
- Released By: Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel


- - > [Copyright]:

Licensed By Creative Commons | 2018
Attribution: Non-Commercial & Share Alike


- - > [Link Collection]:

- Speedcore Worldwide:
contact | e-mail:

- Mattia Travaglini Artworks:


- - > [Label Infos]:

speedcore worldwide audio netlabel is an
official part of the non commercial underground
music organisation "Speedcore Worldwide"
founded in 2012 by thorsten kuznik to support
and connect the extreme core & noise scene!

- [Founder & Owner]: Thorsten Kuznik
- [Co-Owner]: Philip Heitmann (Pigeon Cadaver)
- [Member]: Sergey Morozov (Schallfolter)
- [Member]: Lars Poulussen (Pardonax)
- [Member]: Mattia Travaglini (Artwork Design)


- - > [Contact]:

Information & Contact | E-Mail:
Social Network |

Current 909

from soundcloud:

The Brvtalist is pleased to present a live set from Current 909. Recorded on March 2nd, 2018 at the Aufnahme + Wiedergabe 7 year anniversary party at Arena Club, this offering expertly showcases the project's sinister sound of industrial experimentations. For more visit:



Drvg Cvltvre



From Soundcloud:


A1. Mnemonic
A2. Passage Souterrain
B1. Effective Side Information
B2. Videomensch
B3. Systematic

Amidst the chameleon-like output of his many monikers such as Ontal and Figure/Ground, Brooklyn-based Brenecki releases as his own name for the second time in 10 years. Mutated funk techno under skilled hands, out to thrash pits across 5 tracks reneging against modern technology manipulation.

Written and produced by Boris Brenecki in Brooklyn
Artwork by TZU TING WANG

Veröffentlicht von:
Midnight Shift
Veröffentlichungsdatum der EP:
28 Mai 2018