Kenny Campbell

DJ TOF Vs DJ Raxfu

from soundcloud:

Mixed by: DJ TOF vs DJ RAXFU
Style Mix: RAVE to Hardcore
Play & Download Mix:

Playlist DJ TOF:
(Epileptik - Psychiatrik - Early Rave Generation)

0- Intro Mix (DJ TOF) - We Are Slave To The Rave
1- The Silent Scream - The Rapist
2- Equilibrium - Andy Arsonist
3- Temptations - Andy Arsonist
4- Over Phase - Wavelan
5- Cygnal - Wavelan
6- It Will Stand - Wavelan
7- First Wave - Manga Corps
8- The Hunter - Manga Corps
9- D.S.R.I.P - Face Over
10- The Drome - Guitar Rob
11 - Believe In Life - Guitar Rob
12- Under My Command - E Man

Playlist DJ RAXFU:
(Harakiri - TRi-P Records - Early rave Generation)

13- Brain crash - Hardsequencer
14- Godz of lsd- Rabbits & Elephants
15- Mindflowing - Defcon
16- I Destructor (The Lost Mix) - Ultraviolence
17- Sgam Sgam - DJ Ricci & MC Hair
18- We Have Arrived (Darrien Kelly's 98 Re-take)
19- Tank Trip - C Tank
20- Can’t Feel The Beat - Future Viper
21- No Name Track ???
22- One Vibe - Automatic Josh
23- Let It Roarrr - Nasty Django


Leeloo Hardcoreholics

from soundcloud:

01. LEELOO & HIBOU - The Mental Spirit Knocks 4 Times
02. HIBOU - Even Hell Doesn't Want Him (LeeloO Hardcoholics Rmx)
03. LEELOO - Electro
04. LEELOO - French Bitch
05. LEELOO - Darkroom
06. LEELOO - Saw
07. MOLECULEZ - Oh Yeah (LeeloO Hardcoholics Rmx)
08. LEELOO - Animal
09. LEELOO - Aphrodite
10. LEELOO - Contact
11. LEELOO - Pleasure Game
12. LEELOO - Crazy
13. LEELOO - May
14. LEELOO - Harmonic Desire
15. LEELOO - Worm Squadron
16. LEELOO - Dead
17. LEELOO - Control Freak
Recorded @ 15th years of Posthume Records


from soundcloud:

As the year comes to a close we launch our winter edition with a name tantamount to icy electro and frigid body mechanics. Umwelt is a French producer birthed from the heyday of rave in the 90’s, supplying the world with a consistently excellent stream of dramatic analog malfunctions and genre-bending beats since the project’s inception. Widely acclaimed in many different arenas yet still remaining thoroughly underground, he has recently released an album on Killekill’s new sublabel Boidae as well as recent EP’s on numerous other renowned imprints. We decided to catch up with him to see where the more experimental side of his music collection could take us for this very special year-end edition of UNRUSH.

Check his interview here:


01. KIND HUMAN BEING : Vash Mir - New Flesh
02. BERNARD HERRMAN : Gort / The Visor / The Telescope - 20th Century Fox
03. JOHN CARPENTER : Darkness Begins - Varese Sarabande
04. MEDOOZA : Weiterflug - New Flesh
05. FRANCK KARTELL : Emergency Evacuation - New Flesh
06. UMWELT : Unreleased
07. UMWELT : Realm Of Eternity - New Flesh
08. BIOMASS & R.O.M : MDOF#1 - Modal Analysis
09. UMWELT : Upcoming
10. JOHN CARPENTER : A Message From The Future - Varese Sarabande
11. ANALOG BIPOLAR BOY : Into Darkness Theme - New Flesh (Upcoming)
12. OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME : Telepatic Consultation - Dekmantel
13. ANTONY PARTOS : Nicky Henry - Milan Records
14. ANFS : Ground#1 - Modal Analysis
15. ISORINNE : Closing Window To The East - Yerevan Tapes
16. DEZ WILLIAM : Falling Upwards - New Flesh
17. UMWELT: Room 1 - New Flesh
18. LEO ANIBALDI -Untilted (muta) - ACV
19. SEEKNESS : Cyberwar Survivor - Re-load Ambient

Thanks a lot to @umwelt-music

New Flesh:

Photgraphy by Nadine Talakovics
Artwork by Joop Schroen


By AnTraxid


Fifth Era - Never Trust A Hippy
Darkside - Konsumed With Hatred
Fifth Era - Untitled (BTROD CD1 Track 01)
Wavelan - It Will Stand (Inofficial AnTraxid Rmx)
X-Core - Rovdyr (AnTraxid´s I Skyggen Rmx)
Doom Hk - Dommed Man (AnTraxid Rmx)
Fifth Era - L.G.D.R
Fifth Era - Raw From Charlie III
Darkside - Chewin´Brix
DR.PAUL - They Will Die
AnTraxid - Dominion
Doom Hk - Spectrum In The Fog
Fifth Era - Pactus
AnTraxid - Sinister Mind
AnTraxid - Prison Of Our Minds
Fifth Era - Make The Party Dark (Reapercountry Rmx By Darkside)

Enjoy ur holidays everyone,
always thanks for the support,
see you next year.

DJ Mindflash

from soundcloud:

Tracklist Forgotten Tunes EO 042 (November 2016)

1. Pob – The Awakening (Original Seismix) - 1997 (Seismic Records SMC 008)
2. Analoge Dynamix – The Tone - 1995 (Aquatic Plant Aqua001)
3. Panoramic – Dreammission 1996 - (Bonzai Records Italy BRI 013)
4. Clino – Voyager 1995 - (Tesseract Records TES 018-5)
5. B.P.F. - Infinte Direction (Quiet Mix) - 1994 (Oscillator OS. 019)
6. Skindeep – Another Chord 1995 - (no Vinyl Release – played fr. Hypnotrance 3)
7. Overcharge feat. G-Meter – Whiplash - 1996 (Time Unlimited TIME 053-6)
8. Pulse – Soul Hunter - 1994 (Harthouse HH046)
9. Osmos – Planisphere - 1995 (X-DR X-DR 008)
10. The Tomorrow People – Unknown Tracid - 1993 (FAX +49-69/450464 – PS 08/22)
11. Audio Science – Skydiver - 1995 (Influence Recordings IR 046-12)
12. Kairo Brothers – Excursion - 1995 (VooDoo Records VooDoo 007-6)
13. Navigate – The Abyss of Dreams - 1994 (Pedo Beat Records PB 940004-1)
14. Paragon II – Far Away - 1994 (Frankfurt Beat Productions 901027.6)
15. Osmos – Top Floor - 1995 (X-DR X-DR 008)
16. Accuface – Accuracy - 1995 (Tunnel Records TR 019)
17. Energyzer – The Planet is Waiting - 1995 (Pure Gravitation Records PGR 001)

Creme Organization

Raven Singh

Track list
unreleased unknown
unreleased unknown
State of Alert - [ Mas Remix ] - Danilo Incorvaia
Vexhita - [ I Hate Models Remix ]- 74185#
SCARAB - Konkurs - Burning Images - VV003
Restive Plaggona - Complex Interplay - Non Serviam
Walk into the Broken Night - Orphx - Pitch Black Mirror
Restive Plaggona - Five Sisters Against the Tsaar - Non Serviam
Hacks 5 - Kareem - Noctocromas
Hacks 4 - Kareem - Noctocromas
Impulse Controls - Singularity
Sleepless Ritual -[ Samuel Kerridge Remix] - Ancient Voices
Ansome - Bad Blood
Drop It - [ Unhuman Remix ] Blasted
PIO1 4
PIO1 2
Void - Matt TDK
Mas - Le Coeur en Sang
Eexxppoann - Moment of Collision - tidal.spiral.state.
Drop Out - Ancient Methods Remix

follow; @inge-tdk


from soundcloud:

1. Arrhythmia - Eclectic Ode
2. Snts - Es19.1
3. Bone Skippers - Corpse Fly
4. Frank Borjak - Vitvattnet
5. Perc & Passarella Death Squad - Temperature's Rising

6. The Soft Moon - Without (Codex Empire Remix)
7. Ancient Methods - Built on Scars
8. Henge - BodyTrunk
9. Danilo Incorvaia - Distrai
10. Weever - Lack

11. Moth - Igineci
12. H8R - Crs 13.2
13. Low Entropy - November Track 2
14. Stan Grewzell - Mutantenmaschine


15. Threatening Development - Intet To
16. Huck Farper & Moondog - Adorned By Thee
17. Low Entropy - Take Off (Let's Go)
18. Phasenmensch - Optimierte Gegenwart (Worms of the Earth Remix)



Daddy Long Legs


from soundcloud:

TWSS 144
Date: 17th November 2016

No. Artist - Title [Label - CatNo.]
01. Ontal - Lesion [Ontal Series - ONTAL002]
02. Sunil Sharpe - Liengen [On The Hoof - HOOF003]
03. Gabeen - Subcortical [Dark Fields - DARKFIELDS003]
04. Huren presents MRTVI - Rituel Sonore [Noiztank - NTK006]
05. H8R - CRS 13.0 [Curse - CRS13]
06. Struction - Kreen [R & S - RS1609]
07. Inigo Kennedy - Castles In The Air [Token - TOKEN67]
08. Duran Duran Duran - Serial Killer Silvester Mix [none]
09. 14anger & Dep Affect - On The Edge Of Epiphany [Tripalium - TRIP001]
10. P.E.A.R.L. - HOG II (Stave Remix) [Falling Ethics - FEX008]
11. RE_P - Space Can Be Both A Priori And Synthetic [Subsist - sub-d49]
12. Detention - I Was Left For Dead [Variant Electronic - VE005]
13. Perc & Truss - Subox [Perc Trax Limited - PTL007]
14. AnD - Illusions [Perc Trax - TPT070]
15. Ansome - Dragons Dynamite (Perc Remix) [THEM - THEM003]
16. Matt Tdk - Broken Loop [Emetic - EMETIC031]
17. T99 - Anasthasia (Perc & Truss Edit) [PT Edits - PTEDIT1]
18. B R 1 0 0 2 - Mr & Miss Esin [Spectral Rebel - SPR006]
19. Jk Flesh - Kontorted [Downwards - LINO71]
20. OAKE - Hélicorde [Stroboscopic Artefacts - SAM024]
21. Styx - Zed-B [Shipwrec - SHPD04]
22. 214 - Dew Drops [Shipwrec - SHIPLP03]


This Is Acid

from soundcloud:

"This is Acid... Nothing Else 3" on Kobayashi recordings...
confirmed artists:
Al Ferox, Trax-X, Coexsystems, José Acid, DJ Ze MigL, Robertiano Filigrano, Xerosorex, DetroUser, Modulhertz, and more to come!

The Robot Scientists

from soundcloud:

Vinyl only mix. Check the video - check part 2 and Somethingspaecial – The-robot-scientists-cold-waves-hot-nights-vol2-1980s-underground-synth-wave-vinyl-only .

EMAK - Tanz in den Himmel 1982
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Rap Version) 1983
Chrome - Our Good Dreams 1985
Psyche - The Saint became a Lush 1986
Twice a Man - Decay 1982
Book of Love - Lost Souls (Remix) 1986
Soft Metals - The Cold World Melts 2011
Space Art - Nous Savons Tout (12 Inch Version) 1978
Oppenheimer Analysis - Cold War 1982
Das Ding - Reassurance Ritual 1982
Andy Romano feat. Fred Ventura - Open your eyes (Hypnoosi Mix) 2008
Out Hud - Dear Mr. Bush, There Are Over 100 Words For Shit And Only 1 For Music. Fuck You, Out Hud 2005
Neongrau - Hi Level Slacker (Patrick Pulsinger Remix) 2005
Tones On Tail - Performance 1984
Zaza - Tango d'Elite 1982
Zero Zero - Ich versteh' gar nichts mehr 1982
The Faint - Paranioattack 2004
Stahlnetz - Vor all den Jahren 1982
Last Defense - Civil War (Heavy-Cut Remix) 1983
New Breed - Umsturz (Jetzt) (Version Techno) 1984
Die Krupps - Neue Helden 1982
Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'écris D'un Pays 1985


from soundcloud:

[TOTAL 029] Casketkrusher - Gabba Style with a Smile E.P.
5 tracker E.P.

01. Casketkrusher & Luffy - Feel the Melody
02. Casketkrusher - Runnin' Wild
03. Casketkrusher featuring DJ Ad - Fuck Pineapple!
04. Casketkrusher featuring DJ Ad - Check This! (Motherfucker Mix)
05. Genaside & Bass-X - Metal Core (The Soul Seeker Remix)

Track #5 is a unofficial bootleg remix.

Artwork by Stefan Lernout.
Mastered by Casketkrusher.
Track #1 written, composed & produced by Stefan Lernout & Rebenszki Dániel.
Track #2, #3, #4 and #5 written, composed & produced by Stefan Lernout.
Juno sounds on tracks #3 & #4 by Adrian Odemer.

DJ Dano Monstermix

from soundcloud:

4 Hour Tribute Monstermix of the best tracks by Dj Dano. 56 classics compiled and mixed by Dj Promo for the release of the book "WAT DE FOK OUWE" in September 2016.

01)O.S.P - No Shit
02)Dano & Nico - TYD 000
03)Monoton - Forgotten Rooms
04)They Live Long - Dance Competition
05)Monoton - Translated Realities
06)Monoton - Teacups in the sky
07)Dano - All i know
08)The Live Long - Piece Of Rhyme
09)They Live Long - The Effects of Smoking Skunk
10)Dano - Flying from Place to Place
11)Monoton - Transform the music (150 Bpm here we go)
12)Dano & No Sweat - The Hole of Whispers
13)Dano - Cosmopolis
14)Dano - About Us
15)Dano & Buzz Fuzz - Ah Awwh
16)They Live Long - Under Our Power
17)Dano - Marsh mellow
18)Fierce Ruling Diva - How Funky (Dano Euro-Trash mix)
19)Dano - This is Master Control
20)Dano - Laughed Ride
21)Dano - Bad Attitude
22)Monoton - NOW
23)Dano & The Prophet - Universal Language
24)Dano - Best in the West
25)They Live Long - Something Bigger
26)Dano - Parade of Love
27)Vitamin - Energy Tribe
28)Dano & No Sweat - Fuck You
29)Vitamin - Alice in Donderland
30)The Superhuman Crew - Energy
32)Vitamin - Cosmic Trash
33)Vitamin D - Tering
34)Dano - Bed Dreams
35)Chosen Few - Name of the Dj (Dano Remix)
36)Vitamin - De Woeste Man
37)Technohead - I Wanna Be a Hippy (Dano No Sweat mix)
38)Dano - Jam On
39)Dano - Welcome to the Thunderdome
40)TinTin - Nothing to Fear
41)Dano - I'm Gonna Get You
42)Dano - Needle Shock
43)Vitamin - My House is Your House
44)The Prophet - Dominatin' (Dano's Summer Mix)
45)Dano - Let the Drumcomputer Roll
46)Vitamin - In 16 Beats Time Second
47)Dano - De Skippybal
48)Dano & Liza N' Eliaz feat Rob Gee - Gimme a Break
49)Dano - Move Ya Body
50)Dano - Fukem All
51)Dano - Terror is Timeless
52)Vitamin - De Ongestelde Flamingo
53)Dano - Gabbakiss
54)Dano & No Sweat - Suckers
55)Dano & Liza N' Eliaz - Pawlow
56)Dano 120 - 9000

The Prophet Monstermix

from soundcloud:

The Prophet Monstermix (selected and mixed by Dj Promo) as tribute to his 30 year career in Hard dance music!

1) Collage - Steady Pounding
2) Avantguarde - The Source
3) IQ - Voodoo
4) The Prophet - I Get Hyped
5) The Prophet - Dundee
6) The Rose - Butterly’s
7) Carlos Maserati - Close Up
8) The Prophet - Spirits of Soul
9) The Prophet - Feel it
10) The Prophet - Roll The Place
11)The Prophet - I Love You
12)Doobey - We’re Here
13)The Prophet & Mad Dog - Skaos
14)The Prophet - Live Together
15)Marquiz De Sade - S.O.A.B
16)The Prophet & Omar Santana - Old To The New
17)The Prophet - Catch me in your dream
18)Vitamin - Muffin’ in Mokum
19)The Prophet - 4 Buffalo’s
20)The Prophet - IC The Future
21)The Prophet - Eternity Has Passed
22)The Prophet - Cyberzone
23)The Prophet - GOD
24)The Prophet - Cops
25)The Prophet & Buzz Fuzz - Go Get Ill
26)The Prophet & Delirium - The Way You Make Me Feel
27)Vitamin - The Point
28)Buzz Fuzz - Summertime (The Prophet Remix)
29)The Prophet - Allright Now Here We Go
30)Jean Sibart & Joel TTrambel - Right is Wrong
31)50% of the Dreamteam - B With U
32)The Prophet - Mayhem MF
33)The Prophet - The Breaks
34)The Dreamteam - Be Strong
35)The Prophet - I Wanna Rock Ya
36)The Prophet - Big Boys Don’t Cry
37)The Prophet - Rock Steady
38)The Washington Affair - Get Down And…
39)Viva Vivaldi - The Summer
40)The Prophet - With Your Love
41)The Washington Affair - Should I Say Fuck It
42)The Prophet - Spiral
43)The Prophet - What Iz Life?
44)The Prophet - The Thunder Anthem (Dance or Die)
45)The Prophet - The Fucked Up Sound
46)The Prophet - Out On The Streets
47)The Prophet & Delirium - Da Boomin’ Bass
48)Commotion -Tutti Frutti
49)50% of the Dreamteam - Bullshit
50)Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (The Prophet Remix)
51)The Prophet - Turn it Up
52)The Prophet - Dominatin’
53)The Prophet - The Holy Grale
54)The Prophet - Party Children
55)Carlos Maserati - Get On The Move (Hardcore mix)
56)Critical Mass - Burning Love (The Prophet Remix)
57)The Prophet - Lunatic
58)The Prophet - I Like It Loud
59)The Prophet & Delirium - Keep Your Body Pumpin’
60)The Prophet - That Body
61)The Dreamteam - Strictly Core (Move it)
62)The Prophet - Peptalkin’
63)The Prophet - House Time
64)Cookiemunsta - De Egotrip (Ikke)
65)The Prophet - The Dreamtheme
66)The Prophet - The Sound He Makes
67)Bata - The Shoeshineman
68)Cookiemunsta - Madness Insanity
69)The Prophet - I Am The Magnificent
70)Pineapple Jack - What I Want
71)Cookiemunsta - Cook&Curry
72)50% of the Dreamteam - The Thundertheme
73)The Prophet - Pump Up The Volume

Prole Sector


from soundcloud:

Earth Leakage Trip - No Idea - Moving Shadow
Biochip C. - Bio's Theme - Force Inc. Music Works
Rawtrachs - What You Feel - Futurepast Zine
Happa - Blackberreh! - PT/5 Records
Destination - The Trip - Narcotic Network Recordings
Dr. Macabre - Mysteries Of The Sith - Megarave Records
Ontal - Radiation (Kris Goad Remix) - RDL47 Records
Ipman - Ghostrunner - Tectonic
Hysterics - Code Switch - Night Slugs
Scalameriya & VSK - Cydonia - Perc Trax Limited
Gunjack - Dead Channel (Mael Remix) - Variance
Chris Clark - Beg - Warp Records
Torsion - Subway Sanatorium - Hymen Records
Cedric von Flugel - Spanner in the Works - Combat Recordings
Lory D - Step Forward - PolyG


from soundcloud:

14anger is a time traveler. Collector of techno classics, admirer of futuristic sequencing, he weaves these together for an eternal timed prophecy rave. Vehement manufacturer of electronic music, not of the norm, giving deep and lyrical, solid originality, spurred out of years spent in Industrial, EBM, and Doomcore to his melodic synth pads. 14anger is cultivated dancefloor, serious as a heart attack without resuscitation.
Disciplined? Determined. Ecstasy? Rave. For certain.

DJ Arkane

from soundcloud:

A1 C-Tank - Party Is Over
Arkane & Speedloader Céhunboudjine V2Master
B1 Akira - Fast And Akkurad (Spaced Out Version)
John Dark - messe_noire__version_finale_Master Ozone
B1 Rob Gee & Deterrent Man - Heil 909
A2 Jesus Traitor - Millenium Tremens
B1 Mouse - Untitled
A3 Akira - Yo, Yo
B2 Drokz - Grandpa Drokz
B2 Mouse - Untitled
A1 Neurocore - Dlaczego Tak Daleko
A3 No Name - Help
05 Liza 'N Eliaz CD Track 05
A-Track - Gangsta breaks ( ammo records am004 )


Pinhead & Poison


from soundcloud:

Fifth show by electrodarkacid wise man Uwmelt.


01. Norin : Vi Säger Ingenting - Collapsing Market
02. Glass Figure : The Ultimate Seduction (Part2) -Nocta Numerica
03. LA-4A : Dialup - Delft
04. Solitary Dancer : Desire and Apathy - Graded Records
05. Go Nuclear : Polygamist - Bass Agenda
06. Norwell : Death Of A Star - Pinkman
07. 214 : Greenbelt - CPU
08. Komarken Electronics : Bubble Theory - Brokntoys
09. Adapta : MKS-50 - Frustrated Funk
10. Project STS-31 : 50000 Light Years Away - Solar One
11_ Umwelt : World Shatters - Boidae
12. Shifted : For Closure - Hospital Productions
13. Fallbeil : Opontius - Return To Disorder
14. NGLY : Billy S - Lies
15. Asusus : Sendak - Livity
16. Shedbug : 187 District - Of Paradise
17 Monica Hits The Ground : The Backwoods Preacher - Veleno Viola
18. Von Grall : Ephémère - La Chinerie
19. Mono Junk Remx Josh Wink : Shoelaces - Boysnoise
20. Chino : Paperrider - Holger
21. Posthuman : feel The Heat - Polybius Trax
22. Luis Ruiz : Abydos Wall - CLFT
23. Aancient Vvars : ^nc13nt vv4rz - Aancient Vvars
24. Boris Brenecki : The Oven - New York Trax
25. Tapirus : I Feel You (Mark Forshaw Remix) - Midnight Shift
26. Sawf : High Ways - Vanila
27. LastTrack : Clairette To Die - BFDM
28. Struction : Don't Blame - Illian Tape
29. Norin : Det Eneste Sted - Collapsing Market


from soundcloud:


01. Rottencore - Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil (The Casketkrusher Remix)
02. Casketkrusher - My Creation (The Notorious Mix)
03. Casketkrusher - Brotha & Sistah
04. Casketkrusher & E-Core - Toon TV (Toons Of Terror Mix)
05. The Soul Seeker - The Big Bad City (Casketkrusher Remix)
06. Casketkrusher - Suck My Dick
07. Casketkrusher vs. Wave-X - The Force
08. The Soul Seeker - War Is Imminent (Warhead Remix)
09. Casketkrusher - Go to Hell!
10. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker - At War (Original Mix)
11. Re-Charge - Why Can't We See? (Casketkrusher Remix)
12. The Soul Seeker - Riffs & Beats (Original Mix)
13. DJ Bomber - Rambo Goes Riot (Casketkrusher Goes Riot Remix)
14. The Soul Seeker - Hellseeker
15. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker - The Ripper

Ian Pooley

from soundcloud:

Over twenty years into his career, Ian Pooley continues to embody the heart and soul of real house music. As an ever-present favourite of house & techno fans and DJs, Pooley remains a highly regarded and respected figure within modern electronic music. For RADIO HOMMAGE Mr. Pooley picked some special Detroit-Techno-Tunes from the early years 1987 – 1992 and this is what we like! So enjoy IAN POOLEY and his very own Hommage to music!



from soundcloud:

Bdacid doom sessions 4
bdacid - do you believe in evil
Succubus Helna - Signs of Apocalypse
Deep Sphere - Madness V2
Low Entropy - Cave Of Reflecting Crystals
Life Runs Dark - Machines
HardtraX - The Face Of Satan
Euthanasylum - Dark Flame Alliance
Ghost in the Machine - Bang in the Dark
Murmuur - Murmuur - Magnetic Pulse
Murmuur - Murmuur - Organic life
Bleim01 - Amphetamine
Antistatic - Low Entropy - Der Fetisch (Succubus Helna Remix)
the C Hunter - NothingElseOnyourBrain?
RagnaRok & Sacerdos Vigilia - Kvelertak
Creature - Mountain Of Bones
Hypoxic - At Midnight
Natrion - Rip & Tear
The Antagonist & Darkside - Life Will Be Violent
bdacid - plains of selience
Embrionyc - Dark Forces
Aus Industrial Militia - Ritual Sacrifice


Vinylmix of some rocking oldskool gabber tracks


1) DJ Isaac - Dirty Bitch (Stunned Guys Remix)
2) Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Ultimate Sextrack
3) Rave Inc. - If You Want It For Free (Original) ‎
4) Genaside - Nation Extermination
5) Rave Inc. - Housequake
6) DJ Waxweazle - Hardcore Power'97 (Buzz Fuzz Rmx)
7) DJ Heaven - 1, 2, 3, 4, . . .
8) Rob Gee - Natas Is Counting
9) The Scotchman - Self Destruct
10) DJ Bomber - Rambo Goes Riot
11) DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys - Cold's Getting Bigger
12) Neophyte Vs. The Stunned Guys - Beat Is Coming
13) Buzz Fuzz & Rob Gee - Get The Fuck Up
14) DJ Tango vs. DJ Vince - TV ‎
15) HCM - Ready To Attack
16) Ravemasters - Make Me President (The Gabber Friends Remix)
17) 3 Steps Ahead - Me So Horny
18) Dutch Verg - Hyper 2000
19) The Chicago Hardcore Party Force feat. DJ Dave - Listen...
20) The Destroyer - My Brain Is Sick (Original Mix)

Christoph De Babalon

Bart Hard

from soundcloud:

USD - One Small Step
Braindead - Killer Instinct
Geronimo (Dorpzicht) - It Takes You Higher
Beumer Society - Udah 220V
C-Tank - Biolunch
Somebody From Rotterdam - Son Of A Bitch
Mad Dog - White Dog
R. Wagner - Zone Of Disaster
Revision 1.1 - Léon
Diplomat - The Running Man
Aggroman - Cloze Your Eyez
Delta 9 - Atomizer
Delta 9 - Real Hardcore '98
Stickhead & Don Demon - Demonhead
DJ HCM - Let's Go Haggeneige (HCM Rmx)
D.O.A. - Ya Mutha
Akira - Mongkok Terror

DJ Greiger

from soundcloud:

01 - R-Trax - Devils Voice
02 - Liza N'Eliaz & Laurent Ho - Ctrl3
03 - Ingler - T Plus
04 - Laurent Ho - Binaire
05 - Bad Taz - Untitled
06 - Fantom - Halloween
07 - Revision - Bad Crc
08 - Maniaks - Civilisation Techno (part 1)
09 - Ingler - EF Options
10 - Fist of Fury - RaÔ-Kore Vol. II
11 - Fist of Fury - Yalala
12 - Christ of Noise - Protzaack
13 - A.C. - Them Belly Full (We're Hungry...Of Free Mind). Fuck Off. Sons Of A Bitch
14 - Speedyq's - Hard Traxx
15 - Auto-Psy - If
16 - Ingler - Atlantic
17 - Total Output - Epicenter
18 - Liza N' Eliaz - Torn Lace Microspace (Micro-Espace De Soie DÈchirÈe)
19 - pHˆnki - Let it Rip
20 - Malaria - Zob
21 - DJ Enthrall & Angstorm - Extr. S.O.S.
22 - Fist of Fury - L'Asile de Gens
23 - Malaria - M DFB Remix
24 - Demoiselle Douce Innocence - Untitled

Inge K

from soundcloud:

La Paga Del Pecado / Auto DeFe / Ab Jura Desta
Drop it / Unhuman/ Blasted/ Misshapen
6- Ils Arrivant/Eexxppoann
Devian /Impulse Controls
Le Coeur Ensang / Mas 05
Sleepless / Ritual/ Samuel Kerridge remix / Ancestral voices
PI01.4/ Vofa
PI01.2 /Vofa
Hvren /Burned Except Shadows
HOG 11/ Stave/ remix Hands of glory
Abjura Retesta / Orphx remix/ Auto DeFe
AVM / Aztex/ 20 years of zahrk recordings
Sigha / 06 05
Cape 88 / BR1002
Singularhy/ Impulse Controls
Matt Tdk/ Broken loop/ Forward Strategygroup remix / Emetic
The Monster Behind/ Sirio gry remix
Sister Nobody/Manni Dee
Sigha 06.5


from soundcloud:

„Umwelt’s 12inch "... City" from 1999 was one of the most impressive 12inches I had at that time and I played the shit out of it. It was dark and very emotional, it was abstract but also driving at the same time. This was 1999 though, before Discogs and before Facebook and all the other platforms people have now to do research on artists they like and follow their work. At that time it was the record shop - and that was it. Nobody knew this guy though, and I didn't get my hands on any of the following releases, so in my world there was no follow-up to this record ever and I thought it would remain a one-off gem in my record box.
Until by some coincident I recently discovered he was still around and had actually released numerous releases in the meantime. I was very excited and contacted him straight away and ended up booking him for Krake Festival in the same year. Undoubtedly his set was one of the best of the whole festival! He took the roof off the place with his mix of raw electro, industrial and rave and everybody was talking about it afterwards, saying it was the highlight of the festival! Talking to him I learnt, that most of the tracks he played were his own, mostly unreleased. He produces without computers, all his tracks are single takes, there is no editing, no mixing afterwards, he only has a stereo track recording which is what it is. He owns a cutting machine which he uses to cut dubplates from his tracks, which he then plays out during his sets. This whole information about this very unique artistic approach just killed it for me, and since working with him was so nice as well, I asked him for a demo for Killekill and its labels and was hoping for tracks I could make a great 12" of. I got 14 tracks and after weeks of trying to pick the best, I finally realized I held one of the best electro albums ever in my hand - banging beats and the balls to go big and epic, subtle melodies, drama, funk – this album has got it all, and what's most important, the music on it is the exact opposite of so much other music nowadays: It is emotional, it tells a story, it is easily recognizable and it is not interchangeable. It's just Umwelt.“ [Nico Deuster]



from soundcloud:

Daytona stands for timeless tropical Balearic House, Downtempo, Synth and Disco and is the brain child of 19 year old Ruben Carrasco, Barcelona (Spain).

Despite his young age the influences go all the way back from early disco, Japanese easy listening, French chansons and classic house to contemporary electronic music. Everything goes as long as it has style, class and sophistication and with just dropping a few names ( Aeroplane, Anoraak, Benjamin Diamond, Bottin, Cornelius, Dimitri From Paris, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Grum, Jacob Korn, JBAG, Lifelike, Lindstrom, Lone, Louis La Roche, Onra, Pizzicato Five, Todd Terje, Towa Tei & Yuksek) Ruben proves he’s a man of taste - obviously a perfect match to Emerald & Doreen’s mantra for years.

Conceptual in a way, well thought through and with a keen eye for details, Daytona’s „The Palm Tree“ is like DJ Shadow doing Nu Disco - a perfect late summer album, regardless if you're doing housework or if you dance in your favorite club, a timeless companion for a relaxing afternoon on the beach or any other occasion where you want to get away from things and just have a good time.

Lord Skeletton

Drvg Cvltvre

from soundcloud:

Respected in the international underground scene for his experimental techno productions as RA-X during the 90s, on labels like Bunker and KK Records, but also as being a member of the black metal band Nihill, Vincent Koreman has been working on his own blend of deranged organic acid and experimental house with the alias Drvg Cvltvre since 2009.
Inspiring by many movements and artists such as Suicide or Sun Ra for instance, even the track names sounds so doomed, Drvg Cvltvre his music is a mixture of Lo-fi punk with a Industrial taste, glitchy and bouncing techno, with a blend of deep low tempo techno sound. A synth from nowhere brings a melancholic touch in all this madness kicks, breaking in a interesting way the heavy-ness bringing by all the techno rythm, a skyzophrenic game with codes of all genders. Koreman is a highly productive producer, generous by offering many of his new tracks for free to the community there. Involving at the time in the rave culture, with the emergence of New-beat and Techno, you still get the dancing vibe highly in his recent productions.

Drvg Cvltvre - From The Cold Hands Of Death
Sector Y - Sentient
Albert van Abbe - Vision 3
Antwon Faulkner - Mission Mars
Dj Sotofett - Cobra
Hydergine - Paradigm Shift
I/Y - Bellwether
Beats Per Minute - Fetish Abuse
Drvg Cvltvre - Everything is Shadowed
Yaleesa Hall - Second Carol
Denier - Rotate
Skudge - Vertigo
Florian Munkt - Not 1.1.2 (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)
Drvg Cvltvre – Leprosarium
Dylabs - FNOOB (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)
Blind Delon - Alcoolemie (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)
Primitivo - Afilando El Silex

DJ Mindflash

from soundcloud:

DJ Mindflash - Forgotten Tunes 041 (Oct. 2016-Classic Hardtrance) recorded with Vinyl only!


1. Scooter - Cosmos (1995)
2. Brain Accent - Orange Acid
3. Evolver - Burning (1996)
4. Tunnel Vision - Oasis of Steam (1994)
5. B-Flame - Tochluaney (1994)
6. Bassman & De La-Ray - Stonehenge (Caucassus Mix) (1995)
7. Genecom - Silicon Dreams (1995)
8. Overcharge Featuring G-Meter - Whiplash (1996)
9. Imfra - Sirius (1994)
10. Teplings - X Konvulsion (Remix) (1995)
11. Andromeda - Dream Frequencies (1993)
12. Morbid 2 - Generation E (1995)

Loulito The Youb

from soundcloud:


- Christoph Fringeli & DJ Pure ‎– Dark star
- Epsilon - Chemical burn
- Doormouse - Cut six
- Hecate - Fainting spells
- Electromeca - Brutal funk
- The Teknoist - Unheard voices
- Gesaffelstein - Hellifornia
- Interrupt Vector - Pump
- Eight Frozen Modules - Echo youth
- Overcast - Dermatis
- Death In Vegas - Rekkit
- Gesaffelstein - Aleph
- Hidden Orchestra - Dust
- Evol Intent - 7 angels with 7 plagues
- Rotator - Untouchables
- I:Gor - Death's sadistic design
- Paradox - Curse of coincidence

The Relic

from soundcloud:

The Relic's "Total Recall" Megamix - DOWNLOAD
"The Relic made a very unique "Total Recall" Megamix with (almost) all of his favourite hardcore songs from back in the days".
001. Dimensional Holofonic Sound - This Is Acid (Intro)
002. Ace The Space - 9 Is A Classic (Ultimate Rave Rmx)
003. Euromasters - F..K DJ Murderhouse
004. Hyper Space - Natural System (Strong Mix)
005. Overdog - Fuck You Up
006. Pat Krimson - Your Destination
007. Euromasters - Amsterdam..........Waar Lech Dat Dan????? (Maastunnel Mix)
008. Test - Overdub (New Concept)
009. Static Globe - Ohh Babehhh
010. Sperminator - No Woman Allowed (Men's Room Mix)
011. Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist
012. G-Town Madness - Silence
013. Fly By Wire - Alkaline 3DH
014. Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing
015. Divine Orgasm - Creator (Hype Mix By Booming Support)
016. M. Raven - Elephantus
017. Antiloop - In My Mind
018. Holographic - Industrium
019. Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder
020. Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
021. The Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Thunderground
022. The Overlord - Master Of The Universe
023. Trashman - The Last Flight (Ace The Space Remix)
024. Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo - Deal Wit' Beats
025. Obsessive - Tune In - Turn Out
026. Human Resource - Dominator (Dominator On Acid)
027. Armageddon Project - Spawn Of Misanthropy
028. Terrorhead - Get The Fuck Off ! (Terrorheads Thunder Remix)
029. Nasty Django - Ey Loco! (Kinky Muthaship)
030. Promo - Patterns In Chaos
031. B.S.E. - Headache FM
032. The Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Intelligent Hardcore
033. Mescalinum United - The 2nd Coming
034. Jens - Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Remix)
035. Circuit Breaker - Trac-X (Crazy 8's Mix)
036. Enzyme X - Clonewave
037. Human Resource - Fuck Them
038. Pilldriver - Impossible X-T-C
039. Joyrider - The Deadline (New York Mix)
040. DJ Sim - Simbiosis
041. Final Analyzis - El Punto Final (Power Mix)
042. Wasting Program - Bring That Shit Back
043. T.N.T. - Brainwash Killer (Remix)
044. Yves Deruyter III - Rave City
045. Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never
046. Lt. D'Amato - Sounds Of Frustration
047. DJ Nation - Pump It (Straight Mix)
048. No Man's Land - Termination - ZX
049. Rexanthony - For You Marlene (New Deutschland Version)
050. Kuandra - La Onda (The Wave) (La Onda De Einstein Mix)
051. Dyewitness - Brrr
052. Zenith - Chaos Induction
053. Sunbeam - Outside World
054. Manga Corps - The Hunter
055. DJ Hooligan - B.O.T.T.R.O.P.
056. Dominium - Let Your Mind
057. Source Code - I'm Not A Number!
058. Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder
059. House Pimps - Get The Hook (Ilsa Gold Remix)
060. E-Rush - Fuck You Man (Army Of Darkness Remix)
061. Public Domain - Mellomanais
062. Defcon - Situation 2 - Blob
063. DJ Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck
064. The Mover & Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear
065. Hard Attack - Way Aah
066. Denztraxxx ft. DJ Lay-On - No One Escapes Us
067. Steve Shit - Havin' Sex
068. Taciturne - Der Toten
069. Asylum - Hardcore Asylum
070. The Bazeman - Can You Feel The Baze
071. Overmind - Tekkno Tribe
072. Hard Attack - Bonehead
073. Dream Your Dream - Soushkin
074. DJ Bountyhunter - Demilitarize Zone
075. Strange Food - Junk Food
076. Citrus - Fascination
077. Hardsequencer - Noise Is The Message (Remix)
078. Undercover Anarchist - Kingdom
079. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth
080. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker
081. 100% Acidiferous - Tank
082. Ni-Cad - Brainwash
083. Force Mass Motion - Chemical Warfare
084. Exodus - Bust Da Beat
085. Tellurian - Get Stupid
086. Genetic Waste - Genetic Waste
087. Bonzai Channel One - Thunderball
088. The Reanimator - Bigger And Bolder (The Original Rave-Attack)
089. Biochip C. - Mary Juana
090. Juggernaut - World Of The LSD-User
091. Genaside - Fuck You
092. Comababy - The Analog Assasin
093. Lunatic Asylum - Chaos Effect
094. English Muffin - The Blood Of An English Muffin
095. D'Spyre - Fire & Blood
096. Club X - Don't Deny The Beat
097. The Nightraver - So
098. Armageddon - You'll Never Be Mine (Hardcore Club Mix)
099. King Dale - Utter (Hardcore Powermix)
100. Zenith - Black Alienation
101. Dune - Hardcore Vibes (South Bound Mix)
102. Neophyte vs. The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker
103. Hardliners - Motherfuckin' Breakbeat
104. Public Domain - Rock This Joint
105. Stingray & Sonicdriver - As Cold As Ice
106. Hardsequencer - Hypnotising Unhappiness
107. The Bazeman - Bazeman
108. Juggernaut - XTC Motherf...
109. Michael Whiteline ft. Armageddon - Cocaine (Hardcore Club Mix)
110. RMB - Redemption
111. Bertocucci Feranzano - XTC Love
112. Hardsequencer - Brain Crash
113. Program 1 - World's Famous MF (Fractured Skull Edit)
114. RMB - The Place To Be
115. Reyes - Rock With Me
116. Sigma 909 - Power Of XTC
117. Dark Earth - Wisdom Of The Grave
118. Miro - Blue Sun
119. George Vagas meets Mike D - Hyperdome (Heavens Version)
120. Space Seed - Devistation
121. Pinhead - Slammin Beatz
122. Asylum - Mescalum
123. 6-Pack - Drunken Piece Of Shit (Mix 1)
124. Euromasters - Alles Naar De Kl--te (Rotterdam Mix)
125. Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (PCP Mix)
126. Brainblower - Cerebro Killer
127. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Bitch
128. Undercover Anarchist - Ass Off (Remix)
129. Zekt - External
130. Reyes - The Endzone
131. Sigma 909 - Blow Your Mind
132. Active Force - Head Like A Pac Man
133. Comababy - Machines on E
134. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (DJ Cerla Rave Zone)
135. Global Hardcore Source - Let's Get This Thing Off The Ground
136. They Livelong - Something Big
137. Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence
138. DJ Git Hyper & DJ Paul - Free Mess
139. Psycho Kinetic - Your Life
140. Nasty Django - King Of FFM (Godfather Mix)
141. Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic
142. Bald Terror - Drummachine (DJ Paul Remix)
143. DJ Edge - People
144. DJ Maxx ft. DJ Giangy ft. DJ Buby - Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix)
145. T.N.T. - Kiss The Ground
146. Technohead - The Passion (#3)
147. DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams (Remix)
148. Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man!
149. Hardliners - Pikke Poeli Mellow
150. Nosferatu - No God To Us!
151. Predator vs. Wedlock - Get On Down
152. Square Dimensione - A Brand New Dance
153. Knightvision - Humanoid
154. Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa
155. T.urbulence - 6 Million Ways To Die
156. Wedlock vs. Comababy - Void Sector
157. Dr. Phil Omanski - BZRK Feelings (Toni Salmonelli Mix)
158. Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny
159. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski - Young Birds
160. Ilsa Gold - Elastico
161. Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria
162. Bio-Forge - No 1 S-capes Us
163. T-Scanner - Trip To Heaven
164. DJ Rob - Boy's Interface (Rotterdam Mix)
165. Leviathan - Yes, No
166. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ
167. Wedlock - Acid Rain
168. Euromasters - Noiken In Die Koiken (German Mix)
169. Reyes - Soy Innocente
170. Critical Mass - Severe Trauma
171. Bio-Forge - We Know Your Fear
172. DJ Sim - Cartoons in Progress
173. The Reanimator - This is Not A Fairy-Tale
174. DJ Sim - Loud As Fuck
175. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - Ik Wil Dansen (The Remix)
176. Motion 1 - House On Fire (Original Motion)
177. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - D.J. Fuck
178. Zenith - Streets Of Avalon
179. SP 23 - Network 23
180. Neophyte - Mikey
181. Leviathan - Wrong Decision
182. Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker
183. Influid II - Push The Button
184. Da Grimreaper - We Control Da Sound (X-Press Yourself)
185. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies
186. Ectomorph - No Law
187. Tony Salmonelli - Hey!
188. Sarin Assault - Genvadaar
189. DJ Lacinhouse vs. DJ Jappo - EXLXAXL
190. Innerchild - Who're You Fucking With
191. Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - I Am The Master (Soul Version)
192. Technohead - The Number One Contender
193. Tiny Tot - Discoland (Placid K Remix)
194. Lenny Dee - The Dreamer
195. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry
196. Fucking Hostile - Fucking Hostile (Remix)
197. DJ Ricci & MC Hair - Sgam Sgam
198. Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood - Lovely Ugly Brutal World
199. Nasty Django - SGE (1st Mob Mix)
200. Beyonder - Dark Shadow
201. DJ Crossbone & Mad-E-Fact - Motherfocker Busters
202. Cyclopede - Prison System
203. DJ Pagan meets G-Town Madness - Power Too
204. The Prophet - God (Hell Mix)
205. Tellurian - Hardcore Junkies
206. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone
207. Tony Salmonelli - Once Again (Buzz Fuzz Mix)
208. Bodylotion - Fuck Martina
209. Stravaganza - Gunfight
210. Tellurian - Get Raw
211. Neophyte - Execute
212. Tellurian - Guyver
213. D & F - Buzz Click
214. Ilsa Gold - Silke (The Speedfreak Mix)
215. Search & Destroy - What Kind Of Madness
216. Occultic - Sound Bender
217. Bodylotion - Make You Dance
218. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It
219. Smash? - Korrekte Atmosphaere
220. Ace One - Razors Through Flesh
221. Ilsa Gold - 4 Blond Nons (Chicago Rmx)
222. T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Achtung!
223. Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart
224. The Prophet - Domination (Remix)
225. Lenny Dee & Dark Raver - Toda Rhythm
226. F. Salee - The End Of The Beginning
227. Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy (Is A M.F.)
228. Sensor - A Sick Mind Is A True Delight
229. Nasty Django - Hardcore Muthafucka
230. French Connection - French Connection
231. Knightvision - My Salvation
232. Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome
233. Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd
234. Distortion & MC R.A.W. vs. Bass-D & King Matthew - Raveworld
235. Shadowlands Terrorists - Shadowlands Anthem
236. Braindead - Braindead
237. Éch Heftag! - De Haag Hakke !!
238. Rave A Graphixx - There Is No Other (Mix II)
239. The Dark Raver & DJ Gizmo - Direction Of Fear II
240. DJ Chaser - Oblivion
241. The Masters - The Execution
242. Reverend Jackson - Die Motherfuckers
243. E-De-Cologne - Zimboculture
244. 3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love
245. Stickhead & Don Demon - Demonhead
246. Cookiemunsta - Cook & Curry (Gangarden Mix)
247. Leathernecks - At War (Rmx)
248. Jack Lucifer - 96 Knights (To The Death - Mix)
249. Moby - Thousand
250. Boom Terrorism - Gabber House (Jailhouse Inferno Remix)

Drvg Culture

Radio Bekalo

from soundcloud:


In the heat of the moment and because this issues are a smoldering threat ever since, GRMMSK has compiled a straight up anti-fascist transmission. FITE DEM BACK!

LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Fite Dem Back (Independant Intavenshan)
KODE9 & THE SPACEAPE - Fukkaz (Fukkaz)
MISSING FOUNDATION - Ignore The White Culture (Ignore The White Culture)
JEFFREY LEWIS - The Gasman Cometh (12 Crass Songs)
GRMMSK - Crazy Boneheads (Dirty Snow)
THE LAST POETS - White Man Got A God Complex (This is Madness)
FLOWDAN - People Power (Serious Business)
MANKIND? - It’s Not T.V. It’s Reality ( Mankind)
RAZZIA - Nacht im Ghetto (Tag Ohne Schatten)
MARK STEWART & THE MAFFIA - Bastards (As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade)



from soundcloud:

Bialystok is a city tucked away right up in the North East of Poland, less than half an hour away from the Belarus border. As capital of the Podlaskie region, the city is more widely known for its forest and placid landscapes than for its electronic music scene. That is until in two weeks time when, for the seventh year running, Up To Date festival descends upon the city. Run by a team of passionate volunteers, Up To Date is still very much a DIY venture, albeit in the most positive possible interpretation of the term. For its 2016 edition, held on September 23rd & 24th, the program of the festival is set to be spread across three stages, the Białystok City Stadium underground, the stunning Opera house and the city's main landmark, the Branicki Palace. Ahead of the festival, we are more than delighted to welcome Umwelt for an absolute belter of a pre-festival mix. The French artist, who is soon to release an album on one of our favorite Berlin imprints Killekill, delivers an hour of menacing electro, stomping acid and frenetic techno and serves as the perfect introduction to what we hope will soon be a staple of the European festival circuit.

Kenny Campbell

from soundcloud:

So this is the recording of my set from Offline, at the White Rabbit Club in Freiburg, mistakes and all. it's loud, it's raw, it's live!

Such a special night for me, not had that much fun DJing in a long time!


1. Mass-X-Odus - Gang Wars - Foundation Sonore
2. 14anger & Dep Affect - Prayers To Broken Stones (Original Mix) - MadBack Records
3. Ansome - Bad Blood (Perc Remix) - Perc Trax
4. The Machinists - Lemmings (Miss Electric 2059 Tool Rework) - Me Records
5. T Kode - Subconscio pt1 - Love Blast
6. Cherry Moox Trax 1 - The House of House (If Nina Can DO It So Can I) - Bootleg
7. Shadowcomplex - Scare Tactics (Shcuro Infiltration Tactic Remix) - Green Fetish Records
8. Traversable Wormhole - Sublight Velocities - Sonic Groove
9. Clouds - Complete Control - Soma
10. d_b - Monalisa (Original Mix) - Unreleased
11. Monsieur Nobody - Homonculus (Original mix) - Unreleased
12. Ingen - Haste Makes Waste (Bone Skippers remix) - Unreleased
13. Bleim01 - 73 - Raven Sigh
14. Dave Tarrida - Shut Down (Paul Birken Remix) - Tripalium
15. FUTURE9192 - House Of Snax - Continuum Series
16. Ghost in the Machine - Reverse Cowbell - Kenosha Basic
17. Makornik - Vicious Error - Unreleased
18. Kenny Campbell - Learning to Die - Erabys Records
19. FUTURE9192 - Murder Someone - Continuum Series
20. Paramod - Wreck this place - Unreleased
21. The Horrorist - Flesh is the Fever (Original Mix) - Ear protector
22. 74185# - Vexhita (I HATE MODELS Remix) - TWB
23. Process 404 - Latest Rave in the Bunker - Unreleased
24. Kenny Campbell - Nintyfiveinsixteen - Raven Sigh
25. Kenny Campbell - Cocaine - Raven Sigh
26. Kenny Campbell - Harder than God (Full Mix) - Raven Sigh
27. Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never - Cold Rush Recordings
28. Soundbwoy Killah - Don't You Understand - Unreleased
29. Sub Focus - Last Jungle (Original Mix) - RAM Records
30. Falhaber - Palpitations - Grounded


from soundcloud:

Umwelt coming back for this new season with his special guest Alienata, for a two-hours shows going through electro, acid, techno and synth-pop.


First hour/Umwelt

01. DIE TONEKIRCHE : Am Anfang Alles - Die Alten Neuen Strukturen 2008-2015
02. LONDON MODULAR ALLIANCE : De Orbit 118 - Brokentoys
03. MORAH - Dont Tear My Soul Apart - LUX Records
04. COMPOSITE PREFUSE : Foot Wave - Shipwrec
05. KIND HUMAN BEING - Lectority - Zodiak 44
05. INKAMERA : Skylar - LAst Know Trajectory
06. KIND HUMAN BEING - Lectority - Zodiak 44
07. DYNAREC : In Your Hand (the exaltics remix) - Technorama
08. LUXUS VARTA : Lizzy - Intramuros
09. UMWELT : Days Of Dissent - Boidae/Killekill
10. ILLEKTROLAB : Amnesia Hazed - Shipwrec
11. EeOo : Poe - Vanta
12. TINFOIL : Foil 23 - Tinfoil
13. B1: The 29Nov Compilation
14. MRTVI : Ibukron - Jezgro
15. DAVE TARRIDA - Shut Down (Paul Birken Remix) - Tripalium

2nd hour/Alienata:

01. Passarani 2099: New Wave 2, Nature Records
02: Exterminador: Taboos Of Savage Tribes, Exterminador Records
03: Third Electric: Moon 44, Electrecord
04: Electronic Home Entertainment: Morph 2, Federation Of Drums
05: Mosca: Cedar Wood State (Volt Mix), Not So Much
06: ????
07: Exterminador: Bondage To Ideals, Exterminador Records
08: Bakunin Commando: Kill Your Braincop, In The Dark Again.
09: Prototype 909: Signals, Sonic Records
10: Retrograde Youth: Heart Rhythm Disorder (With Percs)
11: Fallbeil: Narkose, Hafenschlamm Rekords
12: Front 242: Umen Edit, Secret Mixes Fixes
13: Nederzuur: Zure Bom, Marguerita Recordings
14: Mundo Muzique, Enemy Missile, R&S
15: Public Relations: Public Relations, R&S
16: JASSS: Minotauro, Mannequin
18: Retrograde Youth: Searching

Kenny Campbell

Kenny Campbell

from soundcloud:

ERDS001 Podcast - Kenny Campbell
ERADYS Records

Kenny Campbell is a DJ and producer from Glasgow, Scotland and is one half of crazy techno mentalists Bone Skippers. His sound pushes into the realms of hard industrial punishment, pulling on nuts acid sounds from the 90’s with distorted kicks and piercing percussion.

Having embraced the harder side of electronic music upon discovering Mescalinum United’s “We Have Arrived” in 1991, Kenny started collecting early Rotterdam and Industrial Strength records. Inspired by DJ’s like Lenny Dee, Producer and DJ Ruffneck, he bought a set of turntables and soon found himself playing regularly in the local under 18’s club but was constantly being asked to stop …………….. for playing too fast and hard.

His techno education began attending after accidentally wandering into the wrong tent at a mega-rave. Since then, techno has taken main stage in his quest to bring an industrial techno onslaught to the masses.

2015 seen him join forces with Huck Farper to form Bone Skippers, a production duo with no restrictions and no set musical genre. Both had very similar tastes and resentment for bland, boring techno so embarked on a dual mission to create industrial mayhem, a mayhem which is vigorously rattled out by artists including 14anger, Dep Affect and Mark EG. The mighty Paul Birken and iFormat amongst others have remixed them and in turn they’ve been remixing artists such as Matt tdK and Noach.

Individually and as Bone Skippers, he’s released on many labels including Club Poison, Monolith and Variance and has much more in the pipeline including some very noisy live shows.

He hosts “Industrial Wasteland”, on “Fnoob Techno Radio”, showcasing both certified and new artists and has appeared many times on other established transmissions like “Darkfloor Sound” and for DVNT for their “Mantis” show. He’s also resident at “Wax Factory”, Glasgow, a steam-pit of a club, booking artists including Jerome Hill, Neil Landstrumm and 14anger.

Over the years he’ been fortunate to play in Rotterdam, London and even Sri Lanka, and with gigs in Germany and Holland on the horizon, it’s safe to say many more people will be converted to his dark side.

Geoff Da Chef


from soundcloud:

A little mixture of 90's Trancecore, Freeform and trancey happy hardcore.

Tunes from Digital Beats, Xy2, GBT, FDN, Essential Platinum, Bonkers etc.


1. Ultrasonic - Arpeggio
2. Jack Smooth & Alex Reece - 20 Hurts
3. Hocus Pocus - Bow Chi Bow
4. Hard Trance - Extraordinary (Scott Brown Remix)
5. Analogue - Stronghold
6. Helix & Fury - E=Xy2
7. Kevin Energy - Anticlockwize
8. Tripswitch - Ram Raider
9. Diamond & Devorty - Digital Nights
10. Steve Johnson - Tune In
11. DJ Fury - Lemonade Raygun
12. Cortex - Eurosis
13. Trance Masters - Call Of The Last Tribe
14. Rob Vanden - Gates Of Oblivion
15. Shanty - Innocents Lost
16. D-Zyne & Fury - Hyperhydrosis
17. Citadel Of Kaos - AUX.5
18. Quest - Rainmaker
19. Hixxy & UFO - Back In Business
20. OMG - Different Outlook
21. Shanty & Vinyl-E - Warring Factions
22. Quest - Spiritual Dawn
23. Tailbone - In My Mind (Helix Mix)
24. Metropolis feat. Martina - Liquid Nights
25. Trixxy - See The Stars
26. Sharkey - Hard Life
27. GSI - Twister
28. Digital Manouvers - Don't Stall
29. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - The Experiment
30. Marc Smith - The Procrastinator
31. DSU - Interference
32. Element & Tazz - Shape Shifter
33. DSU - The Dawn
34. Supreme & UFO - Rave Station
35. Scooter - Awakening


from soundcloud:

BEAMEN is the synthpop side project of DISCO DOUBLES, the brainchild of Gilberto Caleffi and Erio Simonini.

After releases on Permanent Vacation and Nang Records, the Disco Doubles released their fantastic first album alongside two excellent remix EPs on Emerald & Doreen Records, the futuristic German boutique label among whose biggest fans is Jerry Bouthier, the world famous Kitsuné DJ and catwalk sound designer of Vivienne Westwood.

Special feat. Chiara Castello is a fast paced underground synth pop stomper with a forward driving energy that will catch you from the first note. Of course we felt this little gem could not go without a strong set of remixes and of course it deserved a treatment from some of our absolute faves: David Garcet (that drone thing!) , michael fas (disco deluxe), Go Satta (drum & pop) & Headpocket (atlantic house).

Check out our amazing release videos:

Uncompromising Analog Terror


from soundcloud:

oldskool gabber vinyl jamming session


1- Da Mindcrusher - Mindcrushing (Remix By DJ Epitaph)
2- DJ Heaven - Hey
3- DJ Maikel - Play The Theme
4- DJ Ron - Pumpin
5- Demonax - Hardware
6- Digital Boy - Crossover (DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse Remix)
6- Da Mindcrusher - Bellyfood
7- DJ Sim - Behind The Mask
8- Sigma 909 - Hardcore Slam
9- Bioforce vs. DJ Mike Oh'Man - Kick Some Shit
10- Delta 9 - No More Regrets
11- 3 Steps Ahead - Gangster
12- Orpheus - The Jungle Vibe
13- Lenny Dee - The Dreamer
14- Shadowlands Terrorists - Shadowlands Anthem
15- 3 Steps Ahead - Gabbers Unite (Long Mix)
16- Braindead - Gabber 4 Life
17- Bryuaa & Ozonic - Broadcast
18- Caleb - Stickem
19- Starbanger - Defenders
20- R.Wagner - Get You Some More

Analog Density

from soundcloud:

+++ANLD 004 DOGMA snippet files!!!+++
release date September 15th 2016
12" vinyl various colors limited edition
mastered by Andrea Merlini
illustration by Manu Mantovani

Tapage Nocturne

Kenny Campbell

from soundcloud:

1. Dark Frequencer - The Dark Abyss - Antistatic
2. Electrorites - Structure 05 (Original Mix) - Nightmare Factory
3. Sol Los - Athem Sacred - Unreleased
4. Blasted - The Monster Behind (Sirio Gry J Remix) - Monolith
5. Unconscious - Funfzig (Flaminia rmx) - Ways to Die
6. 14anger & Deeplift - Jericho (Original Mix) - Unreleased
7. Monsieur Nobody - Your Turn (Original mix) - Self released
8. Bleim01 - Industriale #5 - Self Released
9. Low Entropy - Medieval Core (It Doesn't Get More Oldschool) - Unreleased
10. Taro Division - Brixton Techno - Unreleased
11. Rvffian - Perdition (wave) - Unreleased
12. Dave Tarrida - Shut Down (Paul Birken Remix) - Tripalium
13. Pranava - Teuthida - Raven Sigh
14. Storb - shxs - Emetic
15. GUNJACK - Dead Channel (Mael Remix Variance) - Variance
16. Manu Le Malin - War Dub - Level 2

Folker Zwart




from soundcloud:

Recorded the set i did @ Only Oldskool Radio



DJ Droid1

Virgil Enzinger & Mantra Of Machines

from soundcloud:

Virgil Enzinger & Mantra Of Machines present SAMGITAYA

Releasedate 21.09.2016

01. All Borders Gone
02. Unseen Vision
03. Cosmos
04. Purity
05. Paradoxon
06. Samgitaya //

Doom Hk


Anna Bolena

Miro Pajic

from soundcloud:

Podcast Nr. 39 ist für euch ganz frisch hochgeladen worden.

Zusammengemischt wurde dieser vom DJ und Produzenten Miro Pajic, den man getrost als alten Hasen bezeichnen kann. Als er in den 90er Jahren unter vielen verschiedenen Pseudonymen seine Produktionen auf Vinyl pressen ließ, war der Großteil von uns gerade damit beschäftigt Pokémon-Karten auf dem Schulhof zu tauschen.
Seitdem der gebürtige Frankfurter 2006 nach Berlin gezogen ist erschienen unzählige Releases auf den unterschiedlichsten Labels und natürlich auf seinem eigenen namens Lazerslut.
Den Sound seiner Produktionen und Sets zu beschreiben ist auf jeden Fall keine leichte Aufgabe, aber sie erinnern einen oft an alte Science-Fiction Filme oder den surrealen Drogentrip vom letzten Wochenende ;) Die Funktionalität geht hierbei aber keineswegs verloren und so grooved der Beat locker vor sich hin.

Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim Hören und ein wundervolles Wochenende

Euer FREITRAUM-Team <3

Synthetix Sundays

from soundcloud:

Playlist and info
Intro music by STARFORCE
RPG Countdown and Jingle music by Micky Dodds and Larry Lang
Synthetix Sundays theme by Botnit
Synthetix Sundays art work and logo by Blood + Chrome @
Awesome new site for logos, designs, soundware and patches and all things synthwave
Enter the code SYNTHETIX for 15% off
1. Danger Dave - World's Apart
2. Garth Knight - Belmont's Burden
3. SuperScience - She's our Friend
4. Hello Meteor - the Bluff Trail
5. Europaweite Aussichten - Chroma
6. Agust - Meteor Shower
7. Haven - Highway
8. Roosevelt - Moving on
9. Inouwee - is Anybody Out There
10. NightStop - Dangerous Desires
11. NightStop - ULTRA
12. lペプシマンl - チャーリー -//Sheen
13. Run Vaylor - Amon
14. Fazzio - Future City
15. JK/47 - Molly
16. Void Breaker - the Old Gods
17. Holon - the Sky Comes Alive with Fire and Water
18. Kowski2000 - Knife
19. LeveL -1 - Motor X5000
20. the Encounter - the Mach Rider Returns
21. Overnout - Drone
22. Sternrekorder - Another Session
23. Beckett - Air Games '86
24. Block 35 - Funky Cola
25. Cruzh - Before I Walk Alone
26. AWITW - Pyramid
27. elmobo - Are You Skilled?
28. Nightwave - Simulated Dreams
29. Endeavor - Bedtime feat. Clementine
30. Tesla Coils - Parasite
31. Sobeck - Gimme Your Love
32. Papillon Rising - Things are Looking Up
33. Pengus - Through the Wall (ft. Linnea)
34. Forêt De Vin - Another Dimension
35. Auto Reverse - Midnight Workout
36. Po-One - Light Color
37. She-Said - Synchronize
38. She-Said - Infiltrated Host
39. Morgan Willis - Arcade Fire
40. Donny "SilverHawk" Braco - Last Night (Original Mix)
41. Terminator-Rex - Ride of Heaven
42. Osciallian - New Shoes
43. Rad Pitt - Material Girl
44. Frank Redux - La Feliz Beach
45. Sub Morphine - Transmission
46. Wolf and Raven - Entering Tlalocan
47. Retro Thunder - Castaway
48. Jowie Schulner - So Fresh
49. Vestron Vulture - Photoshoot
50. Station A3 - HellGate
51. Arcade Summer - Ocean Break
52. Arcade Summer - Hole in One
53. Arcade Summer - Radio Man (Vocal Edit)
54. Hotter than December - Gravitron
55. Autovampir - Hot Wheels
56. KFDDA - 1980 St. James Club
57. FourFox - Aquila
58. Paul Lock - Aftershock
59. Overdrive - Lifeline
60. Fuzgati - Neon Noir
61. Menthe - Lazer Heart (ft. Zplit)
62. MichaMech - Crushed Can
63. Felikitty - Let the Sunlight in
64. De Lorra - Falling
65. Alexander Warnolf - Victorious
Album of the week - NightStop - Streetwalker
Synthetix Spotlight Producer - SHE-SAID
Big thanks to Dallas, Ben, Marcus and Jazzi Marzcat for all your help
and support with the show <3

Make your own hardcore top 10

on the discogs hardcore forum, there was a thread titled "Make Your Own Hardcore Top 10".
the idea was: if you had to introduce hardcore to a person that has no clue about this sound yet; which ten tracks, or records, or whatever, would you choose?
the results were very interesting, as they showed hardcore from very different perspectives; the experimental, the mainstyle stuff, the classic stuff... and everyone has their own take on what defines hardcore for him.
these are the entries of this thread so far:


1. Marshall Masters - I like It Loud - not once there was a moment I didn't wild the fuck out to this

2. Gabber tracks with all emphasis on what I call "bass play". Most of these tracks have pretty minimalistic approach to melody: forget the "music" just mess around with beats'n'kicks.
Remixes by Buzz Fuzz - Name of the DJ, No Newstyle, Pessa Pessa, Boriqua Bitch, The Dreamer, Horror...
DJ Sim - Simbiosis, Promo - Beat Ya Brain, Chosen Few - Chosen Paradise, Name of DJ, Viper & Mad-E-Fact - The Beatz The Suckerz Wish They Had......

3. Terrordrome IX CD2 (German Gabba) - My first true speedcore release. Could not have asked for a better one. Might as well add every track from Terrordrome series by E-605, BSE DJ Team and Bakalla to the list.

4. Omar Santana - Hardcore For The Headstrong (vol.1) mix. Omar's best mix imho.

5. All 3 mixed cds by RON D. CORE (superb terror/speedcore track selection and always 100% real awesome mixing)

6. TIEUM - New Collision (see my review on it)

7. 90's Industrial Strength. DOA, UVC, Delta 9, DJ Skinhead, Tamper Tantrum, DJ Narotic, FUHD..... I know that's a lot of artists here but in reality they all played the same "style".

8. Nasenbluten - Shaftman, Cunt Face, Cocksucker, Anna Wood, Concrete Compressor, Fuck The Politics, Rotterdam Takes It Up The Arse, Machette.....

9. Hardcore/Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep crossovers even when there's barely any -909core - TOA, PRSPCT, PRSPCT TXRM (btw beat/drop on Hellfish's Face Remover is out of this fucking world!!), Switch Technique, Forbidden Society, Gancher & Ruin...


Utopia Project - Industrial Strength
Where The Angels Fear To Tred - Deathchant
Fuck Your S Off - VHU
Guyvner - Mokum
I Get The Coke - Industrial Strength
Corridors - Praxis
Aggroman - Close Your Eyes
Dirthy Vinyl 2000 Mix
Jacksons Nightmare - Bull Records
Bountyhunter - Whoomps


1 - Mesacalinum United: "We Have Arrived" : easy one. The track that is often designed as the first Hardcore tune. Still oving it and still shaking my head while I hear this.
2 - The Mover & Rave Creator : "Atmos-Fear" : another easy one. Another Marc Acardipane one. THE definition of a classic tune. Everybody knows and have danced to this one. Sometimes several times a night.
3 - Miro : "Shining" : Couldn't think of a TOP10 without any Miro tune. Definitely one of my favourite artist, probably more than Acardipane himself. It was hard to pick one tune over the others I love. Could have picked his "Purple Moon" one or one of his Stickhead or Jack Lucifer's one. Damned. This guy is a genius. Too bad he stopped producing Hardcore nowadays.
4 - Nasenbluten : "Intellectual Killer" : Another tough choice. If I'd go for a TOP10 records instead of a TOP10 tracks I would have chosen the "100% No Soul Guaranted" 2x12" on Industiral Strength. But as a single track, "Intellectual Killer" is probably my favourite one from those guys.
5 - Chosen Few : "Name Of The DJ" : OK, another impossible task : choose only 1 track from NL Hardcore to includ in your TOP10... Despite becoming a huge commercial scene I now dislike, the Netherlands are definitely THE land of Hardcore. So many interesting stuff from such a "small" country is amazing. I could have picked a track from the old Neophyte on Rotterdam Records such as "Right Now" or "Back In my Brain", or a Gizmo tune like "Guestlist" or "End of the Begenning", or a Ruffneck tune, or... damned, impossible to just pick one!
6 - Ingler : "Riot" : As a french guy, french Hardcore had a huge influence on me. For me, the master here is Laurent Hô aka Ingler. No competition! His labels Epiteth and UW were so forwardthinking. That's a pity the guys who took them away finally ruined all that work. I could also have selected is "Low Stacks" tune from PTH15 as well. Or others too. I love his music!
7 - Rules Of Anger : "Miss Sweat T-Shirt" : A Lasse Steen track. Of course! Same as above, I could have picked another one as Skullblower or as Senical. So many aliases, so many awesome tunes. I had to pick one. So I took one I have in my collection. Too bad he also stopped producing Hardcore. I miss his inimitable relentless style. Totally sick music that devours your brain!
8 - DJ Freak : "Hammerhouse" : Talking about relentless crazy stuff that devours your mind, impossible no to pick a DJ freak tune. The choice was though as well with his Storm Records releases as well as the "Industrial Trauma" and the "Heavy Metal Poisoning" EPs. Just incredible music!
9 - Sunjammer : "Everything" : Maybe a pick that some of you will find debatable. But I must admit I LOVE Sunjammer's music. The intro of that "Everything" tune always gives me goosebumps. So does his HCCB02 12" as well and the HCCB04 too.
10 - Lord Lloigor : "Ray Of Darkness" : A speedcore one to finish. God, I would kill for that record ha ha! Goosebumps guaranteed and a pure shot of adrenaline eveytime I hear it. Damned, why didn't I bought this one when it was still available, WHY??!!


1: Stormtrooper - Diabolus Ex Machina
2: Fiend - Bassdrum Destroyer
3: The Teknoist & Johnty Warrior - Chop Your Chin
4: The Teknoist & Scheme Boy - That Intergalactic Track
5: The Teknoist - Techno Exorcism
6: The Speed Freak - Do You Comprehend?
7: Hellfish & P.E. - Sack The Terminator
8: Undead Roniin - Mutated Core
9: Deathmachine - The 5th Mutation
10: Detest - Madball (The Dj Producers Derranged Ball Rmx)


Nitrogen - words of god (Best track ever - always use as ring tone for handy)
DJ Gizmo - The end of beginning (probably best from Dreamteam)
DJ Promo - Cold as stone (I like a lot of Sebastian tracks, hard to choose one)
Knightvision - Who is it (Probaly best from ruffneck production)
3 Steps Ahead - Hardcore (RIP Peter - its already 13 years :-( this week)
Napalm 5 - vouck (unbelievable speedcore track, Martin must have a top 10 track)
P.C.P - The Phuture (Acardipane must be there)
Menace II Society - The Path Of Hell (awesome drums)
Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy (nice melody)
Angerfist - Temple Of Disease (Tha Playah Remix) (something fresh)


1. Pain Alliance - Pain Killer
2. Knightvision - Knight Of Visions
3. Nordcore G.M.B.H. – Planet Hartcore
4. Diplomat - Tantalum Cones
5. Zenith - Flowers Of Intelligence
6. Dj Skinhead - Extreme Terror (Simon Underground & Max Death Kick & Stab Rmx)
7. Skullblower - Smaek Den Smarte
8. Aggroman - Starcore
9. The Berzerker - Once Upon A Cross
10. Da Predator - Knuckleheadz


Hellfish...Hardcore Body Harvest
Diss Reaction....Jieehaaa
DJ Freak...Never been to Brooklyn
Delta 9....Who not intoHardcore
Chosen Few...The Break
Body Lotion...Fuck Martina
Wendy Milan...Kurt killed by the bass
Mastervibe...The power of the herb
DJ Hektek..A professional funkin thief


1 mescalinum United we have arrived
2 zenith flowers of intelligence
3 inferno brothers slaves to the rave
4 lenny dee forgotten moments
5 r wagner listened carefully
6 bearded acid warrior's of peace nimrod
7 low entropy emerald sky's
8 miro purple moon
9 strychnine utopia project
10 rave creator wake up


Dolphin - Requiem For A Samurai
Ophidian - The Middle Children
Promo- Falling Away
Neophyte - None Of Ya Left
The Mover - Track Two
Negative A - Rock Hard
Hellfish & Producer - No More Rock 'n' Roll
Traffik - Charged
The Destroyer - Arcade Xperience
Zenith - A Tear In Heart


F.U.H.D. - I Learned To Believe
Bomb 20 - Lory vs Bomb 20
The Berzerker - Final Sacrifyce
Acid Enema - Creation (Blackened Death Rmx)
Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood - Lovely Ugly Brutal World
Stickhead & Don Demon - Demonhead
Nihil Fist - Think & Destroy
Zombieflesheater - Antibreaks
Liza N Eliaz - I Don't Wanna Say
Alec Empire - Hetzjagd Auf Nazis


Gabba Front Berlin - ArXaGxDax [SON 01] ... those emotions
Liza N Eliaz - I Don't Wanna Say [UWe 103] ... again those emotions
Mescalinum United - Jupiter Union [ PCP 962] ... those kicks hits at 3.45 and again at 5.38
Radium - HLM Industries [Epiteth Rec. 012]
Rave Creator - Thru Eternal Fog [Cold Rush Records 4] ... those spheres
Senical - Untitled [Trackless #6] ...Korrekte atmosphere at both tunes
Xasverion - Torture... Does anyone remember Hell Terror Rec. which was active at the very beginning of this millenium, circa 2000?. This one was a very effective terror tune.
Zekt - Explorers [Hart Trackz 006] Witnessed that this is very effective at big raves back then.
Bakalla - Short Controlled Bursts
Rage Reset - Bunker [Bloody Fist 07] An Australian duo really managed to reflect Bunker's concrete atmosphere correctly in this tune. Big up to them!


Myztic - All that she wants (1995: oldest in my list, happy hardcore from Nosferatu)
Angerfist - Riot starter (I got a wonderful nostalgic feeling when listening to this one)
Ophidian - Angel (one of the most emotional hc tracks, is best with intro from the Betrayed by daylight CD)
Hellsystem - Salvation (serious synths, serious beats)
Advanced dealers - Now or never (the proof that trancecore is not dead yet)
Stormtrooper - A500 (this track brings me to another era, one that I cannot relate to anything in real life)
Radium - Renegade return (for me the classic frenchore track)
Hellfish - Bring on the hurricane pain (nice turntable action by Deathchant)
Moleculez - M-pire (this whole track sounds and feels dark, nice example of darkcore)
Gabba Front Bertlin - A man who looked like me v2.1 (perfect use of glitch)


Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
The Mover - Frontal Sickness Part II
Cold Rush 7
Stickhead - Slaughterhouse ep
Promo - File 2
Disintegrator - Dark Black Ominous Clouds
Euromasters - Alles Naar De Kloote
DJ ESP - The Earthworm Sings
Fast Identities vs. Aversity - Coloured Fraud Vol. 1
Somatic Responses - Passages EP


DJ Gizmo - End Of The Beginning
Hardsequencer - Noise Is The Message (Remix)
RMB - The Place To Be
The Speed Freak - Body Hammer
PCP - The Phuture
Miro - Shining
Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist
Meagashira - Through Inner Core
DJ Hidden - Times Like These VIP
Ophidian - Abandon


1. Nasenbluten - Cuntface
Newcastle is a suburban paradise that is 800 very, very long kilometres south of Brisbane. It's best known for its steelworks, rock bands like The Screaming Jets and Silverchair and the inconsistent Newcastle Knights. Amongst all of this was three frustrated guys who wanted to strap on the steel capped boots and kick some heads in, musically speaking. After repeated kicks to the head, somebody took notice, his name was Leonardo Didesiderio and he ran an obscure little record label called Industrial Strength. Meeting Nasenbluten at a gig in Sydney, Leonardo asked if they would like to submit some tracks for a release on Industrial Strength. They eventually clobbered together enough material and IS030 was born. Despite 100% No Soul Guaranteed, its has a fuck load of energy, intensity and raw anger in musical form. All the tracks are good, but Cuntface is the stand out for me. The name itself is eye catching, in Australia if you call someone a cuntface, you really don't like them! With a blunt square wave kickdrum underpinning the track, samples of Sydney DJ, Nik Fish (I've met Nik, he's actually a nice bloke), Kylie Minogue (I haven't met her), some very unhappy men, distorted guitar riff, ladies and gentlemen, this is glorious 8-bit mono. The second half of the track goes chaotic as the track gets faster and faster (I had never heard a track do that before), it set a standard for Industrial Hardcore and the emerging Speedcore scene. I know Mark N isn't keen on talking about the track, but its the best thing to come out of an Amiga. Made In Australia.

2. Beyonder - The Wish
My favourite sub-genre of Hardcore is the 1994-1997 Gabber sound with its tearing Alpha Juno riffs, head nodding 808 kickdrums and interesting samples. Most tracks were either called Hardcore Motherfucker, Motherfucking Hardcore or Hard Motherfucking Core. Ruffneck Records is probably the best example of this style. However an incredibly talent artist from Amsterdam beat Ruffneck at their own game. His name is Michel Klaassen. Michel was signed to another well known label called Mokum and released several good records under the name Tellurian. Teaming up with Hellraiser Records, he set up his own label called Cenobite Records. Oh my god, every release on Cenobite was amazing, the quality in production was a notch above everybody else in the scene, the record covers were cool and all those Horror movie samples, perfect. The crowning glory however was when Michel and his underrated friend Rodney Balai produced the label's 2nd release, The Wish. With an ominous intro from The Outer Limits and a sampled kickdrum from Mokum label mates, Flamman and Abraxas, The Wish is an orgy of stunning Alpha Juno synth riffs and acid 303's, its almost like Psy Trance and Hardcore coming together. Michel has stated that this is the best track he ever wrote, he's wrong, its the best Gabber track ever.

3. Jones and Stephenson - The First Rebirth
België. Belgique. Belgium's contribution to electronic music is very important, the first music group I liked was from Belgium: Technotronic! Belgium produced many artists and labels that shaped a variety of genres including Hardcore Gabber. Probably the most well known record label from Belgium is the almighty Bonzai Records. Concentrating on Trance, it dabbled in everything from Techno to Hardcore. Two of the artists on Bonzai was Frank Sels and David Brant, they wrote music together under the name Jones and Stephenson and just so happened to write one of the most beautiful examples of music. Strictly speaking The First Rebirth is Hard Trance, the fact that it was so successful in the Hardcore scene is an achievement in itself. It's six minutes of sheer epicness (is that a word?), everytime a DJ plays the intro of The First Rebirth, its usually accompanied with applause, smiles and the hair on the back of your neck standing up. 23 years later and it still sounds amazing. Well done Belgium.

4. Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Power Mix)
Let's talk about Happy Hardcore. Scott Brown is arguably the most prolific and most popular Hardcore DJ/Producer for the last 20 odd years. That's not bad for somebody from (What's It Called?) Cumbernauld, Scotland. Not only is he still the number one artist in Happy Hardcore but he was also was one of the very few artists to have success in the Dutch Hardcore scene, creating popular Gabber tracks from the three big cities in Holland: Den Haag (Combined Forces), Amsterdam (Mokum) and Rotterdam (Terror Traxx and Forze). Twenty years ago, Scott Brown single handedly created a sub-genre of Hardcore called Bouncy Techno. Bouncy Techno is Scotland's far superior version of UK Happy Hardcore and I loved it! Taking uplifting Casio synth riffs and a hard Rotterdam Schoppen Trommel, it became huge in Scotland and Northern England and eventually went all around the world. Technophobia is the perfect example of Bouncy Techno, written by Scott "The Highest Jump" Brown and Ryan Campbell, the main riff being: simple, effective, uplifting and slightly cheesy. A nice hard kickdrum giving the track its bounciness, a more serious riff in the middle and an infectious sample which I try to say everytime I hear the track. It's sad that Bouncy Techno died in Scotland in the late 90's, but Scott is still playing old school Rez/Early Hardcore sets and always plays Technophobia. Scott is the nicest international DJ I've met and is an exceptionally good beer drinker!

5. Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist
Let's talk about Darkcore. Both Darkcore and Doomcore are difficult genres to get into. Needless to say, your girlfriend won't like it. However if you ever wanted to ease your girlfriend into Darkcore, play Poltergeist, written and produced by a French guy in a scary hockey mask. You can watch as your girlfriend enjoys the most deceptive introduction to a track and watch her face change when that kick and vividly scary snyth takes over. This track has so many scary sounds it should be in a soundtrack to a Horror movie. It is actually quite surprising that a track so dark did so well in the Dutch Hardcore scene. Maybe this was part of the rejection of Happy Hardcore and hearing Highlander's Hold Me Now. Also the track is very slow and I believe it inspired the Newstyle Hardcore that slowed down the bpm's of Gabber. When he takes the mask off he is known as Guillaume Leroux, proof that France has good Hardcore artists and don't all make sleep inducing Frenchcore. Released on one of legendary Marc Acardipane's labels, Poltergeist is beautifully dark and something you and your girlfriend can share together.

6. Tha Playah - On The Edge
On The Edge is the best Hardcore track in this decade, so far. I can hear all the TOA fanboys typing me hate messages. Tha Playah is Jim Hermsen, he is DJ Neophyte's cousin and has released consistently good solid records on Neophyte Records. Alongside Third Movement and Enzyme Records, Neophyte Records established a fantastic Hardcore scene for the 21st century after it almost died out in the late 90's. However from 2009, I had noticed a gradual change in the music and it's still happening. I just don't like a lot of the tracks that have come out in the last 5 years, I'm slowly becoming a complaining old man. Out of the blue, Tha Playah drops this track in 2011, an amazing melodic mainstream Hardcore track. Most people have mentioned how its eeriely similar to 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It. The intros both have long softly spoken dialogue from a movie and both have sweeping catchy melodies. The melodies in On The Edge are almost orchestal, just when I thought Ophidian's Butterfly VIP couldn't be topped. Everytime I play this track at a party, everybody loves it. Interestingly Tha Playah hasn't written anything remotely as good since 2011, lightening in a bottle? Also check out the B-side track, Clockwork, an excellent remix of Cygnus X - The Orange Theme.

7. Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
Nuff said.

8. Bang The Future - Atomik Lullaby
Probably the most obscure track in the list, let me explain. In the mid 90's several UK Happy Hardcore artists were becoming increasingly bored with the music and its ultra cheesy trajectory. One of these artists was Billy "Daniel" Bunter. The story goes that Billy and Rob Vanden met on a flight from Switzerland (I think) and wanted to start a crazy label that had everything from Trance to Gabber. Billy was into the harder stuff and Rob was more into Trance and Techno, thus GBT Records was born. On the second release you'll find a pretty cheesy Happy Hardcore track, but if you flip the record over you'll find something completely different. Atomik Lullaby was a combination of genres that GBT was inspired from and would replicate effectively over the next two years. German Hard Trance, Gabber, uplifting (not cheesy) Hardcore, a touch of Techno and possibly Hard House. There's an intense throbbing (giggity) throughout the track, its almost hypnotic. The breakdown is soooo lush, some of the hi hats sound like a military marching band. This is possibly the first Trancecore (yep that is what they called this genre) track and shortly after a number of producers came out of the woodwork: DJ Fury, Helix, Tekno Dred, Citadel Of Kaos, DJ (Kevin) Energy and most famously DJ MC Sharkey. Both Sharkey and Hixxy were signed to React in 1996 and produced the now famous Bonkers CDs. Although Hixxy's cheesefests pushed the music to new audiences, Sharkey's mixes were the highlight of these CDs. Surprisingly good mixing and 70 odd minutes of truly extraordinary music. Trancecore died off in the late 90's and Billy Bunter was playing Hard House, however it was resurrected by Sharkey and Kevin Energy and given a new name: Freeform.

9. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ
If there was ever one track that defined Hardcore, Name Of The DJ would be it. It was written by another Amsterdam artist from Mokum, Francois Prijt. It famously samples the introduction to Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic which is located in the middle of Side A on my favourite album of all time, Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. That sample was my original reason for liking Name Of The DJ, I was pleasantly surprised that this new music I was falling in love with was sampling my other love in music, Hip Hop. The other aspect of Name Of The DJ is the rhythmic filtered kickdrums that float around the track, at the time it sounded brilliant and brand new, but Marc Acardipane did it first on Pitch-Hiker, I told you he was legendary. The track was made in the middle of the Happy Hardcore era, and has very slight overtones of that style. When people do these Top 10 Hardcore lists Name Of The DJ usually always appears, a trend that I have now contributed to. PS: The Buzz Fuzz remix is AWESOME!

10. Epsilon - No Try
No Try is a phrase used in Rugby League, it also happens to be the best Breakcore track ever written. In the years after Cuntface, many things happened at Bloody Fist, including: Pink records, demolition derbys, driving around Newcastle on SBS TV in a black balaclava screaming "getafuckindogupya", headaches and forcing artists into religion. :) But musically Bloody Fist was going in interesting directions, most notably, Breakcore. New century, new artists, one of which was Brendon Brooks. Brendon has a very unique take on Hardcore and Breakcore, his first release Extol.Nihil is a perfect example of this. My personal favourite is Resident Evil. With the label shutting down, Mark N decided that the final vinyl would be a sexy picture disc and contain two tracks, Aftermath - Parting Shot, a fucking awesome speedcore track indicative of Bloody Fist's earlier Hardcore material and Epsilon's No Try, indicative of where the label was going in the mid 2000s. Breakcore is a chaotic and faster version of Drum and Bass, so the drum patterns in No Try are intense. There's a lovely 80's computer game style intro, dancing on top of the hyper accelerated breakbeats is a sad piano type of melody, it really adds to the mood of the track. In the middle, there's a refreshing Hip Hop breakdown, you've probably heard Mark N doing some intricate scratches at this point. The track ends hauntingly and so does Bloody Fist as a label. This is the beautiful end.




1. They LiveLong - Something Big
2. Lt D'amato - sounds of frustration
3. X-Buzz - Overload
4. Gizmo - Tested
5. C-Tank - Nightmares are reality
6. Spy (john selway) - Bloodstrike
7. Darkraver - Direction of fear pt.1
8. Buzz Fuzz - D-leria
9. Tumor - Tumult
10. Dreamteam - Thunderdome


Malaria - Deviance Mentale
G-Shock Demons (Promo Remix)
Diplomat - Brainwave
Armageddon Project - From The Ashes
Geoff Da Chef - Incomplete...
Miro - The Shining
Fist Of Fury - The Exorcist
The Outside Agency - Pure Darkness
Ophidian - Pepperspray
Enzyme X - Rauwkost


Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka
Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived
Ophidian - Butterfly
Wedlock - Evolution Theory
Holy Noise - The Nightmare
Diplomat - Tantalum Cones
Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ
Armageddon Project - Spawn Of Misanthropy
Nasenbluten - Blows T' The Nose


1. DJ Choose - B1 [Punctual Areas]
2. DJ Choose - Operational Affairs
3. Agro - Undisputed Truth
4. Mescaline United - We Have Arrived
5. Epsilon - Killmonkey Eatmonkey
6. X-103 - Eruption
7. Mike Dred- Helta Skelta
8. Ophidian - Disrespected Intervention
9. The Mover - [The Final Sickness]
10. Zekt- It's Goodbye


Asylum - Hardcore Asylum
Sorcerer - Summer
Pinhead - Slammin Beatz
Rob Gee, Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo, Repete - Riot In N.Y.
Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome
C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality
Fuckin Hostile - Fuckin Hostile (Disintegrator Remix)
Scarface - I'll Take You All To Fuckin' Hell
Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart
Braindead - Braindead


10. Cybermouse - Bodypack 95
09. Eradicator - Agit Prop Lp
08. Reign Presents Hall - Hall Ep
07. Senical - Dark Domestic Temper
06. Society Of Unknowns - Society Of Unknowns Ep
05. E-Man - Xtc Express
04. Somatic Responses - Passage Ep
03. Erase Head - Dome Ep
02. Mouse - Necrophage Ep
01. Taciturne - 6 Fragmente In Der Chronologie Des Wahnsinns