Inge K

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this mix i made for Stamboom, its a non commercial sharing site. tracklist:
Roly Porter - Sint Laurenskerk
Consulate - Nieuw Maas terreur
Perc - Slowly exploding [Ancient Methods]
Ascion - Cybbar
Bombardier - Rise of the machines
Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual [Voidloss]
Vincenzo Pizzi - Cherry -[Giorgio gigli]
Ontal - Discipline
Fausten - Punishment - [Oyaars]
Grebenstein - Acting within your terms
Impulse controls - Devour
Jk Flesh - Posthuman
Kareem - Hacks 5
Danilo Incorvaia - State of [Mas remix]
Matt TdK - 4 track
Monolith - Crashed
O/H remix Work Terminal
Orphan Swords - Caim
IFormat - Cast002

DJ Scud

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Schisms and camps were forming and from the Hardcore Techno POV, Jungle and breakbeats were contested entities. Was "Da Base II Dark"? The more cutting edge DJs and producers were mixing it up though and breaking down the structures; hints of "Breakcore" were emerging from the 4/4 stomp and the Reese beast was unleashed. Also arguably the year of the French Underground explosion? (Explore Toi, Epiteth, Gangstar Toons Industry, Network 23 releases galore, Teknivals etc)

01 Lorenz Attractor: Complexity Crisis (Praxis 13)
02 Manga Corps: War Dancer (IST 14)
03 Alec Empire: Sieg Über Die Mayday-HJ (Mille Plateaux)
04 Cylob: Metel (Rephlex 15)
05 Cylob: Skraip (Rephlex 15)
06 Patric C & DJ Moonraker: Untitled (Napalm 6)
07 Kinesthesia: Meltdown Man (Rephlex 14)
08 Choose: Slowgan (Drop Bass Network 21)
09 Somatic Responses: Cyclotron ( SSS 02)
10 Pilldriver: Pitch-Hiker (Lost 9)
11 Laura Grabb: W1-W5 (IST 12)
12 DJ Pure & Ec8oR: Violent Shit (Loop 04)
13 Monoloop: Kills Again (Fischkopf 06)
14 Asylum: Da Base II Dark (Metalheadz)
15 A.D.C: Multinoise (X-Forces 01)
16 DJ Trace: The Mutant Remix - Rollers Instinct (SOUR)
17 Curley & R-Zac: Untitled B1 (Network 23 06)
18 Heist: Corridors (Neuroviolence Remix) (Praxis 11)
19 P.Server: Plunger (Fischkopf 07)
20 Somatic Responses: Macroshack (SSS 02)
21 DJ Yubba: Acousta (Praxis 12)
22 C-Tank: Breakcore (Overdrive)
23 Ingler: Erratum (Epiteth 02)
24 Gangstar Toons Industry: Untitled B1 (GTI 05)
25 The Speed Freak: I'm The Butcher (Drop Bass Network 29)
26 Jack Lucifer: I Am Living Death (Kotzaak 04)

Over Dreams

Drvg Culture

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3Phase - Klang Der Familie (F.U.S.E. Remix) (Tresor)
Burma Camp - Without Reason (Clan Destine)
Ben Long - Sub Orbital (Green Fetish)
Drvg Cvltvre - Brotherhood Of Lost Causes (forthcoming)
(Sb)[51] - 12 'o Clock (New York Haunted)
Clouds - Ultras In Africa (Opal Tapes)
Annannan - Untitled (LL.M)
Drum Machine - Jungel (Lower Parts)
A001 - Isoptero (Mord)
Tunnel One - Rough Gehm (Andreas Gehm Tribute)
Detention - Cursing Doesn't Hurt You (New York Haunted)
Florian Munkt - Note 1.1.1. (Dylab Remix) (New York Haunted)
KTRM & TWAN - Dodge (Badmouth)
Luciano Lamanna & Sirio Grimaldi - Neo Genesi (Love Blast)
Primitivo - Afilando El Silex (New York Haunted)
Myztical - Substance D (Downfall Theory)
Beukhoven Sloopwerken - Raw Medicine (Andreas Gehm Tribute)
Dez Williams - Acidbanger (Killekill)
Xntrick - Tereke (Unreleased)
Iformat - Seen By The Eyes Of Others (Local Sound Network)
Dave Tarrida - Hunter (Tripalium)
Drvg Cvltvre - Torn Apart By Teeth Or Bullets (New York Haunted)


Cenk Akyol

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Carefully picked my personal favorite deeper classics and newer darker tunes and blend them within an hour long recording to create the hot, humid and bleak atmosphere!

SKEL 012 1994
DJX0010 1993
SBR14 1994
BCBABY 2 1995
DR002 1995
Capital Noise 1995
White Breaks 7 1997
DBM021 2009
ACPR022 2013
Splash - Babylon rmx 1995
Bizzy B ‎– Science EP 2005
DRPLP001 2008


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Sangre was born as a coping method in 2003 for the death of my grandfather which led to "En Memoria" in 2005 on Restroom Records (vinyl) and D-Trash Records (digital). After the first release, 2 additional tracks were created but never released. At this time, Acid Enema also lay dormant. On January 18th, 2009, Abhorrent's older brother lost his battle with mental illness. With no other outlet for this pain, 5 additional tracks were created from 2009 to 2011 but lay unreleased and uncompleted until Abhorrent felt he was able to go back to these difficult memories in late 2016. Sangre will cease to exist after "I.XVIII.MMIX" and "Before I depart: The Complete Sangre Compendium" (limited 2 CD box set including both releases with alternate tracks and other unreleased rarities) are released on 01/18/2017.

DJ Rave-M


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No Borders No Nations

1. D.Å.R.F.D.H.S - Smärta & Lidande
2. Deadhead - Frozen Trees
3. Ancient Methods - Dammerung Der Parhelia (Ancient Methods Interpretation)
4. Motormännen - Expansionen
5. Ruptur3 - 28064212
6. Maxida Märak - Äter upp Dig
7. Hidden Rooms - Dark Essence
8. Panic Scenery - Blood-Starved Beast
9. Blasted - Symbiosis
10. Cosmic TRG - In Your Body
11. Moondog - Brutopia
12. Human Resource - Dominator (25 Years of Domination Remix by Cubic Nomad)
13. White Water Black Sheep - Idling No
14. Viral Conspiracy Records - Marsh of the Dead
15. Ghost in the Machine - The Day After Yesterday
16. LNA - Pestilence
17. The Peoples Republic of Europe - Psydoom
18. 18. EDMX - Cerebrus // Dye Witness - Only If I Had One More (Kenny Crampbell mashup)
19. The Fallen - Faith in God
20. LNA - Veils
21. Roffe Ruff - Sällskapsspelet

Somatic Responses


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For the first Messe Noire Podcast , we are happy to present you Bleim01 with this one hour set .
Bleim01 is an industrial techno music project born in 2014 from an idea of Bleim, dj / producer / sound engineer from italian illegal party scene. He was born in Milan and produces electronic music since 2009.
The sound of Bleim01 is rough, acid, dark, inspired by warehouse parties and underground industrial hardcore scene. He loves to old school industrial, old school frenchcore and other distorted genres with high bpm.
Actually he administrate, with Est#6, the Estinto Rec, a new vinyl and digital industrial techno label, and Musa recording, an under construction label for other underground music projects.

Labels: Estinto Records, Konkrezept, Raven Sigh, Wrongnotes




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DyLab is an English born but Melbourne based acid music producer who has a passion for analogue music boxes, and sounds that come out of them. Over the years he has crafted a solid body of music, releasing tunes on New York Haunted, Trax, Clash & Splash, HypnoHouse, Enigmatic Output, Clan Destine, Balkan Recordings, Gigabeat Records, Avioground Records, Devilbeat, Swishcotheque, Acid All Stars, Handmade Acid, BWLR and Council House records.

His great love for old analogue machines truly shines through his productions and at the core of his music is the sound of the eternal Roland TB303. He skilfully combines his love for old machines with the adaptability of current music production software which creates a fusion of both authenticity and innovative sounds. DyLab is always looking for different ways to bring the acid sound of the TB303 into his music, and his productions vary from classic acid house sound of the late 80’s, the acid tech sound of the 90’s to more modern bass heavy tunes.


KONTRAST is a collective of creative spirits who loves to combine raw sounds, dark, thumping beats and intense, edgy musical experiences with extraordinary visual elements in an experimental and innovative way. We want to build something new, colourful and unforgettable and to explore how sounds, shapes and visual imprints together can create something bigger than ourselves, and a different state of mind. The seventh series of the KONTRAST mini-mix series will run from January 4th to 25th, and there will be an exclusive podcast from each artist with a short interview to get to know them better.

Mini-Mix Series #7:

#7.1 - January 4 - DYLAB (@dylabs)
#7.2 -January 11 - LUCIFER (@lucifia_angebarnett)
#7.3 -January 18 - DAVE STUART (@dave-stuart)
#7.4 -January 25 - GROOV MEKANIK (@groovmekanik)

The Robot Scientists

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Singularity Techno - 44 Amazing House & NuDisco Tracks from 2016

2016 – what a weird year in history and what great year for electronic music! Soaking up and processing all the turmoil, terror and tragedy, groundbreaking producers turned 2016 into the best year for the electronic music underground ever. Not (yet) in sales numbers, but definitely in terms of creativity, emotional extremes and in well-made references to other decades and past styles.

While the whole world endures global threats together, artists discotised oriental 1970s psychedelica into shamanic slow-mo-dancefloor burners while dark and melancholic 1980s cold war New Beat, New Wave, Cold Wave, SynthWave, trippy 1990s Acid, PostPunk, Trance and Industrial influences remained on the forefront of the most interesting parts of the NuDisco scene. Deep House and Tech House artists discovered the epicness of Kosmische Krautrock masterpieces. Heavy synths, arpeggiated basslines, tropical rhythms, weird insanity sounds and mystic spirituality vibes were added to a fantastic progressive sound experience. I dare to say: singularity in music just happened, in terms of a meltdown of styles and influences into a genre-wise non-definable „Magical Terrestric Dance“ mashup, like the soundtrack of a Tarantino-on-Acid version of Avatar, somewhere between Deep House, Tech House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance and Techno.

See you all on the other side, in 2017. Everything is going to be awesome – if we keep on dancing to great tunes :).

1. Traumprinz - 2 The Sky (Metatron's What If There's No End And No Beginning Mix) (Giegling)
2. Alien Alien – Humana (Dub) (Slow Motion Records)
3. Dawad – Dancing Delight (La Dame Noir)
4. Pardon Moi – Addiction (MontCosmik Remix) (Emerald & Doreen)
5. Somerville & Wilson – Red Wasps (Tici Taci)
6. Zsou – Admiral Byrd (Dreems & Peret Mako Remix) (Multi Culti)
7. LosBikini – Psyco Rate (Somerville & Wilson Remix) (Tici Taci)
8. Oli Warriner – Twelve Young Sycamores (Bird of Paradise Remix) (Nein Records)
9. Manfredas – Glasswalk (Multi Culti)
10. K-Effect – Nuclear Frequency (Ujin Ray Remix) (Emerald & Doreen)
11. Tulioxi – Bring the Funk to the Punk (Emerald & Doreen)
12. Autarkic – Rotation! Rotation! (Red Axes Remix) (Turbo)
13. Cannibal Ink – Starwatcher (Johnson Cosmic Flow Dub) (Emerald & Doreen)
14. Phillipi & Rodrigo – Karma (Deewee)
15. Moscoman – Fernandez (Eskimo)
16. Curses – Senza Muorire (Rejekts)
17. Freudenthal – Sirens Crypt (Damon Jee Remix) (Emerald & Doreen)
18. Kris Baha – Mind your head (Power Station)
19. Frank Wiedemann – Moorthon II (Innervisions)
20. Dimitri Veimar – Rundo (Renate Schallplatten)
21. Alda – The Claw (Johnson Remix) (Play Pal Music)
22. Disco Chillio – Percanova (James Rod Rmx) (Emerald & Doreen)
23. Boris Carloff – Last Runner (Cannibal Ink Remix) (Emerald & Doreen)
24. Jmii – Thrills (Hivern Discs)
25. Wassermann – Die Schallplatte (Protekt)
26. Mr.Fingers – Qwazars (Alleviated Rec)
27. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Laolu Remix) (Edit) (Innervisions)
28. Red Axes – Sun my sweet sun (Permanent Vacation)
29. Hyenah – The idea (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) (Freerange Records)
30. Gabriel – Love Pt.1 (Emerald & Doreen)
31. &me – Shadows (Saved Records)
32. Markus Gibb – Crise (Lumiere Noire)
33. Paul Twin – White island (Nous'klaer Audio)
34. Lazy Kiss – Da Groove (Ccccchaves Remix)(Emerald & Doreen)
35. Benedikt Frey - Out Of Here (Roman Flugel Cosmic Disco Drama Rework) (Hivern Discs)
36. Save! - The Light (Marc Piñol Remix) (Les Disques de la Mort)
37. Javi Redondo – Summer on Repeat (Correspondant)
38. Grim Avenue – Wandering Albatross (Emerald & Doreen)
39. Fort Romeau – Facing the sea (Live at Robert Johnson)
40. Levon Vincent – Arpeggiator (Novel Sound)
41. Metropolis – Überall Polizei, nirgendwo Gerechtigkeit (Charlois)
42. Stephan Eicher - Nice (Headman/Robi Insinna Rework) (Relish)
43. State of Art – Dreamers (Retrogroove Records)
44. Grim Avenue – Flint (Emerald & Doreen)


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Shrill 'Spectrum Dust' DJ Mix Jan 1, 2017

1. Franck Vigroux 'Centure (Shapednoise Remix)'
2. Not Waving 'Punch'
3. Dot Product 'Atmosphere Processor'
4. Ansome 'Chemical Kenny'
5. The Haxan Cloak 'The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)'
6. Positive Centre 'Back To Steaming'
7. Franck Vigroux '2024'
8. Ontal 'EMR (Airsilk Remix)'
9. SØS Gunver Ryberg 'Pantodont'
10. Bleaching Agent 'Quango (The Cobble)'
11. Mondkopf 'Ease Your Pain'
12. In The Mouth Of The Wolf 'Our Gift To You'
13. Guy Andrews 'Experiment 02'
14. Ancient Methods 'Built On Scars'
15. DJ Richard 'M.D.W.B.'
16. Ata, M/S/O & KO 'Sweet Electronique'
17. Causual Violence 'Expression Unrelated'
18. Cindytalk 'Joy Is The Aim (FPE version)'

Black Opal

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NOW AVAILABLE -…ra-greatsword

Clouds - DJ Ultra Greatsword (BOP010)

A1 - Petlock
A2 - Madstalker
B1 - Ultras In Africa
B2 - T-Mobile Ekstraklasa

Out September 9th
12" vinyl and digital via Black Opal / Opal Tapes


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The Mover - Bodysnatchers
Mescalinum United - Lost Zones
Al Rahkun ft Bunker - Brutality Will Not Work
Ramin - I Can't Understand
Trip Commando - House Music's not Dead (JVA Mix)
Raw Power Org. - 1991 (Raw Bonus Cut)
Overlord - Future of the World
The Mover - Gatecrusher
Trip Commando - Trip Commando (Techno side)
Lunatic Asylum - My Beat
Ramin - Down to Earth
The Mover - Pro Black
Dr Macabre - Apocalyptic Cow
The Mover - In Deep Rage
FFM Shadow Orch. - Sweet Breaks
Rave Creator - Immortal
Mescalinum United - The 2nd Coming
Free-E-Style - Radar
The Possessed - Black Blood
Steve Shit - Cobra vs Werewolf
The Mover - Time Traveller
Rave Creator - Wake Up
The Phuture Project - Escape From 2017
Negative Burn - Gates of Heaven
Terrorist - Hardcore Will Never Die