Today's Mixes

Today's Mixes


Xearo @ Fear FM 02-03-2012 (Revisited)

Colin H - London Acid Techno Hard Mix Vol.2 - (Acid Techno)

5.84 - DJ ARG - Original Mix - Out Now !!!

Elemental Promo Mix Oct 10 2014

Mike Stern - Electronic Minded #01

David Meiser

David Meiser - Rise of the Machines

Track included in the vinyl EP "Rise of the Machines". The EP includes the original cut and two remixes from Elektrabel and Mik Izif. The vinyl also contains 4 locked grooves to make impossible mixes from the decks. The EP has been released by Physical records (FR). Get it here:…achines_Ep__158161…l-records-10/…nes-ep/548511-01/

Get the digital version of the EP for free here:

Liza N Eliaz Vs. Dano

Liza N Eliaz Vs. Dano @ Hellraiser 1993

Ultracore 2

Ultracore 2 @ Eimer, Berlin - 29.03.1997


Doc Rott
Gabba Nation
Lord Nord
Trauma XP
Live: Nordcore
Live: Xol Dog 400

Christoph De Babalon

The Haunting Past of Christoph de Babalon, Vol. I

1. Meet Fate 07:46
2. Delinquent Dreams 02:02
3. Blue Hours 05:47
4. Realistic Riot Ritual Routine 03:07
5. Death by Hanging 02:43
6. I Will Go Through 05:29
7. Dark Forces 02:29
8. Trauerspiel 04:43
9. Sargzimmern 06:02
10.Endpoint (Reach Out) 01:02


I-F aka Beverly Hills 808303 @ Back To The Acid Planet, Trouw Amsterdam (15-08-14)

PCP Mixes

a collection of some of the greatest PCP mixes.
will add others over time.

Li-z - Return to 2017 - Rooted In Darkness

Klei - hardcore to the couch (mix)

=TINUS= - Beyond the Realms of Doom III 31-08-2014 (tryout)


PCP live Club Omen Frankfurt at Main 1993

PCP Nasty Django live ottobre 1996

PCP Kotzaak Klan live Florida 31 05 1997

Miro from PCP Frankfurt "Promo Loop" winter 1998

Rave Creator PCP live "Energy" zurich 08 1997

Acardipane Records

5 Years Acardipane Records Labelparty - Phonodrome, Hamburg 26.04.2002

a video of the "5 years acardipane records" labelparty at phonodrome, hamburg in 2002.
DJs include Marc Acardipane, Miro, Face Hoover, Lory D, The Horrorist, Acrosome, Manu Le Malin.


Nekro - Acid Razor

Cenk Akyol

Cenk Akyol - Goa Subliminal

DJ Hardnoize

"This is a 67 minute mix I made for Hard Force United with 32 tracks in it and a bit scratching ofcourse, it contains different styles, Oldschool hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Drum&Bass, Terror and Oldschool Hiphop "

1 Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy- Toasted Marshmello Feet Braxe
2 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five- The Message(Instrumental)
3 Influid II- Push The Button
4 Space Cube- Inbound
5 Lenny Dee v. DJ Edge- Silence Of Eternity
6 Spy- Pathogen
7 C-Tank- Nightmares Are Reality
8 Project Omeaga- Prednison Attack
9 Mind Candy- Mind Destroyer(Forsaken Is Dead & DJ Cik Destruction Remix)
10 Limewax- Zombie Vs. Zombie
11 Bazooka- Bassdrum Korrekt?
12 DJ Hidden- Times Like These
13 Paul Blackout- Insomniac
14 Wedlock Vs. Comababy- Void Sector(Hymn)
15 Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly- Geleihoofd
16 Bazooka- Lethal Breaxxx
17 Las Vegas 909- Turn It Up
18 Rage Reset- Feel This
19 Paul Blackout- Sui-Sonic
20 Ice T- Ya Don't Quit
21 Hellfish- U Don't Quit
22 Hellfish- Serious Evil Shit Mission 3
23 Hellfish- Turntable Savage
24 Overcast- I Will Attack
25 Stickhead & Don Demon- Demonhead
26 Traffik- Trip To Hell/MC Duke- I'm Riffin(Accapella)
27 Lord Nord- W.O.R.M. Up
28 Traffik- Afraid Of The Dark
29 PCP- The Phuture
30 Nukom- Nina 2
31 Speedfolter Vs. Hardnoize- Scratch N Terror

Various Mixes

got quite a lot of mixes today, so i decided to put them into one topic:

Mind Of Imagination vs RAZERNIJ live @ RODOR THE BENEFIT 3/3

Deathface_LIVE : Preview new set_First recording_23MIN

Sparks Vs Shmirlap Live At Tekno Crossover 3 On Oblyk Dfroké - T.Lesco.P 31.08.2014

2014 - 09 - 01

Dj ARG..intheMIX.ARG2DATE.SEP.2014.....

Bazer - Sweetdarkcore Promomix ( Love )

NEKRO - Terrorworld competition 2006