Female Fronted Doomcore Techno

"Gender shouldn't matter in the world of music. But at the same time, it's still rare that there are female musicians in the world of electronic sounds - and especially Hardcore and Doomcore.
So for this compilation release with tracks from our archive, we want to showcase projects of female artists that bring a breath of fresh air and an innovative and hard-hitting approach to the field of dark and energetic sounds."

1. Aliocha - Je Ne Me Confesserai Plus
2. Plucessit - LostInSelf
3. Nkisi - Terror 2
4. Aliocha - Cupidon Is Dead
5. Plucessit - FieldsOfEmpty
6. Nkisi - Killer Instincts (Instrumental)
7. EvaDesiree - Cloudy
8. Noctis Infinitum - Destroyer Of Dreams
9. Aliocha - Heavy


The Soul Seeker

DJ Obsession


Dave Null

From Soundcloud:

With Psydoll booked to play for Danse Macabre at Sleazy's before our usual N/V slot, we were hyped to play some chiptune and videogame score faves, as well as some of our fave MOJO (Music Of Japanese Origin). Alas the virus has managed to put paid to that gig for now, but we still wanted to come up with a taste of what might have been played. Lots of nostalgia from lots of these tunes, this is music from games we grew up with as well as artists inspired by them, plus a sprinkling of kindred spirits to Psydoll's brand of punky insanity. Have left composers unspecified where the information online is unclear . . .

Jon Batiste - Green Hill Zone (cover of Masato Nakamura's score from Megadrive game 'Sonic The Hedgehog')
Michiru Yamane - Theme Of Simon (from Megadrive game 'Castlevania: The Next Generation')
Lead Into Gold - Inside A Golden Sun
Frank Klepacki - Command Post (from Megadrive game 'Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis'
Sabrepulse - Whered You Find That Acid
Unknown - Stage 3 (from Megadrive game 'Biohazard Battle')
Notendo - Spelling Numbers
Unknown - Stage 4-1 (from Megadrive game 'Gynoug')
Yuzo Koshiro - Never Return Alive (from Megadrive game 'Streets Of Rage 2')
Dubmood - Silent Shout (cover of The Knife)
SNK - Shu (from Dreamcast game 'Cool Cool Toon')
Yasushi Kaminishi - Mosquito (from Dreamcast game 'Mars Matrix')
Q Entertainment - Strobe Action (from Dreamcast game 'Space Channel 5 Part 2')
Ken Ishii - Creation The State Of Art (from Dreamcast game 'Rez')
LX Rudis - Klax Theme (from Atari Lynx game 'Klax')
Hakai - Ningen
Psydoll - Theme For Psydoll
Yasushi Kaminishi - On Lava Base (from Dreamcast game 'Giga Wing')
Devilman - Bakan Q
Trent Reznor - Quake Theme (from 'Quake')
Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself
Unknown - Korobeiniki ('Tetris' theme)
Kid 606 - The Illness
Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata - Special Stage (from Mega CD game 'Sonic CD')
Guitar Vader - Magical Girl (from Dreamcast game 'Jet Set Radio')
Shonen Knife - BBQ Party
Q Entertainment - My Sweet Home (Ultimate) (from Dreamcast game 'Space Channel 5 Part 2')

Der Cherep



From Soundcloud:

Newbeat was one of my biggest influences when I was young and start to mix.
It's an old mix I did 12 years ago who represent for me this style.
01. The Maxx : Cocaine (max - remix)
02 Umwelt : New Beat ReGeneration (unreleased)
03 Space Opera - Mandale My Ass
04 Public Relations - Public Relations
05 In-D - Virgins In D
06 Fatal Error - Fatal Error
07 Overdrive - Beat It Up
08 No More Ecstasy - God Is Dead
09 New Beat Generation - Suck The Beat
10 Major Problem - Acid Queen
11 Signal Aout 42 - Carnaval
12 Hno3 - Doughnut Dollies
13 Zsa Zsa - Something Scary
14 Lhasa - The Attic
15 Psycho - Cid Dadada Cid
16 F.O.G. - Electricity
17 Bassline Boys - Warbeat
18 Sa 42 - Programme Not Informatif