The Horrorist

what makes the music by the horrorist so special? first, there is the combination of oldschool-type techno with EBM; which in itself is clever enough to spawn dozen of great tracks; than there is also the influence of hardcore techno, which can be especially heard in early tracks. there is also a type of super-futurism in the sounds that is not often encountered. but there is always something else about the tracks by the horrorist too. the melodies, the vocal style, the appereance, doesn't seem to fit to me to any of the influences i mentioned. instead, it had always a kind of "out of time" aspect to me, similiar to 1920s german cabaret style, or even more so, to a victorian-time london or new york. i could image the horrorist appearing in a victorian type tavern in london in the 19th century; where people of "ill refute" sit around, and a strange guy gives some of them a hint, to lead them to a door at the back of the place while telling them about a secret show, which leads to a dim-lit basement at which the horrorist sings his songs about death, misery and gloom. the tales of the horrorist somehow, to me, fit so much to the special fascination for the obscure and the morbid in victorian times. the name "horrorist" itself has somewhat of a connection to me; think of the "illusionists" and similiar professions of that time, a performer called the horrorist would fit right in.
so, yes, in almost any song the horrorist tales us dangerous, vague, fascinating tales of the bizarre, the strange, the things that are out of line.
and i hope he continues to do so for many years to come.

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