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Synthetix.FM is back to rock yourr 2016 with a brand new Synthetix.FM Mixtape! This edition features the final exclusive 12" Mix for the compilation due out in March. The final Synthetix.FM Extended Mix is Cry Wolf's incredible Don't Look Back. A befitting track to complete this 16 month project!

Keep it tuned to Synthetix.FM for more information on this compilation in the coming weeks!

1, Move Up - Giant Spirit
2, Exoplanet - Advection Stride
3, Mr Rocky Balboa - Hotter Than December
4, On The Edge - Format 440
5, Lush - LA Dreams
6, Back In The Saddle - d.notive
7, Rock the Streets - Evanton
8, Your Move - Bart Graft
9, This Time We Made It Through - Damokles
10, Don't Look Back (Synthetix.FM Extended Mix) - Cry Wolf
11, Flawless Victory - MUSCLE
12, Call Waiting - DATAstream
13, Flying Away - SHIO-Z
14, Force Majeure - Occams Laser
15, Memories - リョウ (Ryou)
16, Blitz - Sferro
17, Forgotten - Pumping Body
18, New York Pizza - Myrone
19, Californian Nightmare - Hollywood Burn
20, Miami Overdrive - Tiltshifted
21, Driving Towards You - AlterSun
22, OmegaDriver - MoTER


Retro Synth

100% Acidiferous

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PLAYLIST - 9th January 2016
Presented by: Croy Broodfood & BMX Joe

1. 100% Acidiferous – Tank (Yellow cover 10")
2. 100% Acidiferous – 303 State (Yellow cover 10")
3. 100% Acidiferous – Droid Sector (Green cover 10")
4. 100% Acidiferous – Nu Horizons (Red cover 10")
5. 100% Acidiferous – Annihilate (Green cover 10")
6. 100% Acidiferous – Worldisorder (Red cover 10")
7. 303 Nation - Double Speed Mayhem (Frankfurt Trax Vol. 4)
8. 100% Acidiferous – 101 Scout (We are Frankfurt)
9. 303 Nation - Barcelona (Frankfurt Trax Vol. 5)
10. Ace The Space - 9 Is A Classic (303 Nation Remix)
11. 303 Nation - Powersurge (Stobe Jams 3)
12. 303 Nation - Sky crack (Stobe Jams 2)
13. 303 Nation - Virtual Acid (Stobe Jams 3)
14. 303 Nation - A world Noir (Stobe Jams 2)
15. 303 Nation - Strobe Jam (Stobe Jams 3)
16. 303 Nation - Phuturistic (Stobe Jams 2)
17. 303 Nation - Back 2 Dos (Stobe Jams 1)
18. 303 Nation - Voodoo Machine (Stobe Jams 1)
19. 303 Nation - Lightning (Stobe Jams 1)
20. 303 Nation - Acid Survivors (Stobe Jams 1)
21. 303 Nation - Seis (303 Nation – 6 Tracker)
22. 303 Nation - Attacker (Stobe Jams 1)
23. 303 Nation - Detonation (Frankfurt Trax Vol. 3)
24. 303 Nation - Damnation (Stobe Jams 2)
25. 303 Nation - Athletic Bass (Stobe Jams 1)
27. 303 Nation - Metroplex (Stobe Jams 2)
28. 303 Nation - Magic Fingers (Stobe Jams 1)
Hedonist - jam with Volka Keys & PO-12

DJ Lib & MC Shit B

Vinnie 08

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a selection of chilled out electronic tracks, all artists can be found on bandcamp

or follow the link to my fan account

1. Space 2012! - First Stage Burn (Falcon 9)
2. XZCID - Quetzalcoatl (with IQbit)
3. Imagika Om - Kamakhya (featuring Rama)
4. Tuuligan - In My Mind
5. Lucette Bourdin - Finding Ganesha
6. id Submerged - Feber
7. Project “?!” & Onkakmir - Cold Space
8. XZCID - Facixtil

Total Destruction

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[TOTAL 024] Members of Total Destruction: "Sounds from the Underground"
6 tracker E.P.

01. Casketkrusher & E-Core - Toon TV (Toons of Terror Mix)
02. Re-Charge - Why Can't We See? (Casketkrusher Remix)
03. DJ Promo - Primal Scream Therapy (Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker Remix)
04. Fear Factory - Frequency (Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker Remix)
05. The Soul Seeker - Riffs & Beats (Full of Hate Mix)
06. Casketkrusher - Musical Movement

Track 04 is a unofficial bootleg remix.
Track 06 is a previously unreleased track made around March 2014.

Artwork by - Stefan Lernout
Mastered by - Casketkrusher
Written, composed & produced by - Stefan Lernout

Battle Audio


Lovecraft 65


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Sorry, had some problems with this mix, had to remix / remaster / reupload it. Added two new songs.

01. White Terror - 2
02. ΟΔΟΣ 55 - Αττική - Βικτώρια
03. ΟΔΟΣ 55 - Για Πάντα (Live στον 1ο Όροφο)
04. Εμφιαλωμένοι Εραστές - Secrets (Live στον 1ο Όροφο)
05. Endphase - Synthetic Man
06. Video Look - Avveckling
07. Ortrotasce - Further Images
08. Dark Door - Ripudio eterno
09. Claus Fovea - Ah Ha Ha
10. Colouroid - TV People
11. The Dirty Sun - Burned Out Van
12. Kælan Mikla - Myrkrið Kallar (Live)
13. The Dirty Sun - Scarlett Walls
14. Abandos - First Date
15. Gerten - Smooth Displays
16. Video Look - Jag Star Kvar
17. Night Caller - Satellite
18. Electric Western & The Pocket Calculators - Roboterphobie
19. Epic Dreams - Kein Paradies
20. Erwin Eiswürfel - Roboterbrösel (Störgeräusche aus dem Evangelium)
21. Claus Fovea - Breathe
22. The Trapezoids - Final Solution
23. Opus Finis - Catapult

DJ Warlock

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This is the recording of me DJ-ing at one of my favourite techno clubs from back in the day. Finally got round to encoding the cassette. For those that don’t know, KNOWLEDGE was a weekly Wednesday night techno haven and I was there religiously almost every week. This was one of the occasional all nighters I played at and I remember getting together about 10 pages of guestlist comprising listeners on Pulse FM and loads of mates (shouts to anyone who was there!!). It was such a good night, the place was rammed and I think Aphex was playing a live set before me. Kicking off with some faster techno and acid of the time and leading up to some full on gabba and distorted 909 kick drums. The mix isn’t perfect but it captures the time. Recorded 7th April 1993.


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• Aih Aih Aih Eh Eh! EP

So here's something that we have been really excited about for quite some time now. The sound that has been taking over the Dominican Republic - Dembow.

After the Dominican youth got into Reggeton and later creating an entire scene on their own strength with Dominican Rap, Dembow was making noise on the island with tracks like 'Pepe' by Doble T y El Crok. There was a big longing for the riddims found on the Playero tapes, that the polished sounds of Reggeton simply were not providing anymore. Ever since Dembow made an entrance back then in '09/'10, Dominican Rap was getting on the background and Reggeton seemed to be forgotten about. This was the new sound and it was only after a couple of years of evolving, that the sound finally started to create it's own identity.

In comes Amsterdam based Godwonder, also of Dominican heritage, to present his 7 track EP. After 2 years, we present his unbiased vision of Dembow. Influenced by Dembow's "cousins" Reggeton and Moombahton, but also by the islands own Merengue and Mambo, to show how it's done. People have been sleeping on it for too long, so we decided to crash the parties at ADE to wake everybody the fuck up!

You know what? I'm not even going to describe the tracks for you. I suggest that you go ahead, grab your fucking bottle of Presidente and realize that the sandungueo just started again.



La Maniv'l nous a préparé un dj set typiquement tribe, il nous vient du label Hypnotik ( ) sur lequel ont signé de très beaux noms et donc de très belles tracks!

Ce set est très très bien mixé, c'est propre! Les disques vont merveilleusement bien ensemble, il est rare d'entendre des dj sets aussi bien construits, c'est à dire avec des montées sur plusieurs disques, des ruptures qui relancent l'écoute, des styles qui évoluent etc... Encore un beau podcast!!!

Pour le suivre =>> @la-manivl

This is Acid​.​.​. Nothing else

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FULL COMPILATION NOW ON EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE ON BANDCAMP!!! (.WAV) VA compilaton on Kobayashi recordings: This is Acid... Nothing else - VA, official release date: Dec.17th.2015. Eleven unreleased acid tracks, with Al Ferox, Paul Birken, TP Heckmann, Pzylo, Jacidorex, Martyn Hare, Dave Tarrida, Alavux, RadicalG, Woody McBride, Ethan Fawkes

Lovecraft 65


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On the Transmissions from Revarsavr LP, Lumisokea continue their exploration of rhythm technology and electroacoustic experiments while paying tribute to the pioneering spirit of the visionary inventors and composers from the early 20th century from the former Soviet Union. Linking the polyrhythmic ferocity of Apophenia (Opal Tapes 2014) to the otherworldly acoustic biotope of Mnemosyne (Alter 2015), Transmission from Revarsavr presents a meticulously balanced aural web of spiralling polyrhythmic constructions, clashing and chiming copper plates, sub-zero bass shudders and glowing synths.

Combining their fondness of electroacoustic experimentalism with traditional rhythm science from southern India and Korea, Lumisokea create a music in which the pulsating rhythms wind and coil unto themselves like a snake biting its own tail while metallic clangs and howling drones float in and out of focus.

The point of departure for Transmissions from Revarsavr was a recording Lumisokea made in early 2014 of Vladimir Popov’s “Noise Instruments” - remarkable mechanical contraptions designed in the 1920s to imitate the sounds of the coming industrial era. Like the “Noise Instruments”, many of these initially outlandish and far-fetched sounds have imperceptibly become self-evident to present-day music, while pioneers such as Arseny Avraamov (aka Revarsavr) and Vladimir Popov have been largely forgotten. With these “Noise Instruments” as a basis, Lumisokea craft the spiraling rhythm trips of “Generation Z” and “Nanissaanah”, the eerie procession of “Buk”, the rapid-fire blasts of “Hyman Otor”, the spectral shimmering dub of “Engrams” and the corroded percussion-mayhem of “Uroboros”.

The album has been mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, features artwork by Darren Brian Adcock and will be released on LP and digital formats by Opal Tapes on 22 January 2016.

The "Noise Machines" used in the recording are courtesy of The Music Laboratory (Moscow) and were recorded at the ReNoise exhibition in Berlin by Lumisokea. Lumisokea would like to give special thanks to Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro, Peter Aido and Evgenia Vorobyeva for the permission to use and record the reproductions of Vladimir Popov’s “Noise Instruments”.


Eons Away


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M.E.S.H. - Methy Imbiß - Pan
Human Stain - Pain [Part I] - Acre Recordings
Slackk - Posrednik - R & S Records
The Sprawl - Drowning In Binary - The Death Of Rave
Anodyne - (7+14_1_98) - Skam
RBR - Brain Smash - Acme Bass Records
Ripit - Dope On The Table - Bruits De Fond/Reverse Records
The Outside Agency - Incurable - Genosha Recordings
Lakker - Oktavist - R & S Records
CZ - I'm Alone - Murky Rips
Stagga - Ketamine Bee Swarm (riddim) - Fat Fridge
Maddjazz - Jack Move (Lorenzo Vektor remix) - Ghetto Division
Jlin - Guantanamo - Planet Mu
J.G.Biberkopf - Age Of Aquarius - Knives
Pink Abduction Ray - Five Dimensions - Darkmatter Soundsystem
C Mantle - Shrouder - Section 27
Monster X - Hunter - Murder Channel Records
Wallwork & RZR - Don't Panic (Deft Remix) - Nervous Horizon
Akkord - HTH020 (The Haxan Cloaks Cloud Of Witness) - Houndstooth
Phace - The Mothership - Neosignal
June Miller - Last Night On Earth - RAM Records
Grindclock - Silkwarp - World Wake
Kuedo - Eyeless Angel Intervention (feat. Mind:Body:Fitness) - Knives
Homemade Weapons - Mileena (MVP) - Samurai Music
Hostage - Tarmac - Therapy Sessions Recordings




Frantic Freak

Synthetix Sundays

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Playlist and Info
Intro music by STARFORCE
RPG Countdown and Jingle music by Micky Dodds and Larry Lang
Synthetix Sundays theme by Botnit
Synthetix Sundays art work and logo by Blood + Chrome @
1. Powder Slut - After Light
2. Ulyssio - Welcome to the Space Arena
3. Holon - Thrill of the Hunt
4. Neon Nox - Greed in the Sun
5. Beatbox Machinery - nuclear avenger brigade
6. Maver Music - Hot Pursuit
7. Patient Zero - They Rise
8. Patient Zero - She's not Human
9. Vulta - Murder at the Arcade (feat Tablation)
10. Garth Knight - Maniac!!!
11. Hubrid - Nitro [N°4/8]
12. Symmetry - City of Dreams
13. Nitelight - Mind Control
14. Oceanside 85 - the Timeshifter
15. Andromeda Dreams - Star Voyager
16. Terrorvizion - Phantom Interceptor
17. Run - INM3
18. David Bowie - China Girl
19. Room 8 - in the Rain
20. Pulse 80 & E. Delta (feat. The Violent Youth) - The Dead Of Night
---- PAUL'S SEGMENT -------
21. Crockett - the One
22. Dress-2-Kill - Dreaming of Miami
23. Secret Destroyers - Ghost Notes
24. Tokyo Rider - Empty Streets
25. Foreign Blade - Overcast
26. Damokles - This Time we Made it Through
27. Morgan Willis - Daytona Paradize
28. Format 440 - Break Away
29. Deathray Bam! - Miura 87
30. Super Hero, Never Die - Young Kid, Subtle Tide
31. Pumping Body - Touch Your Hair
32. Po - One - the Hot Spot
33. Absinth3 - Firewall (feat. Lisa Marie Perkins)
34. Miles Prower - Virtual Reality (feat. Coralie Kate)
35. Chronica and First Impressions - Capture
36. Emmett Brown - intro
37. Emmett Brown - Redline
38. Emmett Brown - Main Theme
39. Cry Wolf - Last Chase, Last Chance
40. Wolf and Raven - Star Drive
41. Obsidion - Lost Stars
42. Will Burn - Fireball
43. Giant Spirit - Dark Mountain
44. Alpharisc - Forgotten Hero
45. Crockett - in the Glass
46. Satori in Bed - En Route II
47. Amplitude Problem - Initialize
48. Bart Graft - Washitsu 和室
49. Faint Waves & Savage Void - Adventures in Sad City
50. Nightboat - Long Distance
51. Nightboat - Body Glove
52. Nightboat - the Sure Thing
53. Muscle - Satin Glove Lover
54. Marcel Singor - Late Contender
55. Minemice - New Day Dawning
56. Myrone - Information Kiosk
57. Emil Rottmayer - L.I.F.T.
58. Íncoly - Virtual Sunset
59. Dimi Kaye - Daylight
60. 3hooks - Venetian Double
61. Robert Parker - Brooklyn Bridge
62. DATAStream - Synthetic Heart
Album of the week - Crockett - Mixtape Memories
Synthetix Spotlight Artist - Patient Zero -
as always big thanks to Ben, Jazzi and Dallas for all their help with the show

Go Satta

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Available now from all major online retail and streaming outlets.

The Sweetest Pop for Candy Lovers

From Go Satta, the masterful duo who just recently dropped delicious "Caramel” on us, Emerald & Doreen Recordings are thrilled to bring you this hand-selected, exquisite mouthful of flavours.

In “White Chocolate” their eagerly anticipated first full length album, Go Satta spoil us with a rich and indulgent assortment. From the hooky pop crunch of “Nobody Like You”, to the smooth lush textures of the exquisite “We Long To Belong”, there is something for everyone here. Of course, the timeless, instant classic „Caramel“ is featured here once again.

Over the two years since they have been with us Go Satta have created an incredible series of songs, breathtaking in their scope. “White Chocolate” represents the very best of this work. Peek inside. Spoil yourself with some tasty ear candy.

Boneless One

DJ House Rob Viking


from soundcloud:

The album talks about all the fears that prevent us from moving forward, the fear of living, the fear of dying, the fear of trusting someone and being broken. It talks about this fog that surrounds us everyday and never disappears, this fog we are used to live with and is easier to tame than to fight.

DJ Mike Coldrave

God Body Disconnect

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God Body Disconnect debuts on Cryo Chamber with Dredge Portals, an emotional roller coaster of an album that reaches through several genres of music to serve us a strong narrative of storytelling.

Using everything from electronics, guitars to field recordings and vocals this is an incredibly diverse album not to be missed.

Running time: 57 minutes
released January 12, 2016

Written, Produced, Vocals - Bruce Moallem
Artwork, Mastering - Simon Heath

Kuvera B.

from soundcloud:

"From Paris, city of love, comes Kuvera B. An artist with love, love for distorted, heavy duty techno and electronic hardcore. Experimentation is one of his highest standards and it usually results in pummeling rhythms combined with intricate melodies and details. Next level techno." Drvg Cvltvre

My first 4 tracks EP w/ @psychicwarfare.


from soundcloud:

ALSO - Arpegmonger - R & S Records
Acre - Don't Talk - Tectonic
Savier - There's Warmth in the Mud - Bloody Funny Clown
Swarm Intelligence - LHM 500 - Acroplane Recordings
Untold - Doff - Hemlock Black
Pinch & Mumdance - Lucid Dreaming - Tectonic
Mumdance & Logos - Chaos Engine - Tectonic
Kastil - Breakness - Soul Notes
Mumdance & Logos - Hall of Mirrors - Tectonic
Killawatt - Excessive Hyperbole - Osiris Music UK
Wallwork & RZR - Parrot Honey - Nervous Horizon
Duct - It's Jungle (Flux Remix) - Shades Recordings
Lyka - Buff Girls - Tumble Audio
Lokane - Eastway Project - Infinite Machine
Krimslo - Assail - RAW Records
Le Dom - Oazis (Liar Optimix) - Tessier-Ashpool Recordings
Mutual Friend - Perfection - Tessier-Ashpool Recordings
Damu - Holed Up In The Hovel - Keysound Recordings
Creep N00m - Drunken Brawl - Project Allout
Zha - Southampton Lengman (Trends Remix) - White Peach
G Jones & Doshy - Millennium Falcon - Not On Label
Acre / Filter Dread - Flash Speed - Pan X Codes
Strict Face - Taipan Showers - Coyote
Rabit - Straps - Tri Angle
Machine Girl - Missy Punk - Orange Milk Records
Rotkeller - Delete (Dave Eleanor remix) - Everest Switzerland



David Garcet

from soundcloud:

A Dreamy Journey Into Drone Pop Land

David Garcet alias David from Venus alias Mister Dreamy Indie Disco Drone featuring Róisín Murphy, no, Emilia Rey dropping some fantastic vocal snippets into a crescendo of wonderful sounds that really take you up, up, and higher up, very close to the sun.

We are proud to present an amazing package of excellent adaptions of the original dream pop to the synth disco-ish „dark side of the moon edit“ and onwards to the psychedelic stroboscopic drone flight by David from Venus.
The package also features David’s interpretation of Christine Hoberg’s mesmerizing „Bonestranded“ as well as another original track „Christine M“.
Emerald and Doreen is proud to provide the stage for this slow dive into the dreamier side of indie pop terrain.

Official Video:…&


Cenk Akyol

from soundcloud:

Sipping (cask strenght) single malt at my comfy chair, staring snow squall arrive at this New Years Eve and enjoying this peaceful music. All the best in 2016.

Shuttle_Three Five Eight - Finch [Mille Plateaux 115]
Giuseppe Ielasi - (Third) Stunt pt. 5
Atom TM - Berge Und Täler
Joseph Haydn - Winter (Electric Indigo Flachs dub)
Autopoieses - La Vie A Noir [Mille Plateaux 073]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Von Schnabeln
Anakissed / Parasite - Bridge Over Troubled Waters [Death$ucker Records 0.5]
Lewis - Romance For Two
Enya - On Your Shore
First Human Ferro feat. Alberion - Eye-Deep In Hell
Nicole Willis - Siesta [Sähkö Recordings]
Jeremy Dower - Heart Troube [Plug Research]
Oval - Latvia
Fennesz - Paroles [Editions Mego 165CD]
John Beltran - The Second I Wake
Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Gaute Storaas, Arve Henriksen ‎– Theme From Victoria
Tor Lundvall & Leila Abdul Rauf - Quiet Seaside
Susanna And The Magical Orchestra - Enjoy The Silence [Rune Grammofon]

Sound Abuse

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In 2015 we were guest in the Ben Harder Show and played this DJ Set.

Hour 2: Electronic Mind Expansion in the mix
01. Electronic Mind Expansion - Problem Solver
02. Electronic Mind Expansion - Phase Transition
03. Electronic Mind Expansion - Crossroads
04. Electronic Mind Expansion - The Downward Spiral
05. Mindwalker - A more perceptive world (Electronic Mind Expansion Remix)
06. Electronic Mind Expansion - Chain Reaction
07. Lucindo - Act 100
08. Electronic Mind Expansion ñ Mood shifter
09. Perc - 405
10. Electronic Mind Expansion - The brain in a jar
11. Electronic Mind Expansion - Trouble Maker
12. Catscan - Wauw
13. Dolgener - Crusin just above shutdown (AnD Remix)
14. Carlos Murphy - Recollection
15. Electronic Mind Expansion - Fictional Realism
16. Rave Creator - E-Razor