from soundcloud:

This special long mix is dedicated to the Neue Deutsche Welle also called NDW which was the German response to the English new wave / post punk and other synth genres of the 80's. It resulted in a dark, agressive and highly creative genre which contains to my point of view the best synth songs of the decade. Still today, there are very few bands who can compete with the energy and the creativity of thoses artists and thoses who can are mostly German and / or influenced by NDW. All of the songs are coming from wav (either original cds or vinyl rips) and in the best quality you will ever hear online.

01. X-Quadrat - Kauf Dir Die Freiheit (1982)
02. Treibeis - DeutscheFrau (1981)
03. Pseudo Elektronixx - Der Prinz Der Blauen Berge (1983)
04. Maybe - Wildsau (1982)
05. Kein MenscH! - Kein MenscH! (1982)
06. Hongkong Syndikat - Gonohrro (1982)
07. Heute - Schlachthof (1982)
08. Gorilla Aktiv - Spiegelbild (1983)
09. Hermann Kopp - Jetzt Will Ich Ein Guter Junge Sein (1981)
10. Eurocheque - Heut Ist Tanz (1982)
11. Bodenpersonal - O-Ton (1981)
12. Asmus Tietchens - Frautod Grafitto (1982)
13. ALU - Bitte Warten Sie! (1981)
14. Die Krupps - Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn (1981)
15. Der Künftige Musikant - Alles was du Willst (1982)
16. Heiner Göbbels - Berlin Q-Damn 12.4.81 (1981)
17. Klaus Urban - Neutronenbombe (1984)
18. Robert Görl - Mit Dir (1983)
19. P1E - 49 Second Romance (1980)
20. Stahlnetz - Wir Sind Glücklich (1982)
21. Pyrolator - Gold & Silber (1981)
22. Euphorie - Kälte Treibt (1982)
23. Deutscher Kaiser - Weltenhymne (1981)
24. Tommi Stumpff - Contergan Punk (1983)
25. Matthias Schuster - Ritual IV (1981)
26. Keine Ahnung - Nacht (1983)
27. Kolonne Müller - Schrittmacher (1983)
28. Neros Tanzende Elektropäpste - Hilfe Mein Deo Brennt (1982)
29. Neros Tanzende Elektropäpste - Der Singende Lenorhaushalt (1982)
30. Quiet Life - Schlafen (1983)
31. Smalts - Werktitel No.4 (1982)
32. Hessen Ganz Groß! - Unter Der Achsel (1981)
33. Tschernobyl Monster - Tage & Nächte (198?)
34. Tabu - Allein (1982)

Christoph De Babalon

from soundcloud:

Release Date: 13/11/15
Short Eternities is available to pre-order directly from the Love Love store: bit.ly/1VYni5j

With a career spanning over two decades, Christoph De Babalon has consistently created music that stands apart from contemporaneous trends. Early 12”s such as ‘Destroy Berlin!’ on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) and ‘We Declare War’ on his own Cross Fader Enter Tainment (CFET) outlet first presented his cathartic brand of noise-orientated drum & bass and his isolationist tendencies, with extensive support from the late John Peel and Thom Yorke helping Christoph achieve somewhat of an outsider-status. More recently his ability to remain separated from specific spheres of influence has allowed him to deliver uncompromising releases like the mutated conceptual album ‘Scylla & Charybdis’, as well as his diverse 2012 album ‘A Bond With Sorrow’ on Tigerbeat6, marking a departure from the chaotic flurries he was perhaps previously more known for.

‘Short Eternities’ sees Christoph once again exploring the abrasive nature of his earlier work whilst maintaining throughout the album a level of measured assuredness not often seen in this area of music. Album opener ‘Barely You’ serves as a powerful message of intent interlacing a fractured drum break with tense horror tones, whereas detailed ambient atmospheres such as those in ‘Wait For Me’ and ‘It’s Returning’ alongside the hypnotic rumblings of ‘Home is Here’ and ‘Bad Dreamer’ break apart the extremities of the album, providing an opiated atmosphere within which the album swims around. This cinematic presentation allows for a far greater impact when the climactic ‘Haunting Past’ finally hits home with its finely-tuned blend of jarring distortion and moody surroundings, followed hastily by the twisted drum breaks and writhing bass-line of ‘Fairreality’. Christoph touches upon a rich shadowy darkness akin to a handful of contemporaries such as Demdike Stare and Vatican Shadow but with a vigour that captures the anarchic spirit of early breakcore. It is the explorative and ritualistic nature of his method, combining paradoxical feelings of euphoria, introversion and explosive aggression, which truly makes Christoph’s music so compelling.


Barely You
Home Is Here
Wait For Me
Bad Dreamer
It’s Returning
Haunting Past
Tension Ascension

Artwork by Ian Liddle



Machines At Last - Class Two
B. Marvin & Guy - Dimension
Celldod - Svart Magi
Love In Cage - Automne Monotone
Andi Arroganti - Benzin In Berlin
La Stele Des Pleures - Nostalgie Eternelle
Elektrovolt - Nani
Person A - Plainly
Excess - Ghiaccio
Ghost Twin - These Remains
Autumn - Synthesize
Colouroid - Winter's Night
Michael Garrison - Take A Chance
The Colours Of Silence - Ghost Dance
Qual - Geometry Of Wounds



01. the mover - astral demons 94
02. lorenz attractor - shadow fax
03. reign - skeletons march
04. noface - the master of the lost souls
05. the invisible s.p. & the jackal - Pirate Base
06. the mover - impaler ii (the pentagram)
07. r-trax - voice of the devil
08. nordcore - hölle part 2
09. high energy - hellgate to gabbertrance
10. final dream - eternal darkness
11. disciples of belial - lucifer we praise thee
12. stickhead & don demon - demonhead
13. alec empire - the robot put a voodoospell on me

get spooky with this halloween mix! only the scariest and most fearful in electronics and hardcore. meet lucifer, skeletons, pentagrams, pirates...
are you ready to take this mix? lock the door and hide inside... and turn up the volume!

Anti Music Workshp

from soundcloud:

Yvonne Gage “Doin' It In A Haunted House”
from 4Z9 05006

Patrick Cowley “Nightcrawler”
from School Daze Dark Entries ‎DE-052

Boytronic “Bryllyant (33 1/3 Plus 8 Remix)”
from Dark Entries ‎DE-101

Bob James “Soulero”
from One

The Orb Featuring Lee Scratch Perry “No Ice Age (Instrumental)”
from More Tales From The Orbservatory

Aphex Twin “180db_”
from Syro CD ALBUM

Blue Russell “I Wanna Fly Away (Instrumental)”
from Dark Entries DE-093

International Music System “Love Games”
from Dark Entries DE-078

Shalou “After”

Oneohtrix Point Never “Americans”
from R Plus Seven



from soundcloud:

a selection of electro tracks, all artists are on bandcamp, or find them on my profile...

follow the link... bandcamp.com/vinnie-08

1. Prototype - Stimme Der Energie (Supreme Ja Remix)
2. Soulless Machine - President Is A Machine
3. Mike Ash - Fuelled Aggression
4. Hatch - What Am I
5. F8 - Space Station
6. TFHats - &roid
7. MIND_UNIT – Circuitz of Dead Cyborgs
8. _AWOL – Final Command

MF Machinist

DJ Ash

from soundcloud:

1 Manu Le Malin - Daddy Is...On The Way Home (Al Ferox Remix)
2 E-Man - Under My Command
3 Le Cercle Noir ‎- Octopussy
4 Hardmakz - Dioxine Overload
5 Ybrid - Etesiae
6 Dr. Macabre - Danse Macabre
7 The Emperator ‎- Factory Two
8 Le Bruit Qui Court - Divine Comedia
9 Manu Le Malin - On The Way Home
10 Deadly Budda - Esto Es Los Angeles
11 Ubald - Genese
12 Waldhaus -The Darkness
13 Traffik - Storm
14 Joshua versus Hibou - Inconfessable
15 Cyborg Unknown ‎- Return Of The Cyborg Unknown
16 Distorted Waves Of Ohm ‎- Herculean
17 Daisy aka Mandragore - 600
18 Daisy aka Mandragore - Guns
19 Joshua - La Voix D'outre Tombe
20 Aphasia, Torgull & Manu Le Malin - L Gong
21 Manu Le Malin / DJ Nikollaps - Premier Contact

Synthetix Sundays

from soundcloud:

Playlist and Info
Intro music by STARFORCE
RPG Countdown and Jingle music by Micky Dodds and Larry Lang
Synthetix Sundays theme by Botnit
Synthetix Sundays art work and logo by Blood + Chrome @ www.facebook.com/BloodnChrome?fref=ts
1. Mr. Tengu - Among the Willows
2. Cleeve Morris - Orion 41-R
3. Sebastian Gampl - Sometimes
4. the Northern Light - Lifted
5. Neon Vandal - intro : Collapse
6. Neon Vandal - Concrete Jungle
7. Neon Vandal - Atomic Wasteland/Mutant Gang
8. Maniac Lover - the Victim Machine
9. Midnite Maniacs - Run for your Life
10. Stilz - Time Phase
11. Antoni Maiovvi - British Summer
---- PAUL'S SEGMENT ----
12. Foreign Blade - Dirty Cop
13. Foreign Blade - Flash Ride
14. Fantastisizer - the Gift
15. Surgery Head - Narkotica
16. Scmore - HOM
17. LNDRMN - All of a Sudden... Space Debris
18. Nitelight - Blue Moon
19. Synaptyx - Outer Shit Space thing
20. Wolf Man from Mars - Things you Wouldn't Like
21. Absinth3 - Drifting
22. Absinth3 - Those were the Days
23. Absinth 3 - Knowing your Friends from your Enemies
24. Absinth 3 - Hooked on Love
25. Cebit - Ravenous Female
26. Thiefinger - Knave the Third
27. Fast Eyes - Young and Lucky
28. Hanz Meyzer - Hanzel's Theme
29. Javarnanda - Cuore di lupo
30. Pengus - Death Valley
31. OuttaSync - Stereo Dream
32. Zonic Zynth - Original Moves
33. 23rd Underpass - I will Make you Believe
34. Gina Calabrese - Little Miss Dangerous
35. Ben Businovski - Catalogue Chic
36. Satellite Young - Dividual Heart
37. FORÊT DE VIN - Lifeline
38. D.I.M.H. - Dynamo
39. Haunt - Video Dream
40. Trevor Something - the Touch of your Skin
41. Drab Majesty - the Heiress
42. Beatbox Machinery - Fast Cars, Palm Trees & Hot Ladies
(feat. Occams Laser)
43. A Space Love Adventure - Avalanche 49
44. A Space Love Adventure - Nicole
45. Make up and Vanity Set - Fatal Flaw
46. Unitra - Take a Deep Breath
47. the Foreign - Getaway (feat. Viktor Rom)
48. Seblin - Dangerzone
49. Aileron_ - SuperCruise
50. Aileron_ - Oceanside
51. Chad Valley - True (Lockah Edit)
52. Rogue Six - Jupiter Station
53. Oscillian - Building Better Worlds
54. Cartridge 1987 - Frank
Album of the week - Foreign Blade - Trouble In The Precinct
Synthetix Spotlight Artist of the week - Aileron_
2015 Melbourne Synth meet up!! Be there or be square www.facebook.com/events/976143495757000/


from soundcloud:

preview of the forthcoming CDR split with Japan's "CDR" on Ende Records (Australia) and RDC Records (Japan)

preorders can be made here:




Kontravoid - Silent Visions
We Are OOH People - Youth
Galatee - Poeme 21
Ngly - Infiltrating Parallax
Werner Karloff - Modern Communication
Orchidee Noire - De Vous A Toi
Peine Perdue - Segment
Sarin - Interceptor
Gina Calabrese - Little Miss Dangerous
A-7H - No Future No Feelings
Kline Coma Xero - The Fanatic
Xarah Dion - Sillage Et Caprice
Mode In Gliany - Speech / Images / Diaphane
Paralelo - Europa Y Allados
Alles - Utopia
Ortrotasce - With My Eyes Closed

Minimum Syndicat


from soundcloud:

BAKKDD1 | Legowelt - Dark Days | 3LP

A1 Lego Resistance 5:57 (33rpm)
A2 The Building Blocks Of Life 5:12 (33rpm)
A3 Svolvaer 4:45 (33rpm)
B1 Nowhere Track 3:57 (45rpm)
B2 Techno Madchen 5:44 (45rpm)
C1 An Obnoxious Affair On Tape 5:45 (33rpm)
C2 Myst 5:50 (33rpm)
C3 Airplanes In The Rain 6:04 (33rpm)
D1 Are You Really So Deep 4:54 (45rpm)
D2 Sleeping In The Window 3:52 (45rpm)
E1 Silent Service 3:26 (33rpm)
E2 Decay Dream 4:37 (33rpm)
E3 Furniture 4:31 (33rpm)
F1 Wir Lebten In Miniland 10:33 (45rpm)

Release Date: End of October

As days prolong darker, walls come seeping in for the solitary resident. A collection of early Legowelt tracks, found on old dusty tapes assumed a long time gone. All tracks recorded between 1992-1997.
First time ever on vinyl and fully remastered. Pressed on three slices of 155 grams black wax and inserted in black sleeves with an eerie story.

Pre-order > clone.nl/item37160.html

For more info contact us at info@bakk.nl
and follow us on Facebook > www.facebook.com/bakkprojects

Distribution: Clone

Randal Collier-Ford

from soundcloud:

Randal Collier-Ford is back with his second album on Cryo Chamber, Remnants takes us to edge of the futuristic and the esoteric, blending the elements to soothe the listener into a black whirlpool of unexpected evolving sound design.

Dawn Of Decay

Something Special

_ememe & Zustand D.

Jesus F. Christ

from soundcloud:

1. Argyre Planitia - Nebulae
2. Kammarheit - The Howl
3. Sabled Sun - Inner Sanctum
4. Northaunt - Moraine
5. Kammarheit - Lower Halls
6. Ionosphere - 20 Arcsec
7. Scott Lawlor & Graham McArthur - Chasm of Emptiness
8. Cryobiosis - Enthrall
9. Inade - Lemuria Revised
10. Sabled Sun - Signals V

AMOK Tapes

from soundcloud:

Having been extremely prolific for 5+ years with just this project, Drvg Cvltvre has released several full length records and 12”s. Beyond that artist Vincent Koreman has cut his teeth in different projects (Ra-X, Hidden Rulers, Vince Destructo + more) through the nineties ranging from techno and electro to house on labels such as KK and Bunker. Still within all these releases, his unique vision of music comes through: something dark and otherworldly yet extremely moving and mutated.
Finally, the Tilburg resident has come to AMOK Tapes with 4 sinister techno tracks on this self-titled cassette. He blends dirty, distorted hardware electronics with acidic, trippy techno that is perfect for a morning in a pitch black cellar. His DIY punk attitude shines through with uncompromising slow-burning New Beat rhythms and basslines topped with abrasive noises. Meanwhile, demonic vocals and synths writhe underneath. The latest Drvg Cvltvre has to offer continues to prove that his massive output is consistently strong and yet ever evolving — and this tape may be some of the heaviest to date.

All C30 cassettes come vacuum-sealed with insert. Professionally duplicated.

Mastered by Jos Smolders

Release date: October 28, 2015

Analogic Density Records

from soundcloud:

ANLD 003
Third Chapter
Release date: December 15th 2015
Pre-order link analogicdensity.bigcartel.com/product/anld-003
limited edition 300 copies

Number three means perfection since ever. It is the cosmic entirety embleme, third direction, movement origin, and infinite light expansion.
All these features become musical interpretation in this 3rd release.
4 tracks in a structured, syncopated, and constantly evolving groove.
Third chapter, third stop of the trip.



Low Entropy

01. Planet Phuture - 2017
02. Current 909 - The Lockdown
03. Metronome - B1
04. Wavelan - It Will Stand
05. Wavelan - Cygnal
06. Zenith - Black Alienation
07. Aftermath - The Aftermath
08. Low Entropy - Snow Crystal
09. Dr. Macabre - Macabre
10. DJ Silence - Come On
11. DJ Silence - Got The Beat
12. The Horrorist - Symphony #9
13. The Horrorist - Heed The Word
14. DJ Jappo vs. DJ Lancinhouse - Sacrifice

Toys For Noise

from soundcloud:

This was a lifeset I did in eindhoven for the analogue species night that was held in the Gaslab in Eindhoven on the 16th oct 2015, I felt honoured to be one of the musicians to make some noise on a night that was originally intended to be just a "normal" party celebrating analogue machines but sadly it had become a night to remember and celebrate the life of Hans .... who sadly had said goodbye to life a week earlier and whose funeral had taken place earlier that same day ... this one is for Hanze .......... enjoy the ride = ]


Synthetic Sunday

from soundcloud:

Playlist and Info
Intro music by STARFORCE
RPG Countdown and Jingle music by Micky Dodds and Larry Lang
Synthetix Sundays theme by Botnit
Synthetix Sundays art work and logo by Blood + Chrome @ www.facebook.com/BloodnChrome?fref=ts
1. Paladin - Mode I
2. Holon - Ghost Cities
3. Alone Wolf - I Work Alone
4. Hello Meteor - Mutual Dark
5. Full Eclipse - Totem
6. THOR - Mother board
7. Ravenh0lm - Cardio Workout
8. Alpharisc - Aerobic Romance
9. Vincenzo Salvia - the Awakening of 1982 Golf GTD
10. Floydshayvious - 3am on a Summer Night (Shadowrun SNES cover)
11. Dress-2-Kill - Nosferatu
12. Intersigno - Dark Instinct
13. Wolf & Raven - Grave Danger
14. SpaceInvader - Night Cruising
15. Killer Instinct - Faceless
16. My Faust - Machine
17. R.F. Extreme - Any Given Moment
18. Overvad - Massive Scoop
19. Garth Knight - on the Streets
20. Doctr - the Master's Grand Design
21. Alpha Boy - Zeros and Ones
22. Cobra Copter - Method
23. Tanimura Midnight - Wrong Number
24. Grooveworthy - Suntan L'Ocean
25. MotEr - Snowburn
26. Mr. Sunshine - Hi Fi Overdrive
27. Isaac Benjamin - Twirl Me
28. Magic Dance - 'Til you're Mine
29. Magic Machines - Journey (feat. Rebecca Joy)
30. Glass Apple Bonzai - Holy War
31. London Lazers - Control
32. London Lazers - Spark
33. Andy Voigt - Silverlights
34. HOME - Dream Head
35. Sandy H - Night Trip
36. Car Noir - Like Machines
37. Ataraxis - Sexbot
38. Virtucaster - Savage
39. Virtucaster - Scratches
40. Volt Age - Future past (Extended Rework)
41. Tape Loader - is this the Internet
42. SAGA - on the Loose (Peter Zimmerman Remix)
43. Kid Flash - Pop 'n' Rock (Blazestation Remix) feat. Lucy Black and Jazzi Marzcat
44. Expender - Bloodmoon
45. Esciron - Big Trouble in Neon City
46. David Good - Neon Sunrise
47. Robert Parker - Love Lost
48. Vector Wolf - Night Chase
49. Dimi Kaye - Floating into the Unconscious
50. Dimi Kaye - Final Approach
51. AWITW - Night Shift
52. Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Makes me Think of You
53. Ben Businovski - Catalogue Chick
54. Mick Mclane - Rock Dust
55. Android Automatic - Escape
56. Questarossa - Dancealone
57. Agust - Hope
58. Po-One - All Night Long
Album of the week - A Sign Of Respect
by alpharisc, WARD-IZ & Ravenh0lm - futureretromusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-si…of-respect
Synthetix Spotlight Artist of the Week - Virtucaster

Red Clouds


Fernando Wax

from soundcloud:

Broadcast on October 11rd at 20:00 on Radio Vibration (vibration.fm) in Brussels, Belgium. DJ Set by Fernando Wax. This is a part of the set that I had the privilege to do at Neon Judgement's last concert After Party which took place in Brussels on September 26th.

Disco Doubles

from soundcloud:

Disco Doubles - For One Night Only

Disco Doubles is the brainchild of Gilberto Caleffi and Erio Simonini.

After releases on Permanent Vacation and Nang Records, they now present their fantastic first album on Emerald & Doreen Records, the futuristic German boutique label
among whose biggest fans is Jerry Bouthier, the world famous Kitsuné DJ and catwalk sound designer of Vivianne Westwood. And they present only killers, no fillers ;). A supernova of a release.

„Breakthrough feat. G.RIZO“, the opener of the album, will not only please many dancefloors and catwalks, but also every music lover, especially those who are into 80s italo and Felix da Housecat disco-tech. It is the kind of smash hit that can make it into every top 100 chart and even be played on the coolest radio stations on Earth. People will immediately ask themselves, “who sings that?”. A great underground hit, definitely. “Reach for the Stars” is the kind of track you would have expected from Giorgio Moroder - if he were an underground producer rooted deep down in late 1970s space disco and early 1980s new romantic wave and italo disco, adding a tiny touch of mainstage electro house cause it is 2015 – good decision. “Feel” is a magic kosmische / cosmic disco tune with a melancholic vocoder for low Venus orbit cruises. For “Together”, they joined forces with one of nu disco’s most renowned female singers, Kathy Diamond. Excellent choice – together, they provide a classy sunset handclap disco masterpiece with a lot of funk. “Paradise” is spaced out vocoder-electro-pop at its best, “Something In The Air” clearly references vintage electro-disco from Italy but also Miami Vice-style retro-synth-wave and gives that a spicy electro-house edge with mainfloor appeal, respect, uplifting frequencies! “Galaxy” is a deep and dark slo-mo-retrosynth-techno dancefloor monster, great for darker sets, “Speed of Light” then makes you rise and rise and rise…could be played by Pachanga Boys in their next Burning Man set…”Funk Wit You” is the funky vocal house tune you simply must love…What a release, what a ride! Disco Doubles, the cosmos loves you for these nice frequencies!

The Robot Scientists



from soundcloud:

Raised with dusty shelves of digital , broadcast last December 15, 2014, played on Digitally Imported. Cheerful blend of outstanding Rave / Hard Trance tunes 1995, at a speed of 167 BPM .

Поднимается с запыленных цифровых полок, крайний эфир от 15 декабря 2014 года, сыгранный на Digitally Imported.

Весёлая смесь выдающихся Rave/Hard Trance мелодий 1995 года, на скорости 167 ударов.

1. Marusha - Unique (Wir album version) (00:00)
2. Dance 2 Trance - I Have A Dream (Enuf Eko?) (Airplay Edit) (04:54)
3. MC Hair - Trance Hair Love (95' Remix) (08:04)
4. X-Ite - Research (Hypnotic Mix) 1995 (12:28)
5. Datura & U.S.U.R.A. - Infinity (Geometrical Mix) (14:35)
6. Warris & Fly - Life On Mars (Marrs Remix) (16:56)
7. Timo Maas & Gary D. - Die Herdplatte (100°) (22:17)
8. Code 12 - Nightfly (Short Mix) (26:58)
9. RMB - Experience (Follow Me) (Enhanced Version) (30:36)
10. Sunbeam - Energy (35:29)
11. Axel Stephenson - Varcaz In Trance (37:37)
12. Act Of Fear - Care (Hi Shape Mix) (43:45)
13. Maui - Feel Me Tonight (Flying Together Trance Mix) (49:19)
14. General Base - Rythm & Drums (Part 2) (52:35)
15. Nature One - The Sense Of Live (Hurricanmix) (55:51)
16. Rexanthony - Polaris Dream (Radio Version) (60:34)


Anti Music Workshop

from soundcloud:

New Order “Tutti Fruitti”
from music complete (Mute 2015)

D. ST. “Megamix II (Why is it fresh)”

Irene Cara “breakdance extended dub”
from 0-20196

Nash the Slash “1984”

Grace Jones “Warm Leatherette”

Piero Umilani “astronaughty”

Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark “Messages”
from In the Dark

The Beat Club “Technology”
from Electrobeat... Introduction

Sub Committee “Music Takes Me”
from SHADOW 59

Aphrodite “Summer Breeze”
from Aphrodite

Yello “Oh Yeah”

The Future Sound of London “Cerebral”
from Lifeforms

Deee-Lite “Groove is in the Heart”
from Best of

Deee-Lite “What is Love?”

Mike Mareen “Love Spy (Night Mix)”


from soundcloud:

01. Spatial Relation - Phantoms Of The Future
02. Ortrotasce - Fading Figures
03. Ortrotasce - Grey Space
04. Ssleeping DesiresS - Breath Control
05. Frio - Someone Else
06. Zanna Nera - All Mechanical Color
07. Violence Conjugale - Mirador
08. Police Des Moeurs - Je te vois
09. Ventre De Biche - La Vie Est Un Long Fleuve De Merde
10. Présent Parfait - Je bois trop
11. Shibuya Station - Danse Dans Les Grottes
12. Twins Natalia - I Avoid Strangers (Original Demo Version)
13. Merci La Nuit - AIT, 3 times a day
14. Sleep Museum - Flume
15. MASSENDEFEcT - Television Set
16. MASSENDEFEcT - Ich Mag Mich
17. Die Perlen - Bahnsteig 19
18. A2 - Flieg mit mir
19. Flyherder - Motherpeace
20. Akustikkoppler - Nichraucher
21. In Namen Des Volkes - Die Neinsager
22. Gary Flanagan - Every Friday Night
23. ((PRESSURES)) - Vanishing
24. Undertheskin - Rain

Thanks to Martin from Massendefect (Und Daniel ;)) for sending me exclusive unrealesed songs, thanks to Matthias, and Andreas (so kind to share his music with me everytime i'm asking), thanks to Gary Flanagan and all the artists who accepted to play the game and share with me their songs. This will probably be the last mix i'm doing before a long time so i hope you'll enjoy it !

John Dark

from soundcloud:

Widerstand 08 - Senical - Effective Charge
Killing Rates 01 - Earl Of Reformation - untitled (A1)
Hart Trackz 06 - Zekt - Nuclear indicator
Drop Bass Network 41 - Evo - Beyond drugs
Xunk lp 01 - Revision 1.1 - Hk ownz you
Exitus 01 - Black Blood - Doooooooom
Addict 01 - Doormouse - Morning Star
Industrial Strenght Records 50 - BMH Squad Dementure vs. Adventerous Adam - Brainscan
Hardline 9 - Dublin Terror Squad - Praying Mantis
Rage records 02 - Static Tremor - UHF
Gamma OH 03 - Leto Process - Go To Hell
Kill out recordingz 19 - DJ Freak - The Gabberoid
Bloody Fist 18 - Syndicate - Fuck Sydney
Strike Records 10 - Xylocaïne - Venus
Six Sixty Six 004 - Collective Strenght - Mutha Fuck
Badback Records 04 - Coexsystems - The Vortex of Fear
C-Tank ‎– Nightmares Are Reality Part II - Spirit of Kaos
Storm Records Scotland 03 - Dj Freak - on the edge
Seven Records 4 - Skullblower - Untittled (B)


from soundcloud:

Blind Observatory - And The Flying Saucer
Neptunium - Acid Journey
Polar Inertia - Parallel Transport
Luigi Tozzi - Calipso
Giorgio Gigli & George Paar - Life Is Not Dead Yet (Original mix)
Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default - Point
Oscar Mulero - Intentionaly False (Shifted Remix)
Jonas Kopp - Mental Message
Bleak - Rampage
Neptunium - Hypnosis
SNTS - 15.04.1946


from soundcloud:

Natrion's mix at the October 2015 edition of Natrion's Horrorshow.

Soundcloud: @natrion
Facebook: www.facebook.com/natrionofficial

1. Starving Insect - Dormant Storm
2. Fifth Era - Untitled (Angst Remix)
3. Starving Insect & Ragnarok - Sunken (Ragnarok's Dreamcore Mix)
4. Nyctophilia - Break Away
5. Natrion - Scripta Ex Tormente
6. R.Roo - Exist Part 2
7. Kramerr - Inside Me (Trusting Demons Variation)
8. Xaero & Mel Agony - Depths Of Depravity
9. Starving Insect - IDDQD
10. Energetic-X - The Moonless Midnight Of The Mind (CRPTC Remix)
11. Nyctophilia - Decease Of Doom
12. Ruairi O'Baoighill - Incantation
13. Machinist - Desolating Evil

The Robot Scientists


from soundcloud:

This Wednesday, as the next Wednesday will be dedicated to Experimental and Electronic music.

This week we present:
"Stefano Pulici" aka A034 from Milan / Italy

Stefano Pulici aka a034 is a producer based in north Italy who has been active in the international underground scene since the early 90s.
He has produced many vynils, tapes and cds on indie labels as Bar La Muerte, Afe, Hydrophonic, FVA (Jp), Blackbean+Placenta (Usa), MonkeyTool (Fr), Raumklang (De), ...
He has been playing live for many years into abandoned factories, squats, clubs and festivals proposing his concept of dancefloor, something that cannot be relegated into one genre but goes through all his musical influences exploring borderline athmospheres and crossing the borders.
He is co-founder of the 90s Nuke Satori web-label (with BBS) with which he has produced experimental music of any kind trying to diffuse the use of creative commons licenses instead of subscribing to copyright-agencies.
As well, he is co-founder of the REXISTENZ label (with Hyena, Pablito el Drito, Mbst8, Manual Destruction, Degrade, Opser) that today is a well known landmark for electronics and post-electronics with a border-breaking attitude.

Interr-ference ONE "A034" Episode#06

TRACKLIST (i brani marchiati con * sono releaes RXSTNZ RECORDS)

*Lost Technology - At the Mountains of Madness
*Burla2222 - Grey isolation
Amon - The Legacy, Domes/Colonies
*a034 - Dark Blue
The Caretaker - A Stairway to the Stars
Colin Stetson - High above a Gray Green Sea
*Xenodrome - Mad People
Pharmakon - Ache
*Lost Technology - Doomed
Atrium Carceri - Injection
a034 - Unreleased/Untitled
Robedoor - Sabbath Breaker
Amon - Foundation, Mopula
*Fire at Work - ew Piano Hombre
*Lunar Transient Phenomena - Automa
*Ripit - Carbonage
Degrade - Unreleased/Untitled
Lustmord & Robert Rich - Hidden Refuge
*Stefano Del Contrasto - A present for you
Akkord - The Haxan Cloak's Cloud of Witness
a034 - Unreleased/Panta-Fuckin-Rei

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DJ Klem


from soundcloud:

Kallkällan is proud to announce it's third release! This time we bring you the french Secretary Of Doomcore, 14anger!

Hailing from the town of Béziers, located at the warm and comfortable coast of the Mediterranean Sea, 14anger comes with a package full of reputation!

Raging the scene for more than two decades, he released on almost two dozen different labels and shared the stage with well known artists across electronic music.

He visited us in our secret lair somewhere in the lost zones of dangerous swedish wilderness to record his first EP on Kallkällan.

Accompanied with compatriot Symbolic Death and canadian pathfinder Huck Farper, he delivers six tracks of the finest oldschool doomcore haute cuisine!

© All rights reserved

Artwork © by Maëlle Cadoret

Mastering by Datalab Studio

Catalogue number: Kall3.

Marc Acardipane

Pascal Doguet

Spacey Blurr

from soundcloud:

Compilation of @Keister_SBK tracks.

Song Names: Keister Bells /\ Hey Idiots, Maybe Stand Farther Away From Your Amps When You’re Playing /\ Exprevdelweevil 4revdel4ifide /\ Blasted Basstorizatron /\ Trippooom /\ Surveyor of Coming Calamities /\ You’re Gonna Die /\ 999 /\ Grungelizer Experiments /\ If You Don’t Like It You Can Lick My Butthole, If You Do Like It You Can Lick My Butthole Too /\ Space Noise - Keister Remix /\ Live Noise Punck /\ Weevil Freq /\ Pultexiseam /\ Pokemon Orchestra 1 /\ Rock Around the Joint /\ Forown Fedack /\ Коротковолновыи /\ Ebolashmola /\ Gronjecesseddelizer /\ Spacey Blurr /\ Logic Board Take Long Snip 1min /\ Keither /\ Thunder Drone /\ Forestual Sink

Anna Bolena

from soundcloud:

INDEF Series podcast episode #006


LENK 1995
SPERMINATOR (Elektrochemie remix 2001) 1991
5PUJ47980XK 2015

John Selway

Bunker Records

from soundcloud:

So here we are. When Guy asked me to do a little something something for the 20 Years Bunker Records party in a few weeks I thought, oh well, why not. "Doesn't have to be much, like 45 minutes?" he said. But then when I sat down to actually do it, blanks were drawn fast. Where the hell to begin? There's so much music, and being so close to it over the years all of it has some kinda misplaced significance and meaning. Damn son, this thing got me all ponderous. About my own game, about Bunker, the directions it took over the years and the importance it had in my life and that of a LOT of people around me. I am not even talking about music, but for some Bunker Records literally stood between drop-out-ville gun-in-mouth killing spree blues and the dance floor factory. The number of artists that got their start on Bunker Records and the number of quasi careers it launched is ridiculous. I can go full disclosure and admit that me and mines travelled the world at least half a dozen times on the back of it.

In many ways Bunker is an affirmation of the nerd life, a self contained (and carefuly cultivated) end game of it's serial monomaniac owner and creator Guy Tavares, who is, by his own admission, stuck forever alone at a high-school dance. Sprung from an environment that has largely been gentrified (The Hague) and a scene that is close to being wiped out (squatters dude!). Stark and slightly pompous in its vision, but never rigid and -godforbid- petty minded. It is also inclusive, welcomes the input of others and is quick to support upcoming artists. It doesn't really matter who you are or what you credentials are, if you've got a story to tell, you can roll no problem, the music always comes first. And yes dammit, sometimes this platitude really is what it is! It makes Bunker Records one of the very few true DIY labels and absolutely unique in today's music landscape: a Bullshit Detector for the noughties, a tiny giant hammering at the foundations of dance music's Ego Cathedrals. Alas, since none of *important* media seem to notice this birthday (yet), it feels a bit like a man toasting himself in the mirror of a Travel Inn single bedroom with sum minibar party favors listening to Orca Reunion. But hey, Dirty Brown fo' life!*

Back to this mix then, still wtf... I guess it's made up of some classics, some personal faves and some tracks I rediscovered while trying to figure out what to put in it. I tried to stay a bit broad and not too much stuck in one sound or period or artist AND not make it too messy. It turned into some GETO shit, RUFF around the edges, far from perfect, but it's got some confidence and personality: exactly how it should be with a thing like this. We're on some The Hague shit after all, not 4 decks minimal loops on your Traktor. And yeah your favorite track isn't in there but erm, don't take it personal, you're encouraged to make your own mix.

- TLR, CremeXo, 2012 - BunkerXMX001

*Umm since I wrote this the response has been pretty sick, guess we are not celebrating alone after all. Thanks for that! A little trackback can be found below the tracklist.

Fekking 20 YEARS BUNKER will be celebrated here:


DJ Technician - Never Answer The Phone (Various ‎– The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998)
Plastic Sleeves - Cerebral Lineout (Bunker 3019, 2001)
Sendex - Evidence (Bunker3037, 2003)
XPlain - A3 Untitled (Bunker 018, 1994)
BS1 - A1 Untitled (Acid Planet 4, 1994)
Orgue Electronique - The Eye That Never Sleeps (Bunker 3004, 1999)
8Bit Rockers - Mobile Snowmobile (Part 2, Bunker 3018, 2001)
Elec Pt1 - A2 Untitled (Bunker 3083, 2009)
Unit Moebius - Monitor (Bunker 006, 1993)
Mantra - A2 Untitled (Third Mind, Bunker 3085, 2009)
Unit Moebius - Neutral Mix (Bunker 005, 1993)
Novamen - The Hague City (Bunker 3009, 2000)
Sendex - Pure Acid (Bunker 3033, 2003)
Gladio - Slave of Rome (Bunker 3025, 2003)
Unit Moebius - Beat That Percolator (Acid Planet 6, 1997)
Syncom Data - Abenteur Im Abendschein (Bunker 3039, SD Records – SD01, 2004)
Luke Eargoggle - Audio Warriors (Bunker 3027, 2003)
Polygamy Boys - Minus Man (Bunker 3038, 2003)
Unit Moebius - Zipper (Blue Attack Records – 123, 1993)
Polarius - Pump The Box (Jams In The Key Of Smack, Bunker 3022, 2002)
The Exaltics - Evolution of the Wrong Species (1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 1), Bunker 3089, 2010)
8Bit Rockers - A2 Untitled (8Bit, Bunker 3011, 2001)
Legowelt - Dance of the Moonbird (Tower Of The Gipsies, Bunker 3030, 2003)
Legowelt - Total Pussy Control (Pimpshifter, Bunker 3002, 2000)
Nimoy - Orca Reunion (Bunker 3070, 2007)
Pametex - Slique Brown Gloves (Bunker 3024, 2003)
Shemale - Aerobicide (Beyond the Northwind, Bunker 3064, 2007)
Composite Profuse - Children of Qana (Roma Aeterna, Bunker 3065, 2007)
Rude 66 - Machine (Bunker 3006, 2000)
Ra-x - Body Rock (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998)
Polytron - 247 (Various - Sound Of Suomi, Bunker 3034, 2004)
Electronome - On the Scene (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #1, Bunker 3000, 1998)
The Exaltics - In the End You Got Nothing (1000 Lights In The Sky (Part 2), Bunker 3090, 2010)
Schmerzlabor - Car Audio Test Track (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #2, Bunker 3001, 1998)
Get It Boyz - Bass Obsession (Bunker 3012, 2001)
Plastic Sleeves - Robosexual (Bunker 3019, 2001)
Interr-Ference - B3 Untitled (Bunker 026, 1994)
Beverly Hills 808303 - A3 Untitled (Acidplanet 4, 1994)
Los Hermanos Rodriguez - The Hague is The Plague (Bunker3020, 2002)
Legowelt - Electro Race (Various - The Hague Rocks The Planet #1, Bunker 3000, 1998)





from soundcloud:


Hardcore Industrial Techno 140-160 Bpm

1- Cannibal7 - Dungeon Remains
2- FFM Sadow Orchesta - D.N.Acid (low entropy remix)
3- The Man Unknown - Another World
4- Cannibal7 - Nightmare
5- Lowtek - Anubis
6- Jensen Vs. Lowtek - Ruff 'N Dirty
7- Silent Humanity - Now or the Future
8- Stan Grewzell - The Machine
9- Lowtek Vs. Satronica - Suicide Terrorist
10- Moleculez - Distortion Chamber
11- Stan Grewzell - Behind Every Wall
12- Low Entropy - Second Uprising
13- Moleculez - Dead to You
14- The Outside Agency & Petrochemical - Clockwork Paralisys
15- Lowtek Vs. Satronica - Die Kraft


Thematics Radio

from soundcloud:


PLAYLIST - 24th March 2012

Terra Sancta - Buried
Secret Druid Society - Deserted World
Philip Sulidae - Candela
Lucas Darklord - Deep Beneath the Grey Temple of Chifley
Grist - In the Belly
Sooterkin Flesh - A Dream within a Dream
Manticle & Doll Disorganation - Don’t Go There
Sig.Int - Floating Point
Black Lung - Unconvincing Simulations of Happiness Part II
Darrin Verhagen - Sirens
Shinjuku Thief - The Witches Ladder
Screwtape - Unwholesome, Yet Strangely Fulfilling
Michael T Roper - Moeror
Mandark - Disquiet
Thirds - Colu
Sympathetic Division - The Three Furies
Oren Ambarchi - Gene
Lawrence English - Without Sanctuary
Diaspora - 004
Isomer - Rain, Fire
Dark Ambient Forest - The Shining
The Feeder - Jaahre
The Family - Untitled Drone
Soil and Ash - Foul Skin

Low Entropy


01. Aborym - With No Human Intervention
02. Blacklodge - PsychoActive Satan
03. Helel - This Is Hel(e)l
04. Diabolicum - Serenade Of the Imperial Darkness
05. Alient Deviant Circus - Ap (Nada)
06. Aborym - Digital Coat Masque
07. Blacklodge - Luxifer Meme
08. Helel - Cosmos Out Of Order
09. Diabolicum - Salavation Through Vengeance
10. Alient Deviant Circus - Hiranya - Garbha (Shakti)
11. Aborym - U V Impaler
12. Blacklodge - Trident
13. Helel - Malgnose Deux Zero
14. Diabolicum - One Mans War
15. Alient Deviant Circus - Follow The Left Hand Path
16. Aborym - Out Of Shell
17. Blacklodge - Neutron Shiva
18. Helel - Radiant Satvrna Regna
19. Diabolicum - Heavens Die
20. Alient Deviant Circus - Eschataton

the subgenre of "Industrial Black Metal" has intrigued me for a long time now. What makes it so interesting to me, is that i've seen a lot of elements popping up there that i know from speedcore techno, breakcore, digital hardcore.
yet, of course they're used in a whole new twist. on top of that, this music is quite relentless and headstrong, yet at the same time atmospheric. maybe you too will find this music very special. an industrial speedcore black metal mix.

Tuxedo Gleam

from soundcloud:

A blackened soul leaves you numb. Pain becomes your pleasure and you yearn for the dead of night. You now serve a new master.


Track list:
Chris and Cosey-Put yourself in Los Angeles
REDREDRED- Ego manifest
Police des Moeurs-Nos Tristesses se Rejoignent Ici
Figure Study-Wait
Ortrotasce-With my eyes closed
Void Vision-To the sea
Borghesia- Previše tenzije
Oppenheimer Analysis-Radiance
Silent Em-Citadel
Xeno &I Oaklander-par avion
Zanna Nera-Heretics oblation
High functioning Flesh-Whispered Steel
TUXEDO GLEAM- object of desire

London Lazers

from soundcloud:

A segment taken from Synthetix Sundays 59. Was honoured to be chosen as Jazzi Marzcat's staff pick of the week, and felt that it was an appropriate way to debut the song.

You can listen to the full broadcast of Synthetix Sundays 59 at
Immclovin33 – Radio-pure-gently-synthetix-sundays-59-with-marko-maric-41015


from soundcloud:

New Beginning for the Mindwalker mixing series!!!
Ranging from ambient to drone, from techno to industrial, from doomcore to acid... Noise in all its forms!

Diet - Serendib [TDK 014]
Sunjammer - Sakeru [NWS.006]
Beverly Hills 808303 - Checking The Wine Cellar [ACID PLANET 7]
Robotnik - Untitled [ACID ORANGE 002]
Somatic responses - Untitled [NTW 23-29]
The Innit Project - Korrozion [AB-004]
Ulor - Anko [AB-004]
DJ Clockwork - Untitiled [ALIX 05]
O.B.I. - Fraktur [TEKKTRIBE 002]
Mono-Amine - Esoteric Freak [VM0011]
Infernal Noise - Medical Inhuman [DM 000]



from soundcloud:

Podcast hors série !

Focus sur Léo Anibaldi, un compositeur Italien spécialisé dans l'acid techno, ses albums sont quasiment tous sortis sur ACV Records.

Track list :
01) Muta - A2.1 Untitled
02) The Riders Of The Future - Ice man
03) Noise Generation - Noise Generation
04) Noise Generation - Odissey March
05) Acid Pop - Acid Pop
06) Cannibald - The Virtual Language - Il Futuro È Nostro
07) Acid Pop - Attack Random
08) Possession / Acid Perversion - Possession
09) Cannibald - The Virtual Language - Virtual Language
10) Muta - A2.1
11) Endurance - A1
12) Void - Epos 53
13) Aeon - Confusion 1


Anti Music Workshop

Barbiss Trysand

from soundcloud:
New Yorks Clean Error Record yields great gratification in announcing the long awaited second release of our very own Butcher of Bernal Heights with Barbiss Trysand's "Is as We" ERR019. Creating resonant hubbub design since 1995, this is one eccentric artist with an enigmatical reputation on the Soundcloud apparatus. Always kind, generous, and supportive of so many other artists works while still carving away with the emblazon of Krona from the highest altitudes to continuously show us the gargantuan power of the surgical meat cleaver. Barbiss again savagely shakes the planets and stars, all are what we, and us and those around us with a fractal warmth and striking dissonant amplitude that is absolutely from his own alley and shape shifting niche. Seen and have seen all things, in Barbiss's own words "Is as We" is comprised of experimental pieces of Trysand's dynamic emotions recorded as they were performed in the moment. Barbiss Trysand himself wishes to personally thank anyone who appreciates the works as it is understandable that they may engage a huge conceptual distance of what may be around us all, so particularly, right now.


from soundcloud:
The GRMMSK FSK Mix. Recorded & produced by GRM & TBC for Radio Gagarin, FSK Hamburg, Feb 2015

Doom Dub Remix Sludge at its finest by GRMMSK (FIN/GER)

Rooted in Punk, grown up in experimental industrial GRMMSK produces crawling doom-dub, mutations of classic reggae tunes, or next level industrial illbient.
Dystopian versions of sound, associated with glaring sunshine of the caribbean before, now dragged through the dirty snow flanking ring-highways circling helsinki.

more can be dug @

Synthetix Sundays

Playlist and Info
Intro music by STARFORCE
RPG Countdown and Jingle music by Micky Dodds and Larry Lang
Synthetix Sundays theme by Botnit
1. Synaptyx - Geosynchronous
2. FM-84 - Tears
3. Wolf and Raven - Back in Time
4. Po-One - Moonlighting
5. Obsidion - No Turning Back
6. Street Justice - Possibilities Abound
7. Ubre Blanca - the Quarry
8. Variar - City Crypt
9. Stilz - Judicator
10. MotEr - 99
11. Mach Rider - Fearless Warrior
12. Mach Rider - Stop the Movie
13. London Lasers - Dreams
14. Star Warrior - Star Warrior
15. Crystal Bear - Death Knell of the Cobra Kai
16. Chrome and Sparks - Mannus and Venus
17. Bourgeoisie - Candy at Plain Sight
18. Po-One - Loungy
19. Megahammer - Catch me
20. Vince Riviera - Club Mirage
21. McKlain - Don't Stop
22. the TCR - Darth Spader
23. Like Mowrey - Viracocha
24. Highway Superstar - Hunters (feat. Sunglasses Kid and Honey Colonna)
25. Format 440 - on the Edge
26. Diamond Field - This City feat. Matthew Ruys
27. Absinth3 - Australian Summer 1986
28. MPM Soundtracks - Journey in Time
29. Arkanoid 74 - Lost in Space Galaxy
30. Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Maverick
31. Default Sample Music - Jezra
32. Questarossa - Atari Questarossa
33. Floydshayvious - Android Dreams
34. Floydshayvious - Vampire Skulls
35. Meteor - Manhatten 2019
36. Orlac - Green Light Go
37. Alpharisc - a Sign of Respect
---- SYNTHETIX SPOTLIGHT -------------
38. Crockett - Informer
39. Crockett - a Crew Divided
40. Domestic Technology, Syntheticsax - Private Eyes (Dream Shore Remix)
41. Do Nothing Club - Hot Shot Ambition
42. Bart Graft - Love Painting
43. Pengus - Aijou Juice
44. Matt Kwid - High Contrast
45. Phaserland - Let's Meet up
46. Pengus feat. Matt Kwid - Strolling Around
47. Ogre - Don't Call me Hero
48. Labtracks - 1988 (original Mix)
49. Sub Morphine - Ascension
50. Decade System - Disease
51. Alcatraz Electro - 1983
52. Dynatron - Aeternus
53. Dynatron - the Outer Rims of Traversed Space
54. Dynatron - Descend
55. Arktor - Equaliser
56. Arimaki - the Traveler
57. Arcis - Wallerina
58. Herr Doktor - the Cosmic Way
59. Jordan F - Mesmerised (feat Dana Jean Phoenix)
60. 3hooks - Late Return
61. Dimi Kaye - Her Promise
62. Jacques le Boulanger - City and Ecstasy (No Voice Remix)
Album of the Week - TEK - Volume One - telefuturenow.bandcamp.com/album/volume-one
Synthetix Spotlight Artist of the Week - Crockett
Big thanks to Ben, Dallas and Jazzi for all your help with the show!! Love you guys heart emoticon


from soundcloud:
The brand new Synthetix.FM Mixtape is here to rock you into oblivion with the hottest tracks from the 80s inspired synth scene! This month's mixtape features an EXCLUSIVE Synthetix.FM Extended Mix of Damokles' incredible Quantum Flux track! This is a superb mix done in the traditional 80s style and you'll only hear it here!

1, Dance Alone - Questarossa
2, Without You - Sebastian Gampl
3, Obsessing Much - TEK/Pengus Featuring Matt Kwid
4, Candy At Plain Sight - Bourgeoisie
5, Home - Dream Fiend Featuring Matt Kwid
6. Lost With You - First Impressions with The Ghost Mall
7, One Step Away - Magic Dance
8, Cracking Skulls - Occams Laser
9, Meteor Wave - Skript
10, Metatron - Worship
11, Quantum Flux (Synthetix.FM Extended Mix) - Damokles
12, Computer Age - Aquawave
13, Mesmerised - Jordan F featuring Dana Jean Phoenix
14, #Beautifaux - Kid Bougie
15, Body Heat - Robots With Rayguns
16, Don't Stop - McKlain
17, Darth Spader - The TCR
18, Rerecord Not Fade Away - Kenji Run
19, Love Painting - Bart Graft
20, Night Riders - Meteor
21, No Surrender - Corné
22, Transport Beauty - TEK/Phaserland

Coming up in October Synthetix.FM is proud to present the third annual Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape!!

I'm accepting of any track from the last 12 months that is from the darker ends of the synthwave spectrum. This could be Dark Synth, Slash Electro, Giallo Disco, Horror Soundtrack Synth, whatever takes you fancy, however it has to be an original work, no remixes or covers will be accepted. I won't be having a cut-off point, numbers wise, so whatever gets sent in that meets the criteria is going in. Tracks do not need to be exclusive or created solely for the mixtape, but it is encouraged create something in the Halloween Holiday spirit if you have the time and resources.

Submissions will close on Tuesday the 27th of October.

If you'd like to submit a track please email me Synthetix.FM@gmail.com or via the contact form on www.Synthetix.FM (you can't attach files on the contact form though) with 'Halloween Mixtape' as the subject.

(Please don’t send me a an EP/Album/selection of tracks and ask me to decide, this is up to you.)

Keep on rockin the 80s dream all week long on Synthetix.FM!