Terra Audio

Terra Audio - Purification of the Brain
from https://soundcloud.com/terra-audio

Blackmass Plastics

Blackmass Plastics - Ugly Funk 07 (Taster)
from https://soundcloud.com/uglyfunk


Uselezz - Let Darkness Fall
from https://soundcloud.com/uselezz

Davidoid Vs. Akaburzum

Davidoid Vs. Akaburzum - Mechanical Corpse
from https://soundcloud.com/davidoid

Phatt Analogue

Phatt Analogue - Mr. Moon
from https://soundcloud.com/phatt-analogue

Jim Sparxx

Jim Sparxx - Planet Core Distribution Selection 1998
from https://soundcloud.com/user3914739


VGU39 - Escape From Kaluga
from https://soundcloud.com/vgu39


DyLABs - Studio Setup Series
from https://soundcloud.com/dylabs


Mattykore - Hypnotek Mix
from https://soundcloud.com/mattykore

Lee Rankin

Lee Rankin - Here In The First Place
from https://soundcloud.com/rankinfullstop


eMeL - Mental Tekno Mix
from https://soundcloud.com/emel_dosisdb

The Fixer

The Fixer - Brain Damage
from https://soundcloud.com/dierk-myny


ReCOREd - Identity Kamikaze
from https://soundcloud.com/recored


Narcotic 303 - Red Planet (Volunteer Reduction)
from https://soundcloud.com/volunteer

EEAOM Top Ten Mixes Of 2013

a bit belated, but here are the top ten mixes (and livesets) of 2013 related to hard electronic and xperimental music.
enjoy them!
there should be something for anyone... dark techno, oldschool, breakcore, acidcore...

1. Minimum Syndicat - Live @ Lazer #1 - 27.12.2013 Brussels

2. Signal Flow Podcast 56 | Somatic Responses

3. Acid Terrorist - Hard Acid Set

4. Warlock - The Hard Sound Of London 1992-1994

5. Gunter Saxenhammer - Rapido Mix

6. DJ Casketkrusher - Tentacle Rape: Unleash The Kraken (Vinyl Mix)

7. Christoph De Babalon - Back In The Gothic Jungle (1993-1999)

8. Fedose - Lasse Steen & Co.

9. Disorder And Order - The New Session

10. E-De Cologne - Live @ Glazart Paris (25.10.2013)


SunFalls - Shapebasics 01
from https://soundcloud.com/sunfalls


FransKedes - Randomized Dream
from https://soundcloud.com/franskedes

Radio Phlapuemind

Radio Phlapuemind is a 24/7 Stream, created by Sascha Schierloh (Jean Bach) to feature music of his own and of his friends. It is registered with the german Gema association, to be able to broadcast a broader spectrum of music. Bernd Spring of Dhyana Records has his own 7" vinyl broadcast on this stream.
Live Shows are part of the stream too, so far there was a live broadcast on 23.11.2013 together with Turgut Kocer of Shhhh Records.



Rabbitsquirrel - Armed With The Lungs Of The Mourning Eel
from https://soundcloud.com/rabbitsquirrel


I-Brid - 100% Acid Techno (90s) New Years Day 2014
from https://soundcloud.com/i-brid

The A.M. Experiment

The A.M. Experiment - Nightshift (Version 1)
from https://soundcloud.com/theamexperiment


Pö_anet - Happy New Year (Space Station 2014)
from https://soundcloud.com/pl-anet