Mantis Radio 240 + New York Trax

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New York Trax drop a 4 decade all-NYC artist Mantis Radio session. Plus we've music by Mark Fell, Minor Science, Paleman, Khost, Phon.o, Huck Farper, CW/A, Bleaching Agent, Ghost In The Machine, Alex Coulton, Grey Branches, Merovee, Huron and more.

Guest @newyorktrax

Mark Fell - Part 1 The Occultation of 3C 273 [Editions Mego]
The Science - The Sea And I [Methlab Recordings]
CW/A - ContainmentGrid [Parachute]
Merovee - Drone Desolation Field [Less Is Techno]
Huron - Ghost In The Mirror [Mindtrick Records]
Petridisch - The Unknown Rabbit [I Heart Noise]
Vortm - War God [Metaphor]
Grey Branches - Split Limb [Inner Surface Music]
Formshirt - How Much Can You Take [Bass Agenda]
Alex Coulton - Ground Zero [Tempa]
Minor Science - Underripe [Whities]
Bleaching Agent - Operai [Power Vacuum]
Paleman - Built From Papyrus [Paleman]
Ghost In The Machine - Hold My Drink [Perc Trax]
Huck Farper - Sour Toe Cocktail [Pitch Dark Recordings]
Gundam - Light Yo Ass Up [Gundam]
9nine - TsuzukuTsuzuku (Prettybwoy remix) [Prettybwoy]
Phon.o - U8 Phunk [Tectonic]
Khost - Coven (Adrian Stainburner remix) [Cold Spring]

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash [Transmat] 1990
Looney Tunes (Lenny Dee & Frankie Bones) - Inject The Beat [Nu Groove] 1990
Backroom Productions - Definition of a Track [New York Underground Records] 1989
Mundo Muzique - Acid Pandemonium [R&S Records] 1991
The Original Creators - Flashback 86 [Strictly Rhythm] 1994
Arrivers - Baptism of Fire [Things to Come] 1995
Wavelan - It Will Stand [Industrial Strength Records] 1994
Prozac - Leverkusen Cream [Disko B] 1996
Prototype 909 - The Kids Don't Care [Schmer] 1996
Richard Hinge - Mechanic Rhythm [Disko B] 1999
400 PPM - Sintered Bauxite [Avian] 2017
Person of Interest - Call This Number [L.I.E.S] 2014
Hound Scales - Princip (Rubble Dub 1) [Fifth Wall] 2014
Boris Brenecki - The Oven [New York Trax] 2016
Steve Stoll - She Rises Up [New York Trax] 2017
Antenes - Fire Rises [L.I.E.S] 2015
Bookworms - Control That [L.I.E.S] 2015
Enrique - K-Town [Bank Records] 2016
Disciples of Annihilation - NYC Speedcore [MOSH] 1997

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