Symbolic Death


Drop Bass

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Adam X - Afterlife Dweller
Fanon The Big Kid - Even Further
Brixton - Untitled
Nick East - Northern Unit II
Freddie Fresh - Quadrapulex
Somatic Responses - Pattern 2.6
Woody McBride - Least Expect It
The Speed Freak - Fumble Tunnel
DJ Hyperactive - Transpose
Zekt - Dreamstate
Choose - Sinisterz
Sons Of Gundso - Extemporized
Mooses On Acid - MC 202 BPM
Pure - Speed Is My Dope - Total Output - Clan Riot (Feedback Mix)
EVO - Evo-Lution


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Coming up on their 25th release in a couple of weeks, Berlin-based label Killekilll, by now, has become a synonymous source for techno and electro in the German capital. Headed up by Nico Deuster, who's been catering to the city's party needs for almost twenty years, the Killekill brand has gone from a weekly club night at Berghain Kantine to a fully-fledged physical platform with multiple offshoot labels such as Killekill House Trax and Krake. The latter comes as a result of a festival they kicked off of the same name in 2010; a Berlin-based festival for experimental dance music and abstract electronica. Over those twenty-five releases names such as Neil Landstrumm, Snuff Crew, Bill Youngman, Alex Cortex and Eomac have all been welcomed into the Killekill fold, some of those returning for the Killekill Megahits II compilation which marks this 25th release. The milestone number also comes as a turning point for Killekill as they get set to split the label into a line of several new offshoots writing: “We are constantly getting too many demos full with good music in way too many different styles to squeeze them onto one label. So finally we have come to the point where we will start a line of new labels with different profiles to give ourselves the opportunity to feature even more daring artists and release whatever we like in the most suitable outfit for it." Featuring twelve tracks, we've been given the opportunity to premiere one of those from French producer Umwelt. Owner of two labels (New Flesh and Rave Or Die),with three albums under his belt, Umwelt comes through with a sublime cut of melancholic electro.




The Afterlife

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Here's another 15 minutes megamix made with Ableton. It has some of my favorite "early" hardcore tracks from the years 1993 - 1997.

Since i'm not into the fast stuff that much, it's strictly < 150 BPM.

For those who appreciate HARD BASSDRUMS!


4-Nu-Tek - The Universe
DJ Vince & The Dark Raver - Thunderground
Private Productions - Looped
Dominium - Let Your Mind
Digital Boy - Ok Alright
Boombastic - Leaders of the New School
Horrorist - Flesh is The fever
Rave Creator - A New Mind
French Connection - French Connection
Nasty Django - Deal Wit Beats
Manga Corps - The Hunter
DJ Vince & The Dark Raver - Intelligent Hardcore
Radical 2 React - Eliminating Suckers
Black Knight - Back To Tha "O" School
Marshall Masters - Stereo Murder
Dr Macabre - Poltergeist
BSE - Headache FM


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James Moriarti - Invaders
Lunatic Asylum - Near the Core
Dulce Liquido - Psicosis
La Peste - Rai Tech
Hardmarkz - Room Plate
Coffeecore - T Stands for Terrible
FFM Shadow Orchestra- Comprehension of Sweet Sounds
The Blaster - War is Coming (DC's 175 edit)
Redmore - Into Shadows
The Outside Agency - Pure Darkness
Dulce Liquido - Spectral Sound
The Dj Producer - Last Man Standing
Traffik - Incriminating Evidence (2013 Master)
Johnny Sideways - Baseplexxer (Forthcoming on Hit'nRun #4)
Busmonitor - New Front Ears
Synapse - The Blood
Decoding Drums - Shed Some Blood
Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Sulphur Fight
Ingler - T- Plus (Stefan ZMK mix Edit)
Fiend - 4 Channels
Micropoint - Quad Damage pt2
Torsion - Gore from Bleach
The Hard Way - Pentagram of Coke


Shock C


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Welcome to the next Synthetix.FM Mixtape! We've got 24 of the most rockin tracks ready to inspire, excite and give all the 80s magic you can handle!

1, The Destroyer - Zombie Hyperdrive
2, Close Encounters - Donnie Lightning
3, Awken - Juno Dreams
4, Take It Slow - Ben Businovski
5, I'm Going Away - Gummy
6, World Conqueror - Time Traveller
7, Electric Boogie - Speaker Player
8, Morning Light - Dream Fiend
9, Venom - Lost Years
10, Zender Overdrive - Tokyo Rose
11, Challenger - Neon Nox featuring Powernerd
12, D-Touch - Po-One
13, Harbor - Hello Meteor
14, Vermillion - Syntax
15, Reaching The Sky - Retro Thunder
16, Dancing Under The Shadows - Maya
17, Retrorush - Kattch
18, Phone Lines - Arcade High featuring Hayley Stewart
19, From A Distance - Syncronity
20, Dancing With A Ghost - Kiile
21, Flight 3 - Ninetown
22, Running In The Night - FM-84 featuring Ollie Wride
23, Scramble All Fighters - Voyag3r
24, Police Heartbreaker - Absolute Valentine

Keep on rockin the 80s dream all week long on Synthetix.FM!

Bisturi Hzd




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[TOTAL 026] Casketkrusher - Bee-Having E.P.
4 tracker E.P.

01. Casketkrusher - My Creation (The Original Re-Animated Mix)
02. Casketkrusher - My Creation (The Notorious Mix)
03. Casketkrusher - This Place (Sucks!!)
04. Chiqui & Luffy - Deep in the Underground (Casketkrusher's Happy Gabba Mix)

Artwork by - Stefan Lernout
Mastered by - Casketkrusher
Written, composed & produced by - Stefan Lernout


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Dj Scotch Egg - Scotch circus 2
Sample (Killer klowns from outer space)
Midnight Disco - Attack of the disco tiger
Patric Catani - Title
Echokrank - I hate everybody in the discoteq
The Folyphonics - Poor guy
Gng - Press start
Rod Droid - Ma jolie trotinette
Petra Flurr - Nonnen unter sonne
Monster Zoku Onsomb - Frankenstein
Nero's Day at Disneyland - Carnival Infernale
Le chevalier de Rinchy - Initials BB
Gerard Moroder - Zombie Thatcher
Scarlatti goes Electro - Duetto buffo di due gatti
Electric Helgoland - Nic-fit
Lazer Zebras - Cigarette
Le crabe - Amour unilatéral
Ebola - Marusia si otrua
Grosstracktor - Every Time Better
Melodik Pinpon - Penis dans l'anus
Eat Rabbit - Black Sharks
Infecticide - Pizza Spinoza
Syndrome WPW - Outrage Rebellion
Ljudit Andersson - Sallad that was named Elisabeth
Gameboy Physical Destruction - How to reach the last level
Monique Sonique - Castor Nerveux
Operateur Fotokopieur - Huntkilldestroy (+ samples Bloodsuckers from outer space)
BlutSportDisko - Schlechtes Wetter
Petra Flurr - Die Abort
Groupgris - Helmet of love
Silencide - Ce n'est pas ça
Felix Kubin - Waschzwangmama
Putilatex - Cerda
Chris Denerf - Zat tantouz polizei
Aux Raus - Ill Rum
Bubblegum Octopus - Meat Choir
Sample (Killer klowns from outer space)
Round Wave Crusher - Show Time




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1. Cubic Nomad - Revolution is On
2. Maël - Restless
3. Shards - MRDMRDMRD
4. Billy S. & AK Industry - Mechanic Sin
5. Battling Anomaly - Venator
6. Neptunium - Black Sun
7. Terdjman - Funeral Pyre
8. Huck Farper & Moondog - Adorned by Thee
9. nin kuji - Sojobo Image
10. Defiler - Entity
11. The Transhumans - Zero Point Field
12. Starving Insect - Broken
13. Ontal - Discipline
14. Hyena - Machine State Oppression
15. Mattias Alkberg - Knäve
16. Iszoloscope - Faint Negative Charge
17. Navicon Torture Technology - She Throws Me to the Dogs