About My Disappearance From The Hardcore Scene In 2004

why did i disappear from the hardcore scene in 2004? the main thing that happened was this: after the experimental hardcore scene broke down somewhere around the year 2000, i fell into a deep void. the thing that i spent most of my energy on for years didn't exist anymore. to escape this hole, i tried various things. eventually i got stuck with spirituality and esotericism. it filled the void for a while. i got deeper and deeper into it, occultism, satanism, trying to invoke demons, that kinda business. the end of this development was that i ended up being in contact with a very extreme "christian" sect / cult. that experience nearly killed me, for real (i'm not kidding. i was moving towards death). in the end my family intervened to safe me. i don't know what would've happened otherwise.
i'm still not fully recovered from this experience. but i'm doing my best, and hope one day this is all behind me. -Low Entropy

Les Yeux Orange


Pure Vs Omniscience

After releasing on bass drop networks, Atmosfear , Loop, Sub / Version in the early 90s, and more recently on Mego, Staalplaat, Crónica and Praxis, Pure is returning in to the techno scene with a 5 tracks EP.
The tracks were recorded in 1995 2 of them together with Omniscience no joke at all... pure analog, acid, authentic,live recorded underground Devil Hardcore/techno.


Xerxes The Great

Boneless One

from soundcloud:

Type-303 / Boneless One split 7-inch vinyl single. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered. Pressed on black and light blue vinyl. Underground, no frills analog acid for the headstrong! Record is packed in transparent PVC sleeve with art cover (in assorted colours) and generic white innerbag. Art and layout by Boneless One.
SIDE A: Type-303 - Jytäcid (3:48)
SIDE B: Boneless One - Houz Basics 5 (4:16)

Send a message for ordering details. Available while supplies last!
Record ships from Finland.

℗ 2017 Type-303 / Boneless One


The Polygirl

from soundcloud:

The POLYGIRL - Bella Acido / Italien Old-New-School Acid Mix
LOWFREQ 77 - Cloudy think (Analogic Density - ANLD 001 / 2014)
LEO ANIBALDI - Darkness (ACV 1030 / 1993)
XEROSOREX - Metasphere (Analogic Density - ANLD 002 / 2015)
TRAUMA - XXX (Djax-Up-Beats 178 / 1993)
*SOUR* - Arachnophobia (Makes me Dizzy 05 / 2015)
LEO ANIBALDI - Possesion (ACV 1014 / 1992)
XEROSOREX - Gears of Acid (Analogic Density - ANLD 002 / 2015)
*SOUR* - Ice Storm (Obs.Cur - HS 07 / 2016)
RAZOR HEED - Storming The City (Hot Trax - HT 2923 / 1993)
LABAROME T.M.I. - Damaged Data (Analogic Density - ANLD 003 / 2015)
TRAUMA - Trauma - (Djax-Up-Beats 178 - 1993)
*SOUR* - Crashin' echo (Analogic Density ANLD 002 / 2015
PASSERANI and MONTEDURO - Dreaming Detroit (Generator - GEN 005 / 1993)

All Rights Reserved by the Artists and Labels !
Mixed by The POLYGIRL in 4.2017

The Space Where She Was


Helena Hauff vs Umwelt

from soundcloud:


Source : concert.arte.tv/fr/helena-hauff-v…elt-nuits-sonores

Helena Hauff et Umwelt se connaissent bien. La hambourgeoise est en effet l’une des signatures du label Rave or Die dont le fondateur n’est autre que… Umwelt. Il faut dire que les deux producteurs ont tout pour s’entendre. Ils partagent en effet un goût prononcé pour une techno brute, sombre et glaciale.

Autre point commun, Helena Hauff et Umwelt sont chacun à la tête d’un ou plusieurs labels : Return to Disorder pour elle, New Flesh, Shelter, Fundata et donc Rave or Die pour lui. Une manière pour ces deux jusqu’au-boutistes d’éviter les concessions, d’évoluer au rythme de leurs envies dans les méandres de l’underground. Entre noirceur et complicité, ce versus franco-allemand s’annonce donc sous les meilleurs auspices !

Links :
Helena Hauff : helena-hauff.com
Umwelt : @umwelt-music
Nuits Sonores : www.nuits-sonores.com

Tracklist (in construction) :
00. Wata Igarashi - Void [Semantica Records]
01. Devilfish - Live 1999 (Side A) [Bush]
02. Privacy - Apex Predator [Lobster Theremin]
03. Transparent Sound - No Call From New York (Original Acid Mix) [Electrix Recordings]
04. Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (Anthony Rother 1999 Remix) [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
05. ID
06. Bytecon - Robots Ready For Mars [Satamile Records NYC]
07. ID
08. BS-1 - The Only Exit [Marguerita Recordings]
09. ID
10. Larry McCormick - Escape [Datapunk]
11. The Dexorcist - 3rd Wave Axion [Control Tower]
12. Adam Beyer - Remainings III (DK Remix 1) [Drumcode]
13. Thomas P. Heckmann - Himmel & Hoelle [Trope Recordings]
14. ID
15. Sem - Hybrid [Electron Industries]
16. ID
17. The Advent - Only Power [Electrix Recordings]
18. Umwelt - Days Of Dissent [Boidae]
19. w1b0 - Utopia Planitia [Bass Agenda Recordings]
20. Umwelt - Hooverrun [Rave Or Die]
21. Tuning Circuits - No Compassion (No Compassion Version) [Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics]
22. ID
23. EDMX - What The ... [Shipwrec]
24. Umwelt - Slave To The Rave [Rave Or Die]
25. Da GobliNN - Da Magik (D'Marc Cantu Rework) [Land of Dance Records]
26. ID
27. ID
28. ID
29. Mescalinum United ‎– We Have Arrived 2002 (Remixed By Miro) [Acardipane Records]
30. Unit Moebius - Penetrator [Bunker]
31. ID
32. Cassegrain - Trappist (The Mover Remix) [Arcing Seas]
33. ID
34. dynArec - Double Postpone [Solar One Music]
35. ID
36. Redshift - Glide [Surface Effect]
37. Fallen Angel - The Walls Are Alive [Rave Frontier]
38. Space Trax - Deduction [Stealth Records]
39. Hyde - Dominator [Monotone]

Carbonates On Mars