Lucky Lotus mix

Yoko Kanno - Inner Universe(Hyphen Booleg) [can download from soundcloud]
Hyphen - Laser Fusion Reactor(2017 Edit) (L.F.R. 2017) [maybe has be released sometime]
Kokomochi feat.薛南 - AWAKE(Hyphen Remix) [can download from soundcloud]
Hyphen - Hell & Heaven [has been released by FtureProof]
Hyphen - Chemical Infusion [has been released by Solidbox]
Endemic - Xen(Hyphen's Unofficial Bootie) [never release even if any.]
Hyphen - S.O.P.H.I.A. [probably has be released this year]
Hyphen - Large-scale Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Telescope (L.C.G.T.) [i have no idea]
Le Dos-on - Rising Sun [has been released by Steambox]
Le Dos-on - K.A.M.U.I. [has been released by Steambox]
Exemia - Aeroduel(Hyphen Remix) [has been released by Exemia's Bandcamp]
Le Dos-on - Moon Night [can download from soundcloud]
Le Dos-on - Shoebill [has been released by Splash Energy]
Hyphen - フリーフォーム神社 [can download from soundcloud]
Hyphen - Tragick Hero [has been released by Lucky Lotus]
Hyphen - Aqua Regia [i have no idea]
Le Dos-on - Sola [has been released by Solidbox]

Total 17 tracks
Total 14 pianos

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