Huck Farper

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Joining Pitch Dark for PDR003 is Canada's Huck Farper.

For those who don't know, Huck is a very prolific producer in his own right and through collaborations. Most notably with Bone Skippers, alongside one of the Pitch Dark label heads, Kenny Campbell.

He also runs Raven Sigh. A label and podcast series with a regular and quite devastating output.

For this release he delivers 4 tracks of no holds barred techno.

Just Say Nah sets the tone. Pounding kick drums and heavily distorted percussion are the order of the day for 5 minutes of relentless hammering.

Prosperity is a little more dance floor focussed, crisp percussion sits on top of a heavy kick drum, distorted bleeps fills the space around, with dark and twisted stabs sit alongside menacing growls.

Puncture continues the theme from Prosperity, with more more bleeps breaking through the low level pounding kick drum.

Finally, Sour Toe Cocktail is straight up Huck Farper. Irregular kick patterns, machine noise and twisted vocal samples hiding in the bleak, industrial darkness.

This release is not to be taken lightly.

Early support from Perc, Lenny Dee, DVNT, Dep Affect, MSQ, Fracture 4 and more

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