Kuvera B.

from soundcloud:

This weeks podcast is brought to you by Kuvera B, dropping a selection which skillfully interlaces gritty textures, moody soundscapes and contemporary modern pieces. Instead of a further bio, we were more curious to know what exactly was in his mind while making this piece:

"The idea was to make a (short) dark story you can listen and/or dance to. At a low tempo, with different colours, vocal tracks and more industrial, and violent sounds.
I'm obsessed with "darkness", this grey zone where sadness meets anger, pain, melancholia, and love. At the same time I tried to make something eclectic, since I like selections with surprises. Mixed up rather than straight lines which sound the same from the beginning to the end."

Kuvera B _ Insomnia
Drvg Cvltvre & Kuvera B _ Basic Channel (Low Entropy Remix)
Arnaud Rebotini _ Personal Dictator
Dave Clarke ft. Chicks On Speed _ What Was Her Name
Terrorfakt _ No Mercy
Fifth Era _ Let The Day Perish
Aphasia _ Collect Your Fucking Head
Michael Padgett _ Critical Krush (Ruff v3)
These Hidden Hands ft. Lucrecia Dalt _ Variant
14 Anger _ Daybreak In Hades
Ophidian _ thilynn
The Mover _ Over Land & Sea
Apparat ft. Soap&Skin _ Goodbye
Fifth Era _ Shadows Of 65000 Years


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