The Enforcer


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All tunes sourced via Total Destruction Records Bandcamp:
Total Destruction Crew - The True Core
The Manipulator Featuring The Soul Seeker - Game Over
Casketkrusher - Here It Comes
Casketkrusher - Toon TV
Casketkrusher - Mission Accomplished
Malice - It's My Beat (Stompin Mix)
Casketkrusher - Buzzin (Warhead Version
Casketkrusher - Total Self Destruction (Gangster Mix)
Casketkrusher - Yeah! (Motherfuk)
DJ Ad - Little Cunt
Maynor - If I could...
The Manipulator - Right About Now (Maynor Remix)
DJ Ad - Expyrience
RottenCore - Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil (Casketkrusher Remix)
Casketkrusher - For Dano


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Toxic Ladies Show

Marc Acardipane - One World No Future
Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist
Rattle Brain (DJ Isaac Overdrive Remix)
Da Bulldozer Project - Mindtrip
Meagashira - End of Line
Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never
YBRID - Zona
Dr. Macabre - Kiss My Entire Ass
Dj Paul & Dj Panic - UP YOURS
Zenith - Black Alienation
Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker
Lunatic Asylum - Seven
Inferno Bros. - Slaves to the Rave (PCP Mix)
French Connection - Bio Hazard
Dance Overdose - Hysteric Illusion
Dr. Macabre - Gates Of Hell

Blind Delon

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After 3 years from the release of the "Edouard" album on Oraculo Records, Blind Delon is back with the 3rd part of the remixes for this masterpiece, this time on WarinD Records for a more Techno, Industrial and Noise version, available on tapes and digital.
Side A: Vittorio Di Mango for a Techno / EBM version, D. Carbone aka Honzo with a fantastic mental journey, full of breaks and WarinD owner of the label with a Techno banger version.
Side B we find the darker side of the release with: Katran which provides its contribution Techno / Noise, 11xxx27 with Techno / Industrial nuances and finally Luciano Lamanna for a Hardcore / Gabber version.

Artwork: Antonio Lombardo
Master: Mathis Kolkoz
Out: 3.10

Daniele Paduano

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All songs were written and performed by @Daniele-Paduano

NET v2
People Follow What They Really Want
No Connection
Code Digit
Trading Codes EDIT
Scheduled & Programmed
Mediterranean Waves

@Daniele-Paduano is a predominantly Techno and Electro artist with an early-life background in piano, guitar, drums and cello studies with performances in theaters and clubs in Europe. Daniele Paduano has now established his roots in electronic music, and in the world that it surrounds. He currently manages the "R12 Records" label together with @Angela-Dragonetto on which he released his first "Modern World" vinyl EP.

His productions, conceived on the "live" and therefore on the spontaneity of improvisation, were soon appreciated by DJs, artists and fans alike.


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10 years after founding Schmob Recordings, its time to take the next step!
We took some great tracks from our net releases and one bonustrack (previously released on gaintrax) and put them on vinyl!

Ulf Kramer, Sane and founder Nox show you what Schmob Recordings is all about!
Fine and unorthodox tracks from the representatives of nonconformist sounds!

Allow these enchanting freaky tracks to lead you into their maelstrom of chaos and disorder.

It’s time to "Remove the Barriers"


Avantgarde Records