I know, the name's a bit silly. There's probably no word that's more ambigious than Hardcore - but this is my definition of the wild electronic music i discovered in early 1994, starting with Compilations like Razor Shock or Terrordrome. Of course i already listened to all kinds of forms of electronic music since the late Eighties, but this stuff just blew me away. Raw dark energy with a banging distorted bass drum and rave synths going bonkers.

Mixed with Vinyl and CDs in Hamburg, 2015-09-27, 170-180 BPM.

Alles Naar De Kl--te (Rotterdam Mix) - Euromasters
9mm Is A Classic (Human Resource Remix) – Ace The Space
Freedom - Chosen Few
Only If I Had One More (Remix) - Dyewitness
Fuck Them – Human Resource
In My House - Too Fast For Mellow
Wild And Wonderful - BC Kid
A Long Fast Ride - Tellurian
Asid Sex - DJ Flamman
Recession - Neophyte
Dirty Low Slut - Terror !
Last Recall - Neophyte
Amman On XTC - Underground Resource
Dynamic Fallout - Strontium 9000
Brain Confusion – Lenny D
Wipe Out - BC Kid
Life is hell - C-Tank
Die Extase Versprechen - E De Cologne



Anti-Nazi Mix

the info:
i had planned this mix already a few month ago and wrote the text below then. with the so-called "refugee crisis" that served as a scapegoat for an ever further mobilization of the extreme right as well as clearly showing the right wing attitudes amongst the middle class and the "center" of society, the fears i expressed have been surpassed by far by now. i can imagine that in a few month, weeks, these thoughts will too seem outdated with an even further gain of power by the right and the rightwing mindset. it's so very much necessary to take a stand now and say "no!".

the old text:
with the worrying tendency in europe, the rise of neofascist groups and movements, and a shift to the right and extreme right in public opinion, with the general population readily accepting fascist, nationalist and reactionary concepts and ideas again, it's time to take a stand. europe must not be allowed to fall prey to a fascist coup or restructuring. this dark night must not be allowed to be repeated. we will fight you, we will defend our rights and lifes and freedoms to our last. do you want to still have at least some degree of freedom and liberty in the next year, or live in a dictatorship or risk to be wiped out? we must not give way to these brutes. we must get up, and raise our voice.


01.Atari Teenage Riot - Hetzjagd Auf Nazis
02.Exit 100 - German Nazis Fuck Off
03.Nero - Youth Against Racism
04.Micropoint - Anti Nazi Vendetta (Part 1)
05.Micropoint - Anti Nazi Vendetta (Part 2)
06.DJ Freak - Anti Nazi Pack
07.Chosen Few - Chosen Anthem (Against Racism)
08.Party Animals - Die Nazi Scum
09.Atari Teenage Riot - Hunt Down The Nazis
10.Alec Empire - You Must Confront
11.Nic Endo - Instant Balm #1

Emerald & Doreen Records

from soundcloud:
Lessons in Disco - with the 3MF!
Alex Saat, or preferably 3MF, recently released his magnificent “Now EP” on Emerald & Doreen and already is coming back with double dose of unearthly disco energy. There couldn’t be better title for his upcoming album than “Move”. Cause when you submerge yourself into this explosive funky title track you find your feet beating out a rhythm and your body tenderly shaking. Before you realize what’s going on you already started to... MOVE! This gifted disco wizard based in Mexico describes his art as “Music for dancing with your eyes closed”, nothing more there is to say. With this exceptional EP - to do justice to tradition – comes along a cheerful action pack of remixes crafted by some of our label’s favorite virtuosos. Copycat slows it down a little and adds his trademark vintage disco synths and some sexy lush handclaps. Elektromekanik delivers a pulsating, laid back lounge reminiscent of Kruder & Dorfmeister at their best times. MATTIZD takes it to the deep house floor and gets it going for the club while Elektromekanik just cannot get enough of the track and throws in an atmospheric instrumental dub version.
Finally the man himself brings it home with his insane 80s new wave rock “Digital affection”, quoting tongue in cheek the sound and style of famous Aussie band INXS. What a banger!

Anna Bolena

Dj Ké*seb


from soundcloud:

our blog:

Still not loving any state
still pathologized through F64.0 and angry as fuck
All sexists & genitalfashist huen can still suck our female dikx & saphokate

Next live dates:
18 + 19.9. Copenhagen (Multinorth)
3.10. Naples (Multiversal)
17.10 Bulgaria (Speedcore Party)
30.10 Athens (Multiversal)
20.11. Berlin (Brainpussyfication Releaseparty)

Clips & so on:


Special thx to Utku Tavil, Anja & Multiversal Cru, Thiebault, Szpejla, Yasmin, Samin Son, Tekhne Freq, Matthew Burnett, Emilio, Radio Student, Jaka, Skylla, Rübezahl, Robin, Nora, Jenny, Mareen, Andrea, Micher, Tien, Zutsuu, Vojeet, Famine Sector, Julito, Klau, Pin, Rula, Irxlatze, Low Entropy, Schneid, Amos, Dr. Nexus, Marc of the devil, Boris, Petr, N6d6, Eric, Pierre, Goran, Katharina, Mat Pogo, Mack, Fgnugn, Mona Mur, En Esch, Jacopo & Ars Macabra, Yann Keller & Sanaa, Unterlala, Stak Etop / Tähti piste Tähti, Rosi Förster, Klaus Kürvers, Maria Jiku, Spiky Mikey, Miriam Siebenstädt, Ching Liu, David Sardelle, Dr. Sommer, Volka Polka, Dr. Best, alle Seeigel, Forellen und Tiefseemikrowellenbenutzer des gesamten Ozeans, ohne euch wäre Wasser nur H2O und der braune Ton ein farbloses Gas.



Synthetix Sundays

from soundcloud:
YNTHETIX SUNDAYS 58 with Marko Maric
13/09/15 Playlist and Info
Intro music by STARFORCE
RPG Countdown and Jingle music by Micky Dodds and Larry Lang
Synthetix Sundays theme by Botnit
1. Synthisfactory - Winter
2. Hello Meteor - Remotion
3. Midnight Static - Watercolor Illusion
4. Droid Sector Decay - Protector of your Dreams feat Protector 101
5. Dynatron - Hypersonic
6. Zanzibar Lost - Eternal Summer
7. Thunderclaw - 3D Polaroid
8. Thunderclaw - Waiting for Love
9. Backlit Infinite - Starlight and Neon
10. OsCaR - Inthensa
11. Ryan Paris - Together Again
12. Peter Zimmerman - Uh Boy! (Special 80's Power Ballad EDIT)
13. Secret Destroyers - My Friends Demons
14. Secret Destroyers - Deathwish
15. Secret Destroyers - Rampage
16. Nennek -Trust Force
17. Space Invader - Neon Drive
18. Cluster Buster - Regiment of the Dead
19. Molasar - Running II
20. Volkor X - Beacon (Feat. Dimi Kaye)
21. Absinth3 - MIDI Warrior
22. She Said - the Psychostalker Returns
23. Kenji Run - Re-record not Fade Away
24. Ozimov - Chaos/Nyx
25. Andrey Zhitnev - PlayingSpace
26. TEK - Fast Runnin'
27. Kid Bougie - ‪#‎Beautifaux‬
28. Tommy '86 - Citymulation
29. London Lazers - Prelude
30. Davagani - Desert Highway
31. R.F. Extreme - Time Portal
32. Insert Coin - Business is Good
33. A Walk in the Woods - Gates to Heaven
34. Dashcam - Jawbreaker
35. Dream Fiend - Home
36. Ben Businovski - Second Chance
37. Ben Businovski - Complications
38. Bourgeoisie - the Galloping Redeemer
39. Sunset 23 - Feel the Burn
40. Supervillian - Nite Life
41. Superflight - Fântome Noir
42. Dr Glitz - Machines Need Love
43. Synaptyx - Between You and Me
44. 3force - Intergalactic
45. 3force - Nuclear Sunday
46. the Podlings - an Unexpected Fellowship
47. Retröxx - Insane
48. Fuzgati - Dragon Magnum
49. Scmore - Metropolis
---- INTERVIEW WITH 20SIX Hundred -----
50. 20SIX Hundred - Perpetual Dusk
51. 20SIX Hundred - After Hours
52. 20SIX Hundred - Cimmerian Shade/Last Moments
53. Alex Davidson - Nycotophille
54. Mr. Tengu - Dig Deep - Get Serious
55. Cadre Crimson — Nineteen-Seventeen (1917)
56. Fire to Fire - Street Riot Part 1
57. Bash Mead - Ark III
58. Spaceplane - Away
59. MEENEEDEESC - Mirrorcle
60. Eleven Eastern - Here Waiting
Album of the week - Dynatron - Aeternus
very close second 20SIX Hundred -
The Cold Rise From Sleep

Synthetix Spotlight Producer of the Week - 3force
Big thanks to Dallas, Ben and Jazzi for all their help with the show

Darkraver vs. Vince


from soundcloud:
Pilutron EP (preview) // Release date: 2015.10.04. @ Bandcamp
1. Space Trip
2. 2031
3. Solaris
4. Pilutron

Instruments: Nord Lead A1, Virus Indigo, Nord Rack 3, Reason 7+MOTU 828mk3

All tracks written/composed/produced by Futurewave /1996-2015/


The Untitled

Cenk Akyol

Collin Strange

Low Entropy


01. Low Entropy - Acidcore 4
02. Low Entropy - Acidcore 2
03. Low Entropy - Oldest Skool
04. Low Entropy - Final Uprising
05. Low Entropy - Eleventh Uprising
06. Low Entropy - Frequency Response Test
07. Low Entropy - Drum Workout
08. Low Entropy - Acid Run 1

Download Link:

from the page:
The show couldn't take place this month so we'll be back on Monday 7 september @ 8pm cet (uk -7pm) @ Pure Radio

The Fucked Up show found a new home where we can continue with our madness. Every first monday of the month you

will hear the finest AcidCore out there brought to you by plenty of dj's/artists around the globe.

This month, your guides are:

* Coexsystems

* Fiend

* Low Entropy

* FREQUENCY.M (resident Fucked Up!)

Get yourself tuned in for a whole evening worth of blistering 303 and kickdrums

The Fucked Up! show provided by coexsystems

Silent Humanity

from soundcloud:

Silent Humanity - SHPodcast 002
Listen and enjoy!
Follow me:

01. Swarm Intelligence - False Flag
02. Uncto - Schinder (Mondkopf Remix)
03. Ekman - No Man Is An Island
04. Starving Insect - There Are No Doors
05. Demanufacturer - Volcano
06. Shatterling - A Different Meaning
07. Drvg Cvltvre - Horned Be The Hunter
08. Tonal Verges - Better
09. Silent Humanity - Strangers
10. Low Entropy - Colorful Stars
11. Powell - Club Music (Ancient Methods 'Körpersäure91' Mix)
12. Knod AP - 2-FMA (Klangtronik Remix)
13. Lamanna & Fire At Work - Peace Dogs
14. Embrionyc - Bombus
15. SNTS - Es19.1
16. Neptunium - Assault From The Underground
17. Cortechs - TS-19
18. Silent Humanity - Shadows
19. Drax - Phosphene (Perc & Truss Remix)
20. Silent Humanity Feat. Ahriman 7 - Destruction
21. Sacerdos Vigilia - Kavorka (The Lure Of The Animal)
22. Moby - Thousand (Perc Edit)

Marc De Sade

DJ Chay



from soundcloud:
Umwelt (New Flesh, Rave Or Die / FR)


Una nueva fiesta Polybius con otro de los artistas que publicaron material en la serie MOOG Your Body. Presente en el vol. 2 con una descarga de acid electro, Umwelt es un francés veterano de la escena rave de ese país y con una colección de alias artísticos y una discografía tan largos que probablemente hasta él ya ha perdido la cuenta. Le ha dado a las más insospechadas mutaciones de rave, acid, electro, techno e industrial y el único punto en común que se le puede encontrar a todo ello es una mala leche y una contundencia considerables. En suma, otro perfecto Homo Polybius.

DJ Vince


from soundcloud:
01. I:Gor - Gimme Some More [Lost Frequency - LFR001]
02. Christoph Fringeli - Forest Fire [Praxis - PRAXIS21]
03. The Sickest Squad - Obbligo O Verita [Randy 909 % - R909-20]
04. Taciturne - 4/4 Dictature [Blut - BLUT03]
05. Ely Muff - The Dark Heart of Italy [Midi Fiddler - MIDFID001]
06. Tripped - Feminine Feet [BadBack - BADBACK01]
07. Drokz - Creamer Vs Creamer [Coffeecore - CCC03]
08. Deathmachine - Inverse Serenity [Lost Frequency - LFR002]
09. Micron - Titaniu-M-Anic [Perdition - NETCD001]
10. Hellfish - I m Rap Rap Rap Rap Rap Rap Rappin [Noise Factory - NF014]
11. Twilight - Grinding Waves [Sonic Pollution - SP002]
12. Stromtrooper - Mankind vs Uranus [Absurd Audio - AA14]
13. Hellfish and Producer - BA Goes Bananas [Kalibrate - KALIBRATELEFT]
14. SRB - Bangkok Booster [This Is Terror - TIT021]
15. Goth Von Core - Distortion Code [GvC Industry - GVCMP3-001]
16. DuranDuranDuran - Year Of The Monkey (The Teknoist's Muppet Phaced Moagliest Recapture) [Ninja Columbo - ZOMB301]
17. Micron - The War Rages On [Perdition - NETCD001]


from soundcloud:
since we are starting a completely new liveset that will not include those tracks, we thought maybe you will enjoy this test recording we did before the acid bbq!