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Pure has been producing radical electronic music since 1991.
As a vinyl-only DJ he draws on 25+ years of experience combining dark and broken techno with rough electro, rave, dirty acid and industrial.
His latest releases are on Ophism (as Pure), aufnahme+wiedergabe (as Current
909) and Editions Mego (as Bolder).
He has over 30 physical and digital releases on labels such as Editions Mego (as
Pure, Bolder, and Ilsa Gold), on Hinterzimmer (with his electronic and
percussion duo PRSZR), on Cronica, Praxis, Staalplaat, Drop Bass Network and others.
Pure´s other projects include the Heart Chamber Orchestra, an award-winning
audio-visual realtime composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of
the musicians create a score in real time.


Artists in alphabetical order: Arrivers, Ascetic/Phase Fatale, AutoDeFe/Orphx,
Cassegrain/The Mover, Ekman/Breaker 1 2, Final Exposure, Frozen, Helena Hauff,
Pure, Stallion, Suburban Knight, Sunil Sharpe, The Mover, Tzusing, T-Bone
Castro, Umwelt, Underground Resistance

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