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PLAYLIST - 24th March 2012

Terra Sancta - Buried
Secret Druid Society - Deserted World
Philip Sulidae - Candela
Lucas Darklord - Deep Beneath the Grey Temple of Chifley
Grist - In the Belly
Sooterkin Flesh - A Dream within a Dream
Manticle & Doll Disorganation - Don’t Go There
Sig.Int - Floating Point
Black Lung - Unconvincing Simulations of Happiness Part II
Darrin Verhagen - Sirens
Shinjuku Thief - The Witches Ladder
Screwtape - Unwholesome, Yet Strangely Fulfilling
Michael T Roper - Moeror
Mandark - Disquiet
Thirds - Colu
Sympathetic Division - The Three Furies
Oren Ambarchi - Gene
Lawrence English - Without Sanctuary
Diaspora - 004
Isomer - Rain, Fire
Dark Ambient Forest - The Shining
The Feeder - Jaahre
The Family - Untitled Drone
Soil and Ash - Foul Skin

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