Barbiss Trysand

from soundcloud:
New Yorks Clean Error Record yields great gratification in announcing the long awaited second release of our very own Butcher of Bernal Heights with Barbiss Trysand's "Is as We" ERR019. Creating resonant hubbub design since 1995, this is one eccentric artist with an enigmatical reputation on the Soundcloud apparatus. Always kind, generous, and supportive of so many other artists works while still carving away with the emblazon of Krona from the highest altitudes to continuously show us the gargantuan power of the surgical meat cleaver. Barbiss again savagely shakes the planets and stars, all are what we, and us and those around us with a fractal warmth and striking dissonant amplitude that is absolutely from his own alley and shape shifting niche. Seen and have seen all things, in Barbiss's own words "Is as We" is comprised of experimental pieces of Trysand's dynamic emotions recorded as they were performed in the moment. Barbiss Trysand himself wishes to personally thank anyone who appreciates the works as it is understandable that they may engage a huge conceptual distance of what may be around us all, so particularly, right now.

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