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New Beginning for the Mindwalker mixing series!!!
Ranging from ambient to drone, from techno to industrial, from doomcore to acid... Noise in all its forms!

Diet - Serendib [TDK 014]
Sunjammer - Sakeru [NWS.006]
Beverly Hills 808303 - Checking The Wine Cellar [ACID PLANET 7]
Robotnik - Untitled [ACID ORANGE 002]
Somatic responses - Untitled [NTW 23-29]
The Innit Project - Korrozion [AB-004]
Ulor - Anko [AB-004]
DJ Clockwork - Untitiled [ALIX 05]
O.B.I. - Fraktur [TEKKTRIBE 002]
Mono-Amine - Esoteric Freak [VM0011]
Infernal Noise - Medical Inhuman [DM 000]

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