Low Entropy


01. Aborym - With No Human Intervention
02. Blacklodge - PsychoActive Satan
03. Helel - This Is Hel(e)l
04. Diabolicum - Serenade Of the Imperial Darkness
05. Alient Deviant Circus - Ap (Nada)
06. Aborym - Digital Coat Masque
07. Blacklodge - Luxifer Meme
08. Helel - Cosmos Out Of Order
09. Diabolicum - Salavation Through Vengeance
10. Alient Deviant Circus - Hiranya - Garbha (Shakti)
11. Aborym - U V Impaler
12. Blacklodge - Trident
13. Helel - Malgnose Deux Zero
14. Diabolicum - One Mans War
15. Alient Deviant Circus - Follow The Left Hand Path
16. Aborym - Out Of Shell
17. Blacklodge - Neutron Shiva
18. Helel - Radiant Satvrna Regna
19. Diabolicum - Heavens Die
20. Alient Deviant Circus - Eschataton

the subgenre of "Industrial Black Metal" has intrigued me for a long time now. What makes it so interesting to me, is that i've seen a lot of elements popping up there that i know from speedcore techno, breakcore, digital hardcore.
yet, of course they're used in a whole new twist. on top of that, this music is quite relentless and headstrong, yet at the same time atmospheric. maybe you too will find this music very special. an industrial speedcore black metal mix.

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