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The brand new Synthetix.FM Mixtape is here to rock you into oblivion with the hottest tracks from the 80s inspired synth scene! This month's mixtape features an EXCLUSIVE Synthetix.FM Extended Mix of Damokles' incredible Quantum Flux track! This is a superb mix done in the traditional 80s style and you'll only hear it here!

1, Dance Alone - Questarossa
2, Without You - Sebastian Gampl
3, Obsessing Much - TEK/Pengus Featuring Matt Kwid
4, Candy At Plain Sight - Bourgeoisie
5, Home - Dream Fiend Featuring Matt Kwid
6. Lost With You - First Impressions with The Ghost Mall
7, One Step Away - Magic Dance
8, Cracking Skulls - Occams Laser
9, Meteor Wave - Skript
10, Metatron - Worship
11, Quantum Flux (Synthetix.FM Extended Mix) - Damokles
12, Computer Age - Aquawave
13, Mesmerised - Jordan F featuring Dana Jean Phoenix
14, #Beautifaux - Kid Bougie
15, Body Heat - Robots With Rayguns
16, Don't Stop - McKlain
17, Darth Spader - The TCR
18, Rerecord Not Fade Away - Kenji Run
19, Love Painting - Bart Graft
20, Night Riders - Meteor
21, No Surrender - Corné
22, Transport Beauty - TEK/Phaserland

Coming up in October Synthetix.FM is proud to present the third annual Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape!!

I'm accepting of any track from the last 12 months that is from the darker ends of the synthwave spectrum. This could be Dark Synth, Slash Electro, Giallo Disco, Horror Soundtrack Synth, whatever takes you fancy, however it has to be an original work, no remixes or covers will be accepted. I won't be having a cut-off point, numbers wise, so whatever gets sent in that meets the criteria is going in. Tracks do not need to be exclusive or created solely for the mixtape, but it is encouraged create something in the Halloween Holiday spirit if you have the time and resources.

Submissions will close on Tuesday the 27th of October.

If you'd like to submit a track please email me or via the contact form on www.Synthetix.FM (you can't attach files on the contact form though) with 'Halloween Mixtape' as the subject.

(Please don’t send me a an EP/Album/selection of tracks and ask me to decide, this is up to you.)

Keep on rockin the 80s dream all week long on Synthetix.FM!

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