Minimum Syndicat / Umwelt

from soundcloud:
- A: Minimum Syndicat : Antiworlds
- B : Umwelt : OTSHA4TRCS2XOX
- Vinyl 10 Inch (100 LTD color & 200 Black)
- Release Date: before 15 septembre 2015
- ARTWORK by Plastica -

Review by Nexus 6 :
You knew this would happen! As purveyors of early Rave sounds with a serious dose of talent and nostalgia, Minimum Syndicat would logically team up with head honcho Um-welt to deliver an outstanding split EP that will go down in ROD History!
On A side, Paris based combo drops an authentic anthem of their trademark: "Antiworlds" mixes a fat compressed techno kick to ravey strings while a sample taken from Moby's classic "Thousand" cut will lead you to ecstasy. Beastly!
On the flipside, Umwelt strikes back with a monster of a track. Brainwashing "OTSHA4TRCS2XOX" brings some old school rave vibes over a powerful, rolling and infectious rhythm a la Plastikman. Tune!

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