Low Entropy

Emerald Planet 2015 (Rave Arena Mix) 07:39
Emerald Planet 2014 07:42
Emerald Planet (Chorus Version) 07:42
Emerald Planet 2012 07:42
Emerald Planet 2015 (Techno Arena Mix) 07:39

from bandcamp:
emerald planet and urban uprising were my most known tracks in my first period of activity in the early 2000s... and some of the tracks i put most of my energy into. i worked 6 months on urban uprising, and a similiar period on emerald planet. i released remixes of urban uprising a while ago, as well as emerald planet, and a release with both on noisj sublabel the time traveller.
over the years i always got back to revisit these tracks, changing them, trying to merge them into different patterns and concepts...
so this a new attempt, this time at emerald planet. 5 new mixes i did over the last years. enjoy.

Artwork by The Man Unknown

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