Anti Music Workshop

03:05PM Morton Subotnick "Silver Apples of the Moon, Pt. A" from "Silver Apples of the Moon, Pt. A" (LP, Album)
03:10PM A.L.T. & The Lost Civilization "Tequila (Instrumental)" from "ATCO Records 0-96161" (12 Inch, Single)
03:14PM Suzanne Ciani "The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby" from "Private Music 2027-1-P" (LP, Comp)
03:15PM Rags & Riches "Oye Mamacita" from "Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo OST" (LP, Comp)
03:19PM Ä’bn-ÅŒzn "tv guide" from "Feeling Cavalier" (LP, Album)
03:22PM Bombardier "unchosen" from "dyslexic response 002" (12 Inch, Comp)
03:22PM Ebn Ozn "Video DJ" from "Feeling Cavalier" (12 Inch, Album)
03:26PM Konk "baby dee" from "Of Factory New York FBN 55" (12 Inch, Comp)
03:33PM John Perry Barlow "A Declaration Of The Independence Of Cyberspace" from "Department Of Records DOR.No1" (12 Inch)
03:43PM Thomas Dolby "Airwaves" from "The Golden Age of Wireless" (LP, Album)
03:44PM Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s "La Di Da La Di Day" from "Doing It to Death" (LP, Album)
03:49PM Nu Shooz "Don't You Be Afraid" from "Poolside" (LP, Album)
03:55PM Gary Numan "Music for Chameleons" from "I, Assassin" (LP, Album)
04:00PM Soft Cell "chips on my shoulder" from "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret" (LP, Album)
04:11PM Bob & Doug McKenzie "Peter's Donuts" from "Great White North" (LP, Album)
04:11PM Soichi Terada "purple haze (edit)" from "purple haze (edit)" (12 Inch, Album)
04:15PM Lidell Townsell "nu nu" from "Nu Nu - Mercury 866-445-1" (12 Inch, Single)
04:20PM Posthuman "Don't Rush" from "Mutant City Acid - Balkan Vinyl BV16" (12 Inch, Comp)
04:29PM Suzanne Ciani "The Sound of Wetness" from "Lixiviation Ciani/Musica Inc. 1969-1985" (LP, Album)
04:30PM Seduction "(You're My One And Only) True Love (New York House Mix 2)" from "Vendetta Records VE-7024" (12 Inch, Single)
04:39PM L.A. Rave "Rage Of Rave (Bonus Beats & A Cappella)" from "Sunshine Entertainment SUN 12814" (12 Inch)
04:43PM Juju "headhunter" from "violence 001" (12 Inch)
04:44PM Manix "living in the past" from "Reinforced Records RIVET199BLK" (12 Inch, EP)
04:46PM Manix "Pull Up Tune" from "Reinforced Records RIVET199BLK" (12 Inch, EP)
04:49PM Annea Lockwood "World Rhythms (1975)" from "New Music For Electronic and Recorded Media - Women in Electronic Music - 1977"
04:54PM Portishead "Glory Box" from "Dummy" (CD, Album)
04:59PM Laurie Spiegel "music for dance ii" from "The Expanding Universe" (LP, Album)
05:02PM Laurie Anderson "New York Social Life" from "New Music For Electronic and Recorded Media - Women in Electronic Music - 1977" (CD, Comp)
05:03PM Monks "In Praise of Genyen" from "Tibetan Buddhist Rites From the Monasteries of Bhutan" (CD, Album)
05:06PM A Guy Called Gerald "Voodoo Ray (Gerald's Rham on Acid Mix)" from "Voodoo Ray" (12 Inch, Single)
05:16PM Direct Current "Everybody Here Must Party" from "Everybody Here Must Party" (Single)
05:20PM Kraftwerk "Trans Europe Express" from "Trans Europe Express" (LP, Single)
05:30PM Bumble Bee Unlimited "love bug" from "love bug" (12 Inch, Single)
05:37PM Drexciya "habitat o negative" from "Neptune's Lair" (12 Inch, Album)
05:51PM Gino Soccio "Heartbreaker" from "S-Beat" (LP)
05:51PM Brian Eno and David Byrne "help me somebody" from "my life in the bush of ghosts" (LP, Album)
05:51PM Cloud One "disco juice" from "disco juice" (12 Inch, Single)
05:56PM Cloud One "atmosphere strut" from "atmosphere strut" (12 Inch, Single)

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