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from soundcloud:
Do NOT listen to this on laptop speakers.

You wake from sleep, the door closes by itself and the walls run with slime and rain. A shadow moves, almost familiar, welcoming and simultaniously intimidating. The candle flickers and snuffs out. A noise. Your torch is dying. Something takes your hand. Long fingernails and old skin. You mark the floor, chant the incantation. Together. In the first of our split series we present two modern artists who's imaginations know no limit. Abstract drones, anchient machinery, neon cities within the shadow of the overfiend. Heading up Side A is the legendary Cristoph De Babalon, whose work in the late 90s on Digital Hardcore and his own CFET proved to be some of the most unique and timeless of the period. Seperated by European boarders, the reigns are taken by Triames, cutting the rhythms to explore techno as a more abstract concept, beautifully detailed work in between Lustmord and Emptyset. Giallo Disco is proud to present 'Invocation Of The Demon Twin Vol. 1' possibly the most sinister and atmospheric release to date, and also one of our most special. Art by Eric Lee.

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