Doomcore Records

"Doomcore 15" was the first track on the first release of Doomcore Records, in 2012.
it is now a pleasure for Doomcore Records to announce a remix compilation, of well-known and up and coming Doomcore artists, of specifically this track.
from Doomtechno to Pounding Industrial and Noize Experimentation, a broad spectrum is covered, and should be enjoyable for many listeners.
so, check it out!

Style: Doomcore, Doomtechno, Industrial


1.Hologram - Doomcore 15 (Burn in Hell Remix by Hologram) 06:19
2.Deep Sphere - Doomcore 15 (Deep Sphere Remix) 03:42
3.Bazer - Doomcore 15 (Bazer Remix) 09:50
4.Kuvera B - Doomcore 15 (Kuvera B Remix) 05:08
5.Low Entropy - Doomcore 15 (Low Entropy Remix) 06:24
6.Fairy Night - Doomcore 15 (Fairy Night's Weird Space Trip Remix) 04:57
7.Bachelor Of Science - Doomcore 15 (Bachelor Of Science Remix) 05:20

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