Go Satta

from soundcloud:
Life's a Zoo

But you know what? You don't have to be some magnificent but sad creature, restricted and caged by convention; a red and gold parrot, built to soar above the rainforest canopy, stuck in a cage narrower than its wingspan. Perhaps you can relate.

They don't even lock the cages at night, you know. We could all just sneak out.

That's if you want it. If you want it.

Music, like you and I, can sometimes allow itself to be caged, overly concerning itself with genre, pigeon holes, marketability, fashion, coolness.

All ephemeral, ultimately.

Another stunning and unique Go Satta release finds them, in “Zoo”, careering from heavy guitars to blissed-out dance grooves, soaring vocals to gentle lah-lah-lahs, and back again. What a ride.

By way of a a soothing return to sea level, “Big Ug” is a gently descending series of steps made of glockenspiel and guitar and orchestra, built on a foundation of military marching band – put to a good use for once. The song has been described as “like Sufjan Stevens, only better; somehow, more angelic and alive”.

As you have come to know and expect from Emerald & Doreen Recordings, this release comes with a host of equally great mixes. We do spoil you so.

Yoshiyuki Ota has rendered “Zoo” into a infinitely cavernous fever-dream. Blackmod places vocalist Moriah Nixon in a haunted house, locks the door, and leaves her there. Ever faithful Statickman tunes into the pure pop always lurking somewhere in a Go Satta song, and celebrates it. Oh, and there is a DJ mix of Zoo, allowing comfortable segues for those who do that sort of thing.

Go Satta's new EP “Zoo”, available now on Emerald & Doreen Recordings.

That's if you want it. If you want it.

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