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The final regularly scheduled Synthetix.FM Mixtape has arrived! Full of amazing tracks that will give that 80s love you need and make you feel that energy you crave. This is the final regular mixtape, but the year end 3rd Annual Synthstravaganza Mixtape celebrating this year will be rockin towards the end of the month.

This mixtape feature an EXCLUSIVE 80s style 12" Mix of Amazing Police's visionary track Company Regulations. It's a nine minute epic that is one of the most engaging and creative extended mixes I've experienced! Prepare for an incredible ride into the past and the future!


1, Chase 'Em Down - Beckett
2, Resemblance In The Machine - Phaserland
3, Burn This City - Highway Superstar
4, Jimmy - Pumping Body
5, Breezing Up (Sale Away) - Bart Graft
6, Reload - Sung
7, 6:00 - Kasetes
8, Fear - Zero Call
9, Stalemate Punks - Highway Superstar
10, The Grid - DJ Mak
11, Company Regulations (Synthetix.FM Extended Mix) - Amazing Police
12, Real Shit - Pengus
13, The Way Home - Tune Crashers
14, Beneath The Waves - Android Automatic
15, Escape Clause - Street Cleaner
16, Nasty - Bionic Breaker
17, Seems Like Yesterday - LA Dreams
18, Glory Days - Plaisance
19, Maneuvers - Moondragon
20, Motorcade - Beckett

Keep on rockin the 80s dream on Synthetix.FM!

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