Bone Skippers

from soundcloud:

Variability is a prominent feature of behavior. Variability in perception and action is observed even when external conditions, such as the sensory input or task goal, are kept as constant as possible. Such variability is also observed at the neuronal level; human perception accounts on some molecules hitting the receptor at random rates owing to diffusion. Variability is determined from the receptor proteins that are limited in their ability to accurately count the number of signalling molecules; energy gets amplified and the signal gets electrical. Noise traces set perceptual threshold for later stages of information processing; as signals that are weaker than the noise itself cannot be distinguished from it after amplification. This constant inequality in the data data-processing will lead to divide humans in two categories; those who will be ready to pay a high metabolic and structural price to reduce noise, and those who will embrace it, throwing their minds towards the infinity.

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