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This time the Kallkällan train stops in Italy. North of Milan lies the beautiful town of Chiavenna, where we found young and talented producer Neptunium. After a small chat and some very tasty regional italian food, he showed us his new EP "Eclipse" and we were amazed.

So we take it with us to Germany where Jedi-Master Embrionyc puts his hands on "Black Sun" to transform it in some broken and distorted destruction.

After that our journey continued to our headquarter in Sweden, we met the mysterious new producer Frank Borjak at a local strip club where he earns some Crowns by writing the tracks for the ladies. He wants to show us something special by remixing "Red Moon". First we were a bit doubtful but the result is terrific! Frank showed us how you can spice up techno with a little bit of sex, drugs and smokey night clubs!

Mixing all of that together ended up in the new Kall4 release with a wide range of broken, phuturistic and doomy techno!

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