Female Waves

from soundcloud:

Emeralds and Doreens are a very special kind of girls. We loved them so much that we named our label after them: mysterious, dangerous, deep, sometimes shy, sometimes erratic, always super epic goddesses with a big heart, a crazy, enlightened mind and dark red, heavily pumpin blood for the music they love. With the help of our first intern Tina Steposz, now hailing from Breslau/Poland again, we managed to create this unique compilation of unsurmounted talent, of 17 real underground hits in the vein of Peaches and many other electro-grrrls who do their think and kick ass, some harder, some softer, but they all deliver, oh yes, they do deliver....music from the dark side of the bunny...some...sweet melodies...heavy synths...beware, but no fear, the female wave is here! Finally more girl power for Emerald & Doreen! 17 smash hits! Highlights: Violent Vickie, Genoveva, AMRA Island - you will love them all! Ride the Female Waves!Violent Vickie, Lokier, Jeepneys, Helen Culver, Genoveva, Subsonic Dissidence, Justine, AMRA Island, I'mAlice, Klangschwester, Badmoiselle, Jacqueline Sauvage, BB & The Brain, Emma de S├Ęze, Christabelle Sandoo, MNYNMS and Hailie Wallas. Stream on youtube: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-…F_S9szc5Hb2mZUvXz

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