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In the heat of the moment and because this issues are a smoldering threat ever since, GRMMSK has compiled a straight up anti-fascist transmission. FITE DEM BACK!

LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Fite Dem Back (Independant Intavenshan)
KODE9 & THE SPACEAPE - Fukkaz (Fukkaz)
MISSING FOUNDATION - Ignore The White Culture (Ignore The White Culture)
JEFFREY LEWIS - The Gasman Cometh (12 Crass Songs)
GRMMSK - Crazy Boneheads (Dirty Snow)
THE LAST POETS - White Man Got A God Complex (This is Madness)
FLOWDAN - People Power (Serious Business)
MANKIND? - It’s Not T.V. It’s Reality ( Mankind)
RAZZIA - Nacht im Ghetto (Tag Ohne Schatten)
MARK STEWART & THE MAFFIA - Bastards (As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade)

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