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Kenny Campbell is a DJ and producer from Glasgow, Scotland and is one half of crazy techno mentalists Bone Skippers. His sound pushes into the realms of hard industrial punishment, pulling on nuts acid sounds from the 90’s with distorted kicks and piercing percussion.

Having embraced the harder side of electronic music upon discovering Mescalinum United’s “We Have Arrived” in 1991, Kenny started collecting early Rotterdam and Industrial Strength records. Inspired by DJ’s like Lenny Dee, Producer and DJ Ruffneck, he bought a set of turntables and soon found himself playing regularly in the local under 18’s club but was constantly being asked to stop …………….. for playing too fast and hard.

His techno education began attending after accidentally wandering into the wrong tent at a mega-rave. Since then, techno has taken main stage in his quest to bring an industrial techno onslaught to the masses.

2015 seen him join forces with Huck Farper to form Bone Skippers, a production duo with no restrictions and no set musical genre. Both had very similar tastes and resentment for bland, boring techno so embarked on a dual mission to create industrial mayhem, a mayhem which is vigorously rattled out by artists including 14anger, Dep Affect and Mark EG. The mighty Paul Birken and iFormat amongst others have remixed them and in turn they’ve been remixing artists such as Matt tdK and Noach.

Individually and as Bone Skippers, he’s released on many labels including Club Poison, Monolith and Variance and has much more in the pipeline including some very noisy live shows.

He hosts “Industrial Wasteland”, on “Fnoob Techno Radio”, showcasing both certified and new artists and has appeared many times on other established transmissions like “Darkfloor Sound” and for DVNT for their “Mantis” show. He’s also resident at “Wax Factory”, Glasgow, a steam-pit of a club, booking artists including Jerome Hill, Neil Landstrumm and 14anger.

Over the years he’ been fortunate to play in Rotterdam, London and even Sri Lanka, and with gigs in Germany and Holland on the horizon, it’s safe to say many more people will be converted to his dark side.

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