Hardcore Showcase 2016

we at EEAOM* have never heard so much good music in hardcore, in electronic, and in music in general, than in the last few years. yet there is always complaints by people; that good music is not to be found anymore; that the golden age was the 90s or the 80s or 70s; that everything today is crap. it seems a lot of music is not going through to people, or only a limited audience? but as the main reason of existance for EEAOM is the idea to spread promising and interesting music to the 'outside world', here is a showcase of interesting newcomer and established artists in the last years, with the focus on hardcore and related genres.
(note: the idea is not here to do a "best of" kinda list, or a complete list - but having a healthy mix of known and upcoming artists).

*(i.e. me, as EEAOM is a one-man project, mate! ;-)

-if you like acidcore / acid

Coexsystems https://soundcloud.com/coexsystems

The Untitled https://soundcloud.com/theuntitled

Collin Strange https://soundcloud.com/collin-strange

MF Machinist https://soundcloud.com/dreamedm

Nachtkind https://soundcloud.com/nachtkind303

-if you like doomcore

Hellfire https://soundcloud.com/hellfire_records

Antraxid https://soundcloud.com/antraxid

Doom HK https://soundcloud.com/doom-hk

Silent Humanity https://soundcloud.com/silenthumanity

Doomcore Records https://soundcloud.com/doomcore-records (sorry for including an own project in the list ;-)

-if you like "early terror" / speedcore

Hellcreator https://soundcloud.com/hellcreator-official

Casketcrusher https://soundcloud.com/djcasketkrusher

Undunn https://soundcloud.com/undunn-music

Speedfolter https://soundcloud.com/speedfolter

Speedy Lô https://soundcloud.com/speedy-l

-if you like industrial techno (i don't know this genre so not sure about the picks here, mate, but for sure great stuff by these people)

Kenny Campbell https://soundcloud.com/kenny_campbell

14Anger https://soundcloud.com/14anger

Opal Tapes (Some Releases) https://soundcloud.com/opal-tapes

David Meiser https://soundcloud.com/davidmeiser


Li-Z (fantastic mixes, also other genres) https://soundcloud.com/li-z

Minimum Syndicat (their whole own style of music) https://soundcloud.com/minimumsyndicat

-if you like electro

Umwelt https://soundcloud.com/umwelt-music

New Flesh Records https://soundcloud.com/newfleshrecords

-if you like breakcore (a bit unsure here again as i'm out of touch with that scene but lovely picks again)

Diskore https://soundcloud.com/diskore

Noistruct https://soundcloud.com/noistruct_mandark

Ende Records https://enderecords.bandcamp.com/

Dimentia https://soundcloud.com/dimentia

Void Tactical Media https://soundcloud.com/voidtacticalmedia

-others of note

Del_F64.0 (completely insane noise, speedcore and other stuff) https://soundcloud.com/delf64_0

psycoreLea (insane psycore) https://soundcloud.com/psycorelea

Rübezahl (interesting DJ out of berlin) https://soundcloud.com/ruebezahl

Rottencore (amiga style hardcore) https://soundcloud.com/rotten-core

Vergangene Amiga Klaenge https://soundcloud.com/scheiderb (gone-by amiga noises)

Bombardier https://soundcloud.com/jasonjsnell (industrial and nice!)

to keep this list the size as it is, i had to exclude so many great artists and sounds... maybe something for another time :-)

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