The Prophet Monstermix

from soundcloud:

The Prophet Monstermix (selected and mixed by Dj Promo) as tribute to his 30 year career in Hard dance music!

1) Collage - Steady Pounding
2) Avantguarde - The Source
3) IQ - Voodoo
4) The Prophet - I Get Hyped
5) The Prophet - Dundee
6) The Rose - Butterly’s
7) Carlos Maserati - Close Up
8) The Prophet - Spirits of Soul
9) The Prophet - Feel it
10) The Prophet - Roll The Place
11)The Prophet - I Love You
12)Doobey - We’re Here
13)The Prophet & Mad Dog - Skaos
14)The Prophet - Live Together
15)Marquiz De Sade - S.O.A.B
16)The Prophet & Omar Santana - Old To The New
17)The Prophet - Catch me in your dream
18)Vitamin - Muffin’ in Mokum
19)The Prophet - 4 Buffalo’s
20)The Prophet - IC The Future
21)The Prophet - Eternity Has Passed
22)The Prophet - Cyberzone
23)The Prophet - GOD
24)The Prophet - Cops
25)The Prophet & Buzz Fuzz - Go Get Ill
26)The Prophet & Delirium - The Way You Make Me Feel
27)Vitamin - The Point
28)Buzz Fuzz - Summertime (The Prophet Remix)
29)The Prophet - Allright Now Here We Go
30)Jean Sibart & Joel TTrambel - Right is Wrong
31)50% of the Dreamteam - B With U
32)The Prophet - Mayhem MF
33)The Prophet - The Breaks
34)The Dreamteam - Be Strong
35)The Prophet - I Wanna Rock Ya
36)The Prophet - Big Boys Don’t Cry
37)The Prophet - Rock Steady
38)The Washington Affair - Get Down And…
39)Viva Vivaldi - The Summer
40)The Prophet - With Your Love
41)The Washington Affair - Should I Say Fuck It
42)The Prophet - Spiral
43)The Prophet - What Iz Life?
44)The Prophet - The Thunder Anthem (Dance or Die)
45)The Prophet - The Fucked Up Sound
46)The Prophet - Out On The Streets
47)The Prophet & Delirium - Da Boomin’ Bass
48)Commotion -Tutti Frutti
49)50% of the Dreamteam - Bullshit
50)Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (The Prophet Remix)
51)The Prophet - Turn it Up
52)The Prophet - Dominatin’
53)The Prophet - The Holy Grale
54)The Prophet - Party Children
55)Carlos Maserati - Get On The Move (Hardcore mix)
56)Critical Mass - Burning Love (The Prophet Remix)
57)The Prophet - Lunatic
58)The Prophet - I Like It Loud
59)The Prophet & Delirium - Keep Your Body Pumpin’
60)The Prophet - That Body
61)The Dreamteam - Strictly Core (Move it)
62)The Prophet - Peptalkin’
63)The Prophet - House Time
64)Cookiemunsta - De Egotrip (Ikke)
65)The Prophet - The Dreamtheme
66)The Prophet - The Sound He Makes
67)Bata - The Shoeshineman
68)Cookiemunsta - Madness Insanity
69)The Prophet - I Am The Magnificent
70)Pineapple Jack - What I Want
71)Cookiemunsta - Cook&Curry
72)50% of the Dreamteam - The Thundertheme
73)The Prophet - Pump Up The Volume

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