The Shamaniac Movement

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Amsterdam's The Shamaniac Movement let you reach altered states of consciousness with their specific shaman technique, using their „Outerlands“ EP, released on Emerald & Doreen in April 2017. Kiki Toao and Rombout Wagenaar deliver a magically transcendental four-piece EP that is the soundtrack to making contact with the spirit world and channeling these energies onto the dancefloor! The hypnotic opener „Outerlands“ with its drone guitars, mesmerizing bassline and tribal drums (kind of Rebolledo-sytle) initialise the trance state, „The Chaperone“ is the next step of the ritual with its dubbed out aboriginal didgeridoo sounds, followed by the breakbeat-driven and percussion-led „Ambrosia“ during which the Shamaniac Movement start their communication with the spirit realms to obtain solutions for the dancefloor community....which they are given...they channel it with „Foxglove“, inducing ecstasy on the dancefloor with cosmically driven basslines – and the balance and wholeness are restored! An amazing EP for everybody who likes to expand his consciousness.

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