MF Machinist

from soundcloud:

Tinged with acid, some lo-fi and a bit of techno.


Vertical67 - Distortion
Umwelt - Reflections On A Strange Existence
Sigma Algebra - Funaphy
The Maghreban - Dynamite!
Chino - Shifter
Betonkust & Palmbomen II - Boven De Wet
Cosimo Damiano - Sky Never Answers
Lake People - Pull Off
Layup - Connected
Textasy - Illusions of the Mind
J. Mono - Redd
CRC - Disposal Robot 139
London Modular Alliance - Fallow
Tryphème - Away From Prying Eyes
RX-101 - Tunnel
Kuno - Stochastics
No Moon - Pretty Fly For A Lo Fi
Josh Larue - Cronaxia
Mike Ash - Output
Plant43 - Grid Connection

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