The Exaltics

from soundcloud:

The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix by Berlin-based project The Exaltics. Entitled "You Don't Know Who Comes on Earth Tonight", the mix contains all original material from this prolific artist. Expect an inter-planetary journey through acid and dark techno, left field electro and more.

This comes just ahead of next week's Krake Festival in Berlin where The Exaltics are one of the incredible headlining acts on Saturday night at Grießmühle in Neukölln. For more information please visit:


You Don't Know Who Comes On Earth Tonight
-Second Phases
-Warships over jena city
-The Crash
-The Truth
-Discussion Chamber
-The Conscience Shift
-The new beginning
-Ten Days
-The Lost Planet
-The Sign
-K1 & Gab Gato - Global Surveyor (Crotaphytus Moloch Horridus Mix)

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