Nordcore GMBH

from soundcloud:

A mix of my Favorite tracks of the Famous Nordcore G.M.B.H.

01.Nordcore G.M.B.H-Operation Nordcore
02.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Nordcore Attack
03.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Hartcore City Downtown
04.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-I Go On
05.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Freddy Strafe
06.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-The Show Must Go On
07.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Bewegt Euch
08.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Hartcore will Never Die
09.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Pennervolk
10.Nordcore G.M.B.H.-Paranoia

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