Go Satta

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The Sweetest Pop for Candy Lovers

From Go Satta, the masterful duo who just recently dropped delicious "Caramel” on us, Emerald & Doreen Recordings are thrilled to bring you this hand-selected, exquisite mouthful of flavours.

In “White Chocolate” their eagerly anticipated first full length album, Go Satta spoil us with a rich and indulgent assortment. From the hooky pop crunch of “Nobody Like You”, to the smooth lush textures of the exquisite “We Long To Belong”, there is something for everyone here. Of course, the timeless, instant classic „Caramel“ is featured here once again.

Over the two years since they have been with us Go Satta have created an incredible series of songs, breathtaking in their scope. “White Chocolate” represents the very best of this work. Peek inside. Spoil yourself with some tasty ear candy.

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