David Garcet

from soundcloud:

A Dreamy Journey Into Drone Pop Land

David Garcet alias David from Venus alias Mister Dreamy Indie Disco Drone featuring Róisín Murphy, no, Emilia Rey dropping some fantastic vocal snippets into a crescendo of wonderful sounds that really take you up, up, and higher up, very close to the sun.

We are proud to present an amazing package of excellent adaptions of the original dream pop to the synth disco-ish „dark side of the moon edit“ and onwards to the psychedelic stroboscopic drone flight by David from Venus.
The package also features David’s interpretation of Christine Hoberg’s mesmerizing „Bonestranded“ as well as another original track „Christine M“.
Emerald and Doreen is proud to provide the stage for this slow dive into the dreamier side of indie pop terrain.

Official Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0HKhy_tR…&feature=youtu.be

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